Fake Security Camera (As Seen On TV)
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Product Description

Realalistic Looking SECURITY CAMERAMotion Detection SystemThe Motorized Motion Dector Swivels and the Activation Lights Comes on. The motion detector sensor makes it appear to work as an actual security camera. This Realalistic Security Camera can be used indoor and ourdoors for your own comfort. Neighbors and visitors will think that you have a complete video surveillance system. Customers and Co-Workers will think that you have a complete video system as well. Help prevent or deter suspicious activity by placing the security camera to survey the area. Have fun watching how friends and family react when they think they are being video taped!This camera features: Motion dector sensor Motorized Pan Movement Activation Light Realistic Appearance No wiring Needed Battery Operated? .

Customer Reviews:
  • Good for the price....
    I needed this system just to make people think they are observed.... a neighbor daughter that use to fool around at the main entrance with her boyfriend... yeap. I don't wanted to be their little secret dark place. The camera works perfect... it has to be a little low because the sensor is not so sensible to movement. The other alarms are for the corners and work great too. Since that system installed, the two little lovers just looked for another place for their encounters. ...more info
  • Fake security camera
    I first saw this product in the Spy Store, next to the Spy Museum in Washington DC - pity I hadn't bought one then and saved all the postage and packing to UK! But worth the cost. For a few pound/dollars you get a pretty authentic looking device, which whirrs and flashes its little red light as it scans from side to side after its motion detector has kicked in. Battery powered, so cost effective. Clearly only a minor deterrent to committed intruders, but a very useful one at that. I like it, because it has all the appearances of the real thing, at a fraction of the cost - and probably just as effective, although I cannot confirm that. But we have not been burgled yet....more info