Dorcy 41-1016 Indoor/Outdoor Table Lamp, Colors May Vary
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Product Description

6V, 4D, Leisure Lamp Camping Lantern, Black Base, Unbreakable Frosted Shade, Krypton Bulb, Produces 20 Hours Of Light With Alkaline Batteries, Not Included.

  • Krypton Bulb for 200% more light
  • For home, camping, or R/V
  • Unbreakable shade
  • 20 hours of continuous light using
  • Great for emergencies

Customer Reviews:

  • Absolutely Great!!!
    I was a bit leery ordering this item as it was less expensive than others I had seen and I needed two of them quickly. One was to have been a gift for a friend. I had visions of them arriving late, crushed, cracked, broken or missing pieces...not operable or just generally cheesey in quality and performance. I WAS ASTOUNDED! They arrived quickly. Packaged perfectly. Boxes and lamps all in super condition. They were very easy to assemble and the weight of the batteries did a great job of stableizing the whole thing. As a light source, this little lamp has far exceeded all of my expectations. The 2nd lamp was given the next day and has been praised and commented upon on an almost daily basis since the gifting. I would purchase this Dorcy lamp again and have no qualms recommending it to everyone. It is wonderful when you lose your electricity and it gives me a real sense of security. You can read well by this light and see for a good distance. I'm sure it would be exceptional as an outside light on your picnic table in the summer also! The best quality for the money and greatest gift I've purchased in years....more info
  • Dorcy lantern is great
    My family and I have used this lantern on camping trips and during power blackouts. It won't set the tent on fire. It is easy to carry and operate, is a good source of light, and should be part of an emergency kit....more info
  • Useful and enjoyable lamp
    I recently bought several of these Dorcy lamps for emergency use in case the power goes out. Got two for my apartment and two for my studio. Tried them out briefly and was impressed with the amount of light and how pleasant it is. I ordered four more. All-plastic construction but quite sturdy. Small, inexpensive ... good purchase for peace of mind.

    No emergency thus far, but last night these lamps shone in another way. I had some people visiting in the studio. Not all knew each other, and the talk was somewhat halting. On a whim I turned off the harsh fluorescent lights and brought out the two little lamps instead. Immediately the mood in the room shifted subtly and turned relaxed and intimate, as if we were sitting 'round a campfire. The talk went on for hours ...

    ...more info
  • Dorcy Indoor/Outdoor Lamp
    I am truly pleased with this lamp. I thought it was a great price for the product. Beautiful and bright!...more info
  • lifesaver
    We have 2 of the lamps & bought 2 more for gifts. They are great when the power goes out - so much brighter & safer than kerosene lanterns or candles....more info
  • Exactly as advertised!
    We used this lamp outside at a recently party. It provided good soft lighting on our patio at night. Very good for the price....more info