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Case Logic 15.4" Laptop Sleeve
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Product Description

Durable neoprene shuttle designed to hold 15.4 laptops. This handy computer sleeve lets you tote your laptop anywhere, conveniently and safely, in any briefcase or backpack.

  • This handy computer sleeve lets you tote your laptop anywhere, conveniently and safely, in any briefcase or backpack
  • Durable, weather-resistant neoprene cushions and protects your computer
  • Holds most 15.4 laptops

Customer Reviews:

  • Happy with Quality and price !
    Decent product, great price! I have 14" laptop....15" is really too big, but happy with value of the product. Would buy again....more info
  • Very good Item
    I have to bring my computer with my bike and I was a little bit worried about this but this item is very secure, confortable, serviceable and usefull....more info
  • Inexpensive And Does Its Job
    It is not the prettiest of sleeves. Nor is it the most expensive of sleeves. But, it does its job. My 15.4" widescreen notebook fits inside fine -- there is still a little room around, but not much -- it does not fit like a glove though. It is really nice that the zipper tab can be buttoned down. I use this sleeve to protect my notebook inside my Timbuk2 bag when I have to lug around my notebook....more info
  • Does the job
    No complaints. Fit my 15-inch Toughbook just fine, if a bit loosely (I think a true widescreen would fit better)...more info
  • wears out quickly and zipper breaks
    I got this case and used it for transporting my laptop to and from school. It only took a few months for the zipper to break off as a result of the stiffness of the zipper. The zipper is stiff to zip and there is no ease about it. All four corners of the bag have holes from putting it in my backpack and constantly using it. I only used it about a year and a half and yes i used it with a broken zipper. It was still zippable because the metal piece that holds the handle of the zipper broke. I recommend this item if you are hardly going to use it but I definietly don't if you are going to use it everyday like I do or want something that will last a long time. I won't be purchasing another. ...more info
  • Fits my 17 Inch...
    I only bought it after researching product dimensions extensively. It can fit my DV9700t thought it is a very tight one....more info
  • Awesome!
    I spilled car battery acid in my trunk and put my bag (with computer in the neoprene sleeve) in the trunk without realizing! The bag the neoprene sleeve was in disintegrated, but the neoprene sleeve completely protected my laptop from any damage. It clearly had some of the acid on it, but it stayed intact. I had to throw it out, but I'm definitely buying a new one!...more info
  • Good purchase
    I use it inside a laptop bag that came with my carry-on suitcase to add more padding...its great, looks good too. Had it for a year and looks new....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I recommend this product, its a really good accessory for laptops, If you want protection to your 15.4 inch laptop, this is the item that you want to order. Its a very good sleeve. ...more info
  • Perfect Size
    Very happy with this purchase, though it could use a little handle to help pull it out of my backpack. This fits my Dell Vostro 1510 (15.4" widescreen) with a 9 cell baterry with a little extra room for a 7' ethernet cable.

    In another comment I read, there was a comment about the label sewn into the inside. Yes it is rough. Just make sure you but that to the back side of your laptop or take a seam ripper and remove it....more info
  • Does the job
    I already have a nice carry-on backpack for air travel. I was looking for a way to protect my laptop in that bag, rather than shop for a much more expensive dedicated computer bag. This sleeve worked out very well for that purpose. It's a little loose on my 15.4-inch standard (not-wide) screen laptop from Dell. (Not surprising since it's meant for 17-in screens.) The unit is well padded and slides in and out of my backpack with ease. The zipper on the sleeve has a snap to keep it from dangling loose, which is a nice way to avoid snagging on other items in my pack.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Best of both worlds
    Highly recommended b/c can protect your laptop AND fit in your current backpack or briefcase....more info