Lorex SG-6212X 2.4 Ghz Wireless 4-Channel Camera w/Infrared Emitters (Black & White)
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Product Description

Accessory 2.4 GHz B&W Camera

  • Accessory black-and-white wireless camera for Lorex 2.4GHz systems
  • CMOS image sensor with 240 lines of resolution and 3.7mm lens
  • Record image to standard VCR or DVR
  • Listen-in audio
  • Optional 4 AA battery backup
Customer Reviews:
  • Lorex add-on camera
    Great product--hard to find, so I was glad to find it here, and cheaper than expected!...more info
  • Lorex SG-6212X Great System for Great Price
    I have used the Lorex Wireless camera for 3 years now. They have stayed in the barn through all the extremes in tempeture and only one camera seems to have a little trouble with focusing. I ran a coax cable from the barn to the house since the range is not that far for wireless. Can't beat it for the price....more info
  • Not Bad, But Stick with the Color Model
    You get much better resolution and viewing with the color camera, and there is no real improved low light capability in this model over the color model....more info