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Victorinox Swiss Army Soldier Pocket Knife (Silver Alox)
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Product Description

Victorinox Soldier Multitool The Soldier Multitool has become well-known in more than 100 countries for precision quality functionality and versatility. This century old heritage has reflect the ingenious design and outstanding durability Victorinox has come to stand for over the years. Length: 91 mm - 3.5" Handles: ribbed Alox 1. large blade 2. reamer punch 3. can opener 4. small screwdriver (also for Phillips screws) 5. cap lifter with 6. screwdriver 7. wire stripper Mfg No: 53929 Manufacturer: Victorinox

  • This is the Official Standard Issue to the Swiss Army. It has features including Silver Alox handles, large/small blades, bottle/can openers, large/small screwdriver, and reamer.
  • All knives have rust-free aluminum alloy separators, blades made of stainless steel, and brass rivets and bushings used to hold the knife layers together.
  • The Swiss Army Knife is the only knife recommended for the emergency kit of the US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge.
  • Victorinox is the world leader of pocket tools (Multi-tools and Pocket knives). For every activity, be it professional, in the home or during leisure time, there is a need for excellent tools and cutting implements.
  • Swiss Army Brands, Inc warrants this Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the entire life of the knife.

Customer Reviews:

  • Beautiful and functional!
    I own several SAKs, and this is by far my favorite one. Not only are the tools (especially the knife) thicker, but the alox casing is both beautiful and extremely durable. Also, despite it being the same size as other mid-size SAKs (91mm), the alux case makes the knife seem much slimmer than the traditional plastic.

    This is the same knife that was issued to the Swiss Army for 30 years. Only recently has the knife been discontinued for the new model. The new Soldier model contains a locked serrated blade and a saw. The overall unit is much larger, making it a bit less attractive for everyday carry.

    I carry this knife every day in my pocket. It has saved me a great deal of time and frustration in my normal day. Grab this version of the Soldier before they are all gone. It's definitely the tool that keeps on giving....more info
  • Another absolute gem
    I bought this knife to replace an older one that I "lost" at an airport security check (forgot to empty that pocket at home.)

    It appears to be exactly the same knife as the Swiss Army Pioneer Pocket Knife, which I also bought ("just to see..."), except that this one has a key ring.

    They are both absolute gems, each has a small variety of tools that are extremely useful and is not overloaded with "fun" stuff that just add to the weight and awkwardness. The metal is hard & sturdy enough that you can really do some prying without damaging the blades, the knife blade is sharp and will hopefully stay that way for a while (good metal), the can-opener works well, the shape of the small screwdriver lets you wriggle it into the smallest of openings to do the pry thing, and the blade remains un-nicked so continues to work well as a screwdriver afterward.
    Also, the handle is metal, not plastic, so I can carry it (for years?) in the same pocket with my keys, with no chipping or loosening of the side plates. A very good design! and I'm grateful that the Company continues to make such a useful piece, when they undoubtedly earn a lot more profit from the big, fancy, multi-mega-bladed tools - which may be good in a toolbox, but not in a pocket!...more info
  • Buy this knife!!! It's a solid essential!
    I have both a Victorinox and Wenger "Soldier" knife. These are both Mil Spec from imported used military surplus from Switzerland. The catch is that I don't know if they are built exactly the same way for the Swiss Army as the civilian ones. Mine are used ones, Victorinox, is from 1985. The Wenger is from 1980. Both companies are required to print the year issued to troops on the blade, engraving the last two digits of the year issued. My point is that these knives are 19 and 24 years old and still are strong and feel like new. Weird thing is the one from 1980 is slightly heavier.

    I was actually in Switzerland five years ago and bought a Victorinox "Nomad". Big mistake. It cost me about $45, I never use it and I wouldn't trust that knife with my life. The "Soldier" I would. Plus the nomad is illegal to carry concealed in Los Angeles City. The "Soldier" is one the least expensive knives the companies makes and is probably made the best. Not really a big surprise but I thought I should state it.

    The test:
    I have a friend who has had every knife known to man except a Benchmade, too expensive he says. Spyderco, Cold Steal, Buck, Colt, all dead. And all 40 to 70 dollars. So here is the test I am going to give him my Victorinox knife and if he manages to break it then I will come back and let you all know. I expect you'll never hear from me again....more info

  • Best Swiss Army Knife Ever Made
    In my opinion, this is the best Swiss Army knife ever made. It is the sturdiest of all the knives, and has only the necessary tools. Perfect for camping/backpacking, and as a gift to friends and family.


    -The knife blade is longer and thicker (sturdier) than the knife blades on other Swiss Army knife models.
    -Aluminum Handles. The classic red plastic handles on the other models will eventually crack and fall off after a few years of regular use. The aluminum sides on this knife will never break, and they offer superior grip.
    -Compact and Lightweight.
    -It's the official army knife of Swiss soldiers, so it must be good!


    1. The reamer may not be very useful for many people. However, it has many other uses if you get creative. ...more info
  • Awesome Blade
    I love this knife. As a infantry instructor I see my students come through with all sorts of different pocket knives. Most cost between $30-$100 dollars and are no better than my Victorinox Soldier. I have been carrying one for years and found it to have everything I ever need without the high expense. This knife is more rugged than any of the other swiss army knives I've used and has a heavier blade. I don't go anywhere without it. Buy two in case you lose one. You won't regret carrying this knife....more info
  • Victorinox Swiss Army Soldier Pocket Knife (Silver Alox)
    I needed a small birthday gift for an Army veteran and the recipient was
    quite pleased with it.

    This is the best Swiss Army knife ever made. It is reported to be the sturdiest of all the knives, and has only the necessary tools. Perfect for daily use and as a gift to friends and family. It is reported to be the official army knife of Swiss soldiers and well proven.

    I understand this model is in final production and there is a Limited Edition final production model which is somewhat more expensive. didn't have it but I did see it on other sites which I was unsure of the safety, etc. ...more info
  • Some negatives for an almost perfect multitool.
    I agree that this simple, elegant design is probably one of the best Swiss Army Knives out there. Unfortunately it's missing tweezers! I can't tell you how useful they are with splinters.

    An aging Recruit model that I have is usually preferable for every day use because it has two blades, as the longer one is overkill for most tasks I use my knife for. I tend to use the smaller knife for everyday needs (opening boxes and packages, etc). The longer blade comes in handy for cutting up fruit and other foods as well as envelopes. It works out well as I wouldn't want a knife used to cut up edibles to have been used to open dirty boxes or punch open the foil seals on the bottles of photo developing chemicals. The shorter knife is also more stable for non-food related tasks.

    The metal case is definitely more durable and I love how it looks. My Recruit model's plastic case has a bit broken off due to a particularly drop and I've had old knives where they've fallen off completely due to neglectful use.

    All in all a great knife, but it is missing a few elements that keep me holding onto the plastic model....more info
  • Best knife ever made
    This is a perfect knife. It is small and very practical, the combination of the blades is very good (blade, screw driver, can opener, and hole maker-carving tool). The size is perfect I have an old champion but is too large and you almost never use any of the tools but the knife and the screw driver. I like this one better is the perfect pocket knife. Plus the silver aluminum is far better than the traditional red plastic and it won't get scratch that easily....more info
  • Definitely milspec
    I bought this knife after learning it is being discontinued by the manufacturer and will no longer be the Swiss Army official issue pocketknife. I read the previous reviews; and I was convinced. I have owned several of the plastic handled officer's versions; I am more impressed by the heftier tools and blade of the soldier, the much more durable handles, and the fact that this is/was the issue knife! I have now bought a few of these, to insure I don't run out of this fine knife. ...more info
  • Already my favorite knife
    So after a few weeks of considering which Victorinox to buy, I finally decided on the Soldier. The selling point was its simplicity, and the metal sides. I liked the traditional aspect of the Swiss Army knife, and I loved the modern spin with the metal checkered side.

    The knife is surprisingly light considering the metal and the quality of the blade and tools. I had it in my back pocket earlier (which I dont do with most knives, because I dont like the awkward weight and lump back there) and didn't even tell it was there. Honestly, the knife is so light you won't believe it.

    The blade is of excellant quality. It doesnt take much torque to open it, though once it is opened it snaps into place and it held there until you want it shut. It dosent wobble from side to side or fold back in clumsily. It is also very sharp, cut through a sheet of paper like it wasnt there.

    The bottle and can openers open like the blade, only they stop halfway, then snap to the open position. I love the fluency of it, you'll have to feel it to know what it feels like. The reamer was one of the few things I was a little disappointed in. I don't see a use for it, I would have had a smaller blade or something else. Then again I've only had the knife for a day, so it may be of more use than I thought. Also I would have preferred the standard tweezers and toothpick, but I can see how it would be hard to work into the metal handle.

    All in all, 5 out of 5 stars. If you buy this knife, for yourself or as a gift, you will not be disappointed. I bought it looking for a good, sturdy pocket knife to whittle marshmallow stick and open Root Beer bottles. It is the perfect pocket knife....more info
  • Feels good in the hand
    I carry this knife every day. Its aluminum handle feels good in my hand. The main blade takes a razor sharp edge and holds it. The grid design on the handle seems to keep it from getting scratched in my pocket. For some reason this feels a bit more solid than the other knife I carry (a MiniChamp on the keyring), and not just because it's bigger....more info
  • classy inexpensive gift
    Ordered one each for some male co-workers. They loved the knifes. Some reported even the women at home wanted to take the gift for their own. Build quality, size, heft, functionallity and reputation all combine to make a durable and desirable gift knife....more info