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Victorinox Swiss Army Ranger Pocket Knife
List Price: $55.00

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Product Description

Ranger Knife, 22 Functions, Contains Large Blade, Small Blade, Corkscrew, Can Opener With Small Screwdriver, Bottle Opener With Large Screwdriver & Wire Stripper, Reamer With Sewing Eye, Scissors, Wood Saw,, Metal File With Metal Saw & Nail File, Nail Cleaner, Fine Screwdriver, Wood Chisel, Key Ring, Hook, Toothpick & Tweezers, Measures 3-1/2", Gift Box Packaging, Lifetime Warranty.

From the renowned company that created the Swiss Army knife a century ago comes the Ranger--a complete set of tools for campers, hikers, hunters, fishers, picnic enthusiasts, and people of all trades--all neatly contained in a single implement. Measuring just 3-1/2-inches long, the Ranger is sheathed in the famous Swiss Army red plastic cover and is a complete toolbox small enough to fit into a pocket (and ideal for the glove compartment in the car, on the boat, or even attached to your keys, as it also includes a handy key ring). A valued companion, this pocket knife contains more than 20 stainless steel tools and features and carries a lifetime warranty against defects.


  • Large and small knife blade
  • Corkscrew

  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Cap lifter
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire stripper
  • Reamer, punch
  • Multi-purpose hook
  • Nail file
  • Nail cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Metal file
  • Fine screwdriver
  • Wood saw
  • Toothpick
  • Tweezers
  • Key ring

About Swiss Army Knives
In 1884, Swiss cutler Karl Elsener set up shop in Ibach-Schwyz, installing a waterwheel in Tobelbach Brook to run his grinding and polishing machines. Thus began what would become the international brand name Victorinox, a combination of Victoria, for Elsener's mother, and "inox," or stainless steel. Today, Victorinox produces watches, luggage, clothing, and, famously, Swiss Army Knives. The forerunner of that name dates to 1897, when Elsener patented the Swiss Officer's and Sports Knife he supplied to the Swiss Army. Following World War II, American servicemen and women shopping in PX stores shortened the name to Swiss Army Knife, which lives on in English-speaking countries around the world and has become a metaphor or versatility.

  • Features more than 20 useful stainless steel tools
  • Tools include a large knife blade, small knife blade, corkscrew, can opener, cap lifter, bottle opener, screwdriver, wire stripper, reamer, and punch
  • Also includes a key ring, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, multi-purpose hook, wood saw, nail file, metal file, nail cleaner, and a fine screwdriver
  • Measures 3-1/2-inches long; convenient for the glove box, tool box, tackle box, camping weekends, hikes, and much more
  • Includes a lifetime warranty against defects

Customer Reviews:

  • Yah, camping!
    Other than a Zippo lighter, I would not go in the woods without my Swiss Army Knife. Survivor, bring it on. My daughter needed her knife replaced (lost) so, I was happy to oblige. Thanks....more info
  • good but could use a phillips screwdriver
    good Victorinox quality.
    could use a phillips screwdriver. It really bites not to have that on this knife....more info
  • Best Pocket Knives out there
    These are the best knives I've ever had. They are sharp and durable. Swiss made; need I say more?...more info
  • My favorite knife!
    I take this knife with me everywhere I go traveling. It's always in my suitcase or glove compartment. It is almost a companion. I've had cheaper multi-tool "swiss army" knives and each time they've broken or rusted. Nothing beats the real deal. Not only is this knife beautiful, but it is reliable, because it is genuine. And, of all of knives in the Victorinox line, this would perhaps be the best. It beats my old Boy Scout knife by a mile and cuts very well. I happened to get this when it was a "Gold Box" deal on Amazon and would have to say that I am very pleased with the price, delivery time and overall quality of what I received....more info
  • good size, useful
    we got this in a special for $3. It would have been worth while even at full price. Very handy....more info
  • Quality you expect
    I replaced a very old Victorinox knife with this one. It is as well built as expected. I did manage to cut my finger the first time I used it. The new blades are a whole lot sharper than my old one....more info
  • Great gift!
    I gave this knife to my boyfriend for christmas and he loved it! Ladies take note!...more info
  • Got dude gift? The dudes abide!
    My family consist of many guys, and my Christmas travel entails many airport metal detectors. So when this knife went on a Goldbox Lightening Deal a couple years ago, I had them delivered directly to my Mom's where I later wrapped them individually. It certainly was like Christmas in the "atta gal!" and high 5's from the guys opening these gizmos; you certainly can't lose. :] Even if they have something similar, a "spare" will always be appreciated. Just get enough to go around, or there could be hurt feelings!...more info
  • sled
    Victorinox Swiss Army Ranger Pocket Knife

    I bought a few of these to give out as Christmas gifts. My husband has owed one for over 20 years and takes it with him everywhere. So I figured it was a safe bet for gifts. They where well received by their recipients....more info
  • The Evolutionary Swiss Army Ranger
    The Victorinox Swiss Army Ranger Pocket Knife is one of the more well-known models, but is more evolutionary than one might think. The current model is a good example of how well Victorinox responds to their customers' needs over the years, and the model that currently sits in my glove box is the same one that is here on these pages.

    But this isn't my first Swiss Army Ranger; that was received as a gift from a Swiss photographic equipment company that I worked for in the 1980s, and it had the company logo on the handle. It was received during a trip to that country, and it differed from the current model in that it lacked the small wood chisel and the multi-purpose hook. The corkscrew was grooved, and the scissors had a small screw, which had to be replaced by getting the part from Victorinox in the '90s when it fell out.

    Was advised by a Victorinox employee to put this older model away, as it had a collectible value of sorts (especially with the photo company's logo on the handle) so I did. Another interesting note about this model is that there was a special Space Shuttle version made of the Ranger, that had an inlaid image of the NASA's Space Shuttle on its handle. It differed from the Ranger here in that it had a Phillips screwdriver instead of the corkscrew, and it was retired in the early 1990s and is now a fairly scarce collector's item.

    The Ranger is a standard sized Swiss Army knife (3-1/2"), and it's almost an inch thick. Some find that a bit large for carrying in a pocket, so you may wish to consider getting a Victorinox Belt Pouch to carry it. The Ranger has five rows of tools, and I won't list them all here as they're well covered in the Product Description, and most are self-explanatory... except for the hook.

    The multipurpose hook tool was first introduced in the early '90s, and many wonder what it's used for. It's quite handy for carrying heavy plastic grocery bags (twist and loop them), keeping them from cutting into your fingers. It works fine with clothes on a hanger as well, and I've even used it as a plumb bob when attached to a string.


    - Excellent assortment of tools, all in one small package
    - Made from high quality Swiss stainless steel
    - Excellent value for the money
    - Has a lifetime Warranty


    - Blades don't lock, so use with caution!

    Tip: if you get one of these, spend about fifteen minutes familiarizing yourself with it, opening and closing all of the tools, and "exercising" them. Gently spray some WD-40 with the red nozzle tip into each of the joints so that they'll move freely in the field when you need them. Doing this will make it pay off with years of service for you.

    If you're looking for a model that offers a few more features, you might wish to consider the Victorinox Swiss Army Champion Plus Pocket Knife, which is one that sits in my camera bag, ready to go at all times. Some might prefer the larger Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ Pocket Knife because it has pliers, but I prefer the larger needle nose pliers in a regular multi-tool such as the lightweight Leatherman Kick Pocket Multi-Tool or the Gerber Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-Plier for really getting the job done. If either of those seem too large, there's always the super compact Gerber Clutch Mini Pliers Tool, which can be carried in a pocket at all times.


    It should be noted again that all of the blades and tools are crafted from stainless steel, and it's still made entirely in Switzerland. It has a lifetime warranty from a company that know how to back it up.

    This Victorinox Swiss Army Ranger is a great knife, with more than twenty stainless steel tools. It's an excellent value, and a splendid gift for just about anyone....more info
  • The Best pocket Knife in the world
    I Have been carrying a pocket Knife/Multi tool since the scouts. I can't even fathom how often I use them. The Victorinox Ranger is a little large for just a pants pocket although I do carry in my pocket,It has every tool you want. I also have a large Zermit pouch to carry on my belt when I remember to put it on. You can not go wrong with a Swiss Army knife. And this is my favorite Model so far. I dare you to find better prices for Victorinox items outside of Amazon. Price = awesome, knife= awesome....more info
    My name is Sam Dimitri and this is a really good knife! It has all the tools you'll ever need. I use the can and bottle opener to open my dad's drinks. I want to use the corkscrew but I haven't got a chance yet. I am only nine years old. I asked my mom for it and she evenually bought it. It came in five days. Before you buy this knife you should look around a little. It took me a long time to decide on this but I think I made a good chioce....more info
  • The positively best swiss army knife
    This knife is very durable and practical. It may take longer to fix a problem than other tools, but what matters is that it gets the job done. Besides, you get like 21 tools in one or something. I would happily endorse this knife to explorers of the outdoors....more info
  • good
    the pocket knife has all the function i want. the size is just nice to be put in the backpack.
    ...more info
  • Great, with only one little problem
    I have owned many knives and many Victorinox knives. This is one of the best I have owned. It has one slight problem -- the blade which is a file is sharp on the edge, sharp enough that over time it may cut a hole in a pocket. I guess I will discover that in time!

    On the top, this knife has a small blade, a large blade, a file, a wood saw, a scissors, a combination large blade screwdriver with a bottle opener, and a can opener with a small blade screwdriver (which works well for most phillips screws).

    On the flip side is a cork screw, a chisel, a dedicated small screw blade screw driver, a hook (supposidely to carry packages), and an awl.

    It has a small split ring so it can be attached to a chain and near that is a toothpick and a small tweezers. All is stainless steel with a red plastic cover bearing the Swiss Army Knife logo.

    It measures 7/8" wide, 1" high and 3 1/2" long.

    At this price, this is a marvelous buy!...more info
  • A multi purpose tool
    Its a swiss army knife. It does what it says and the quality is the same that has been oonsistent throughout the years. You cannot go wrong with this knife. If you think it is too bulky or there are things that you do not need then find another knife. I like it and you will to. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I worked as a maintenance man at a local camp this summer and this pocketknife was invaluable. I haven't had to use all of the tools on this, but the long knife, corkscrew, scissor, woodsaw, and screwdriver were great. The only problem I've had is that through the course of the summer, the blades have gotten a bit dirty and its kind of tricky to clean them. Not tricky enough to cause a real problem, but just enough so that when you have to do this, you say, "don't hurt yourself."

    Otherwise, Victorinox provides a lifetime warranty, so what could be better?...more info
  • As advetised
    Bought this to replace one accidentally lost that my wife had given me 26 yrs ago. Used and abused that one and everything still worked fine. Replaced a few scissors springs over the years. You can't beat these for functionality, I use all of the blades/functions and it is a really solid performer. Minimal maintenence and they last forever. If you carry a pocket knife, consider one of various models by Victorinox. They have one for almost any need....more info
  • Swiss Army Knife
    I bought the Army Ranger Pocket Knife for graduation gifts for some young men we know. The Ranger has a useful variety of assessories without being too heavy or bulky. The Victorinox brand is the original and best! This knife is something to use forever or pass on to a son or daughter, a great heirloom....more info
  • Great Value
    Great value, no issues. Everyone should have a swiss army knife and this one is actually packed with a lot of suprisingly useful tools....more info
  • my Dad loves it
    gave this to my dad for christmas he loved it and uses it all the time great quality...more info
  • Great Knife
    I have only need this knife twice since I got it, but when I needed it, I was glad I had it. If you are not a handy or an outdoors person, there is no reason to get this knife, but if you aren't your probably not looking at this knife.

    For those of you who are reading this, this knife is great. When I bought it, I was looking for a knife that was high quality and versatile. This knife is all of those. Each time I use this knife its quality suprises me. So if you are looking for a multi function knife that is high quality, I think you have found it....more info
  • Still top notch
    This is my 4th Victorinox Swiss army Knife in the last 15 years, each with slightly different options, and I am as impressed now as I was back when i got my first one.

    The knife is well made and sturdy. You know the list of tools for this model, they are all there and all work as they should. 10 years ago when I got a similar one a friend of mine took out the tooth pick and tweezers and said "Well, you're going to loose these so I might as well loose them for you now." 10 years later they are still in the knife and as good as they were back then. I have no reason to believe this will be any different as they are both in there solidly. The blades are sharp, the file is great and the teeth on the saw are perfect.

    The only slight criticism I have is that because of the number of tools in this knife, some of them are a little tricky to pull out. Also, most of the tools have a little grease still on them. Neither of these factors are a big deal to me, the grease can be wiped off easily and the tools may only take an extra few seconds to pull out. However, if you have larger fingers, very short nails, poor eyesight or generally aren't good with small things then puling the tools may become more of an issue....more info
  • A great helper
    The loss of my last Swiss Army knife let me know how much it has become part of my life. This new one has let me know how worn my old one was. This knife is a joy. I'm never without it....more info
  • Great overall knife
    I have had several Victorinox knives over the years and there quality always remains the same(superior). The ranger is a great overall knife, If you camp, hike, are in the military, or are into survival this this knife is a must,it has most everything you need in a mutipurpose knife. Blades are extreamly sharp right out of the box. They last for a super long time(The only reason I bought a new one is because I had lost the previous one that I had had for over 10 years). Multitools are great but are larger and kinda heavy, best worn on a belt. These are perfect to slip into pants or a jackets pockets....more info
  • A real Swiss army knife
    A great all purpose knife at a fair price all the features you could want!...more info
    I'd never thought to much of Swiss Army Knives until I got one as a gift. I've owned Gerber utility knives and a SOG and this is much more useful for day to day usage, not to mention much more compact and easy to carry. The blades are all high quality stainless and hold their edge very well. The scissors work extremely well. Overall a great little utility that you can easily carry in your pocket, but be careful, I forgot I had mine as I was going through security at the airport and ended up losing it! AS soon as I got back home I immediately ordered another one! Love it and I highly recommend it to anyone....more info