Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Lockblade Pocket Knife (Black)
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The Victorinox Swiss Army 54874 One-Hand Trekker Lockblade has the following unique features: 1. One-Handed Serrated Locking Blade 2. Bottle Opener with 3. Large Locking Screwdriver 4. Wire Stripper 5. Can Opener with 6. Small Screwdriver 7. Phillips Screwdriver 8. Key Ring 9. Toothpick 10. Tweezers 11. Reamer 12. Wood Saw

From the renowned company that created the Swiss Army knife a century ago comes this 12-item set of stainless-steel tools--all neatly contained inside a single implement that measures just 4-3/8 inches long (111mm). Sheathed in a black cover, the One Hand Trekker Lockblade is one of only three Swiss Army multi-tools with a one-handed serrated locking blade. A valued companion, this pocket knife carries a lifetime warranty against defects. The tools include a serrated locking blade, a bottle opener with a large locking screwdriver and wire stripper, a can opener with a small screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, key ring, toothpick, tweezers, reamer, and wood saw.

About Swiss Army Knives
In 1884, Swiss cutler Karl Elsener set up shop in Ibach-Schwyz, installing a waterwheel in Tobelbach Brook to run his grinding and polishing machines. Thus began what would become the international brand name Victorinox, a combination of Victoria, for Elsener's mother, and "inox," or stainless steel. Today, Victorinox produces watches, luggage, clothing, and, famously, Swiss Army Knives. The forerunner of that name dates to 1897, when Elsener patented the Swiss Officer's and Sports Knife he supplied to the Swiss Army. Following World War II, American servicemen and women shopping in PX stores shortened the name to Swiss Army Knife, which lives on in English-speaking countries around the world and has become a metaphor or versatility.

  • Only of only three Swiss Army knives to have one-handed serrated locking blade
  • All knives have rust-free aluminum alloy separators; blades are made of stainless steel
  • Features three screwdrivers (one locking), bottle/can openers, wire stripper, wood saw, and more
  • Brass rivets and bushings hold the knife layers together
  • Lifetime warranty on defects in material and workmanship

Customer Reviews:

  • May just be the best pocket knife around at this time
    I've never really liked the glossy, slippery surfaces on the more traditional Swiss Army Knife (SAK) models. Sure, in a pinch they'll do. But I've never purchased one of my own because they just don't feel right in my hand (though I really appreciate the SwissTool and would replace mine right away if it went missing). The basic pocket knives always seemed too small and/or unwieldy for my taste.

    But the Trekker design is a different animal. This knife has been around for a while under different names, but I only found it this year. For my needs, it is in many ways the ultimate pocket knife. To be honest, there are some iffy things about the design:

    - The serrated edge blade version (which I own) seems like it would be difficult to sharpen.
    - The saw and awl tools should lock in my opinion.
    - The phillips head screwdriver is awkwardly positioned.
    - The handle surfaces aren't as solid when the hand is sweaty...a rubberized, tacky grip would work better.

    Minor complaints aside, for the money this is a great knife. I don't mind the backward liner lock or the weight. I strapped a paracord lanyard to it and it ties nicely around my belt loop and falls into the pocket without moving around too much. I may sometimes dream that a pair of pliers would pop out of the Trekker, but oh well. For the form factor and layout, it is what it is...a pocket knife. Get a SwissTool for everything else.

    Overall, I really like this knife. It comes out of the box very sharp and the Victorinox blades are known for keeping a good edge for a while. The build quality is solid and I can see it lasting me a long time, even with regular use. I also own the Kershaw Blur and Benchmade Griptilian folding knives and while I respect them both, the Trekker is traveling with me more often these days. The additional tools make it a more practical option for everyday carry in my opinion. ...more info
  • Must have in evey car
    This Swiss Army Knife is a must have in every car. I love it and works real good. It's a complete and full functional unit....more info
  • Fantastic Knife
    I was unsure how I would feel about this knife. It is great, this is the knife I use on weekends. It is great. Nice balance, the one hand ops works smoothly. I love it. ...more info
  • Great Survival Knife Tool
    This knife is a handy size for pocket. The blade is surprisingly large and useful. High quality and nice feel. Useful screwdrivers. Good can opener. And other features. I'd want this knife if I was lost in the woods....more info
  • Best pocket knife I have owned....
    This is by far the best knife I have used.....I carry it every day.
    I cannot overstate the utility of opening the blade with one hand. Highly recommended....more info
  • Nice knife, not perfect
    I like the knife, but it's not a pocket knife. Solid construction, good feel and everything I've come to expect from Victorinox. This is a great tool knife that I would keep in my first aid kit in the car, tackle box, or throw in a bug out bag. The one handed operation is a bit rough and would be really difficult if I had smaller hands. ...more info
  • cool stuff
    exactly what I want as a camping tool, not too small and not too big....more info
  • Great knife!
    This is a great knife for camping. The lockblade provides a security that most Swiss Army knifes don't have. The blade is sharp and strong enough that I was able to cut kindle by hammering the knife with a log. The knife is slightly larger than I expected but it is still sufficiently small to carry in my pocket.

    I find it difficult to operate the knife with one hand as I should according to the description of the product. I find it safer to use both hands....more info
  • Outstanding knife.
    My One-Hand Trekker is a great companion in town or in the outdoors. I can't recommend it highly enough. Get one and never leave home without it!

    ...more info
  • Very nice, sturdy knife
    I got one of these when it went on sale, and paid a low price. So I didn't hesitate when the need arose to treat it rough. I had to open some steel banding on a pallet (the kind where the steel bands get perforated and bonded together with a crimping tool, not an extra clasp). Using a 15 pound wooden post, I hammered the flathead screwdriver into the crimped steel. (if it folded, that would have hurt) Pow! The knife emerged looking nearly new. The steel band, not so much. Recommended. As one other reviewer mentioned, the philips head screwdriver on this is on the side, and kinda sucks. But the locking knife and locking flathead let you do things with this knife you simply cannot do with a regular swiss army knife. In addition to the fact that 2 of the blades lock, both of them are quite a bit sturdier than the blades on a standard Victorinox knife. Also I've used the can opener, which is also sturdier than on a standard knife, and it works very smoothly....more info
  • The best Swiss Army I have ever owned (and I own many)
    Victorinox has always been the only REAL Swiss Army knife in my book. Wenger quality is mediocre at best. this knife was a major step forward on the stability and utility of a true working knife versus an expensive, light duty apple peeler.

    The lock blade function does not allow the blade collapse back on your hand (yeah, that sucks- trust me) if you are torquing on it in the woods or working on car, carving, et al. Blade size is bigger than standard pocket knife version, the metal is also thicker and feels more trustworthy. I had to pry a seized-up oil cap off an old engine (after the plastic teeth/groove topper was stripped out) and this worked great as a level. Also been great while camping. Yes, actually can cut wood with the saw, not just look like you are. LOL.

    My only wish would be a corkscrew. Otherwise, this is my favorite knife by far. I own two- one for the backpack and one in my laptop bag. At this price (I was in Europe for Christmas and this knife was $100 Euros) I say get two- one for you and one for a friend that appreciates a good tool for camping or other Victorinox-worthy endeavors. They take engraving well, too! My brother gave these out personalized to his best men at his wedding as thank you gifts!
    ...more info
  • Perfect for Hiking or Emergency Use
    Great product. Somewhat large for everyday carry but perfect for hiking and emergency use....more info
  • One of the best from Victorinox
    As a knife collector, this knife with one hand lockable blade is the best from Victorinox.
    Trekker and Rescue Tool both are the same but you have to pay at least 40% more for rescue tool.
    Color, design is perfect and hand grip make this knife unbeatable....more info
  • Very useful knife
    I like this Trekker knife. The one-handed opening feature is very convenient. The main blade locks securely in place, although the locking mechanism does allow it to wiggle a little. The blades/tools included are very useful. The phillips head screw driver blade is particularly convenient. I wish it had a cork screw, though, since I'd probably use it more than the awl blade that is included with the knife.

    The serrated blade is very sharp and cuts really well. I would have liked, however, if the serrations ran along the bottom of the blade instead of near the tip. Have a plain edge near the tip would have been better for more precise cutting/carving.

    Overall a great tool. It's very well made and the blades are really sharp.

    It's large, but relatively light. It would be nice if Victorinox offered a smaller version of this knife....more info
  • Good knife
    It's a might bit bigger than I thought it would be, but it is a nice size for larger pockets. The serrated portion of the blade is handy and the flat portion keeps its edge nicely. Take extra caution when closing it with one hand as I've already sliced my thumb once and come close a number of times. It seems the placement of the lock-release doesn't give much room for a thumb to move....more info
  • great quality
    ...well what else would you expect? I mainly use this while out gardening.

    This knife is a hefty piece, solid too. I particularly like the single edge ground knife blade (one side is ground the other is not, makes resharpening the serrated section much easier).

    I had scoffed at the inclusion of a pair of tweezers - until I used them to pull off a tick that had found its way onto my arm while I was out gardening.

    Only improvement I would make would be to have the awl locking too - I have a habit of folding it into a finger every once in a while.

    after plenty of use int eh garden / garage the blade is still razor sharp.

    ...more info
  • Pleased groomsmen...
    I recently purchased eleven of these knives to be used as gifts for groomsmen, fathers, and helpers at my wedding. Everyone was/is pleased, and most will use while camping or fishing. To make things even better, while in an outdoor store on my honeymoon, I found the knife for $20+ more than I paid. As others have commented, this is not a "pocket" is large....more info
  • Great Product
    This knife is great. Unfortunately, I just lost it on a trip overseas....needless to say that I will be buying another one....more info
  • One handed handy
    It took me weeks of searching around different sporting and merchandise stores to find what I was looking for. I was looking for a pocket knife with a decent size blade that locks and you can open it with one hand. At the same time I wanted some utility tools like a saw, screw driver, and something I could use instead of my finger nail to open tight wrapings and etc. Let me tell you. You cannot beat Victornox when it comes to sharpness and quality. Its not too big and definately not too small. I'm glad Victornox made a locking blade pocket knife and this is the one. I am very happy with it. And the price cannot be beat. I've seen much cheaper knives with lesser quality cost more. ...more info
  • comes short of Swiss Army
    first thing i noticed after buying this that it's a lefty lock design, which means that the liner lock on the main blade has to be pulled towards rather than away as in most other knives, which i thought was strange. my only other hit on this knife was that it doesn't have any kind of scissors, which one expects with Swiss Army. other than that, it's an alright knife for the outdoors, although it has only been on one campout with me....more info
  • two-hand close
    I like the design and look of the knife, but the lock is on the left of the blade, so when it's extended and locked you can't close it naturally (unless you're left-handed, which I am not). If the locking mechanism had been switched to the other side it would have been a Five-Star knife. ...more info
  • Great knife, but not perfect.
    it's a good compramise between size and versatility.. a bit large than a regular swiss, (but not as much larger as i expected)...

    My main complaint is that the liner lock for the main blade is designed to be left hand operated.

    I guess it's not a bad idea incase you ever injur your rihgt hand, but it's annoying to close it onehanded with the right hand which is the point of liner locks.

    Totally worth $23 on sale....more info
    let me tell you something this is the best knife in the whole world. i just got this yesterday and i have used it like 20 times. really great knife. it is really solid and nice ...more info
  • Well..I like it
    Does what it's supposed too. Great quality, good price on amazon....more info
  • Bigger than the typical Swiss Army Knife
    Sharp blade and saw. Parts work well though the hinges are a little stiff out of the box and the large blade locks with a click and retracts by pushing a lever on the handle. My main complain about this knife is that it's large, too large to be called a pocket knife at 4-3/8" without the tools extended. It does come with a nice webbed nylon sheath which allows you to wear it on a belt. For daily carrying-around knife it's not an ideal solution....more info
  • For both price and quality, this knife is a steal
    This knife is all you need, beleive me, I have been through most the multitools you could think about, most of the time you only need the balde, the drivers and the saw. the rest makes your tool bulkier and lower quality. I could not be any happier, and on the top of it, the finish quality of the Swiss made stuff is awsome, most other "American" blades or multitools are unfortunatly made in China by now, .....
    And at the Amazone price and best service quality, it'a a steal
    ...more info
  • An Almost Perfect Knife.
    I have a number of different Swiss Army Knives, but since purchasing this one it has become my favorite. The other locking Victorinox knife I have uses an unusual "latch" mechanism that does not lock the blade up securly, but the liner lock on this knife is first rate with a solid lock up. Releasing the lock may be a bit clumbsy at first, but once you become accustomed to it it works easily. There ergonomics of the knife are great, the one-hand opening feature working well, and the handle fitting my hand just righ.

    My only realy complaint about the knive is the strange serrations on the main blade, with only a short length of plain edge near the handle. This will be hard to sharpen and in my opinion not particularly useful. I would have much preferred a plain edged blade with a decent point on it, but I suppose the serrated blade is servicable....more info
  • Great For Drinking (and Hiking)
    This is the knife you need if you're going to do some serious drinking, because not only does the main serrated blade lock, but the bottle opener does, too. (This is also the flat-blade screwdriver, good for prying things. So it does make some kind of sense.)

    This is also the knife if you're going to do serious hiking. You never know when you're going to find yourself with an arm pinned under a giant boulder. The saw will come in very handy. This is when the one-handed operation really shines.

    I bought this one in a kit including a "free" Classic. You can never have enough Swiss army knives.

    And speaking of which, you will have noticed this knife is sold in a couple of different variations. Here is a summary. Compared to this Trekker...
    - Bundeswehr is similar, sans toothpick/tweezer
    - Parachutist has belt cutter instead of saw
    - One-Handed Trailmaster is same thing, old/non-US name
    - Trekker Camo similar, non-serrated blade
    - Sentinel only has the one locking blade
    - Fireman has saw AND belt cutter
    - Rescue Tool has saw AND belt cutter, and window breaker
    - Workchamp and Hercules have all that, "but wait, there's more"

    For more info, check
    Look on Youtube for videos demonstrating one-handed operation.
    ...more info
  • Great knife
    I have carried a SA Tinker model for 20 years and this knife is very close to it except for having a bigger blade size. I still prefer the tinker for carry size when I will probably not need anything but when I know I am going to need a knife, this is the one to have. The only complaint is the cross screw driver while usable on the tinker (due to the small size) is hard to use on this knife due to the extra length. It would be more usable moved to the end as mentioned in other reviews....more info
  • Safe Knife with the lockblade
    This knife I bought for my husband. We both use it when camping or hiking. The lockblade makes it much safer to cut things with. It is too big to carry in my purse all the time. It adds too much weight to my purse. I bought a pouch and my husband wears it. I believe Victorinox makes the best knives there are, at least for us....more info
  • Perfect Combination
    I've had several and this one is the best; size, lockability, blades... I love this knife!...more info
  • I really like the knife
    I'll start with a disclosure. I have not used the knife in any outdoor settings. I have used it primarily to open packages at home.

    Having said that, the knife is great. I like the fact that I can swing out the blade with one hand and that the blade locks in place. The main blade is placed exactly on the center of the handle so the knife feels balanced with the blade open. The blade has serrated edge on the front two inches of the blade. The edge is ground only from one side.

    The one hand trekker model looks to be the same as the German army version which has olive green handle and the Bundeswehr insignia.

    One word of caution. When opening the blade with one hand the thumb is placed in the hole toward the end of the blade. If the thumb slips out while the blade is half open, one may instinctively try to open it all the way by pushing on the heel of the blade. The blade is edged all way to the heel so putting the thumb on the heel will result in injury. This is not an academic point. My son actually cut his thumb exactly in this manner and is now sporting a band-aid on his thumb : )

    I still recommend this pocket knife highly. And my son does too : )...more info
  • good knife
    This knife works great. Has good safety features. The saw is great for those smaller branches and the main knife cuts great. We are pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Husband Loves It.
    1. Though it's a little on the bigger side. He still carries it around in his pocket comfortably.
    2. Simple - doesn't have too many gadgets.
    3. great quality.
    4. He FIRST noticed the locking aspect - definate plus....more info