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ADS Technologies RDX-150-EF Instant Music for Mac and PC
List Price: $56.20

Our Price: $31.95

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Product Description

Convert your old collection of cassettes and LPs into crisp, clear digital audio and then create audio CDs and MP3 CDs so you can keep a personal archive of your collection that will not degrade or deteriorate over time. Use the LP or Cassette to Audio CD Wizards in the included Nero SoundTrax software to go from LP to CD audio in 4 simple steps. ADS Tech respects the rights of copyright owners and asks that you do the same. Simply plug into USB port

  • Record Your Old LPs and Cassettes to Audio CD and MP3
  • Save music as MP3, WAV, WMA and AAC iPod audio formats
  • Burn professional quality CDs
  • Capture from any audio source - cassette, turntable (with preamp), TV, radio, DVD
  • Mac Users can use Instant Music with Garage Band or Sound Studio 2.1

Customer Reviews:

  • It Works But A Flawed Design
    I bought this after e-mailing ADS Tech support, I asked if the "static/noise" problem had been fixed & he assured me it was (the unit I have seems fine thus far). The gripes I have is that the manual is poor & though I didnt have any problem setting it up others might. The unit comes with an adapter that has 2 RCA jacks to a "female" mini jack, this is useless unless you have a male to male cable (which I do). The other things to note are the green LED (S/PDIF) stays on all the time signal or not even though the manual states if there is no signal the light wil "go on & off" (if I recall another review mentioned this as well). Also the hardware offers no input level adjustment. Anyway I was able to copy an old LP to my computer & burn & CD that sounded as good (or bad) as the original & for $40 it will serve my needs....more info
  • Great Idea.....But it just Doesn't Work!
    Instant Music is a great idea, by simply connecting the RDX150 to your PC with a USB cable, you should be able to convert your old LP's and cassettes into wav, MP3 or other digital files which you can then burn on CD or download to an MP3 player. Even someone as lo-tech as me can figure it out, I mean I don't know the first thing about computers, but the RDX150 was easy to install. The Nero software that came with the RDX150 is also pretty east to operate. Simply by clicking on the "Wizards" tab, all I had to do was basically push "play" on my stereo and click on "record" on the software, again very easy to use. The problem came when I actually began to record some of my cassettes. I have read other reviews that spoke of a "hum" that was audible during the recoreding, I wasn't even that times I was getting such a loud static sound as feedback, that I wasn't able to hear the original audio! I tried replacing the USB cable that hooked up Instant Music to my PC, and that didn't work. I even used a different stereo hoping to solve the problem. I moved the Instant Music box away from all electronic devices in hopes that by getting it away from the monitor, PC etc. I would cut down on the interference...nothing worked. I e-mailed ADS three days ago with the problem....put it this, I ain't holding my breath for a response now. And just to put it in perspective, I am not trying to get optimum sound for recording, I am not trying to transfer hi-definition, I am simply trying to convert my collection of old radio shows from the 30's, 40's & 50's. Most of which contain enough static on their own, and all of which are mono recordings. So I don't need pristine sound. I finally gave up yesterday, and bought a product called "INport" by Xitel. Basically, it's the same thing, but I found out the "INport" is grounded....I have no clue what that means, but it works! Unfortunately, I don't care for the software that came with the INport, so I am using the Nero software that came with the RDX150. The INport is about $20 more, but it's well worth it, and will get the job done!...more info
  • it's not easy but it does work
    It will take alot of patience and you need to get the upgrade...and it will take a few hours of playing with it...but once you figure it out it will work....anyone know of an easier way?...more info
  • Works well, accompanying software even more useful
    This little box works well and helped me convert my LPs into mp3 files. The instructions were helpful and simple. However, you will need to buy a pre-amp to make it happen, because it does not amplify the turntable audio. The accompanying Nero Soundwave Editor was even more useful. It not only aids in coverting the sound into mp3 or any other audio files, but it has many tools that allow the user to enhance, remove clicks and scratches and edit the incoming audio. Also, it can be used to edit audio from CDs and mix cuts within tracks. That's right, you can be your own mix DJ!...more info
  • Completely Satisfied
    I've had my instant Music soundcard for over a year and never had a problem. In my experience, it records LPs and tapes without a hitch. To my ears, the digital copies are very accurate It's very easy to use, and is an external device-a big plus in my opinion. I don't use the bundled software to edit the file that's created by recording, though-my Sony program does that task well. Well worth the [...] bucks! ...more info
  • Naysayers are wrong!
    After reading all of the negative reviews of the ADS Technologies RDX-150 Instant Music recorder, I was very skeptical, but knew that I could return the device to Amazon without hassle. First installation was a bit difficult, but most likely it was user error. Second time around, the device worked as promised. No static, no hum, just a great reproduction of one of my library of cassettes gathering dust. Haven't tried burning CDs from LPs. That will be my next challenge.

    ...more info
  • Hardware Pefect, software???
    This device converts LPs or cassettes to .wav format. The hardware works perfectly. I can't rate the software for PCs, but it does need software for Macs, which I use. I am able to get from cassette to CD, but using Sound Studio and iTunes, and in both cases using them for a purpose they weren't designed for, it is a tedious process with too many steps. Perhaps the included software for PCs makes it easier on that majority of users....more info
  • ADS Tech RDS-150
    Well, it works in the sense that there are analog inputs (left and right channel RCA plugs) for hooking up your old tape or vinyl player to transmit the audio to your PC via USB output. However, there is no software to accommodate the recording. So, you have to come up with your own. I'd found a great program on-line called Audacity which is free and works wonderfully for the aforementioned purpose. It's worth the price if all you want to digitize your old analog record or tape collections....more info
  • It works for me
    Considering some of the scathing reviews here, I am a little surprised that I got this package working without much trouble. I connected the output of my amplifier to the USB device and can quite easily record whatever the "stereo" is playing. This device and software has already saved me money because I won't be buying any more CD copies of my old music. In any case, some of that old stuff isn't available on CD. Putting vinyl into a digital format makes it infinitely more portable.

    This isn't a simple plug&play device. It took careful attention to the instructions and a little guessing to make it work, hence four stars rather than five.

    ...more info
  • There Is A Better Way
    The product seems to work fine but the accompanying software is awful. After spending hours trying to figure it out I succeeded in capturing one cassette only to find that the beginning few seconds of each song was appended to a previous song.

    I just tried a software+cables solution called Digitope? Media Digitalizer? 2.2. You can download a trial at Unlike the ADS method of writing a wizard for otherwise inappropriate software, the Digitalizer is designed solely to transfer music from record or cassette. Very easy to follow, saves in a variety of formats, can either burn to a CD or save directly to a PC. Give it try before buying Instant Music!...more info
  • Vinal sound good again
    I am now able to record my vinal to digital using simple tools. The Mac Mini using Guitar Band, and Itunes for file conversion, gives me MP3 files that I can play on any computer. Everyone that hears the recordings loves the 'real' sound of the vinal, clicks and pops included. It is truely "plug and play" and price through Amazon was significantly less than through any other source that I could find. Just make sure that all of the connections are tight between the preamp and the computer. I had a distortion problem but found that one of the usb connections was not connected correctly. Once that was taken care of all was well....more info
  • Finally works, horribly outdate software, poor instructions
    On 2/16/06 I posted a negative review. After working all day on making it work I wrote this detailed edited review and procedure which Amazon has chosen not to post for some reason. At least one negative review as been posted since my review was rejected. A strange way to do business. Here is the 2/17/06 review:

    With the help of reviews of by Farell at Cnet and John Long here at Amazon I have been able to make a beautiful (no hum) copy of Placido Domingo singing "che gelida manina" from La Boheme from an old LP to CD-RW or CD-R. The CD-RW plays on my DVD player, DVD-ROM drive, CD-RW drive, an Audiovox boombox and my 2005 Camry. CD-RW doesn't play on my old JVC CD player or in my 1998 Subaru but CD-R plays in everything. Both the ADS ( and Nero websites ( are now more useful than when most of the reviews were written. The ADS website now has FAQs which answer many of the questions raised in the reviews (no volume control, OK = Stop, microphone as input, settings in Soundtrax as well as Windows audio). I downloaded all the pertinent programs and PDFs (many corrections to the manuals received from Amazon this week). I think all the programs you'll need are at APS. 1. I installed the upgrade from ADS (Nero Major Update Version plus a couple others from the Nero website). This got me from Nero version (shame on you Mr. Amazon/ADS/ Nero for selling me old software) to
    2. I used an old Technics receiver as my preamp.
    3. I couldn't control the recording level from my "out" RCA plugs on the back of the receiver so I used a Radio Shack 42-2546 (1/4" stereo phone plug to two female RCA phono jacks)Y-adapter with the headphone output from the receiver to the "In" inputs of the ADS RX 150.
    4. Set Windows Audio as directed in the new "settings and hints" PDF. And the newly downloaded Instant Music Manual PDF p 6. (Select input: UBS Audio Codec and leave output device: as your computer speakers (soundcard.) (
    5. Open Nero Soundtrax and (important) "options" to "device settings." Select input UBS Audio Codec and leave output device as your computer speakers (soundcard).
    6. Under "Tools" choose "wizards" chose "LP to CD."
    7. Choose "microphone" as Audio input line" (yes microphone), Check "digital monitoring" so that you can hear out of your computer speakers"
    8. Choose and name the target file. I used "all files."
    9. Adjust recording level using the volume control on the receiver and the audio level meters in Soundtrax.
    10. Go back to the beginning of the LP then click (or perhaps vice versa) red (left) navigate button to start recording. Do not click "next" since that will stop the recording. When you are done recording hit blue "stop" button. Now click "next." I haven't messed with the next two noise reduction screens. Then to screen "4".
    10. If I click "burn now" or "finish" the program locks up.
    11. Open Windows Media Player or equivalent. Click "burn."
    12. Look in "burn list" and in "All music"
    13. Select the files you want to burn. Click "start burn." Then you have a choice of burning onto CD-R or CD-RW....more info
  • Not too bad
    I've been using this for a few days and haven't encountered many problems. I'm not too fond of the buzzing hum during the digital monitoring. I was going to buy a pre-amp for the turntable but settled for RCA jacks instead, figured I could run them from my hi-fi into InstantMusic but not a sound was produced. Well, instead I used the rca jacks on the turntable and plugged it directly into the InstantMusic and it works fine, all I do is tweak the volume some after the recording is completed. It is important to save the files right after recording before tweaking anything because the Nero software will crash, especially during Noise Reduction. Other than that it works just fine. It's not compatible with Roxio Media though, which is what I prefer using. ...more info
  • Completely useless
    Even though it's advertised as being Mac compatible, the software interface isn't (fine print on the back of the clamshell packaging on the very bottom suggests using Garage Band). The USB connection that goes into actual gizmo doesn't seat properly, so all of your hard work of digitizing a record sounds abysmal. I can't convey how badly this is made and how useless it is. DO NOT PURCHASE. ...more info
  • BEWARE!!!
    1. The Nero software will not run on Windows Vista.

    2. The Nero software included on the CD-ROM is an old version (v6). After I downloaded version 8 from the Nero website, I was unable to install it because my v6 serial number was deemed "invalid".

    I will be returning this item to Amazon ASAP....more info
  • Worth Every Penny!
    This item is extremely easy to use and produces excellent sounding files. I have transferred recordings from cassette, and they sound great on my computer. I heard others discussing problems with their recordings, but I believe they must have their outputs set too high on the cassette/LP player. Get this and you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Who would have ever thought -
    ...that someone could make a CD from a record or cassette!!! This product enabled me to do that and I am extremely pleased. Only problem is that although I can make CD's from my records, I'm still going to have a hard time parting with my records. I really haven't tried to make a CD from a cassette but I'm sure it will be the same; I'll let Amazon know by another review. This new technology amazes me. ...more info
  • SUPPRIZE it works well
    With some dough I was well pleased it works well as long as you get the spin it again softweare and usb connection older type is a pease of junck...more info
  • Seriously flawed design makes this product a shaky proposition for many users
    This product is sold as an all-in-one, plug-and-play solution for unsophisticated users. The trouble that it doesn't deliver on those terms. It cuts too many corners.

    Firstly - there's no built-in RIAA preamp. Most modern stereo gear is not set up to play vinyl and so doesn't include an RIAA preamp with its all-important gain stage and frequency compensation. True, most people with record collections will have an old amp with an RIAA stage built in, but what if they haven't? What if they threw it away when they converted to CDS? Well tough, they're going to have to shell out on some extra kit before they can use this product. Never mind, they'll probably be OK with cassettes. Won't they?

    Well, maybe. The other problem with this product is that there is no means of adjusting the analogue input gain. Sure, you can adjust the volume level after the sound has been digitised, but if the output of your cassette deck or your vinyl preamp is too hot the sound will be distorted and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it. Or if it's too quiet, bringing it up to the right level will bring up the noise as well.

    Now, if you've got a sound mixer (as ADS suggest in the docs) you can deal with that. But the target market for this device doesn't have a mixer. They want a guaranteed-to-work plug-and-play solution, and I'm sorry to say this product simply isn't it....more info
  • Hardware has potential but software is terrible
    The Nero software that comes bundled with the ADS Instant Music is terrible. It crashes my computer immediately about 50% of the time when I try to start a recording project. The program also crashes immediately if I try to start a new recording after finishing one, forcing me to reboot between every side/take. The software interface is not very intuitive, and the very limited documentation that came in the package was really not helpful. The audio quality is pretty decent, but every once in a while a skip will show up for no apparent reason, forcing me to re-record a song.

    On the plus side the device was relatively inexpensive.

    The device does work but using it is a big hassle. It could have been a real winner if they had made better software for it....more info
  • Works pretty well with a Mac G5
    This device works fine using Garageband that comes included with the Mac. It's a two step process, but it works. I had no luck getting the device to work with my Dell D600...more info
  • RDX-150
    It is a OK product. You can do same thing with Musicmatch plus and cheaper....more info