Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker
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Product Description

Sunbeam's 2 pound Breadmaker make many types of bread at the touch of a button. * 2.0 lb Loaf * 13-hour Delay Bake * 12 Cooking Functions * ExpressBake Breadmaker Cycle Bakes in under 1 hour * LED Display * Easy-Clean Touch Control Panel * Non-Stick, Removable Baking Pan * Instruction Book With Bread Recipes. 2.0 lb Loaf 13-hour Delay Bake 12 Cooking Functions ExpressBake Breadmaker Cycle Bakes in under 1 hour LED Display Easy-Clean Touch Control Panel Non-Stick Removable Baking Pan Instruction Book With Bread Recipes.

  • 600-watt programmable breadmaker makes 1-1/2- or 2-pound loaves of bread
  • 12 cooking functions; 3 shade selections; 13-hour delay bake; LED display; touch-control panel
  • Metal utensils should not be used with removable nonstick baking pan
  • Wash by hand only; instructions with recipes included
  • Measures approximately 14 by 19 by 13-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • good machine
    I bought this machine when the pan in my very old machine started to look and feel strange on the inside surface. I read reviews and almost bought the fancy expensive one with two blades. I really didn't want a complex machine though and this one looked good for the price. Also, I liked the look of it better than any others.

    So far it is great. The only thing I think could be better is that the buzzer for adding raisins (or whatever) goes off too early in the kneeding cycle. When it goes off I set a timer for another ten minutes before I add the raisins. If you put them in when the buzzer sounds they get too chopped up.

    Bread comes out great. I use the light crust setting and the 1.5 loaf setting even if I'm making a larger loaf because I like the bread slightly undercooked and moist. Glad I chose this one....more info
  • Boo! Hiss!
    I have been a bread machine user for ten years, with much success, until I got this machine. The loaves on the regular setting end up being really short and dense. If I try the French bread setting, the loaves rise to the top, but then collapse during baking, leaving a big crater. Also, even on the lightest crust setting, the crust turns out really dark, almost burnt. ...more info
  • Oven suffering from delusions of grandeur
    You may as well buy this bread machine, rather than one costing five times more, because, from what I've read from other home bread bakers, they're all pretty much the same. The deficiency is kneading: not enough and so the bread crumbles easily. Since this machine remembers its stage of completion if unplugged, here's what I do. At the end of both kneading cycles, unplug the machine, remove the dough and knead by hand for at least five minutes. Then return the dough to the machine and reconnect. Second time, leave out the kneading paddle because it isn't going to be used again anyway. All of that notwithstanding, I am about to switch to hand methods and bake in a gas grill outside (to keep desert heat out of the house). Check out [...]for great alternatives, suchc as no-knead recipes....more info
  • Good breadmaker for good price
    I bought it for my wife, and it seems to me she is very happy to bake very good bread for me. Good bread maker for good price....more info
  • Saved the Cost of the Item in Bread
    I make bread in this machine every other day. Paired with "The All-New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook" by Tom Lacalamita, that I borrowed from the library and will have to buy very very soon (sort of expensive), I have made some really wonderful items. I especially love the non-stick bread pan. I don't clean it every time if I make a "clean" loaf because it mixes so well all the ingredients go into the bread - not stuck to the pan! I have already saved up the cost of this bread machine just in the bread I have made and not had to buy. NOTE: Make sure to get yourself a BIG bag of yeast and high-gluten (bread) flour from your local bulk store - makes the bread so much tastier!

    My only regret is that the wonderful smell of bread baking tends to wake up my 9 month old from his naps a little too early!...more info
  • very pleased
    Sunbeam bread machine, very pleased with product and price. Does all that I wanted from a bread maching...more info
  • sunbeam 5891 2# programmable breadmaker
    The appliance is bulky. The french bread I tried came out small and condensed.I should not have given away my old magic chef one that still worked very well after 8 years...Sorry I bought the sunbeam!...more info
  • GREAT for the money
    This is my first bread machine and I purchased it after looking at reviews for many machines. Amazon had it on sale for $34 so I thought what the heck. I've had it for a month now and have been baking 1 to 2 loaves of bread a week. So far I really love it. There were some negative reviews on this bread machine but so far I haven't encountered any, other than the top falling. And even with that, it's not all the time. I did get other recipe books for bread machines and have pulled a couple of tips from them. One thing I've found that by decreasing the water by 1-2 tablespoons that the top doesn't fall in. The machine works very well, so far, no loud noises, and no creeping on the countertop. I use mine on top of a large glass hot plate. I think the important thing is reading your instructions carefully, even if you've done this before. I would imagine every machine is different. I would definitely recommend this machine for the beginner and average user and even the experienced baker if you're looking for a good deal. Happy bread baking!...more info
  • they want me to review a purchase for something
    I've used only four times on regular, dough and whole wheat settings. Worked great so far but ask me in 6 months. I took away a star because there seems to me a bit of cheap build to it but hey, if it continues to make excellent bread for so little money..... ...more info
  • great breadmaker for the price
    I have loved and burnt up two Breadman breadmakers. Looking at the reviews, I decided to give this machine a chance. I am very impressed; my doughs and breads come out perfectly. The machine does not "walk" around the counter with difficult doughs. If you are considering a breadmaker purchase but put have been put off by the price, definitely consider this excellent little breadmaker. As far as recipes go, my best results have come from the Bread Machine cookbooks by Donna German. Inexpnsive little paperbacks with wonderful recipes....more info
  • Good first bread machine
    This is my first bread machine and there has been a significant learning curve in making good bread. I used up 5 bags of flour before I started to figure out the tricks. But I have had it now for a year and once I learned the tricks, my bread has been very good. Functionally, my machine works well. None of the noises, bearing & motor problems, or other function problems other people have reported. It does produce sounds at the various stages which are loud enough to be heard in another room. I find this useful as I can monitor the progress while doing other things. I don't have to watch the clock. The recipes that came with the instructions are okay but contain WAY too much yeast. My experience has been ANY recipe that asks for 2 tsp or more of yeast is gonna fall. I cut back to 1&1/4 to 1&3/4 tsp of yeast for all recipes and my loaves have been coming out great ever since. And I use regular dry yeast. Not "bread machine" yeast. Bread machine yeast only rises once and so is useful only in the Express mode. The standard settings do tend to over-bake the loaf. I've taken to stopping the baking cycle after 45 to 50 minutes and my crusts have gotten much softer while the inside is properly baked.
    Okay, maybe it's not equal to a $200 bread machine. But I got it at Walmart for $40. And once I learned how to use it correctly, I have been very happy with the results. I would buy this machine again and would recommend it to others, with the warning that, like any tool, you gotta learn how to use it correctly. ...more info
  • Rust Warning
    After about 40 loafs, it started making noises and poorer bread. I couldn't turn the paddle by hand, so took off the clip, turning thing, and washer under the pan. It was rusted. Liquid wrench loosened it up to where it can now be turned by hand. The little retaining clip is junk not spring steel. For another 10 cents they could make all these parts stainless and avoid this problem; sloppy. Just be careful to minimize water contacting the pan when cleaning....more info
  • Clunky bread machine
    This machine is unstable when kneading dough. It knocks, clangs and moves about the counter. Ours jumped off the counter and fell to the floor, breaking the lid off. The baking pan doesn't lock as securely as it should.

    The recipes provided are very limited and focus on white flour, almost exclusively....more info
  • Can't be beat for the Price
    This bread maker is great easy to use makes wonderful bread.Recipes are not abundant but are very simple and easy,I haven't tried my other recipes yet but am looking forward to see if they turn out as well.It is a little larger than I would like because I have limited counter space but the bread has made it all worth it.I haven't used any other machines to compare to but for the money I don't think you could do much better....more info
  • perfect choise: easy to use and good price
    We have the bread machine now over a month. This is our first one and are amazed how easy it is to use. Good product for a good price...more info
  • Sunbeam Breadmaker
    Very pleased with this product. Simple to use and lightweight. I only use the dough cycle, though, since I prefer to bake bread in my oven. ...more info
  • Great Value! Exceeds Expectations!
    When my Black & Decker All-In-One machine's paddle broke, I tried to find a replacement paddle, and found out that it would cost about $30. For a machine that is over 10 years old, I thought it would be silly to spend that kind of money when the machine itself might crash in a week.

    So for Christmas my husband bought a BreadMan machine, on sale for about $80. I made two loaves, using the recipes in the manual, measuring carefully, and neither one were cooked all the way through. The shape of the pan seemed to need two paddles, yet it had just one. I promptly returned the machine, and sat down to look at the reviews. So many choices, and all of them had a number of people dissatisfied, and they were expensive!

    Then I happened to see this at a local discount store. For under $60, it was the cheapest I'd seen, but I thought, hey, if I don't like it, I can easily take it back.

    I love this machine! It does everything my "Deluxe" machine of ten years ago did, and more. The loaves come out nicely done, and I have used 4 different recipes, two from the internet, with great success, even with my "lazy" measuring and using regular flour, just as my old machine did.

    The construction seems sturdy enough, comparable with my older machine. I don't like the twist necessary to load or unload the pan, but it is what I am accustomed to. It seems to operate well for the week in which I have had it. I am looking forward to trying other settings, as I've only tried the basic and the expressbake so far. I will update in a few months, once I see how it holds up.

    My only three drawbacks, and they are minor: 1)I can foresee that the buttons will be hard to clean in the future, as they jut out. My older machine they were flush, with no crevices, which was nice. 2) The manual came with very limited recipes: 1 for each setting, basically. However, recipes from the internet seem to do well. 3) You basically get a cube when you make the 2 lb loaf, which makes it difficult to slice and portion, although it still tastes yummy!

    Unless you really need the features of those high-end machines, get this one and save your money for flour! ...more info
  • works great
    I live in Korea right now, and have been using this bread maker overseas (last in China) for 3 years. My mom gave this to us (USED!!) when she bought a new one. She had bought it in 2001 or something. She gave it to us in 2005, and it is still running in 2008. I like this bread maker a lot, and it has never given us a problem.
    Gets my vote. And when we need to buy a new one, I will probably just buy another one of these. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    This machine made a good loaf of bread; however, after 1.5 years of low-moderate use, the pin in the base of the pan sheared off in the base and it is unusable. Of course the warranty has expired. Guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • great for the price
    For the price, you can't go wrong. I've used it about 7 or 8 times (over 2 months) and have been quite happy. The first use, I baked a loaf of white bread, turned out nice. Since then, I've only used it for dough setting and then baked the bread in the oven. I've done a french loaf recipe and made baguettes, a couple of round loaves, pizza dough a few times (great pizza dough!) and cinnamon rolls. I've gotten all my recipes online b/c the recipe book included is a little lame. I give it 4 stars b/c I'm not crazy about the non-stick lining in the pan (kind of toxic smelling when it bakes). That's why I'm doing the baking part in the oven....more info
  • easy, tasty!
    Bought this bread machine for my son. He loves it. He says it is very easy to operate and makes a very tasty loaf of bread. He has had no problems at all with it or the quality of bread it puts out...more info
  • Buy at your own risk
    Don't let the positive reviews here fool you. This bread machine is awful.
    First - it took me about 3 month to master the recipe so the machine bakes a nice looking loaf of bread. As the other review points out -the loaf falls every single time as soon as the backing cycle beings and the final result looks like a hockey pack. I should be fare - it still taste good. This is my third bread maker and I have never had a problems like this. Second - machine stop working after just 4 month being used. It stop mixing altogether. Something wrong with the gear connection, I guess.
    Third - Sunbeam does not have their own customer service. They have local repair centers which are not very excited about your problems. When I call mine, the person on the phone was very friendly. He suggested to go back to retailer who sold me the machine and exchange it on the new one, otherwise, he said, it will take a while to repair the machine. Based on the `friendly guy' explanation, `a while' could be between 1 to 7 months. So - the ultimate message was - bring it to us at your own risk. Do not send - bring it. I would suggest the Sunbeam and Amazon to affix the `Buy At Your Own Risk' sticker to this product. For myself - I switched to Zojirushi. This machine is twice more expensive, but ten times better....more info
  • Good for gluten-free bread
    I bought this at WalMart for about $35 and use it occasionally. We've been happy with it. I've found that it works well for gluten-free bread recipes (most often the Red Mill mixes). Honestly, I've never used another bread baker for gluten-free recipes, so I have no point for comparison, but the loaves have come out relatively fluffy (which is a real "plus" for GF stuff, which usually is like bricks) and they are not over cooked. This item has a one-year warranty, and I imagine that if it were used on a regular basis, it would probably last about a year. It's pretty solid, but even with the little baking that we do, some of the Teflon has already worn off the loaf pan and the little paddle.

    One caution -- make sure you pay careful attention when you program your baking session. There's no "reset" button and the only way I found to correct a setting mistake is to unplug the machine and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

    I have used the one-hour "quick" setting once, and I wouldn't recommend it. The loaf didn't come out anywhere near as nicely as with the regular cycle, which takes around three hours. ...more info
  • Great breadmaker, especially for the money
    This Sunbeam breadmaker is the first one for me. It does everything I need it to do and is simple to use. Since I only paid $54.88, I think it is a great value for the money. I use it about 3 times per week. ...more info
  • Not the greatest but good for the price.
    For the cost of this bread machine I would recommend it. If you do not mind paying a higher price I suggest getting another machine since the results in this machine are not always the best, but will do for the price....more info
  • Three Strikes and you are out
    Failed three times within a once year period. The kneading pin bearing in the pan froze and would not spin. The manufacturer replaced the unit the first two times, but we threw in the towel on the third failure and decided to upgrade to a unit that could handle regular use without failing....more info
  • How good is good?
    We have had bread machines in the past and have been pleased with them but this one surpasses all of the others.
    Since receiving this machiine. we have given up on store bought bread; it's just not as good. We have made every thing in the machine except jam and now anxiously await summer so we can pick and preserve all the fresh fruit available.
    This machine is better than good, it is exceptional!
    Graham Patterson...more info
  • Disappointed
    I have missed having a breadmaker and could hardly wait to make my first loaf. First loaf I made looked like it had a bowl shaped depression on the top. I thought, I must have done something wrong, bought all new flour, yeast everything. Same thing happened with my next loaf. I came back here to check the reviews and saw that others had the same exact problem. ...more info
  • No need to spend big bucks on a bread machine.
    This bread machine is exactly what I wanted. It's simple to use and a great value. ...more info
  • Big Disappointment
    I was not able to even try my new Sunbeam Breadmaker (model 5891) because neither I nor my strong husband could yank out the bread pan. It was inserted in a very crooked way by the manufacturer. While attempting to remove the pan, I noticed that its wire handle was very thin and flimsy, indicating poor design, and this part certainly needs to be very sturdy. I am familiar with my daughter's breadmaker made by Toastmaster and it is much superior to this Sunbeam model....more info
  • A must try
    The machine arrived on my doorstep in under a week in excellent shape. It makes excellent bread using bread machine recipes. ...more info
  • Excellent breadmaker - worth every penny
    Before I purchased this machine, I read ALL the reviews, the good, bad and the ugly. I realized there would possibly be some trials and tribulations with my first attempts at using it since I am not only a novice to breadmakers but also living in high altitude country. I made bread from scratch many eons ago and am aware of the exact measurement problems.

    So I crossed my fingers, ordered the machine AND, on the advice of several posters, I also bought 2 of the Donna German Bread Machine books(let's go ALL the way :-)

    I rec'd it in a timely manner and read the manual thoroughly. Sonewhat of a brain overload but I thought very thorough in taking you from start to finish.

    My first loaf was plain white bread from DG's Bread book (avoiding the Sunbeam manual recipes). I made minor adjustments to compensate for the altitude. Hmmm! Fine loaf of bread but a bit too heavy. My 2nd loaf was made using the exact measurements from DG's book and it turned out much lighter in texture and very good indeed.

    I have since made fruit/cheese filled brioches, apple chunk bread (Oh, Lordy, Lordy, so sublimely delicious!), hot dog/hamburger buns and banana outmeal bread - all to the exact measurements, no adjustments. ALL have turned out extremely well and I'm quite pleased.

    In calcing the cost of each loaf, I am making plain white bread (2 lb) for about $1.20/25 a loaf or 12 brioches or buns for the same. Unless I use a particularly expensive ingredient, none of these loaves should cost more than $1.50.

    My future plans are to make regular pizza plus peanut butter pizza. While it can be intimidating at first, after reading the various problems people have had, I'm now perfectly comfortable with this machine and well pleased with my purchase.

    To make some observations that may be helpful to others.....

    1) It's not clear what caused many people to complain of fallen loaves but most did not relate the source of their recipe. My hunch is that most used the recipes from the manual. Several people have warned against this since these recipes appear to be flawed. GREAT machine! LOUSY recipes! If you still have your machine, try purchasing Donna German's book(s) or any other popular bread book and give it another shot.

    2) DO use the plastic measuring cup and spoon that comes with the machine. Do your very best to have exact measurements. If your recipe calls for 1/2 cup, check the measurement equivalents and create your 1/2 cup from 8 level tbls rather than trying to eyeball just where 1/2 is in your measuring cup.

    3) I have no explanation why recipes in DG's books seem to need no adjustment for high altitude (I'm a mile high). If you're H/A, try your recipe with no adjustments first and then adjust if necessary.

    I really do suspect that, for the most part, most of the negative reviews have less to do with a defective machine and more to do with a defective manual. You should avail yourself of a good bread making cookbook. Many people, dependent on where they live (temperature and altitude), may need to make some adjustments. What eventually works for you may not work for the next person and that is just the nature of bread making.

    At the price it's listed today ($44), I can only say - ORDER IT! ...more info
    This was close to the cheapest breadmaker I found when trying to replace my 15 year old West Bend Homestyle after the heating element went out. The price and the fact it makes 2 pound loaves are the positive features. The provided recipes are erroneous, but through experiment and old recipes I have managed to get some pretty good bread, and expect it will be better. The electronic screen is dark, tiny and I need glasses to read it.The pan handle is very flimsy, so I have to grip the sides to remove it. The instructions for insertion of the pan are inaccurate, but the instructions actually on the breadmaker corrected that.
    I just got it a few weeks ago, so we will see how it holds up
    ...more info
  • great bread machine.
    when i first recieved my new sunbeam bread maker, it worked great and made a perfect loaf of bread. and sence that time i use it every day . thank you....more info
  • excellent, just what I wanted
    My old Breadman brand machine began to leak last month and became useless. I checked the reviews for a simple bread machine. I mostly use it for the dough setting only. This Sunbeam had high reviews, so I bought it. I've now made several loaves of various breads and am completely satisfied so far. ...more info