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Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Mobile- Farm Yard
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Product Description

A treat for eyes and ears, the Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile features colorful barnyard animals that move along to the strains of classical music. The mobiles design and melodies are specially created to promote cognitive development and stimulate babys growing brain. Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile Farm Yard features: Ultimate mobile for babys development Developmental music by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven for relaxation, cognitive development or stimulation Beads slide with each turn of the mobiles arms Angled to babys direct line of vision Detachable music box Requires 3 AA Batteries not included.

  • Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile features colorful barnyard animals that move along to the strains of classical music
  • The mobiles design and melodies are specially created to promote cognitive development and stimulate babys growing brain
  • Tiny Love Symphony In Motion Mobile Farm Yard features: Ultimate mobile for babys development Developmental music by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven
  • Layers of movement to develop the depth perception of your baby
  • Detachable music box Requires 3 AA Batteries not included

Customer Reviews:

  • great!
    Both of my kids have loved this mobile. However, it is very stimulating and I use it only when they are awake and not when trying to get them down for a nap. but it gives me some time to do things while the baby is captivated by the mobile. That makes it worth it to me....more info
  • Wonderful features
    I'm shocked that anyone would not love this mobile--it's great! When the baby was very small and slept in our room, we kept it on the play pen downstairs (we were able to jimmy it into the corner of the playpen). Then, when we transitioned her into the crib at 3 months, she loved watching the mobile to go to sleep. And now, at almost one year, she loves the music box (we removed the mobile at around 4 months). I think that controlling music in her crib gives her a little sense of control, and the music is quite pleasant....more info
  • Best Best Mobile ever!
    It's so good we got a second one for daycare. He's 6 months old now and he still loves it. The music is okay, the volume is not loud and not low, the hanging toys move a lot and they have a lot of colors, also they all look down to the baby who's watching them which is how they should be, so the baby gets really engaged with it. It's been a lifesaver for me a lot of times, my favorite baby sitter when I needed to take 5 mins to do something when my baby was a newborn!...more info
  • A sanity-saver!
    Fantastic mobile. My son has been entralled with it since we brought him home from the hospital. He's now nearly 3 months old and still loves it. The mobile will often keep him entertained for 30-40 minutes which is brilliant when I need to clean the house, take a shower, eat my lunch, etc. The mobile stimulates him rather than relaxes him and he kicks his legs and waves his arms with delight while watching it. I cannot recommend it enough....more info
  • Baby has love/hate relationship with mobile
    When we put together our nursery we bought a very charming little mobile with a wind-up mechanism. The baby loved it, but she began to start screaming when the music stopped after about a minute. I found myself constantly winding the thing in order to keep her quiet, which seemed to defeat the purpose of the mobile. These Symphony-in-Motion mobiles seem to be some of the only battery-operated mobiles out there. Compared to our other little mobile, it is huge and garish. It is also kind of sinister looking because the way it moves and the black-and-white spirals on it give it the appearance of a 1950's brainwashing tool. I don't know if that description makes sense, but if you saw it you would understand.

    When the baby is in a good mood she can be transfixed by the mobile for about 5 or 6 minutes. Then she starts screaming. If she is in a bad mood she whimpers and won't even look at it. When I put her to sleep I try to keep the mobile as far from her line of vision as possible, because it is too stimulating and will keep her up. This isn't easy, because it's enormous.

    Although I don't like how it looks I'm holding on to it because I have a feeling that the mobile will ultimately be capable of yielding 10-15 minutes of baby bliss. At only 2 months, it's understandable that the baby would be a little freaked out by it....more info
  • Great but be ready!
    My baby now at 3 months just loves it so we have it on every day - not all day! But we have to be ready to change batteries as soon as they die (when batteries die our sun stars to cry), we change them once every two weeks, I think thats too often. ...more info
    I absolutely love this mobile and my daughter loves watching the animals go round and round. Its in a slanted position and there are othe shapes that falls as the mobile rotate which keeps the baby interested. My baby was in the NICU for a while and when i brought this mobile in, even the nurses could not stop watching the mobile because it was so fun to watch. Plus it has black and white patterns which babies can see. My baby just locks its eyes on this mobile!!! BUY IT QUICK...more info
    I can't stand to listen to this mobile! The sound quality is bad, LOUD with no volume control or off switch, and the song choices aren't very good in my opinion- too melancholy for a baby! How about something soothing or cheerful? Plus, the beads that move when it spins are loud, too. Wish I could return it. ...more info
  • My Baby Loves this esp. when he wakes up.
    I guess if you don't mind having the music playing everytime you turn this on, its good, but my son mostly enjoys this mobile when he just wakes up from a nap. He likes it. I like it too. ...more info
  • Can't imagine living without it
    We recieved this mobile as a gift for our first child, in 2005. At first I thought it was ridiculously expensive (we live in Canada and it was almost $100 in stores at that time.) But this was the first thing to entertain my son, and it would buy us 15 precious minutes of peace when he was just a few weeks old. The mobile never put him to sleep, but at first we thought he was sleeping because he was so quiet. Then it would end and he'll call "hey!" to get us to turn it back on.

    When he got old enough to grab the mobile, we took that part off and left the music box. I'd always turn it on when I put him down for a nap and at a very young age (can't remember now but only a few months old) he started turnign it on himself, in the middle of the night! He's now 2 1/2 and we're expecting #2 any day. I thought I had convinced him we should put this in the baby's crib, we did it together, but an hour after bedtime he called us asking for his music box back. So I'm online looking for a second one. My sister also just bought a second one for their baby because it's an integral part of her 23 month old's sleep routine.

    As far as I'm concerned this mobile is worth it's weight in gold! I just hope I don't find the quality is lower on the new one like one reviewer mentionned....more info
  • good for wake time
    This mobile is great for wake time-very stimulating, etc. However, it's a little large for a mobile over the bed and so darn big I think it freaked my baby out a little. i removed the overhead part and use the music box. It is great-lots of choices and plays a long time...more info
  • Actual item is not as described!!!
    WARNING!!! The item this company will ship you is not the item obviously described. It DOES NOT have the remote control as stated in the description, twice. They are overcharging you for the model to levels below that model. Not the Symphony In Motion Deluxe mobile with remote(w/ the blue music box), or the standard Symphony In Motion mobile(w/ the green music box), but the old version with the white music box. Conveniently the photo was not posted when I purchased this item and I trusted the description, which is innacurate. Hopefully this is some kind of mistake and the seller isn't trying to scam new/expecting parents. You can find the deluxe model for a comparable price, or the newer version of this basic model much cheaper elsewhere....more info
  • Thank god for this mobile, I can take 15 minute showers!
    I don't know what everyone is writing about the music being too loud. I don't find it loud at all! There are two settings and the lowest one is perfect. My baby ADORES this mobile. The minute I hooked it up and put him in the crib to look at it, he couldn't contain himself. I wish I had gotten this much earlier than I did. Once I got it, I could suddenly take long showers and know he was being entertained, not crying, and totally happy for a while in his crib.
    He's 5 months old now, and just starting to get a little bit bored with it because he can't touch it.
    I *highly* recommend this mobile. The best baby toy I own, hands down....more info
  • A volume trick - great mobile
    Really attractive animals and great mobile. Also, for those of you complaining that you can't turn off the volume I figured out that if you stick the volume right in between high and low the volume turns off and it still spins. There is no setting for this but it works like a charm. Its otherwise simple, cute and easy to install....more info
  • Great Mobile
    I really like this mobile. It keeps my 13 week old infant entertained and she also falls asleep to it from time to time. She gets so mesmorized by it that she will fall asleep. My only problem with it was the first one they sent me did not work but Amazon does such a great job with returning it that all I had to do was email them that it do not work and they sent me one right away to replace it and all I had to do was print the label out and postage and everything was taken care of, just had to drop it off at the post office. I actually got the replacement within 4 days so that is pretty good. They are on top of things. ...more info
  • Sound, not the music, can get irritating
    The music is okay, although the baby gets tired of it before he gets tired of the moving bits. Wish it could work without the music as well. The sliding things on the top are cloth with plastic rings that slide and they make a horrid noise as they scrape along the plastic arms. Wish they were removable. I do like the music choices though, and the way the animals don't just move in a circle, but around kind of like a ferris wheel car....more info
  • Entertaining and stimulating
    My twins LOVE this mobile. I intend to get it for every baby shower I go to from now on. I would have had two (one for each baby) except that you can't turn on the mobile without the music, and I didn't want a battle of the bands in the nursery.

    My babies have been fascinated by this toy since I got it when they were 3 months old, at 6 months old they continued to find it calming and distracting, and at 9 months old, I've removed the mobile and turning the music on all by themselves has become part of their bedtime routine. I took the mobile part off once they started pulling up, because they showed a strong interest in yanking down on the whole thing. The manufacturer recommends this anyway.

    No matter how needy the babies had been acting, I was able to put them down to watch this mobile and have an uninterrupted 15 minutes to take care of whatever needs to be done. A lot of mobiles have music that can annoy adults, but not this one.

    Having the on/off button and music choice buttons available to the babies in the crib is also wonderful; mine started to learn cause and effect at 6 months as they kicked the music on and off, much to their delight. Now, they love changing the song that is playing. These days, sometimes the only way I know that they have woken up is hearing the music through the baby monitor.

    If you have multiples, Tiny Love has a wonderful multiples programs: you only have to pay for one toy and they'll give you enough of the same type of toy for the remaining multiples for free. The only catch is that you have to order over the phone....more info