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Presto 07046 Tilt 'n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch Electric Griddle
List Price: $59.99

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Product Description

This super-sized griddle is great for any meal. It can cook up to 50% more food than other jumbo griddles. Premium nonstick surface for stick-free cooking and easy cleaning. Slide-out drip tray empties easily. Fully submersible with the heat control removed. Control Master heat control maintains proper cooking temperature automatically. Huge cooking surface! Cooks as many as 12 slices of french toast at one time

  • 1500-watt electric nonstick griddle cooks up to 12 pancakes at a time
  • Tilt 'n Drain function adjusts surface from tilted to level; built-in backstop ledge
  • Control Master heat control maintains accurate temperatures
  • Cool-touch handles; slide-out drip tray; dishwasher-safe with control removed
  • Measures approximately 24 by 18-1/2 by 5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • awesome BIGgriddle!!!!
    the griddle was actually my husbands idea_and what a good one! i was only going to purchase a new electric skillet. in the past, i've always used a skillet for making pancakes(and many other things). i'm glad i listened to my husband. this is WONDERFUL. the cooking space is huge-it makes cooking fast and easy. i also enjoy the fact that we can all eat at the same time-instead of me still cooking. it is big- so storage may be an issue--- in my case it just motivated me to reorganize my cabinets.DEFINATELY RECOMMMEND-don't know how i managed without one!...more info
  • fantastic - perfect
    My husband and I own and operate "Green Hectares Bed & Breakfast" Obviously a great breakfast is an important part of our service. I did a lot of research for a new griddle and bought this one based on the reviews. It is every bit as good as promised. It is large enough to cook breakfast for my guests so they can eat at the same time. I love the drip tray and tilting function. I did need to find a suitable spot to store it (the storage drawer under my stove is perfect). Previously I owned a folding griddle because it would be easy to store - my experience was no advantage at all because the grease dripped all over the counter top. With any large cooking items, we need storage space in the kitchen, that's a given. I find that it cooks evenly and keeps its temperature. All round a real gem. I would recommend this griddle to anyone who cooks for large crowds. We couldn't find this in the stores in our area and ordered it special in the States. My first unit was accidently pulled off the counter and broke a leg, so we ordered a second immediately - proof enough we love it. ...more info
  • Done in a flash!
    I bought this griddle for my husband since he is a pancake monster. He made an entire batch of buttermilk pancakes in minutes. They turned out really great. What a difference from putting two frying pans on the stove and trying to cook two pancakes at a time in each.

    Cleaning the non-stick surface is easy, but maneuvering the griddle around the sink to wipe it down is a little cumbersome. As the other reviewers noted, this is a big griddle so make sure you have adequate storage space for it. ...more info
  • BIG Griddle
    I was searching for the biggest griddle I could find and this is. It like that it is more square, unlike most which are more rectangular. It holds alot of food and cleans easily. No complaints.
    ...more info
  • For That REALLY BIG Meal...
    No kidding, we're talking Really, REALLY BIG! As in, fry nine eggs big. Or a half pound of bacon big. Or eight grilled cheese sandwiches big. All at the same time, and the food is evenly cooked, golden brown and delicious. In fact, the first use I put the Big Griddle to was pancackes... it absolutely makes the best pancakes you'll ever eat! AND... it makes them six-to-eight at once. Get ya a nice big STACK goin', and eat 'em while they're hot... not one at a time in a pan, trying to keep the first few warm while you cook the last one.
    The only possible downside is, ironically, the same thing that makes this appliance so great; it's size. You had better really want/ need a large griddle, and have a nice deep cabinet to store it in. Fortunately, I have that cabinet, and the ease of use, the quality of construction and that big cooking surface all combine to make this a really great kitchen tool!...more info
  • Excellent Griddle!
    I love the large cooking space on this griddle. Cooks a package of bacon easily, and "tilts" to allow grease to flow off surface. Easily stored on it's side in my pantry....more info
  • Best Griddle Ever
    Think it is the best griddle I have ever used. A must have for the dad that cooks Sunday breakfast....more info
  • great family item
    bought one for my wife and she (and I) love it!!! We have 3 kids and I couldnt be happier. It makes an entire breakfast or several items at once allowing us to serve everyone all at the same time. Fine item at a fine price....more info
  • Great Product!
    I really enjoy my new BigGriddle! It is such a time saver as you can cook a whole pound of bacon at one time and it turns out perfectly! I love the "tilt" feature that drains excess grease off the top of the griddle as you are cooking.

    Please be sure that you ample cupboard space to store it...this thing is BIG! Mine fits perfectly in the bottom drawer of my stove.

    I would rate this product a five star with one exception. While the "tilt and drain" is a great feature, the design is faulty and the cooking surface wants to "drop" to the "tilt" position all the time. This makes it difficult to fry eggs and pancakes and maintain a level surface. I have to block the front legs on each side to keep it in the upright position.

    Other than that, I love it and would buy it again!...more info
  • Very light weight and huge cooking surface
    This item is very large...see product dimensions...I am not complaining...just FYI. So far I have used it to cook pancakes and sausage patties and it has worked out very well. Cooks pretty even for such a thin design. I was surprised how thin the cooking surface is. Very light weight and pretty easy to clean. I would have given it 5 stars if the front panel came off to clean where the drip tray mounts. It was hard to clean under the inside lip of this front panel where the cooking surface overlaps it. Other than that I would recommend it....more info
  • Love this Griddle!!
    Bought this griddle based on other reviews. I love to make BLT sandwiches. I am able to fry 1 pound package of bacon on this large surface in about 10 minutes. Bacon is crispy and not greasy because "tilt and drain" helps grease to run off. Very easy to clean and very well made. I am very pleased. ...more info
  • Good Griddle
    This is a nice griddle. It is large sized and heats evenly. It replaced my horrible Black & Decker griddle(never buy one). My only complaint is that it isn't quite flat. I cook thin Swedish pancakes and they all run toward the middle of this griddle. You can cook a lot with the big surface area, but make sure you have a large enough space to store it....more info
  • Great Product, Excellent Value for the Money
    December 23, 2007, Updating My Review. - It has almost been a year, and this product is still going strong! I use it on average three times a week. There has been no wearing of the non-stick surface, only a little when I accidentally used the abrasive side of a two sided sponge - My Fault. Make sure you use utensils designed for non-stick surfaces, and non abrasive cleaners and soft sponges, and you will have NO problems with the surface of this grill wearing off. This grill heats up very quickly, does not require more than a minute or two to pre-heat, get your food on there right away. An excellent product if you like to cook and never have enough room on your stove!!

    OLD Review:

    I bought this because I like to cook, and there is never enough room on an electric stove for all of the many pans you need to produce a good breakfast with Hash browns, eggs, French toast or pancakes, or a good burger with grilled onions, bacon and toasted buns. One nice feature is the thermostat control that is measured in degrees, and the fact that the heating of the cooking surface is very even.

    Clean up of the nonstick surface is very easy, but just make sure you have a sink big enough to do the cleanup in. I wash the grill in a utility sink in the garage because our kitchen sink is not big enough to the job, and even with the utility sink I have to wash 1/2 of the grill and then turn it around and wash the other half. A spray attachment in your sink would be a good idea.

    I have only used the grill twice so far and I am already hooked, it will come out at least once a week for our Big Sunday Breakfast, and probably more often than that....more info
    One of the best purcases I have made nice large NON STICK!!! grilling surface heats up fast and the clean up is a snap. We had been making micro wave pancakes for the kids before school but now there fresh off the griddle in about the same amount of time. I would recomend this griddle....more info
  • Pleased again.
    This is my second Presto griddle and I have to say i will continue to purchase this brand from here on out. The model I had before had the same amount of cooking space and can handle cooking 6 slices of thick cut bacon and sausage at the same time. The Tilt and Drain option took a little getting used to, but is useful to clean the grill when you are done. Just don't forget to NOT move the griddle once you start cooking, when you pull the front legs apart the griddle tilts and the oil on the grill will pour down into the drip pan, nice for cleanup before cooking the eggs! My only problem with the griddle is it is hard to store. It is a large griddle, that is what I wanted, so I have to deal with storing it! I finally resorted to standing it on it's side in my kitchen pantry. Takes up room, but it works. ...more info
  • Cooks unevenly
    Nice large size, but it cooks pancakes unevenly. The "cakes" in the center (not near the heating element) are undercooked while those directly over the element can get too brown/dark.

    The cooking surface is very thin, which probably contributes to the uneven cooking. May work for bacon and other foods that are not as sensitive to browning as pancakes. ...more info
  • Good cooking area, uneven heat.
    Grill leaves lines across the pancakes, and doesn't seem to disperse the heat as evenly as I would hope. It is nice for larger cooking area, and immersible grill....more info
  • Big and Bad
    It's big and it's better than the Black and Decker griddle I returned to Target. But I must say that none of these aluminum griddles cook as evenly as the good ol' steel griddles of yesteryear....more info
  • Big!
    I got this to heat my waxes for encaustic painting and it does the job. Bigger is better for this application. I gave it four stars only because one aspect of the design is not ideal for my use: there is no lip on the side that "drains." This criticism might not apply for cooking. I don't have a way to confirm that it heats evenly. Overall, this is large and well made; I'd get it again....more info
  • What's Not To Like *Update*
    I've used this griddle quite a bit now and found a few tricks. The griddle base is made of an aluminum plate with one imbedded oval heating coil. If you really load up the grill the heating element cycles often causing hot spots and irregular cooking. Everything cooks but really large pancakes don't get that golden brown color on the entire pancake. Use high heat for pancakes and keep the size down for better results. The grill will do one 1 lb pack of bacon which will about half fill the grease trap. I also let the kids help cook with the Cool Touch feature without concern of little arms getting burnt on the edge of this unit. Also get the Villaware batter dispenser and you've got a pancake making machine.

    Large Cooking Surface, Simple To Use, Fast Heating and Reasonably Priced. We like it but I don't think it's that big. It's about right for our family of four for the Sunday breakfast ritual. I store it in the original box and keep it in the garage. ...more info
  • great griddle
    We have a large family and cook pancakes every Saturday & sometimes during the week. This has held up great! The large size is a big plus....more info
  • Large Griddle
    This griddle is the perfect size for my family of six. I love the fact that you can tilt and drain the grease from bacon as you cook it. Very easy to clean and cooks food evenly. If you are looking for a larger griddle this is worth the money....more info
  • Great Griddle
    This griddle is great. It heats the pancakes easily and most importantly, I am able to make more that 2 pancakes at a time, so my whole family can sit down to breakfast together. I have made 6 large pancakes and still had room on the griddle for more batter if I wanted it. You can see he lines from the heating element on the pancakes, but it does not affect the taste of the pancakes, just the look. You also have to adjust the temp to your tatses. If you like your pancakes darker, you need to use the higher setting suggested. I did notice though that when I turned on the griddle to heat up, but did not cook the pancakes as soon as it was ready, the pancakes seemed darker (not quite burnt) and cooked too fast. Subsequent batches of pancakes come out as good as the first batch....more info
  • Can't be beat...
    I think the whole tilt n' drain thing is kind of gimmicky, and I haven't really found a need for it. I can't imagine cooking so much bacon (or anything) on this that I'd need runoff for the grease. Or maybe I just don't cook anything that greasy.

    BUT I am a huge fan of this griddle. I can see how other folks would find it heated unevenly, but I think it's all a matter of warming the surface up adequately. I usually turn the thing on before I mix the batter; after a nice long warmup, I find the surface heats as evenly as can be. My pancakes have always turned out uniformly browned.

    The only thing that's kind of a drag in a good way is the size. This thing is just massive. It pretty much takes up all the space under the range hood, so not the best choice for cramped kitchens without storage space. That is, unless you grill everything you eat....more info
  • awesome griddle
    best griddle ever!!! Large even cooking area. Easy to clean. We use it for everything, bacon & eggs, burgers, grilled cheese, Pancakes,french toast. would highly recommend to anyone...more info
  • I love it!
    I love this product! I can make perfect meals now with this griddle. It makes perfect pancakes, french toast, bacon, grilled cheese and hamburgers & hot dogs too. The grill is nice and big, so I can make meals for my whole family. In the past it would take longer to make a pancake breakfast from a fry pan. Now I an make a large batch of pancakes for everyone, in no time. The non-stick surface is great and also easy to clean. I am so happy that I bought this griddle. It is so useful and fun to use. I love it!...more info
  • Griddle
    Always wanted a griddle and am very happy with this one. When making breakfast for the family and grandkids, this is the greatest tool that I have in the kitchen. LOVE IT!!!
    Room for bacon, eggs, pancakes, grill cheese, and even biscuits!

    ...more info