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Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension
List Price: $599.99

Our Price: $549.99

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Product Description

Kids will love exploring this multi-sided climb, slide and hide activity gym with two swings. In the playhouse, the top level features a roomy deck leading to large 5.5' slide that can easily be attached to the Step2 Big Splash Center, not included. Playhouse also comes with a kid-sized door and crawl-through portals. Swing Extension features two adjustable swings with high sides for security.

The entire Playhouse Climber and Swing unit features soothing, natural colors that blend in with traditional landscapes in residential outdoor living areas. Lock-together design assembles easily with minimal hardware. Adult assembly required. Coordinates with other products from the Step2 Naturally Playful collection. Measures 115"L x 110"W x 75"H. Holds up to 200 pounds.

  • Climber has roomy deck with balcony railing
  • 5 1/2 foot slide
  • Secret playhouse with door and crawl-through portals
  • Swing extension with two strap swings

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun times on the deck
    Yup, it's small enough to fit on our 12' x 24' deck. Solid and sturdy. Instructions are typical - frustrating. No words, just illustrations. Look at the pics REAL close - it took us a half hour to get the slide on. Finally realized that you had to TIP the tower to install the slide (small arrow and shadow in the picture indicated this). We purchased separately toddler swings.

    Grandkids LOVE it!!!!...more info
  • great product!!!!!!!!
    Great swing set!!!!! Our girls love it... Easy to put together.
    My husband put it together in no time. Quick delivery!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Little House is LITTLE
    We bought this climber/swing extension for our son's 2 year Bithday. He LOVES the swingset & wants to swing all the time. However, he is too tall at TWO YEARS to stand in the house. I will be purchasing a little chair in hopes he will go in the house sometimes. I'm surprised he is too tall since the age range is up to 6.

    The construction of this toy is solid & thick & I believe will last a long time. It took two individuals several hours to put this together with little difficulty. It blends nicely with our landscape and nature....more info
  • Assembly difficulties
    I had seen other reviews that nit-picked the assembly instructions. The parts needed for each step are clearly labeled. Even though a full description of the step is not included, you'd have to be a moron not to understand how this thing goes together. I did experience a few problems and do not like a few aspects of the construction. Here are 4 comments you should read and consider before buying.

    1) The hardware came with 8 incorrectly sized bolts. The long bolts were too long and stuck out as a safety hazard (talking about the red beam above the slide platform), and the short bolts were too short to attach the washers and nuts. I had to make a run to the hardware store to get something in between.

    2) The plastic coverings that protect children from the ends of the bolts are a joke. They are easily removed by even my 2 year old.

    3) The red brace above the slide platform has 4 slots that acommodate the bolts which attach it to the large side pieces that form the "house." However you almost need a torque wrench to tighten the bolts enough to hold it in place. The red brace is fond of moving when the playset shifts and when it does, it rises off the bolts. Why this piece was designed with slots instead of a hole drilled through a solid plastic piece I will never know. It would have worked much better.

    4) the steps up the back are quite steep. Younger children may have trouble climbing up. (Not anything wrong with, the product... just FYI) ...more info
  • Frustrating, poor design.
    I bought this swing set for my [...] daughter and my niece [...]. For starters, have it delivered. The boxes are huge and you will most likely need to take it out of the box to get it home. My husband had a very difficult time putting it together. The earth where we live is quite rocky and the spikes they enclose had flat heads in stead of points so getting it in the ground was almost impossible. It took several hours and we are still not sure if it is in the ground securely. The directions are given as pictures with some hints of what to do. We are both educated individuals and would have appreciated better directions. We found that some of the long bolts where not long enough and that you need a ratchet set. My daughter and niece where finally able to enjoy the play set after hours of "is it done yet"? Our only hope is that the play set stays in the ground and that our girls are safe.
    ...more info
  • Check it OUt in Person Before Buying
    I recently purchased this item via the internet (it was on sale, over $100 off!). My husband and his brother put the swingset together in roughly two hours. I had never seen the item in person before, just a picture on the internet! The swingset is attractive and goes well with landscaping. However, there are a few things that I do not like about the swingset. The main thing is the play house underneath the slide. It is very small. It would probably be okay for a 1 1/2 or 2 year old child but my 3 year old barely fits underneath and rarely uses the playhouse. I have put a small chair inside so that she can go inside and sit because standing is not an option. Also, my 3 year old had some problems with sliding down the slide. I recommend that you take a sheet of wax paper and rub it over the slide (it works). It is also recommended that two holes are dug, cement poured and swingset stakes be planted inside of the cement. If not, you will notice that frequent swinging will bring up the stakes. My daughter does love the swings and yesterday I purchased a toddler swing by Step 2 for my six month old daughter so that she can enjoy the swingset as well. My 3 year old also loves the slide and loves to climb on the tower above the play house. All in all, I do like this product but I would recommend seeing it in person before purchasing it....more info
  • Horrible Directions, Poorly made
    Do not buy this product. Save your money. I bought this swingset with the highest hopes after reading all of the other reviews and am GREATLY DISSAPOINTED!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure where to start, but let me start with the worst instructions I have ever read. They are VERY unclear and vague. The pictures are unclear and there are hardly and written instructions. Trust me. Next, there were many missing parts and defective parts. Try putting together a swingset with that. After calling the company, they agreed with me that the directions were horrible and they SAY they will send me replacement pieces ASAP. Lets see. As you can see, I am not happy about his purchase. Oh yea, The picture of the swingset that you see is much more stable and bigger than it actually is in real life. I hope I saved you some money....more info
  • Problem with the nylon rope...
    We purchased a Naturally Playful ? Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension last year. My son really enjoyed it initially. But there is one major problem. During the winter, the yellow nylon ropes that is used for the swing had frayed throughout, thus producing countless slivers along the whole rope. I once rubbed my hand along the rope and got several tiny slivers (I had to used a sterile tweezers to get them out). Also, the child next door got a sliver on his finger -- a nightmare for parents to remove. Now, my son refuses to sit on the swing because the rope is "too pokey and hurts." Step2 needs to use different ropes so that the winter will not damage them....more info
  • Playhouse climber and swing
    I could not have made a better investment! My Grandaughter cries to get out in the yard to this toy. She loves the swing and to climb. This was simple to assemble aprox. 2 hours by myself. Anyone can do it. Seems to be sturdy and is simple to maintain....more info
  • On clearance at K-Mart
    You might want to call your local K-Mart. They have the set on clearance for fifty dollars (ninety percent off). Incredible deal!...more info
  • I think it's great - Here's how to get the slide in when assembling
    Most of what I would say has been covered already - I rate it 5 out of 5 stars for comparable toys. Very sturdy construction and looks good in earth tones rather than kiddie colors.

    One warning: Nooks and crannies for wasps to hide in. This would be an issue for any play structure though.

    The one trick is getting the slide in when assembling. I have had to put it together a few times (relocating it from basement to backyard, back to basement)

    The trick is to NOT have the three burgundy pieces in - you only have the two sides and the deck - you then can squeeze the bottoms of the two big pieces together. If you push so that the two side pieces are parallel, the slide pretty much drops into place. When you release the bottoms, the tops close together and trap the slide.

    Another way is to tilt the tower away from the slide - this allows the slide to slip in - you need to tilt it at least 30 degrees from vertical.

    If you've found this review helpful, please let me know!...more info
  • john mcfarlane
    Great swing. But limited to very small children. There was a missing part, a swing hook, and I'm having trouble contacting someone for the missing part. I ordered through Amazon and not a retailer but can't get help. Help me!Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension...more info
  • Easy Assembly, Lots of Fun
    I chose this play set because the reviews indicated that it was easy to assemble. I could not agree more. I transported it from my garage in the front of the house to the backyard and put it together by myself in 1-1/2 hours. It came with pretty poor picture instructions that weren't very clear, so I had to back track a couple of times...but overall very easy and intuitive. It was definitely manageable for one person. My one year old loves it. The play house under the slide is perfect for her, and I'm sure she will grow into the rest of it. It is very sturdy and stable for little ones, but I doubt it is strong enough to accommodate older kids. The plastic bowed slightly under my weight and the slide is too narrow for an adult bottom. The plastic got quite warm under the hot Texas sun, but was not hot enough to burn skin. Parents in hot climates will probably need to check the temp or hose it down before little ones get on it. Overall, I am a very pleased mother so far. I only wish there were add-ons to it for future play....more info
  • Playful Climber Swing Set
    We bought it for our granddaughter. It was delivered right on time and was easy to assemble. She has enjoyed it more than we imagined. ...more info
  • Good, but frustrating
    This prodcut is a godd beginning swing set for smaller children. We bought this for our 18 mos. old to bridget he gap to a larger swing set a few years down the line. He loves it! He is still a little small to do everything by himself but it is the perfect size for him.

    The colors look good, and are not the usual circus colors that most sets like these are. The playhouse is a good size, the deck and slide are a great size for our son, and two swings means that he can swing with a friend. He will grow into this set nicely.

    There are some downsides to this set. First, it comes intwo HUGE boxes. I would suggest taking everything out of the boxes, this will help get it into one vehicle. I got all but the two biggest parts into my PT Cruiser. The other two parts I was able to strap down easy enough to my roof. If I would not have taken it out of the boxes I would have never been able to get it home by myself. My second problem was with assembly. I read the reviews, and a couple mention that it took them a couple hours and that they wish they would have done this or done that differently. I of course said "What are they talking about I can have this together in no time." Let me jsut say it took me 2 hours and I was glad no one was around to hear me complain about how horrible the instructions are. They are pictures, virtually no words. Some of the pictures are not very clear and easily understood. The BIG problem with the instructions was that I put the playhouse together first, completed it and started the extension. Big mistake. To get the swing on I had to take apart a portion of the playhouse that I had just put together. Very frustrating to say the least.

    All in all I think this is a good beginning set, just don't expect it to entertain older kids (3+). I would recommend the set, not the assembly, so if you can afford it and know someone brave enough to put it together for a price, then it would be worth every penny for assembly....more info
  • Good design and good product
    I like the Naturally Playful colors. I appreciate the colors blending in with my house and yard and not standing out like a clown house.

    This product is very well designed for pieces fitting together - the slide being the one tricky part. I highly recommend laying the structure on its side or its back (for the slide) at various parts of the building process. It took me 1.5 hours in the dark with my mother-in-law. I recommend using a ratchet instead of the accompanying plastic tool. And a note to not put the very top piece on until you have attached the swing extension.

    I think the cost is a bit high, but it is within the price range of other similar products.

    This product is targeted for the younger end of its advertised spectrum. My 22 month old just adores it! The "secret playhouse" should be considered a secret hide-out as opposed to a house, but crawling in and out of it is part of the fun for my daughter....more info
  • Playhouse Swing set and slide
    We just got this set for our 2 year old and she just loves it. It only took my husband less than 2 hours to put it together, I helped a little. It doesn't take up alot of room yet you still get 2 swings, a slide and a playhouse. I also like the fact that the slide is off the ground so when she slides down it she (almost always) lands on her feet. We had to take it out of the box to get it in our mini van. The instructions aren't that great but you can figure out what needs to go where....more info