Antec TriCool 92mm DBB Case Fan with 3-Spd Switch 3/4-Pin & 3-Pin Monitoring
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Product Description

3pin and 4pin Power Connections / 3 Speeds / Fan Speed Monitor Capable

  • Product Type - Fan

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Quiet Fan
    I recently had to replace several parts in my computer because it was too loud and hot. I replaced the CPU, Heatsink, Heatsink fan and added this to the case. My computer is now super quiet and i'm sure the temp inside is low. Cant even hear this thing and attatched to the case in less than 2 minutes....more info
  • Great Fan!
    What a great deal. This fan worked awesome. My hard drive crashed a couple months later, but i was really happy with this product. Highly recommended--very easy to install!...more info
  • Great fan
    I have a Dimension 8400. The original fan has four wires, but the Antec fan (which has three wires) still makes a great replacement, and it is extremely quiet.

    It took a little while to figure out, but in the end I just clipped the wires on both the original fan and on the new Antec fan, spliced the Antec wires to the wires coming out from the motherboard (matching them by color), screwed the new fan into the housing and everything was good to go.

    Obviously, the blue wire from the stock fan doesn't pair up with anything, so I just left it. I've been led to believe that this wire controlled the fan speed, but the Antec has a separate wire and a three speed switch that does that....more info
  • Antec fan with3-speed switch, cool!!
    It runs fast enough to do it's job,yu can adjust speed!Has 3 or 4pin hookup! gd performance...have it runn'g on 939 mobo;athln64 proc-3700+ with geforce graphics; 5 fans in!keepin Cool Not loud and pushes air well..what more can u say? GRT shppin too. Good problems...more info
  • Best fan I own
    This is the quietest fan I have in my entire system (3 fans, replacing 1). Even on the highest setting this fan is quieter than my other adjustable speed fan is on it's low to medium speed. Well worth it....more info
  • Awesome
    Very easy to install, very quite.
    Thanks Chet...more info
  • Quiet and Effective
    I build a relatively low priced PC with an ASUS motherboard inside of an Antec case. I have no video card since the motherboard provides adequate video for my purposes. I decided to put fans on all of the ventilation ports, except the port on the case's side door that's directly over the Intel CPU.

    I wanted fans with very quiet operation and reserve cooling capability. I bought 3 TriCool fans, in 2 sizes. I'm very pleased with them. One is set on high speed and the motherboard controls its speed. The other two are set on low speed. Whenever I've turned on the motherboard's monitoring software, the CPU and motherboard's temps have been only single digits above room temp so I'm very pleased with their cooling ability. As far as reserve cooling capability, if a fan fails I can speed up another fan or two until a replacement is installed.

    I have no direct way of measuring how quiet the fans are. My new PC stands beside my old PC which now is used as a Linux server in our home. The old PC uses conventional fans. When I turn off the old PC, it's shocking how much quieter the room becomes. Enough said.
    ...more info
  • E-Z!
    Wow, I thought it would be a pain to put the Antec Tricool 92mm fan in my Dell PC but with a little help from other Amazon reviewers and the way the fan came, it was a pleasure. The fan itself moves air and is quiet, which is all I asked for. ...more info
  • Antec TriCool 92mm DBB Case Fan
    Bought 3 of these fans.

    Set all 3 fans speed at LOW, very quiet and air flow is good.

    Great deal and shipping from

    If you want to avoid recent sales taxes that being charged by,
    go with other internet site. ...more info
  • Perfect fan -- Great price
    I purchased this fan for my 5 year old Dell Dimension 2350. My old fan started making buzzing noise about a month ago and I think it was near death. After reading these reviews, I decided to buy the fan.

    It took me 30 minutes to install because the screws were difficult to handle. But everything else was literally plug-and-play. Here's the steps for me:
    1) Remove old fan
    2) Screw in new fan
    3) Plug in motherboard detector
    4) Plug in power supply

    It was so easy and a perfect fit for my old computer! I have the fan on the highest setting and it's quieter than my old fan. This fan has probably extended the life of my computer by 3 years; I am quite happy.

    Also -- Dell wanted to sell me a fan for $93, so this is a GREAT price!...more info