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Weber 22-1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill Blue
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Product Description

- Dark blue color - Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid - Touch-N-Go gas ignition system - Two Char-Basket charcoal fuel holders - Weather-protected Char Bin storage container - Heavy-duty, plated-steel, hinged cooking grate - Liquid propane not included

Charcoal grilling just got a lot easier. The Performer charcoal grill uses a gas-assist starter to light the coals, so there's no more hassling with lighter fluid or waiting for the gassy vapors to subside. Weber's Touch-N-Go gas ignition system conveniently ignites the briquettes with the push of a button. The Performer's sturdy, hinged grate offers a 22-1/2-inch-diameter cooking space-plenty of room for party burgers and steaks for all at large gatherings. Knowing that a grill ought to have as much prep space as cooking space, Weber gave the Performer an extra large prep surface. A weather-protected Char-Bin storage container keeps up to 20 pounds of charcoal nice and dry, which is an especially nice feature to have if you tend to forget things out in the rain. A removable aluminum ash catcher makes cleaning a snap. And, a heavy-duty, hinged cooking grate makes it easy to add briquettes. Crack-proof, all-weather wheels roll smoothly when it's time to move, and they lock down tight for safety. The Performer also features porcelain-enamel, rust-resistant coating; a One-Touch cleaning system; a built-in thermometer; and three hooks for hanging barbecue tools. The grill measures 50-1/4 by 40 by 28-1/2 inches assembled. --Brian Olson

  • Charcoal grill with gas-ignition system; briquettes ignite with the push of a button
  • 22-1/2-inch-diameter cooking area; hinged, heavy-duty cooking grate
  • Heavy-duty steel construction; porcelain-enamel, rust-resistant coating
  • Dual-purpose thermometer; crack-proof, lockable wheels; charcoal storage container
  • Measures 50-1/4 by 40 by 28-1/2 inches assembled

Customer Reviews:

  • Grill
    This is the best grill period. If you like electric grills do not buy this grill. Otherwise this is the best grill you will ever own....more info
  • Adventures with Fire
    I ordered the performer from Amazon and it arrived in about 5 days. No kidding after work I think If I could have picked up the box (it weighs about 100 lbs.) I could have just shaken the thing and it would have put itself together. Don't pay a kid with a screwdriver 50 bucks to put this thing together... it's just too easy to do it yourself. After about 30 minutes with a couple of hand tools it was ready. As always, I fired her up to do some temperature testing. If your new to grilling/ smoking you will quickly learn that temperature is critical to true BBQ.

    Anyway, I placed about twenty Kingsford briquettes in the really nice supplied trays and with one touch of the propane system we were underway. It took about five minutes for the charcoal to start to ash and I turned off the propane. With both the bottom and top vents open I placed the lid on the grill.

    The temp rose quickly to 500 degrees and my digital thermometer was maxed at 450. The performer includes a thermometer in the lid of the grill and it and the polder disagreed to the tune of about 50 degrees. As is normal the temp stabilized after all the charcoal had an opportunity to completely ignite. I wasn't to concerned about the difference in temp as 50 degrees when grilling isn't a deal breaker... and when smoking I use a digital thermometer anyway.

    I allowed the charcoal to burn completely and made some adjustments to the airvents on the bottom of the grill. My only concern was the perfomer wanted to run hotter than I like for a smoker.

    I always recommend burning a load of about 40 briquettes in a new grill. This will help to season the grill and burn off any oils or grease that may be used during manufacture.

    My first foray into actually cooking on this thing is as usual an old standby: Hamburgers... their easy, cheap and I don't cry if I burn them up on my first run.

    I started the grill by loading the trays with charcoal. I also added a couple of mesquite chunks for flavor and color. I lit the grill and it was ready in about 30 minutes to cook. I was cooking burgers and grilling garlic. I cooked the burgers, wrapped the buns in foil and placed them on the side to warm and walla... I'm a hero for another day.

    The performer is a great burger making machine... of course thats like saying a Porsche is a great car...

    Darren ...more info
  • It was hard to get
    I want to Home Depot Expo they had a performer on display I had been looking to buy one for a while. I was willing to pay full price. The one he had on display was broken. The salesman went to the back. When he came back he said he had three total they were all damage, The plastic tops were broken. He could make one good one from the parts from all three but it would still have a broken plastic top. I said make me a deal and I will buy the broken one. He came back from the managers office and said the best he could do was 20% off. He said he could special order one. I thought about it and said no. I was sure it would be broken also. I went to Barbeques Galore they were closing a store that had one on display so I bought at 50.00 off regular price the plastic was damaged but still in one piece. I think you if you are looking to buy one make sure they have one in stock.

    Okay, the barbeque works great I like not having to get my chimney going all the time. The way the lid sits against the side is nice also. I also like the charcoal holder. I am planing to cook turkeys and such its nice not having to open the stainless steel lid to get to the charcoal. I am looking for another one on craigslist for my mother in laws house also....more info
    I got my unit through several years ago...picked the green and it was delivered to my door for a hundred dollars under what it was available for locally here in NW Montana. It has been a superb unit. Only problem I ever encountered was trying to run it near lake with high sustained winds....kept blowing out. Don't try to lift charcoal stowage end when filled with charcoal...I managed to get a small but fixable crack immediately into the nice plastic work surface/surround. This must be my 8th BBQ and the best yet! Previous one cost 3 or 4x more and was a stainless gas only. Good Luck...more info
  • great barbeque!!
    We love this grill. We were not interested in a second kitchen outdoors but just a good grill and easy to use. We love the gas ignition but then once the coals are going you turn it off and have a regular great tasting bbq.
    My husbnd says it is the first time he actually likes to go out and start the grill- and that is something. Cleaning is great!...more info
  • Best grill Ive ever used
    This is an amazing grill. I love every part of it.

    The cooking surface is very large and can accommodate nearly any amount of food. I regularly cook for 10-15 people and it handles the load easily.

    This grill is also great for BBQ smoking if you don't have an actual smoker. The grill grates that come with it have "trap doors" on the sides so that you can continue to add charcoal and wood to your heat source while the food stays over the middle away from the direct heat.

    The built in ash catch is very sturdy and holds a lot of ash, you can use the grill a lot before having to empty it.

    The propane lighting system is very efficient and has never failed me (over 100 uses).

    The table top and built in charcoal holder may seem like luxuries, but they are worth their weight in gold.

    Cons - the nut that holds the lid holder on comes loose pretty easily, so just make sure to keep it of mine fell off, but it was no big deal, I just replaced it with a wing nut for 10 cents....more info
  • Perfect Performer
    If you're a fan of charcoal grilling and have thought about buying the Weber Performer, do yourself a favor: stop reading this review and go order one right now! It's really that good, as all the other 5 star ratings here would indicate. But what makes it so terrific isn't so obvious. In fact, I couldn't blame you for thinking, "Why would I want to pay $300 for what looks like a jazzier version of Weber's 22" kettle grill?" The answer is: flawless execution of a great idea. To use this grill is to love it, and I can virtually guarantee that you'll be grilling much more often as a result.

    The propane ignition system gets star billing on the Performer, as it should. Weber has brilliantly engineered it into their kettle grill and it couldn't be easier to use. Stack your coals or fill you Char-baskets or load your chimney--no matter how you want to do it, the Performer will get your coals lit with the quick press of a button, without the need for disgusting lighter fluids. And once your coals are burning, you'll also appreciate how superbly Weber has integrated the convenience of a table, utensil hooks, and a weatherproof charcoal holder into this mobile, wheeled design. Construction quality is also excellent, as are the easy ash removal system and the hood and kettle vents for controlling temperature, which is coveniently monitored via a guage in the grill cover. That same cover stows quickly and easy in a side holder while you cook, and it's high enough to allow grilling of tall items like beer can chicken.

    Well, I've spent enough time writin' about the Weber Performer -- it's time to do some grillin'!...more info
  • Weber grill/propane ignition
    Works great! Lots of new features and seems well-built. Easy assembly instructions, but they should include extra screws in case you lose one while putting it together. Easy to find the disposable propane tank in a local hardware store, though I liked the old refillable model better. Seems like a waste to replace the tank instead of refilling it. info
  • Nice grillin'
    Well, I received this grille as an aniversary gift. I sure was surprised when it came to the door! We put it together very quickly. It is made extremely well, all parts fit well, with no twisting or bending needed to align screw holes. This is as you would expect from Weber, a big name in grilles. But these days you never know what to expect. It fires up first time. No problems. Add charcoal, let the propane run 15-20 minutes and you are ready to go. There is a nifty brushing device that removes the ash, pushing it into a holder below the kettle. The ash holder is easily removed to empty and clean. A flip out bin is provided under the huge table area to hold a large bag of charcoal. Since it flips in, the charcoal stays nice and dry even without a full grille cover. I do recommend the WEBER grille cover made for this model instead of a generic cover that will not fit snugly. I would also recommend the adapter to use a 20lb propane cylinder so that you are not changing the smaller screw on bottles as often. Although so far I have used one bottle 5 times and it still has some to go.

    Since the cooking grille is not height adjustable, you have to build the brickettes to a pyramid design so you can vary cooking temperatures if desired. When I got the knack of this technique everything was fine. It is explained in the guide booklet.

    Overall, it is a fine charcoal grille, built very sturdy and well worth the cost.

    ...more info
  • Love it
    I just got my grill yesterday and assembled it in an hour. By that time, the local hardware store was closed and I wasn't able to get the 14 oz disposable propane tank. But when a man's gotta grill.. you know the rest! So i threw in some charcoal... at first I used both charcoal holders, but I didn't have enough briskets to burn well (even after using lighter fluid) so i dumped all the charcoal from one into the other and made a pretty big pile. This was plenty since I was only grilling 2 NY strip Steaks which turned out delicious. Next I'm going to grill chicken legs! Along with this grill, I purchased the perfect Weber 9986 Premium Cover, Weber 18600 3-Piece Stainless-Steel Barbecue Tool Set (which is really nice), and the Weber 1647 18" Grill Brush, which is also great. I Love My New Grill! Weber is the best. ...more info
  • Awesome from beginning to end
    I just bought the Weber Performer Grill.It has the ease of gas yet the slight flavor of charcoal.

    Why would anyone buy something different????

    I use the Natural Lump Wood charcoal which is ready for grilling in 15 minutes.

    Simply put.....this grill is AWESOME!!!

    ...more info
  • Weber grill
    Received the grill in a timely fashion and in good condition. Would use this provider again. ...more info
  • Couldn't live without it
    This grill has changed how we enjoy our patio and grilling. Putting together took some time but now that I've been using it for 8 months, I can say I couldn't live without it. It makes grilling so easy and everything works as advertised. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Product excellent, delivery terrible
    Because of the size and weight of this grill, it was shipped via a trucking company, USA Eagle. It took a week for the item to arrive here in Denver and then another week for the trucking company to find time to deliver it to our house. It took calls to the trucking company, Amazon and a lot of headache to actually get the product. This Weber is the Cadillac of charcoal grills; the propane starter is the best of both worlds. The "getting it" experience unfortunately was a nightmare. Once here we love it. Just don't try and order this thing if you need it in a hurry. ...more info
  • Anyone can grill with this one.
    Hi I have owned this grill for a couple weeks and I wasn't sure how I would like it and it seemed over priced, but the first time I used it this baby heated up in no time and once it got hot I could have grilled for hours. When it gets hot it stays hot. I love to grill but I am no pro at it. My husband had this baby together in one hour so for the review that it took someone 8 hours is crazy. If you like to grill and like to have a little work space with everything togther this is the one. This grill is ready to cook on in about 15 to 20 min. I liked it so much I orderd one for my brother as a gift. Hope you enjoy yours. ...more info
    I am very impressed with this charcoal grill in many ways. Yes, the natural charcoal gives the meat a natural charcoaled flavor. No longer is there the slight propane flavor experienced on my previous grill. The charcoal lights easily in less than 5 minutes time, and one is ready to grill on hot coals in about 15-20 minutes. The 2 charcoal "boats" allow the right amount of charcoal to be utilized without waste.... one boat for cooking for two persons.... two boats for cooking a meal for four.... and the entire surface for many family and friends. Also, the storage of the grill's top while checking the meat is clever, along with the storage of one bag of charcoal. The entire assembly shows that Weber engineers are "on the ball". The assembly out of the box took me about 45 minutes, producing a very sturdy frame. I found a power drill with a philips drive very useful.

    I have only one downside comment: The cool-down time is far longer than the conventional propane grill because one has to wait for the charcoal to extinguish. If you want to cover the charcoal grill for the night, be ready to cover it about 2-3 hours after you finish your grilling. I might add that the Weber "performer" grill cover fits perfectly and will likely NOT blow off in a high wind.... well worth the extra expense....more info
  • Awesome Weber Grill
    This is a wonderful grill. It was simple to put together we had it together in just a few minutes! The simple gas starter is amazing. I love to BBQ and will only use charcoal but to have the best of both worlds is a dream come true!! AWESOME GRILL!! This is our 4th WEBER GRILL and will never buy another brand. Weber makes the best!...more info
  • Good product no so good assembly instructions
    I make TV programs so I am somewhat visually oriented but the illustrations that were used as assembly instructions left a bit to be desired. If they had simply accompanied them with English I would not have had to assemble and disassemble it several times. Otherwise the gadget works just great and I love the propane starter. No more messy starter fluid and it is very fast....more info
  • Charcoal with gas convenience
    I barbeque frequently. I had a pair of gas BBQs in this price range, and both times, I got wasps in the venturis. It's a real pain to go out and check your meal, and find flames shooting out on the gas tank. I also got sick of running out of propane, which really is only one step up from swamp gas.

    More important, I missed the charcoal flavor from my labor-intensive classic Weber.

    The Weber performer is easier than gas. Period. I leave the vents open when I'm done, and when I want to use it, I flip a lever, dumping the ashes into a convenient pot-like removeable receptacle. I only need to dump the receptacle about every fifth use. I remove the grate, put charcoal in the handy charcoal holders, put them in the middle, replace the grate, and turn on the propane starter for 5 minutes. I turn off the propane, wait another 10 minutes, then scrub the grate a bit with a ball of aluminum foil, and finish with a paper towel. I put the charcoal where I want it, and I'm ready to cook. The lid thermometer (removeable to stick in the meat) works, and is still readable after 2 years of frequent use.

    I've had a lot of practice, and I'm a student of BBQ, but I swear that I have not cooked anything on this BBQ that isn't great. We're talking turkeys, briskets, and ribs.

    Smoking is easy. It's the oak smoke that give a BBQ its flavor. You can enhance this with soaked (20 minutes, hot water) wood chips. Just put them on the coals, and cover for 20 minutes. Oak gives that charcoal barbeque taste, alder is great for fish and teryaki, mesquite does chicken, pork, shrimp, or practically anything, and I reserve hickory, the classic smoke flavor, for ribs. The folks in Lynchburg sell chips of Jack Daniels' kegs, and they are wonderful too.

    You'll find that the only maintainance you have to do is to knock ashes off the lid every few uses so that they don't fall on the food, and scrape ashes off the propane nozzle and charcoal grate every 8 uses or so.

    I usually cook for 2-4 people, who eat like pigs, and the size is just right for that. For a crowd, a more traditional smoker servers better, but the labor maintaining the cast iron and cleaning up the ashes is much more painful.

    Did I mention the charcoal bin that holds a 20# bag of charcoal with room for what's left of the old bag? It swings out, and keeps the charcoal dry in a monsoon. The finish on a Weber will last until you tire of it, and even the plastic work surface, much larger than anything you'll find on a gas grill, cleans easily with detergent and water. More powerful cleaners are less effective. I don't know why.

    I suppose I should state a negative, or you'll think I work for Weber. The grate height isn't adjustable, so fast-cooking steak is a challenge. I move the charcoal holders under the meat, use a lot of charcoal, and watch it close for the six minutes it takes. You can deal with flare-ups using the lid and lid vents. A spray bottle of water helps too. The grate height works well for longer cooking items or items that don't need so much heat, and there's plenty of room and the appropriate lid to use indirect heat, great for poultry, fish, and longer cooking large beef and pork cuts.

    So if you want the taste of charcoal, easy smoking, and the convenience of gas, this is the product to buy. Fact is, gas is much more work. I team my Performer with a Weber wireless thermometer, and I only check a turkey about once every 45 minutes.

    Amazing, until you consider who makes it.

    I really want the rotisserie option. ...more info
  • Best Grill Ever
    OK, here we go....I have had so many grills over the years. This is the best. The complaint about the "plastic" side is maybe a complaint from the past? Mine is a durable composit substance that stays cool, cleans easy (mine still looks new, not because I am a neat cook) and provides a nice big area to set stuff. My *only* wish is for a larger grill surface -- or then again, two of these babies back to back on my patio --- now your cooking with fire!

    The charcoal bin sounded sorta cheesy to me, but in use it has worked out great. I keep a box of throw away gloves by it to make it eaiser to add as needed.

    The hinged grate? Where were you my whole life???

    Sliding lid holder? Works like a charm - stops ashes from flying up on your food when you open the lid and holds it nicely.

    Starter, does great - what more do you want?

    Fuel holders: Don't know how I ever did indirect cooking without them...makes it much eaiser to keep a cool grill. Ribs - 225 degrees for about 3 hours --- much eaiser to do with this grill.

    Thermometer holder/hole also works great, much better than having to drill your own hole (yes, I did that to my last DOES work...just sorta red-neckish)

    Oh yeah -- clean up is Soooooo much nicer than flipping the da*n thing over and having the legs pop off like the old ones...I actually clean out the ashes _before_ they reach the grate....

    Suggestion: when the bottom of the kettle is clean, mark on the bottom handle slide thingy (technical term) where the vents are open and closed at. The little "fins" inside move back and forth pretty far to help with cleaning, but only a portion of that range actually controls the air-flow. It is handy to know where exactly is "closed" and "open".

    If you already have a kettle, at least go out and buy the fuel holders, hinged grate and a clip on wire lid very well spent!

    Joe...more info
  • Touch N Go Charcoal Grill
    Wonderful product. My husband was so excited to get it for Father's Day. He absolutely loves it. I think the best part is the 2 holders for the charcoal & the fact that you don't need to use lighter fluid or anything to get it started. Just push the button, it's wonderful! We will be enjoying this grill for years to come....more info
  • Better than gas. Charcoal is back.
    I bought this grill in November-December of 2006, and I was a gas-grill owner for 12 years or more. It took a few weeks to get the handle of charcoal grilling, but I'll never buy another gas grill. This grill has a gas starter which almost eliminates the wait time in getting the charcoal started.

    Thinking of going back to charcoal? If so, get the Weber Performer. You won't regret it. Here's a few more reasons for going charcoal.

    * Charcoal cooks hotter.
    * You get to play with fire.
    * You can burn wood in a charcoal grill and get more flavor.
    * You can smoke meat in a charcoal grill.
    * You can get in touch with your inner-caveman.

    Note: I've read the older versions with the stainless steel side tables were better. That's probably true, but the new one is still pretty awesome. I grill 2-3 times a week (even in winter)....more info
  • Greatest Thing Ever
    I've been without a grill for 15 years. Back when I was grilling I had the tried and true basic Weber. This was before gas grilling became popular. So when I decided to get into grilling it was the old gas vs. charcoal issue. After research and talking to gas grill owners (who recommended gas) and charcoal grill owners (who recommended charcoal) I decided to go with this Weber.

    This grill is great. One of the best purchases I ever made. Convenient as can be. The gas ignition for lighting the charcoal is as easy as it gets. Put the charcoal in, push a bottom and before you know it you are cooking with charcoal. I cooked pork chops on it last night, and it was the best tasting pork chop I had in 10 years.

    I ordered through Amazon and it showed up in a couple of days. Assembly was easy and took about 20 minutes.

    I have a grill - I'm a MAN AGAIN!
    ...more info
  • Awesome Charcoal Grill
    We are so glad we got this grill. The propane lighting is awesome and the storage for charcoal is so convenient. It holds a constant temperature and grills perfectly. Would recommend this grill highly if you want an excellent charcoal grill....more info
  • This Thing is DA BOMB!!
    It took maybe an hour to put the grill together - I did it alone, and I'm a chick - and I was cooking like a pro right away. Steaks, chicken, turkey breast, fish, pork tenderloin, kabobs, potatoes and veggies all came out great. EASY to light - no joke when the instructions tell you you only need to have the disposable propane tank lit for five minutes. Three or four is probably enough. Coals are ready to go in less than 20 minutes from start-up. It gets VERY hot, which is great for searing, but the temperature is easy to control by moving the charcoal baskets around. Even my idiot step-son handled the grill with ease.

    What a great compromise for my husband and me - him with his devotion to charcoal grilling, and me with my desire for quick and easy lighting and temperature control. One of the best things about this is how there is none of that horrid smell or mess like you get from lighter fluid starts. I don't feel the urge to change my clothes after lighting the grill. Other great features include having the charcoal bag stored right there with the grill, the attached prep table, and the mechanism that holds the lid open on the grill. It's as easy to use as a gas grill, with the wonderful taste from a charcoal fire. Love this thing. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • If you like charcoal......
    If you like charcoal taste without the flavor of lighter fluids this is the way to go. It uses gas to light the charcoal and then you turn the gas off. It uses small gas canisters not the large ones. Lights at push of a button. Expensive but worth it....more info
  • Very Convenient
    I received the Weber Performer already assembled as a gift over two months ago. I have cooked about 80 percent of my meals since then on this grill because everything is so easy to use.

    All I do is take whatever charcoal is leftover from the last cook, add a little more fresh charcoal and then put that fuel in a chimney. I then put the chimney over the propane burner inside the grill. After about 3 minutes, I shut off the gas and let the charcoal light all the way to the top until the flames are coming through the top of the chimney and the top coals are turning gray. I then dump the charcoal into either the charcoal baskets if I'm doing indirect cooking, or onto the charcoal grate if I'm doing direct cooking. This whole process takes about 20 minutes and then you are ready to cook.

    I haven't used gas in about 8 years and have had an old cheap charcoal grill, but this new performer is better in every way and worth the extra expense over a Weber One Touch Gold or Silver.

    The Performer has the following improvements over a One Touch Gold:

    1) Gas assist with lighting charcoal. No more do you have newspaper ashes blowing around your patio. Just put your charcoal over the gas assist burner in either a chimney, the provided charcoal baskets or piled up into a pyramid and the performer will do the rest. All you have to do is turn on the gas and push the igniter button.

    2) Work table attached to the Performer. This gives you a very stable work table to put seasonings, plates of meat or vegetables, utensils and an adult beverage on. It is heat resistant and easy to clean.

    3) Charcoal bin. This gives you a handy place to store your charcoal so that it will always be within reach and be dry. The bin pulls out at an angle.

    4) The Performer sits higher at a more comfortable height.

    5) Cart allows the Performer to be more stable with almost no chance of being blown over, and also helps if you need to move it from one end of a patio to another because it is on four wheels that can be locked in place if need be. Below the cart you can also store your chimney or baskets when not in use.

    6) Lid holder. This feature is great because on the One Touch Gold you either have to purchase an accessory or put the lid on the ground which will then either stain your patio overtime or pick up grass or dirt on the lip of the lid.

    7) Utensil holders. It comes with three hooks to hang your utensils or grill brushes on.

    8) The Performer just plain looks awesome and you will get a lot of nice complements for it. It really looks nice on the patio.

    The One Touch Gold is a fine grill, but I just feel the Performer is the COMPLETE grill and that most people considering both will always wish they purchased the Performer....more info
  • Very Nice BBQ!
    I was kind of hesitant in buying this bbq....I actually put it off for several weeks trying to decide if spending an additional $150 (compared to Weber's One-Touch Gold) was worth it. After several weeks, I can say that this is most definitely worth the extra money.

    The unit needs some assembly once you bring it home. Honestly, it take about 20 minutes and all you need are the basic tools that you probably already have. The cart itself is mobile but still feels very sturdy and can easily be moved from one part of my backyard to the other. The charcoal bin is a lot more useful than I thought it would be. It has a piece of wire hooked up to it so that it can't tip over and spill out the charcoal. The bin can only hold 30 lbs. of charcoal and is completely stored underneath the side table, after several light rains this past week, the charcoal was nice and dry for bbq'ing today.

    The kettle itself, is pretty much a Weber One-Touch Gold but with a Performer slide-away lid holder and a black ash catcher (as opposed to the silver one). I think that this slide-away lid is better than Weber's add-on version because the performer's lid holder is actually drilled into the side of the kettle; The add-on version is hooked onto the rim and some people complain that this allows smoke and heat to escape (I don't really know if that is true, but it seems logical).

    As for the black ash catcher, I like it better than the stainless version. The stainless ash catcher, although just as good, just looks a little grungy to me after several bbq's, maybe the black just hides it better.

    Another huge upgrade is the kettle top with a built-in thermometer. I absolutely love the thermometer and wish that it was on all of their grills. On my previous Weber, I had to buy the candy thermometer and put it inside one of the top vents, totally usable, but looked as though it did not belong.

    Oh yeah, the performer also has one more thing, the Burner! The burner is controlled through the front faceplate. It's just a small knob (pretty much turns the gas on and off) and then the ignitor; The knob and ignitor are protected from the elements by a plastic cover. The small adjustment knob turns counter clockwise for a while, but I have yet to see much difference in the amount of flame. The burner itself is directly placed on the bottom half of the kettle and it ignites the coals located above it. After about 10 minutes, I can turn off the gas and let the charcoal continue to ash over. Don't worry about assembling the burner, it's already pre-attached to the bowl and all you have to do is connect the fuel line and the ignitor wires to the faceplate.

    I was concerned about the fuel consumption but after these past several weeks and bbq's almost every night, I still have a pretty full propane canister. Some might say to use the Bernzomatic fuel canister (to get that hotter flame) but I just use cheap green canisters from the local Walmart, it's worked without a problem and cost about 1/4 of the price.

    Another thing about the performer is that Weber included a hinged cooking grate (also included with the one-touch gold) and comes with a set of Charcoal baskets, makes indirect grilling easy.

    Only thing that I wished that this Weber included is a cover. I mean, this is Weber's top-of-the-line charcoal grill after all, but maybe now I'm just being greedy. ...more info
  • Weber 847001 22-1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill with Touch-N-Go Propane Ignition, Green
    Weber 847001 22-1/2-Inch Performer Charcoal Grill with Touch-N-Go Propane Ignition, Green

    I am very happy with my charcoal grill. It is so easy to operate and the "touch-n-go propane ignition" makes it very easy to start the charcoals....more info
  • Whompin' Good Cookin
    I bought the performer recently and have cooked on it several
    times with superb results from the get go. First time I fired
    it up I used one of the fuel holders full of lit charcoal and
    it was too hot to cook with the first hour or so. Have learned
    to use 1/2 the charcoal of other cookers due to the high efficiency
    and quality build of this Weber Performer. The folks who designed
    this work of art surely must be outdoor cooks as well. Everything
    you need in a single unit. High Priced ? No !! There is no comparison....more info
  • Great grill -- fast ship
    What can I say? Every good review about this grill is true. The easiest-to-use charcoal grill I've ever seen. Plus, assembly was easy and the quality of the grill is pretty good, which leads to my only gripe. The plastic prep surface does look and feel cheap. Aside from that, it's a great grill. I ordered the item through Amazon and the grill came fast. The bundled grill cover, on the other hand, took way too long. Order the grill, skip on the cover -- it's overpriced on Amazon anyway....more info
  • Weber 22 1/2" Preformer Charcoal Grill
    This grill is the greatest. Not only was it shipped on time, but it arrived at my place with no bruises or tears on the package. Weber really packaged this grill to withstand rough treatment in shipment. The grill is large enough to do some "real" cooking without crowding things on the grill. The propane lighter is an excellent addition as is the charcoal container that fits under an adequet counter top. I have done beef brisket, pork loin, venison backstrap, steak, and burgers on my new grill and have done them to perfection according to my guests. I can clearly see that my gas grill will have a well deserved rest from now on....more info