SecurityMan 4 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Color Cameras and One 4ch Receiver (MINIAIRWATCH4)
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Product Description

Security Man Mini-AirWatch4 is a convenient 4 wireless cameras unit for homes or small businesses. Mini-AirWatch4 system comes with 4 tiny powerful wireless video camera and video receiver. You can put the Wireless camera anywhere and transmits a vivid color video feed directly to your TV or VCR so you can monitor whats happening in and around your home or business! Mini-AirWatch4 Package Includes: o 4 x Mini Wireless Color Camera (SM-809T) o 1x 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver (SM-705) o 1 x AV Cable o 1 x IR Remote Controller o 4 x 8V power AC Adapter (For Cameras) o 1 x 12V power AC Adapter (For Receiver) o 4 x 9V Batteries o 4 x Battery Clip

Customer Reviews:

  • Not Bad For the Price
    This product was extremely easy to install. However, I am experiencing some minor problems with reception, but this may be due to the fact that I have quite a few "wireless" items in my household that may interefere with reception and not the fault of the problem in and of itself. All in all, I like the product and think it was worth what I paid for it....more info
  • Perfect for monitoring around your home or business
  • 4 Channels available, auto/manual switch by remote controller
  • Wireless video direct to your TV or VCR
  • High-quality picture and sound transmitting and receiving