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C.S.I. Miami - The Complete Second Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/01/2007 Rating: Nr

Customer Reviews:

  • When CSI: Miami was still believable
    David Caruso's overacting aside, season 2 of CSI: Miami was pretty decent. The cases and the evidence were still in the realm of real possibility, even if Horatio Caine's omniscience gets a little irritating after a while. Emily Proctor and Adam Rodriguez are good for some lighter moments, which are desperately needed to balance out the black hole that is Caruso's ultra-serious acting.

    The introduction of several continuing plotlines, most of which revolve around Horatio's dead brother, adds a nice undertone that give a story that carries throughout the show, which is much more episode-based than its predecessor....more info
  • C.S.I. Miami - The Complete Second Season
    I love C.S.I. because I think it really attracts you into the show. The story lines are extremely good and I think that they should make even more versions of it. Here are the episodes of season 2.

    Blood Brothers 09/22/03
    Dead Zone 09/29/03
    Hard Time 10/06/03
    Death Grip 10/13/03
    The Best Defense 10/20/03
    Hurricane Anthony 11/03/03
    Grand Prix 11/10/03
    Big Brother 11/17/03
    Bait 11/24/03
    Extreme 12/15/03
    Complications 01/05/04
    Witness To Murder 01/12/04
    Blood Moon 02/02/04
    Slow Burn 02/09/04
    Stalkerazzi 02/16/04
    Invasion 02/23/04
    Money for Nothing 03/01/04
    Deadline 03/29/04
    The Oath 04/19/04
    Not Landing 05/03/04
    Rap Sheet 05/10/04
    MIA/NYC - NonStop 05/17/04
    Innocent 05/24/04

    A wonderful season. A Must Get!...more info
  • CSI:Miami at it's best
    If you like CSI: Miami this dvd will not dissapoint. It has great picture quality and sound I have also purchased the third and fourth seasons....more info
  • not really investigation
    The original CSI series is FANTASTIC because you figure out the crimes by finding the evidence. This series uses the CSI name without the investigating that makes the original so good. It is mainly a mellow-drama surrounding the lives of the characters. Some people will like the drama the writers have put togethor, but there's no mystery....more info
  • Horatio Meets McGarrett!
    I almost never watch TV Series these years, but thanks to JetBlue and a cross-country consulting contract, I've watched back-to-back-to-back episodes of this show on Direct TV. I'd probably have never watched it otherwise, but, with that said, this is a great show!

    This brand of drama-meets-beach combined with clever investigative twists, and the latest technology (kudos to Chai Fong!), combined with the "no deals" boss at the top makes this series eerily like a 21st century Hawaii-Five-O!

    I was a 5-0 junkie and now CSI: Miami's got me hooked for many of the same qualities!...more info
  • Lo mejor en series
    Estoy dispuesto a comprar todas las temporadas de CSI Miami, son de lo mejor, recomendados 100%...more info
  • I thought C.S.I. (the original) was way over rated....
    I watched about 3 episodes of the original CSI and I thought they were so boring, I couldn't understand all the hype. So, they figure out through investigating the evidence "who done it". I guess it was just way too dark for me or it might have been the characters didn't intrigue me. Then I picked up a disk with C.S.I. Miami and I was hooked.

    I know people say they don't like David but I find his character intriguing. I guess I like it that he has more depth then any of the characters that I saw on CSI. Truth I like all the characters on CSI Miami.

    might have to try CSI again ...more info
  • Love CSI
    I am a huge fan of the CSI series, particularly CSI:Miami. This was a solid volume, the season themes leading into s3 and keeping the audience entertained along the way....more info
  • What a blast !
    Season 2 has some of the best stories of the entire series is almost as good as season 1 !
    Sadly this is Tim Speedles last full season on the show, who was my favorite character. ...more info