CDN Proaccurate Stainless Digital Thermometer
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Product Description

This is the low priced quick digital thermometer you will want in your kitchen. Its response time is a fast 6-8 seconds. With Quick Tip fast response readout and self-setting capability to a half degree, this is one exceptionally accurate and efficient digital thermometer. The big digit display has a magnifying lens on a round dial which makes it easy to check temperatures at a glance. It also features a 5-inch stem, premium stainless with shatterproof housing, data hold feature, and auto-off after ten minutes. Measures from -40 to 450 F. The protective sheath also has a unique temperature guide. Recalibrating capability.

  • Accurate and efficient digital thermometer perfect for grilling
  • Features a 5-inch stem, premium stainless with shatterproof housing, data hold feature, and auto-off after ten minutes
  • Measures from -40 to 350 degrees fahrenheit
  • Safe to use in dishwasher
  • stainless steel housing

Customer Reviews:

  • Paint in the food?
    I used this item for two years and now the red paint on the probe tip is peeling off. Did it get into our food? Hard to say. Otherwise it worked well, no problem with battery life. It is top heavy, so the face is always turning downward and that makes it a bit awkward to read. But if not for the paint issue I'd give it 4 stars. Because of the paint issue, I tossed it. ...more info
  • What more could you ask for?
    * Truly instant read (< 3 seconds)
    * Easy to read - large digits are easy to see even in low light and from an angle, unlike an analog dial model.
    * Single button toggles between display of temp in English and metric units
    * Wipes clean
    * Flat edge on display keeps it from rolling off the counter
    * Very accurate (Is 32.1 F for ice water accurate enough for you? Works for me.)
    * Easy to calibrate (if ever necessary)
    * Reasonable price...more info
  • You get what you pay for, and thats great!
    I use this for low and slow bbqing and I like it straightforward design. It doesn't light up or, beep, or email you, but it has more functions than I would use. The factory calibration was within .3 degrees farenheit, so I left it alone. It gave fast readings, and was easy to use. It also has a protective plastic holder which has the doneness for various meats printed on it, in case you forget. I am very happy with this purchase, and feel it was a good value. Not a bargain, but certainly not a disappointment....more info
  • Excellent for the price
    This thermometer does its job, not without problems but certainly at a level that's tremendous relative to its cost.

    Its temperature assessment is quick and accurate. That is the fundamental thing a thermometer is supposed to do, and this one does it well. The display is large and easy to read. I have neither over- nor undercooked a single piece of meat since I purchased the it, which is as strong an endorsement as anyone should need.

    My gripes are all shape related: the shape of the head and size/placement of the buttons. As a man with fairly large hands, the smooth, curved rear of the thermometer head is not easy to grip, especially if it is damp from oil spatters or steam, and the tiny buttons aren't easy to press. Some kind of grippy surface on the back and larger, better spaced buttons would get it a perfect score.

    Overall, I'm satisfied that I got a good value for the price....more info
  • Tried two, both konked out.
    Tried this unit awhile ago and the red tip chipped off and the sensor was ruined. I saw a good mention in Cook's so I tried it again. Thought maybe I just got a bad one. Nope. Same thing happened again. While they worked, I noticed that the one I just got recently was quite abit slower than the first one. About 16 seconds to reach a full temp. The first one was about 9 seconds. I got a Thermapen and wish I had bought it first. The CDNs were a waste of money. The Thermapen reads in only 2 or 3 seconds and it works in thinner pieces, AND the sensor is inside of stainless steel and can't chip off. The Thermapen is worth the extra money. I've searched the web and the ThermoWorks Thermapen gets lots of good reviews. And, Cook's still says its there favorite, just more expensive. ...more info
  • A Must-Have for Every Kitchen
    Every kitchen should have a digital thermometer and every cook should use one. Not only is it a must for determining if poultry and meat is done, it is handy for telling if those leftovers in the microwave are hot. It is also a must-have if you make your own yogurt. Too many other uses to list here.

    Cooks Illustrated got it right! If you don't have the money for a Thermapen then this is the one to get. I've had this model for at least 5 years after trying several other digital models. My biggest gripes about those were slow response time and narrow temp range.

    The CDN DTQ450 has a wide temperature range, responds quickly, has a "temp hold" feature (lacking on the Thermapen), and has large easy to read numbers. The sleeve can be used as a handle...handy when taking the temperature of boiling liquid. It also shuts itself off after a couple of minutes to save the battery. I saw a complaints about the small buttons, but I have big "ham hands" and don't have a problem with the size if the buttons.

    No, you can't put it in a turkey or roast and put it in the oven, but they make Probe Thermometers for that. And no, you can't put it in the dishwasher, but why would you want to? It just wipes clean.

    This will be the best 18 bucks you can spend on the kitchen. I highly recommend this thermometer....more info
  • Nice meat thermometer

    My Proaccurate (DTQ450) thermometer started to give me problems. I would stick it in the meat and it would intermittently just show ---- dashes. This was very frustrating. I called CDN and spoke to Judy and they said that this sometimes happens if you chip the red paint on the end. I was not aware that this was that easily damaged. After speaking with Judy, I asked if they would exchange it for a more durable model. No problem, they recommended the q2-450x as more durable but it has a different shape and would not read quite as fast, maybe a few seconds slower. Note the "x" at the end of the pn, that is the one without the delicate paint. Got the new one, and I like the different shape OK but indeed it is a few seconds slower. Not a problem for me, it works just fine. While I am not happy that I had problems with the original thermometer, I was very impressed with how quickly CDN fixed it. It was a little rough without the thermometer for a week, but now we are back to perfectly cooked meat!

    Original comment:

    I wasn't the type to use a thermometer when grilling.....always just guessed by time and by how it looked on the outside. I was pretty good at it but is was still hit and miss. With this little device, you get the meat just how you like it. Great to ensure chops are not overcooked and tough. Gives the temp within seconds, I love it, wouldn't grill without it....more info
  • Easy and Accurate
    This is a good little thermometer. I tested its accuracy in ice-water and boiling water. It registers a temperature in 5 - 10 seconds and is easy to read. The price is right, too....more info
  • Cook's was right, its a great digital thermometer
    After my last digital thermometer quit, I turned to the folks at Cook's Illustrated to help me select my replacement. I'm pleased that the temp readouts are easy to read, and they show up quickly. This thermometer has/is helping me bake many a loaf of bread....more info
  • Great thermomether
    I purchased this to replace some inaccurate and slower analog thermometers I had. I tested it upon receipt and it read 31.6 at freezing and 211.2 at boiling. I thought this was pretty accurate for a a quick read thermometer that was as inexpensive as it was.

    I have been using it for a couple months now and think it is great. The only improvement I would make on it would be to make the stem a couple inches longer. This probably would not be an issue for most people, but I use it to measure mash temperature when making beer and wish it could easily get deeper in the mash.

    I would highly recommend this thermometer to anyone looking for an accurate (with the ability to calibrate) thermometer at a good cost....more info
  • simple, well made, works
    Bought this to spot-check aquarium temperatures. Its well made, easily calibrated, and works as advertised....more info
  • Barbequeing made better.
    I saw this thermometer on a cooking show and wanted to try it on the
    barbeque, it turned out to be great. No over or under cooking and very
    easy to use. I would recommend this item to everyone, indoor or out....more info
  • Excellent Thermometer
    Other recommendations prompted the purchase and the thermometer lived up to expectation. The display is easy to read and simple to calibrate. Quickly learned that my refrigerator was not cooling correctly and thus needed a new compressor! (The cheap stick-on refrigerator thermostat that I was using as a monitor turned out to be reading 3 degrees too low.) Having an easy way to check food temps and storage temps has already proved to be a great health benefit. I join the others who highly recommend this fine product....more info
  • This thing is awesome!
    We have had all kinds of thermometers over the years -- but this one is the best. It tells the temp immediately and it's super easy to use (one of our past complaints: We lost the book to a nice digital thermometer that was so complex to use, it became almost useless). Would definitely buy again and will likely send as gifts to family members.

    ...more info
  • Correction from an earlier review.
    This is the DTQ450, I just got mine in the mail and on the front it reads DTQ450, the one that Cook's Illustrated recommended. I ordered it from this very page. It works great and fast, in less than 4 seconds!...more info
  • good for the money
    A very good thermometer for the money. Fast and easy to read. the health inspector liked it a lot....more info
  • Neat thermometer
    In size, shape and use, this thermometer is like the little cheap one I got at the grocery store years ago. The reason I got it was for the instant read feature. While it doesn't give you an immediate reading, it is very quick and much quicker than the old mechanical....more info
  • Great price for a great thermometer
    I bought this thermometer based on the recommendation of Cook's Illustrated. Comparaed to the Taylor analog thermometers, this thermometer was far superior in terms of accuracy and speed. ...more info
  • accuate, but just at the tip
    I use this thermometer a lot when making tea. At first I thought it was broken because even when the water was boiling the thermometer only read around 180F. I then noticed that if I only put the tip of thermometer in the water (up to where the thickness of the thermometer increases) I got an accurate reading. Kind of a pain....more info
  • Messed up after one year
    The calibriation on mine went haywire. I tried recalibrating in an ice bath per the instructions with no luck. I then replaced the battery and tried again and it is still messed up. Its sitting in an ice bath right now but says the temp is 52 deg F.

    BTW, the calibration function doesn't seem to do anything unless you do it with ambient temps between 23-41 deg F, meaning you need to stick the whole thing in the freezer to try to recalibrate it.

    When it worked it worked fine. Now that its screwed up it is useless. Good news is that it has a 5 year warranty, so I guess I'll be trying to contact CDN about fixing it.

    UPDATE: I mailed in the bad one to CDN and they sent me a new one. So far it works as advertised. ...more info
  • Instant classic
    I really like this thermometer. I've compared the readings to other older thermometers I've got and it's just as accurate as any. Easy to get to the batteries, buttons are a good size...easy to use, but they don't get in the way. I kinda wish ones like this came in some sort of storage box...I'd feel more comfortable putting it away in a drawer if I felt there was a little more protection. Other than that one small thing, it's a great value for the money!...more info
  • Quick and Easy
    I found out about this thermometer from the PBS show Cooks County. It is a very easy to use thermometer. Quick and accurate - it's great. I highly recommend it....more info
  • ProAccurate Quick Tip Thermometer
    I'm happy with this product for the most part. I only wish it would calculate the temperature faster but for the price it's great....more info
  • Worked for less than 15 uses
    I purchased this as a recomended by "Cooks Illustrated" best value. It worked great for maybe 15 uses and now it is useless. I tried changing the battery, and it still doesn't work....more info
  • Competent small digital thermometer
    This item forms part of a wide ranging collection of cooking thermometers. Certainly not 'instant read', but the small probe seems to work more quickly than other's I've used. Display is easy to read. Re-calibration feature is a neat 'plus'. This is not the right tool for monitoring cooking oil or any application where it will be in close contiunous proximity to heat (there are other cool tools for that)....more info
  • Sooo much better than dials
    I see some people talking about the Thermopen and that's good, but America's Test Kitchen recently changed their recommendation to this model I think, so I decided to give it a try. I'm not disappointed at all.

    I used to use "instant read" dial thermos, which have two problems. First of all they're very slow, 10-30 seconds. Second of all, they use a very long sensor, which is in the first 1-2 inches of the probe. That makes it tricky to know if you have the probe in far enough on big cuts, and tricky to get into small cuts at all.

    By contrast, the CDN digital thermometer is very fast, only a couple seconds before the reading levels off. It seems accurate although I don't think I've put this one in boiling water yet.

    The probe is great, it's the type that only needs the bottom centimeter or so stuck in, which makes it easier to be in the center of a cutlet or something other than a 1-1/2" thick steak. It's great for those too though. :-)

    This will continue to be my trusted tool of choice for a long time to come, and in the case that it breaks, it's cheap enough that I won't be too terribly sad....more info
  • digital cooking gauge
    hello, i watch the americas test kitchen on public television. i always wanted a digital thermometor and the one they always recomended was a therma pen, which goes for about $90.00. sorry i couldnt afford one. so recently they tested a bunch of more affordable ones. this is the model that won the test for accuracy and readability. so i was happy to purchase this one,which is very affordable. thanks...more info
  • Digital Thermometer outstanding
    This thermometer is excellent. Fast response, accurate and low cost. Food cooks to perfection - CDN Proaccurate Stainless Digital Thermometer....more info
  • digital meat thermometer
    this is a nice accurate thermometer. It's great for testing grilled chicken or meat. Resonably priced....more info
  • Great BBQ tool
    Like most everyone else, I'm happy with this thermometer. The quality appears to be very good and it's easy to use and clean. No more guessing whether the meat is fully cooked to the degree you want it. Well worth the price....more info
  • excellent
    My old analog thermeter wouldn't read high enough temperatures. This one goes plenty high for anything I need. Easy to calibrate, operate, and clean. Reaches actual temperature in seconds and has a sharp point. I like it and it's way cheaper than than that real expensive one....more info
  • Waste of money!
    Quit working after one use. Was not impressed with it while it did work.
    Don't waste your money. If you want a good instant read digital thermometer... Buy a Thermapen. More money, and worth it....more info
  • Great inexpensive meat thermometer
    I use this thermometer for the quick BBQ checks that I do with steaks, chops, etc. I bought it because of two reasons: Its rugged case and because it can be calibrated. The ability to stick the tip into a glass of icewater and push a button to set it at 32 degrees give me a lot of confidence that what I see is what I get. So often, when I buy inexpensive tools, I'm never sure that they are as accurate as I thought. This one goes a long way towards giving me that assurance. It's a good tool that meets my needs....more info
  • CDN proaccurate thermometer
    I am well satisfied with this thermometer. I read the reviews first and it lives up to the good ones. You just have to be careful of the plastic tip when using it as one of the reviews mentioned it can break off....more info
  • Great value for the money
    Hard to find in stores in my area. Works great with shallow cooking oil for pan-frying as well as poking meat on the smoker. Fast response and big numbers on the display....more info