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Samantha - An American Girl Holiday
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A live-action movie based on american girls most popular character samantha! every little girl will want to share samanthas adventures in the bustling new york city of 1904. Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 11/28/2006 Starring: Mia Farrow Run time: 86 minutes Rating: Nr

The American Girl collection of books, dolls, and accessories makes its film debut in this inaugural title featuring bestselling character Samantha, in a live-action holiday story set in 1904. AnnaSophia Robb plays Samantha Parkington, a poised yet playful 9-year-old who lives with her wealthy grandmother (Mia Farrow) in a country estate after the untimely death of her parents. Still grieving her loss, Samantha takes comfort in her friendships with new pal Nellie, a servant girl, and her dashing Uncle Gard (Jordan Bridges), a successful businessman. When Uncle Gard marries Cornelia (Rebecca Mader), Samantha is reluctant to embrace this female "intruder" until she spends three months with the newlyweds in New York City. In time, Samantha grows to trust and admire Cornelia, a spirited suffragette. Emboldened by Cornelia's example, Samantha takes her own courageous risks to improve the plight of some young orphans. This superbly produced film provides a glimpse into America during the Industrial Revolution, while showcasing the promising talents of young Robb. (Ages 8 and older) --Lynn Gibson

Customer Reviews:

  • A good, but not great movie
    I'm a high school social studies teacher and I was a fan of the book series as a young girl. I was therfore very excited to see the movies coming out. This particular one is well done, but I guess as a social studies teacher I was looking for a little more historical detail. However overall it is good movie, espically for around the holidays....more info
  • Our granddaughters love this series.
    Not only do our granddaughters love this movie so do our grown children.
    Male and female alike.

    ...more info
  • DVD

    The quality is good, price is cheapper and delivery is fast.
    we all like the orders from Amazon....more info
  • Beautiful and Fantastic!
    I just watched my first American Girl movie day-before-yesterday and I immediately had to go and find some more. I haven't been let down. This is my second movie in the series to see and my Mother and I both had tears welling in our eyes throughout the entire film. It is sweet, relevant to modern day issues even, and it shows the importance of friendship and family. I like how the movies encourage involvement in causes. So far the ones I've seen have all been perfectly clean and wonderful for family viewing. I really think they are suited for all ages, as the stories are so well done. I recommend this movie and recommend it some more. I can't wait to see more in the series. ...more info
  • recommend for children
    I bought the book when I was 9 yrs old and now I bought the movie Id have to say I think I enjoy the story more in the book than the movie. There is millions of ways to make this movie but overall is a great film for children...more info
  • Great movie
    This is a very heartwarming movie. Great for a sleepover party for girls 5 to 13 years. But I throughly enjoyed the movie and I am almost 50 yrs old. It is just a delightful movie for any family movie night....more info
  • Touching Movie for girls
    This movie was so touching! I think the American Girl Movies and books teach so much history and goodness to the girls of today. Samantha - An American Girl Holiday, is a must have for all American Girl fans.

    ...more info
  • Even my brother loved it!
    I have been a big fan of American Girl since 2002. I became interested in the American Girl books in 2004. I was so excited to find out they were making a movie of Samantha! The story is great. They did great combining alll the books. AnnaSophia Robb and Mia Farrow both did a good job. I was surprised to find out that it was my brother's favorite movie! Buy this movie if you like American Girl, Samantha, or AnnaSophia Robb. ...more info
  • Christmas
    If you like good clean movies, then this is the one you need
    to buy! A very clean movie, no foul language....more info
  • Heartwarming, wholesome, great scenery and acting
    My daughter is an avid American Girl fan. She loves the books and dolls so I treated her to this DVD. I was much more impressed with this DVD than I thought I would be. The setting is beautiful and authentic. The acting is top notch, and the storyline might just leave you crying at times.

    Samantha befriends a young girl next door who moves in to be a maid. Since her mother died her father and 3 sisters work in the house of an upper class snob. The poor girl then is sent to an orphanage when her father dies of an illness, and Samantha fights for better care of orphans and eventually her aunt and uncle adopt the three girls. Samantha herself is an orphan, but since she comes from a wealthy family, her grandmother and uncle take care of her.

    The story finally culminates on Christmas morning, in a beautiful Norman Rockwell like setting. I cannot imagine a little girl who would not enjoy this movie. If you are a fan of The Little Princess, you will love this movie as well. ...more info
    euwww i hate this movie. it is so gross, i will barf. i swear. american girl is out of their minds with their matketing. their products now are HORRIBLE!!! just like this MOVIE!!!...more info
  • The First of the Series
    I really loved this movie when it debuted, and bought it once it came out on DVD (for an 18-year-old, this is saying something.) As an older collector of the doll collection, I found out today that there will be a second movie, this time it's Felicity, who they no longer sell in the catalog and didn't update the cover of the books for right away. Hopefully this will mean a comeback of the Felicity story, which revolves around the pre-Revolutionary War period, a good time for young girls to learn about....more info
  • Another great family movie!
    Even my husband really liked this! This was the first American Girl movie I had watched and was surprised how much I liked it! It was very well done and I loved the costumes and setting. Interesting story and good acting. It kept the attention of our 4 & 7 year old granddaughters as well as us!...more info
  • Can't rate it...
    ... because I haven't received it yet. My husband ordered it as a gift for my niece last Christmas, and it never arrived, and then the order just disappeared from his profile. I re-ordered it a month ago, hoping to be able to finally give my niece her Christmas present, but now I see it's not scheduled to ship for at least another month... what's the deal?? You guys usually have stellar service!!...more info
  • Absolutely Delightful!
    By way of disclosure, I am an American Girls Junkie, as are my wife and daughter. Their books and movies provide an excellent mechanism with which to teach living history to young girls. "Samantha, An American Girl Holiday" is no exception.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Samantha, she is a wealthy orphan living in New York in 1904. This movie tells the story of Samantha's developing friendship with Nellie O' Malley, the daughter of an Irish domestic servant. As the film progresses, the viewer enjoys the breakdown of distinctions between social classes, first among the children, then among the adults.

    From an historical perspective, it shows the life of the wealthy, their servants and the suffragette movement.

    The movie is Pollyannaish, to be sure, but still delightful. Enjoy as you learn!

    ...more info
  • All-Around Great Wholesome Movie
    We first saw this when it debuted on tv. After sitting through the entire movie and being entranced by it, my girls actually imitated the politeness of Samantha and the other girls. They answered "Yes, Ma'am" or "No Ma'am". It was so refreshing to see a movie for the kids that was fun for them to watch and taught them some history about that time period. When it was first released on DVD, I bought it. My girls still love watching it. Recently, we picked up the 6 book set of Samantha books. They are anxious to get started on the books since they already know the characters. Had I been introduced to the American Girls Series as a kid, I would have definitely had an interest in learning History/Social Studies. But since I'll be reading the books to my girls, I guess it's never too late to learn.... ...more info
  • Good Movie for young girls.
    I thought this movie was a very good for my young girls. It shows what life was like in 1904 America and awareness for helping others....more info