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Kipper: Puppy Love
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Product Description

"Meet Kipper?, a lovable dog with a big imagination!" Nothing Ever Happens: Kipper is excited to discover a magician¡¯s top hat. But when he overlooks a magic wand, he misses out on the magic it can bring to a boring day. Tiger¡¯s Torch: What better place to shine Tiger¡¯s new torch than on a camp-out! Can Kipper us the torch to find what appears to be a monster lurking in the dark? Pig¡¯s Shop: Kipper and Tiger visit Pig¡¯s sweet shop but have not money. Pig offers to trade his candies for their conkers, but it Tiger¡¯s champion conker real? Cousins: Who¡¯s eating Kipper out of house and home? It¡¯s Mouse¡¯s cousins who have overstayed their welcome! Will they ever leave? Approx. Run Time: 80 minutes (including bonus features)

Customer Reviews:

  • kipper
    Kipper is enjoyable for the whole family, which is important when your kid wants to watch it with you!...more info
  • Our grandaughter was thrilled!
    Our son and daughter-in-law recently moved to an area that does not receive Kipper on their TV programming. Our grandaughter (age 3) loves Kipper and missed him a lot. She was tickled pink to receive this dvd and watches it all the time. ...more info
  • My baby loves it.
    I borrowed this DVD from my local library at first. It looks boring and meaningless to me, just some simple animations. But my baby loves it. He always smiles when watching it. That explains all. I just bought one....more info
  • Kipper is this Family's Favorite
    This DVD has been in our collection for a year now. My son still loves it.

    Kipper is a British dog and has two other dog friends, two pig friends, and an occasional mouse makes an appearance. The characters interact with each other in a very normal way which young children can relate to. The characters have their personality flaws, their moods, and difficult moments. They make mistakes and sometimes learn from them. Sometimes they don't, and make the same mistakes again. I think this is a big appeal of the series for so many children, it reassures them that no one is good and perfect all the time.

    The DVD is divided into several 5-6 minute episodes, so parents can monitor how much time they want their children to spend watching.

    The illustration is simple, beautiful, and not too busy. The dialogue is easy to follow.

    This series is great for the 5 and under set. We own almost every DVD in the collection. As a parent I really appreciate that it doesn't overstimulate my kids and that I don't have to hear high-pitched whiny voices from the characters like with some other children's series out there.

    Local libraries also have a lot of Kipper books (author Mick Inkpen) and they are just as charming and humorous as the DVDs. We limit our children's viewing time, and it's great to have the books when we don't want them to spend time in front of the TV. The books by themselves are wonderful, in fact this is how we first found out about the Kipper series. ...more info
  • Not the best Kipper!
    We have several Kipper's but this one just doesnt hold my littlies interest like some of the others (Pools, parks and picnics, Cuddly critters etc). Even to me as an adult, it seems to drag a little and I havent watched it all the way through.

    Also there is a part where Kipper and friend are in a tent and think there is a monster outside, it doesnt bother my 2 yr old but my older child thought it was a little creepy.

    My advice - choose first from one of the other delightful Kippers....more info