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Love. Angel. Music. Baby.
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On No Doubt's great Rock Steady, Gwen Stefani was a "girl that hangs with the boys... just sippin' on chamomile." Three years and a KROQ-nerd Talk Talk cover later, she presents a solo debut that wants it all--Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano, backseat love and lifetime devotion, '70s pop throwbacks and hip-hop beats as well as Clash adoration (she continues to be managed by the firm of Rebel Waltz, named for a mournful Sandinista! cut). Among the standout tracks are the stomping, Neptunes-driven "Hollaback Girl," the tongue-in-cheek Eve/Dr. Dre collaboration "Rich Girl," and the girl-power manifesto "What You Waiting For?"; another tune, "The Real Thing," nods toward role-model Madonna's "Holiday." Though it can't match Rock Steady's inexorable track-by-track flow, Love, Angel, Music, Baby is such state-of-the-art pop that the description almost feels like damning it with faint praise. --Rickey Wright

In her own unique way, Gwen Stefani has managed to shift our culture since coming onto the scene as the lead singer of No Doubt. With years of defining style and 30 million in record sales under her belt, she will again turn heads with this debut record that is as fresh as it is retro and as progressive as it is feel-good familiar.

With this project, she has enlisted some of the biggest names in music (Dr. Dre, Eve, The Neptunes, Andre 3000, Nellee Hooper, Dallas Austin, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Linda Perry and Tony Kanal) to create a genre bending masterpiece that is guaranteed to be one of the most talked about records of this year (2004) and beyond.

Customer Reviews:

  • better than i expected
    well looks like gwen is still riding the "i wasnt popular in high school" train as far as itll take her.shes a bit repetitive with the teen high school stuff,but i cant say the songs are just feels a little hollywood like eminem.its like they just take a handful of ideas like in eminems case 1-i hate my mom 2-i hate kim and 3-i love hailey and repear it a whole gwens like 1-im popular now so blah at you 2-i like to sleep around in cars and 3-i gots lots of money now.however,a few good songs spawned from all was rhe cheerleader song "hollaback girl".i personaly think its some sort of dream song about her being head cheerleader in high school.anyway,she screams cheers at the end."eat bananas!b-an-a-n-a-s!".i asked a lot of cheerleaders i know and as it turns out thars a type of figure it out from id like to add to those sell outs at vh1 that they were wrong in saying that a cheerleader song would never hit #1 again.the 1st one was "mickey."anyhow,theres a song actualy 2 where shes giving it up in the back seat.maybe her mind hasnt progressed past what she wishes she was in high school ot maybe she knows being sexy sells records to horn dogs like me.they are "crash" and "bubble pop electric".but despite those 3 good songs theres a super song called "luxurious".its damn near beatle worthy!i dont know if its her sexy voice or the sound or that everythings working out in the song but i love it.i seriously expected just another crappy hollywood sellout dance pop top 40 wannabe poser album but what i got was a teenage dreamland where sex and good music reign supreme!...more info
  • Sounds like.....
    I honestly really miss No Doubt. I think the new solo stuff is aimed for the younger crowd. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this but the song "Harajuku Girls" sort of has a Lords of Acid sound to it, no?...more info
  • I Love It!
    I love this album!

    The first song on the album is "What You Waiting For?". It is a song that starts out with Gwen playing the piano and then is really thumping.

    Next is "Rich Girl". It also features the rap artist Eve, you may know her from her hit song "Blow Ya Mind". Anyways, it's a good song.

    Next is the hit song "Hollaback Girl". When you first heard it (trust me, you have heard it), you might have referred to it as "B-A-N-A-N-A-S" because of the line in the song, "Oh, this S**** is Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S". It's a good song!

    Next is "Cool", a soft song with good words.

    Next is "Bubble-Pop Electric", a song with Johnny Vulture, a fast-paced song about Gwen going out on a date with him and then dumping him.

    Next is "Luxourious". It is a good song with bumping bass.

    Next is "Harijuku Girls", a song featuring Japanese artist Zoe. It is about Gwen hanging out in Japan with some models.

    Next is "Crash", a song about driving a car.

    Next is "The Real Thing", a good song.

    Next is "Serious". It's also a good song.

    Next is "Danger Zone", a fast-paced song.

    Last is "Long Way To Go", which starts out with, "We've got a long way to go, when snow hits the asphalt, when cold looks and bad talk come. We've got a long way to go, it's beyond Martin Luther, upgrade computer." It also features the famous 1960'S speech "I Have A Dream" by Martin Luther-King....more info
  • Catch It But It Goes Away
    I was so looking forward to Love Angel Music Baby when it hit the shelves, but like a lot of other people I was a tad disappointed. There are moments of fun and greatness, as simplistic as it is, once you hear "Hollaback Girl" the song is stuck in your consciousness for days, but I'm still not sure if that's a good thing. What I love about this album is the music, it's fun and exciting and trippin' in that oh so cool fashion ghetto diva way that Gwen was courting at the time. But unlike the albums with No Doubt, the lyrics are somewhat childish. Gwen can kick it up as she proved in her band, but how am I supposed to be utterly taken in to a song like "Rich Girl" when I know without a doubt that umm Gwen you are a rich girl. Same with some of the songs that reflect a little too much on her Harajuku girl obsession. I'm starting to think she's one of those reverse racists... but then again none of this stops me from dusting off the album every now and again and throwing it on the stereo. Much like today, where I was swept into Gwen's little world of fashion, teen love and Japanese chicks. Plus even with "Hollaback" firmly entrenched in my mind now, so is "Bubble Pop Electric" and damned if I didn't wish I was a rich girl....more info
  • LAMB-good as pop was in 2004
    I love this CD. This album is absolute Gwen. This album is rhythmic, rebellious, confessional, sexy, fierce, playful, funky, ballsy, emotional and oh cool. This album also shimmers with exuberance. everything is from new wave to hip-hop. This is a sonically adventurous album. This album has been certified 3x Platinum. ...more info
  • Gwen Kicks It Up A Notch!
    I was really impressed with this album. A lot of house/pop/rock/ska all mixed together into a great dance mix package!...more info
  • Grows on You..
    There is no doubt that Gwen Stefani is a talented and risque performer (no pun intended.. literally!) However, when I ran out to buy this album, I was a little disappointed. Some of the songs rely a little too heavily on their originality and actually come off as a little of electronica wannabe.

    But the more I listened to it, the more the CD grew on me and I came to enjoy it. I think the song "bubble pop electric" best represents the new "sound" that gwen creates with this record. It's edgy for sure... take a listen and decide for yourself.

    ...more info
  • Her debut as a death metal singer.
    Gwen Stefanie teamed up With Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Death, Metallica, Megadeth, and Pantera to make her solo death metal debut. Wow, i have never heard such a great Growl. Gwen is awesome at singing death metal, and the blast beat drums are insane. This cd goes great with any cd from Posion, 2pac, Mc Hammer, Ac/dc, Reo Speedwagon, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Cannibal Corpse, Frank Sinatra, Destiny's Child, and Usher....more info
  • And now for something completely different: a review geared toward visual, mixed-media artists
    I love the music, the beat's swell, and you can dance to it.

    But here, I'd like to speak to the design and presentation of this cd. It rocks my world. You get more than just a cd; there's a fab, sturdy and pretty velcro closure traveling cd case with room for 12 faves and a cunning small hardcover book with slipcover, which showcases all the lyrics in the style of illuminated manuscripts and includes photos and original Shinjuko illustrations.

    If I were a recording musician, this is a style of presentation I would emulate. As a mixed-media narrative artist, I wish all cds were this gorgeous....more info
  • I Prefer The Old Gwen... This One Is Annoying
    I am a huge No Doubt fan , not huge but I have some their music. Ever since Gwen left the band she has changed completely. She seems to have an attitude like she all that or she better now that she out of the band.

    The music from No Doubt was intelligent , original and suited her voice better. On Hollaback Girl and numerous other songs , the lyrics are childish and her voice just sounds annoying. I enjoyed her voice in No Doubt , but this R/B meets 80's dance and rap annoys me. I realize I am being redundant on the word annoying , but thats the only word to describe this album.

    Even the album cover , she looks so trashy and stuck up , she wasnt like that in No Doubt. She must remember it was her band as well that brought her to the point she is now.

    I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 , because I cant hate her cuz she used to be so cool in the past. And cuz "Harajuku Girls "( even though I dunt get what the hell it means, has a weird beat to it that I like ) ...more info
  • Great collection of hits
    Gwen sings a number of hits on this album. She showcases her vocal range and artistic ability as one of the best female vocalists of all time....more info
  • Great! A throwback to the 80's in many ways
    Yes, the 80's appear to be back. Stefani's first solo album won't disappoint you. It includes some of the zany tunes that you would have expected from No Doubt.
    Hollaback girl ( the banana song) is probably the funniest, craziest song on the CD. But, then there are smooth, slow hits like cool with beautiful music, and catchy lyrics. There are some other faster 80
    s-ish dance songs on the track- lots of feel good music. There are even some odd r&b tracks that I don't think fit Stefani best. However, as a new solo artist I think it's fitting to test out some new territories. As far as variety goes though- this one has it.
    It definitely leaves me looking forward to her sophmore album....more info
  • Gwen's solo entitlement
    With this album, she definately managed to create a pop masterpiece. The album's is a top-notch pop recording that has earned a nostalgic place in my mind. Its upbeat and has a high energy throught. The only track that was just "out there" was the song with ANDRE, it was absolutely fun but most noticeably the most forgetable song of L.A.M.B

    I definately recommend this fun, catchy pop album by the greatness that is Gwen....more info
  • Hara- WHo?
    This CD is okay but I am not impressed with Gwen's solo debut. It has a few songs that I rock well with, but I didn't like her pushyness. Nobody should be calling themselves a "Stupid H*." The really enjoyed "Luxurious" easy and "Hollaback Girl" infectous beat, but the language I could have did without....more info
  • Good CD
    I did notice there is alot of swares in Hollaback Girl, One of my favorite songs on the cd.

    My neighor got it at the mall, after seeing she had it I really really wanted it, since it was close to my birthday, my babysitter got it for me.

    Long Way To Go is just stupid, and Rich Girl is pretty catchy so I have to say my opinion is, What Are You Waiting For,Rich Girl, Bubble Pop Electric, Luxurious, and Crash

    Don't by the cd for the rest, she's so last year. ...more info
  • cd2
    A definate hit, all the songs are great....more info
  • Stick with No Doubt Gwen...
    The first four songs are very good, extremely catchy. Unfortunately the last 8 aren't, in fact they are down right awful. I like Gwen, she's probably the most beautiful woman in the world but she should have stuck with No Doubt. ...more info
  • she's got jungle fever
    if you like pop with a little hip hop flavor this is just for you pharrell's production is okay and eve has a nice prescence but it looksd like gwen is trying too hard to be ghetto on certain songs anyway worth a listen but none of my money enjoy....more info
  • Buy "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." by Gwen Stefani
    Her debut album has a lot of energy and different styles. I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Role Model Comin' Through
    what else can i say that hasnt already been said about this amazing woman? how great is this album ladies? gwen is a godsend. i mean, she comes from a small town in california called anaheim, right. like, what do they have in anaheim? a giant statue of gwen i bet, fo sho!!! i know how she feels. i too, come from a small town. bose, montana isnt exactly where you find many 44 year old, freaky, funky, crazy, tattooed, bisexual, divorced mothers of four. well maybe you can find one (LOL), and she happens to adore gwen. shes got it all. punk chick, check. hip hop queen, check check yall. designer extrordinare, holla!! im so happy that the sell her stuff at the woolworths in the mall. last week i bought all of her stuff and a g-unit purse. i rock. RIOT!!!!!! thats how gwen'd out i am. anywayz, last friday, WAY past last call, they played the bananas song on the juke, and i went car-azee!! i got up on the bar and started dancing, then my daughter (who looks like she could be my twin) came up and started dancing too. we would have danced all night, but i forgot that i wasnt wearing any underwear. oops!! no free shows guys. you gotta work for it. gwen rokz!!!!!!...more info
  • OK CD
    I'm 50/50 on this CD. I like almost half and disliked almost half. The majority of the songs I like are played on the radio and did get overplayed, so I had to stop listening to the CD for a while. ...more info
  • Good workout music
    I agree with another reviewer that the first 4 songs are the best...the album goes downhill after that. But ALL the songs still have a good beat, and it keeps me motivated during my ball workout!...more info
  • Mixed Bag, but hated most of it.....
    There's only two tracks that I'll listen to was What are you waiting for? and Crash. Those are two excellent and very strong tracks. The beats were off the chain. Umm, as for the rest I do remember when this cd came out, and I thought it stunk. Holla Back Girl was way way too overplayed. Even to this day. Rich Girl was Terrible. Luxurious was halfway decent. But I thought most of this cd sucked. She luckily did a lot better when she came out with her 2nd cd, it had better production quality on it. Yea, I mean if your into corny pop music then this is the album to go far, and I have a feeling it's going to sound dated about 20 years from now. It just seemed like she was trying way to hard to be cool, but it worked for her....more info
  • Beautiful Voice and Music
    Gwen Stefani can make her voice high pitched or can rap with a deep voice. The two best songs on here are "Hollaback Girl" and "Rich Girl." Both have her good singing and rapping voice making the songs what they are. The album does have a little too much adult material for kids under 12 or 13 though. But this is a classic that any of America's youth (ages 12+) should have as they grow up today. ...more info
  • excellent work out music
    Love the CD, I listen to it while running or working out at the gym, it's upbeat fun and gives me energy to keep me moving! Also great to dance to while out at the bars later on!...more info
  • Once again...
    Whoever said Gwen Stefani shouldn't have gone solo was wrong! Her new album "Love Angel Music Baby" has been certified 3 times Platinum. Gwen's distinctive voice, originality, and various styles of music should have this album categorized in a completely new genre just for her. The first single "Hollaback girl" off the album was an instant hit; debuting on the charts for weeks. The album also has a hip hop feel where she has collaborated with amazing artists such as Dr. Dre and The Neptunes just to name a few. "Love Angel Music Baby" is a must have album! There is so much more to Gwen that is going to burst out. I can't wait. ...more info
  • Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
    The problem with this vanity project from Gwen Stefani is not her abandonment of all things alt-rock/ska/new wave that she and her boys from No Doubt redefined throughout the late '90s. It's the fact that she simply can't deliver an entire album without her bandmates keeping her multi-faceted shades in one cohesive package. "Love.Angel.Music.Baby." is certainly more brash and thrill-seeking than any American pop record of its day, but the problem is that thrill-seeking goes just a bit too far. The entire thing is a case of when she's good, she's great, and when she's bad, she's quite awful. The great parts? "What You Waiting For?", "Cool" and "The Real Thing". There. Three great pop songs, three great examples of the direction Stefani SHOULD have gone with. "What You Waiting For?" sounds like the sounds of "Rock Steady" evolving into stomping electro-dance fare; an excellent first single choice even if it performed below expectations. "The Real Thing" is a subtle, Europop-inspired collaboration with members of New Order (!), while "Cool" is hands-down the record's finest moment. A sweeping slice of '80s new-wave pop that is every bit as heartfelt as it is ear candy. Had Stefani explored these options, instead of rapping her way through the catchy but quickly annoying "Hollaback Girl" or something embarrassingly oddball as "Bubble Pop Electric", "Love.Angel.Music.Baby." would be a triumph instead of a wake-up call to reunite with No Doubt as fast as she can....more info
  • A Unique 80's Influenced Pop Album! OUTSTANDING
    Normally I can't stand artists (lead singers) who go solo so they can make more money most of the time there album has 4 good songs which are usually the singles and the rest are a compelte load of garbage: But Gwen Stefani's attmept at a solo career screams quite a different vibe. The first single from the album What U Waiting 4? Not only does this album justice it compeltely introduces to Gwen's Warped Sense of reality.

    What U Waiting 4?: This song is a dance / pop 80's twist song which shows Gwen's creative side and compeltely sets a high bench mark for the rest of the album which completely lives up to that. Overall What U Waiting 4? is my perosnal favourtie for this album easily a 5/5

    Rich Girl: When i heard this song was sung with Eve (a total rapper, not a huge fan) i didn't really know what to expect seeing as she this album was a completely different prospect from No Doubt. But overall this song has a cactchy tune, quite a interesting lyrical lay out evne thoguh most of it is a joke which in a way makes this song all the more entertaining. Overall not a bad song just one of those unique far out things. 4/5

    Harajuku Girls: There is nothing to be said about this song really. It's quite a strange beat that requires you to think about the lyrics to capture properly. The song is all about her new obsession with Japanese Culture. As you can see clearly from her video clips. Overall this song actually is really good. Its structure leads to a different view of pop songs and its genre. Overall 4/5

    Hollaback Girl: Gwen's international smash hit, personally one of the WORST songs on the album as I have no idea what "hollaback" even means. Still quite a good attmept at a Hip - Hop, Dance song which is obviosusly going to be the moment when everyone noticed her. Overall 3/5

    Crash: This song like all the others so far is another one of her pop songs with a total twist. This song basically combines where hollaback left off and takes on the hip - hop electronica type of thing. Actually a good song. It takes what was a pretty boring genre and turns it into something worthwhile. Overall 4/5

    Danger Zone: This song looks at the digital realm of Electronica and the Synthesier which in my opinion is a great compliment to Gwen's already fabulous album. This song is one of the best ones of the album and benchmarks what Gwen's all about "Creativity & trying New Things" 5/5

    Serious: In some ways the total opposite to the song "Danger Zone" which is a dance song with background keyboard tracks this one completely depends on the the keyboard and kinda in a way mixes Dance with a Ballad which totally works out for Gwen. It is a 80's influenced beat and quite a good attmept at it. 5/5

    Cool: The best attmept at a 80's influenced beat of the whole album which provides her with yet another outstanding vocal compliment to her already wide range. One of the favourites in this album i do think that Gwen should have mixed some pop into it but it totally works for me. This song totally upgrades the albums already high benchmark. 5/5

    Bubble Pop Elctric: suprising a great song its one of those songs which isnt much at first but slowly grows on you liek a fungus! I have a feeling that this will be one of my favourite songs from this album. 4/5

    The Real Thing: This is another pop ballad and in my opinion is most likely the worst song on the album and its still pretty good! But Gwen should have tried to re invent the genre instead of making it sound like Cool which is alot cooler then this song. overall 2(half)/5

    Luxurious: this is what should have happened to the real thing. Luxurious takes a pop ballad and blends it with the cofunsion set by what you waiting 4? Overall not the best song yet no where near the bottom this song kinda makes up for the msitakes made by some other songs. 4/5

    Long Way 2 Go: My Second favourite song this one kinda shows that gwen isnt all about usng culture to enhance her albums setting this song deal with a racism a hot topic for a long time. 5/5

    This album would have to be the album of the year for me! And because I'm not obsessed with Pop / Dance songs! I can't wait to see whats next from Gwen. overall 9/10...more info
  • musical identity crisis
    gwen stefani deserves her props. Even with the guiding hand of jimmy iovine and all the best producers money can buy, she put herself into the lamb project and delivered. She aint no Ashlee Simpson or Britney..she actually has creativity. The album is a smorgasbord of all the pop music gwen loved growing up, like New Order, Madonna and Debbie Debb. It's all so cutesy and tounge in cheek, but it's actually also really good. The sound of the album is very dated, but intentionally so. But who is Gwen, really? She didn't seem to know who she was when she used to sing about how the magics in the makeup, who how her vanity is a mess. Gwen has changed into a literal musical chameleon. She shapeshifts from a nostalgic betty boop in cool, into a tough talking teenager in hollaback girl, and into a kooky new wave lunatic in what you waiting for. The whole album is bonkers and all over the place. On the surface, a perfect pop album. And beyond that, a look at Gwen's psyche?...more info
  • On her own... and doing great!
    I was more than proud of Gwen when she came out with this Cd. I am sure we were all worried when we found out she was leaving No Doubt behind, and whether she could make it on her own without a killer band to back her up. Well no point in worrying because this girl just kept going and showed she could be an even better solo artist then a lead singer of a band.
    While her old stuff all had a touch of rock to it, she brought out a pop style that must of been buried in her before. These songs all have a beat and feel to then that simply make you bounce and feel you are some sort of 80's child or like I am listening to another Aqua track. When ever I think of this album, one word always comes to mind "Bubblegum."
    The only track I really skip over is Luxurious but the rest are real smashers. One song that everyone should watch the video of if you want to fully enjoy the song is "Cool", it will truly give the song more life, and when you listen to it on the cd you can't help but act it out. If you are tired of bouncing off your seat to these catchy tunes and feel like mellowing it down here are some songs to skip straight to. Obvious there is "Cool" (don't forget to watch that video), "The Real Thing" which is a sweet ballad, then there is "Serious" which while the beat is not exactly mellow it is a great love song to belt it out to.
    If there one cd that can get you out of the feeling down and in the blue you now know which it is. I give this 5 stars and I hope I can do the same for her next cd. ...more info
  • Lush production meets former punkster
    I wasn't sure (other than the radio hits I dug) that I would like my No Doubt front girl trying her hand at hip-hop, but this is more of Gwen making a transition into pop than anything else. I'm cool with that, since I was afraid she would become a total clone of Martha Davis & The Motels (god, do they sound alike or what?). There are still some punk roots to Gwen's approach, but she's been hanging with a more urban/r&b crowd, making this CD, and the results have grown on me. It's upbeat, defiant, catchy, semi-dancy, yet all Gwen at the same time. Too bad the Grammies still feel U2's tired delivery of their patented sound came out on top over this effort. Like the rock critics say, she's the hottest 36-year-old on the planet and this CD proves it! My 13-year-old niece likes it and so do I... and I'm three times her age....more info
  • VeRy NiCe
    This CD is pretty good. The best fast song is Hollaback Girl (banana's) (lol) . The best slow-ish song is Luxurious. Is still Pretty good CD There R 7 good songs If you dont like this Cd I recommend Ashlee Simpsons "Autobiography" Peace.!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • What are you waiting for?
    Gwen Stefani's eclectic mishmash of disco-funk-pop musings that comprise her first solo album is credible and a step in the right direction. Unfortuneately the record plays more track to track than a smooth full listen--and that occasionally hurts its likability. The oft-confusing title sets the mood for the disc's inner contents: it's made up of a lot of different elements rather than one steady set one. Lead single "What You Waiting For?" is by far the best song here, and Gwen sounds great throughout. Despite some obvious flaws and the overload of Japanese-obsessive references, the album is saved with songs like the driving international hit "Holaback Girl" and "Rich." Gwen is obviously influenced by the 80s and her solo album is innovative in that it helped set the tone that is being followed by such performers in pop music today, from Jessica Simpson to Nelly Furtado. In the end Gwen Stefani soars in the confusion that makes up her first solo disc--but it's still entertaining....more info
  • Solo almbum is banging
    Sweet Jesus she is smoking Hot!!! Now when is she going back to No Doubt...more info
  • Save Your Money
    This is one of those CD's that has one or two good songs that had a lot of radio play but the rest aren't worth listening to. Save your money and download the one or two you may be interested in from ITunes....more info
  • Appealingly Chaotic Bag of Modern Pop
    Gwen Stefani's solo debut (2004) was far different than many expected after the No Doubt career -- this is a hodge-podge of modern rhythms and styles taken from the hottest producers of the day. Never going much out of pop-control, but truly entertaining nevertheless. From the Neptunes-penned minimalist treasure "Hollaback Girl" to cosmically energetic duet with OutKast's Andre ("Long Way to Go"), it's a funny and surprisingly high-quality ride. Also check out the suave "Luxurious" and summery "Cool." And, meanwhile, "Love.Angel.Music.Baby" is considerably better than Gwen's follow-up, "The Sweet Escape"....more info
  • Gwen went "Koo Koo" in '04...
    For those who may not get the "Koo Koo" reference in the title, it is the name of Blondie frontwoman Deborah Harry's first solo outing from 1981.

    Gwen & Deborah have many parallels, being frontwomen for groups that emerged from underground sounds (ska, punk) & blasting out of those scenes with those groups with records that defied those genre's ("Rock Steady" & "Autoamerican"). Also, both groups issued "best-of's" at the peak of their groups success & issued solo records soon after. Though, whereas the Nile Rogers & Bernard Edwards (of Chic fame) produced effort was more avant-garde in it's urban, hip-hop, pop sounds, Gwen had the benefit of 2004 being a time where hip hop is the new "pop".

    "Love.Angel.Music.Baby" comes off as ironic, in the sense that it is just a fun record being made for the sake of fun, not a brilliant songwriter "selling out" to make the MTV grade. As such, Gwen makes a record that is all at once "retro" & very modern. Many hands mix the brew for Gwen's sound: Dallas Austin, The Neptunes, Nelle Hooper, Linda Perry, Andre 3000, Dr. Dre, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis & Tony Kanal (former boyfriend & No Doubt bandmate).

    The first single & opener "What You Waiting For?" is a clever acknowledgement of Stefani's own insecurity of branching away from No Doubt, & at the same time finds her being brave in a fun manner. No Doubt fans will rejoice at the recycled lyric from the "Return of Saturn" era b-side, "Beauty Contest". This was the most underrated, after the record wrapped, of the singles. Smart, self-deprecating, it found that even amongst the camp, Gwen is still a strong songwriter.

    "Rich Girl" successfully reunites Eve with Gwen, sampling "Fiddler on the Roof" for another sparkling pop gem. "Cool" sounds like it was pulled from 1986, though the subject matter deals with her & Tony Kanal's checkered romantic past. "Bubble Pop Electric" catches Gwen on a date with Outkast's Andre 3000's alter ego from the "Hey Ya!" video, Johnny Vulture. Cue the camp here. "Hollaback Girl" finds Gwen returning to "So-Cal" Orange County with a stomping, marching band inspired call-back chant.

    Also, Gwen's love of all things Japanese comes in, as she weaves the underground Japanese fashion culture in on "Harajuku Girls". It is also here where Gwen's pop iconography took a strange comical twist, as four silent Japanese girls followed her through all her videos on this project, the record is named after them by the way.

    There are those that may've winced since 2000, that Gwen's ethos has moved beyond the confines of ska music. But, "L.A.M.B" was one of the most successful (commerical & critical) pop recordings of this decade. It didn't fall victim to cult status like "Koo Koo" did in 1981. Though, like that record it saw Gwen embracing her natural knack for sampling culture visually & musically, if in a more Cher oriented way than Madonna per se.

    Either way, "L.A.M.B." sounds good whilst playing & stays around with you afterwards. That's the shocker, highly recommended!...more info