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M-Audio US41750 Audiophile 192 Hi-def Aud Card
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Product Description

The Audiophile 192 represents a new benchmark in audio performance that's as good as it gets for music production, mastering and critical listening. As with all Delta cards, you get rock-solid drivers and seamless integration with your favorite Mac and PC applications?and even the ability to combine multiple Delta cards in one system*. And since M-Audio is always ahead of the pack, this world-class card is also compliant with PCI 2.2 and 64-bit audio drivers so your ready to take advantage of next-generation platforms and software. The Audiophile 192 is the new world-class standard in stereo audio cards. Has SCMS copy protection control Digital I/O supports surround-encoded AC-3 and DTS pass-through** Direct hardware input monitoring via separate balanced 1/4? TRS monitor outputs Software routing of inputs and outputs Digital I/O can be routed to/from external effects 16-channel MIDI I/O Features ASIO, WDM, GSIF 2 and Core Audio driver support for compatibility with most applications 64-bit driver support for Windows PCI 2.2 compatibility

  • Package contains - Audiophile 192 PCI card, Breakout Cable, Users Manual, Maximum Audio Tools software bundle, Mac and Windows driver software
  • Up to 24-bit/192kHz audio
  • 2 balanced analog inputs (1/4? TRS)
  • 2 balanced analog outputs (1/4? TRS)
  • Offers S/PDIF digital I/O (coaxial RCA connectors) with 2-channel PCM

Customer Reviews:

  • The Sound of Silence!
    After suffering through a variety of products I discovered the M-Audio 192; (I was partial to the brand because of happy experience with their Micro field recorder). After a reasonably painless installation on a PC with Windows XP, I ran the "Wave Profiler" in SONAR Producer to profile the new card. The result: What was formerly an annoying half-second MIDI latency dropped down to instant response!! Better yet, immediately after installation I turned all volume levels to MAX on my outboard mixer: Dead Silence! I wondered if the card was actually installed. Then turning the volumes down I played some music: Astounding presence and clarity. How much is absolute silence worth? A LOT! This card is worth triple the price....more info
  • Review of M-Audio US41750 Audiophile 192 Hi-def Aud Card
    Very good Audio Card, it's working properly and producing a nice and pure sound. For record I didn't identify noise or any kind of pollution. The only negative point is because they dont inform wich plug is to in/out, you need discover with try/error method.

    Rodolpho Dutra...more info
  • Annoying problems with this sound card.
    Decided to replace this card, due to having to reboot the computer(Windows XP)to load the drivers each time the sound card is used. I gave it a rating of 2 only because it does sound excellent when it's working. It seems to be more trouble than it's worth. Also has the occasional synchronization issue while playing music, where you need to stop and replay the song. There are several forums regarding problems with this card. No help from M-Audio....more info
  • I'm happy with this card
    I did a lot of research for a sound card. More research I did, harder it was to make a choice. I am not a gamer, and gamers, this card is not for you. However, if you plan on recording on your computer, or just digitize old tapes and records, this is the card for you. I have had no problems with this card and the sound is stunning for a pro card in this price range.Before I hooked up my sound monitors, I hooked up my old Boston Acoustic 6 watt per channel speakers, the sound was incredible, and thats putting it mildly. So, if your a gamer, go with the MadDog Entertainer 7.1 , dont let the low price scare you. If your a "audiophile" with a budget, M-Audio is the way to go....more info
  • 192 Audiophile EXCELLENT
    We're using this soundcard in our pub for nightly entertainment. I intend on buying a second one soon. The sound quality is great, no one can tell if it's coming from the PC, CD or our jukebox because they all sound great! ...more info
  • Excellent product
    Great sound !
    I have purchased this audio card because I wanted to use it with Heinecke Stereo Coder (FM Radio Broadcasting). I needed a 196KHz audio card for this purpose. Well it wasn't a success but I cannot complain about the card itself. This card is excellent. I had an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 but this one really makes a difference. It plays louder with a much better sound resolution....more info
  • Works Good!
    I've been using a generic sound card for the past 5 years and finally got something to put my music to the next level. This card "M-
    AUDIO 192" is a perfect fit for what I'm doin with my music....more info
  • Audiophile 192 is good
    I bought this card so I could transfer my vinyl to the digital realm. So far I've completed about 10 albums and those transfers has come out excellent. I had tryed using the built in A/D in my computer but the sound required way too much manual editing compared to the 192.

    With that said, if I had been limited to the Ableton software that came with the unit I would probably be rating this very low, fortunately I had Cool Edit Pro. I can't believe how bad the user interface is on Ableton, it sucks...

    I haven't yet played with the Midi or the SP/DIF I/Os so I cannot comment on them.

    Very clean inputs and very good results.

    ...more info
  • Stellar Sound & Rock Solid Drivers
    I purchased one of the these cards for my mobile DJ business that now runs completely from computers. I have several audio cards/interfaces including a Digidesign MBox which I use regularly use. The Audiophile 192 blows them all away. It is instantly noticeable and gave me a bit of a wow factor since I am a huge Pro Tools fan. The works with my DJ software very well on OSX 10.4 and the drivers are solid with no crashes or audio problems whatsoever. In addition to my DJ business I am a professional audio engineer and I am exposed to many types of a professional gear everyday. This is on par with the best I have ever experienced!

    ...more info