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All the Best
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There are those who will claim that this double-disc best-of is worth its price based on the inclusion of three new songs alone, and given their smolder, it's hard to argue with them. First single and disc one opener "Open Arms" is a stuff-strutting affair, with the leggy rock icon letting loose a vocal torrent to prove that in Tina years 60 is the new 25, not the new 40, and "Complicated Disaster" and "Something Special" don't sit uneasily alongside disc mates like "Typical Male" and "We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)." Undiminished vocals and still-vital rock instincts aside, though, the reason to pick up this anthology is its classics. Unlike 1991's Simply the Best which pulled from 1983 till then, All the Best reaches back to 1966 for the soul-steeped "River Deep Mountain High" and chugs through the decades, dipping into the '70s for the Ike'd-up hit "Nutbush City Limits" and hanging around the '80s and '90s for the bulk of 33 tracks. "Proud Mary," a 1993 rendition, keeps on burning, and "Private Dancer" and "What's Love Got to Do With It" land as seductively on the ears as ever, but the lesser-known numbers don't lack for heat either: too many spins of swamp-rocker "Steamy Windows," for example, may require new wiper blades. -Tammy La Gorce

The Multimedia World of Tina Turner

I, Tina, Book

Private Dancer, CD

What's Love Got To Do With It?, DVD

Tina Turner: Break Every Rule, Book

Workin' Together, CD

Ike & Tina Turner - Live In '71, DVD

Digitally remastered double disc collection of one of the most celebrated women in Rock N Roll. Here are her best recordings from over 5 decades in the business, from the beginning with ex-husband Ike to her triumphant claw back to the top in the 80's and beyond, her star forever shines brightly in popular music. Includes 3 new previously unreleased recordings exclusive to this collection.

Customer Reviews:

  • Tina All the Best - Tina Turner
    This album is absolutely wonderful. Her new music is great and its always good to hear her classic hits. Anyone who enjoys "Tina Turner" will like this CD....more info
  • Great, Great, Tina!
    This collection is amazing. I bought it in Alitunes at the airport in CHicago. I popped it in my cd player right away. I expected to hear a bunch of old and tired and dated songs. Wrong!

    From Track 1 'Open Arms' to Track 33 'Something Beautiful Remains' there is nothing dated and nothing stale. The tracks are just as fresh and new as the first time she recorded them. I'm not sure it it's good engineering or what, but it's amazing. Every track blazes across and leaves you smiling and singing along.

    It's amazing and I'm still listening to it!

    ...more info
    Tina Turner is one of the few living legends! I could probably name just a few living legends of today, Paul McCartney,Michael Jackson,Madonna,Janet Jackson,Little Richard,Smokey Robinson,and last but not definatley not least Tina Turner. She is truly has been icon for the last 4 and 1/2 decades. I have followed her work as far as I can remember. From Proud Mary to A Fool In Love to What's Love Got To Do With It?. She has been there and done that. I wish she would decide to tour again in the U.S. I would love to watch her perform again. Anyway back to the album, this album does contain all of hits of Tina Turner. They are missing quite a few hits from Ike & Tina Turner, Hopefully they'll release something soon with songs included all in one. But on this album you get all the classics, Whats Love Got To Do With It,Simply The Best, We Don't Need Another Hero,I Don't Wanna Fight, and so many more. I recommend this album to you!...more info
  • A Living Legend
    This is a great compilation CD!

    What makes this CD essential?

    "Complicated Disaster".

    This song needs to be released as a single and promoted. I can't stop listening to it. It has a great hook and she's in excellent voice.

    "Open Arms" and "Something Special" are good too. (But not as good as "Complicated Disaster". : )

    Tina Turner is alive and well!...more info
  • Apropos Title!
    This CD really is a wonderful overview of all of Tina's "best" ~~~ great CD!! Highly recommended....more info
    What do they ment by saying that Tina was the grandma of rock?, well a lot of things can enbody that meaningful strong word. The rock that they're talking about must be the power live performance that Turner gives on stage...still the Greatest Hits shows a more mellow woman. This Greatest hits could have gone in a single CD one, but to the pleasure of hardcore fans of Miss Nutbush, this record hold more than two hours of pure Rock.R&B.Adult music. There are as for all the singers in the world many misstep, but to be fair to Tina, her music trascends more that just the joint, her persona is an Icon to music. PRIVATE DANCER, one of the biggest highlights of Tina, you can feel the sultryness and melancolic feelin' on this track, a classic. BETTER BE GOOD TO ME so funky, so rock, a favorite to many, and here the original extended version, the beat can be beaten, and Tina's voice is exquisite. PROUD MARY although the live performance will always be the top of top, this studio version is just enigmatic...she's going to doit nice and easy, and then nice and rough. THE BEST, the perfect arena rock song, there could be no other. NUTBUSH CITY LIMITS so raw, so rock, this is one of the best things here, not the 90's mix, the original. IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS, at the beginning it's a song that maybe will not click , but after the lack of lyrics just the moaning of wanting love, it's amazing, coming from an unusual way. MISSING YOU, although many dig the original this version hold it's on thing. WHAT YOU GET IS WHAT YOU SEE, sounds like ol country to me, with a lil pop. TYPICAL MALE, this Tina's at her most pop stage, still great vocals. WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT, strong lyrics, it's her classic. GOLDENEYE a timeless Bond theme, deliver classiness. LET'S STAY TOGETHER, well Tina make it her own. Tina ALL THE BEST it's a great exposure of her music work, a testimony of a life in music. OPEN ARMS the new single sound like a clon of I DON'T WANT TO FIGHT, a perfect tune for the Adult outlets, maybe is cliche, butat least Miss Turner knows where here audience is now...One thing is for sure, Miss Turner will always be an ICON for music. *****FIVE STARS cos all her hits are included and *****FIVE STARS for her contribution to mainstream music....more info
  • Definitely all the hits!
    I bought this cd for my husband because it has all the hits he loves plus more. I highly recommend this CD for a Tina Turner fan....more info
  • Tina
    How can you not love this CD...All Tina, some live, studio and with Ike.
    Mountain High is my favorite.Proud Mary how can you not love that!...more info
  • Simply the best
    I am very happy with the cd as will any Tina Turner fan....more info
  • Tina
    It was purchased as a Christmas gift for my wife. She has enjoyed the music during her travels in her car....more info
  • From one of Tina's biggest fans
    I am one of Tina's biggest fans and I haven't stopped listening to this compilation. It is much better than her earlier greatest hits package, Simply The Best and showcases more of her musical catalogue. The new single Open Arms is an upbeat and happy way to start the double album.

    I also like the other new track Complicated Disaster. I agree with the other reviewer that some of the songs, although nice to hear don't need to be on the album (i.e. Paradise is Here, Something Beautiful Remains, etc.). What's missing are some of her other hits like Look Me in the Heart, One of the Living (from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) and what about Lovething from her Simply the Best Greatest Hits CD? That song rocks!

    Overall, this is the ultimate Tina Turner Greatest Hits package out there and there's no question that this will do very well commercially. It debuted at #2 on Billboard's Hot 200 Album Chart meaning it will be around for a long time. I know Tina said she doesn't want to tour anymore but I'm hoping that the commercial success of this album will change her mind.

    This double album is for all Tina Turner music lovers everywhere. Enjoy it....more info
  • All The Best
    Tina Turner
    All the Best ****
    Emi Capital
    33 tracks
    Disc one playing time: 71 minutes, Disc two playing time: 74 minutes
    Total playing time: 145 minutes

    When artists become a superstar name act, they are often known by either their first or last name. Examples of this include Sammy, Barbara, Liza, Dean, Frank (or Sinatra) and Aretha. Welcome to the list, Tina!

    If Aretha Franklin is the queen of soul, Tina Turner must be the lady in waiting nearest to the throne. All the Best is a collection of her life-long musical work.

    This is the second greatest-hits collection from Ms. Turner. Her first, released in 1991 and titled Simply the Best, had only 18 tracks. If you have that first greatest-hits album, you will find a lot of the same tunes overlapping with this collection. This two-disc set covers her 1980s and `90s hot hits, combined with a few of her latest works. In listening to this collection and comparing it with the other "Best" album, some of the tracks seem remastered and cleaned from the original work. The enhanced sound only makes Turner's vocals more powerful.

    There is one new song in this set, Open Arms, which seems to be a crossover pop/rock air-play hit. It has great lyrics that seem to fit her style, but I would not expect better from her. The song works on many levels, and don't be surprised if this climbs up the pop (and/or R&B) charts this year. Also on this collection is the Phil Collins-penned tune that she recorded for the soundtrack of Disney's Brother Bear.

    What amazed and still astonished this critic are Tina's great vocals. In this age, when most singers tend to mumble their words, you will not get that from Tina; her verbiage is strong and audible. On some of her songs, she seems to be a throwback to Eartha Kitt in the rolling of her letters. Her voice control harkens to the style of Barbra Streisand, when Turner sometimes takes breaths at odd moments within the music. However, the style works to her advantage. An example is the three notes that she stretches over as she sings "WE" in Thunderdome's "We don't need another hero ..." Also listen for it in the new cut of Open Arms. It's the verbal slide that is becoming her style.

    On the whole, if you have always wanted a collection of Tina Turner's works on CD, this collection is, indeed, "All the Best." However, I expect she will produce a third greatest-hits collection or box set in or around 2014. For those who can't wait until then, this one will have to do!

    Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD

    ...more info
  • Tina All The Best
    Tina Turner is absolutely the Queen of Rock and Roll!! Her album is "simply the best, better than all the rest!"...more info
    She is the best. The CD has all her great songs on it. It plays with no problems. ...more info
  • good
    the best black woman in all the time, i love tina i love your music...more info
  • Gotta Love Tina!
    I was introduced to Tina Turner during the 1980s or as I write the MTV generation when music videos were an inventive artwork in progress. Gone are the days that music videos are even made but Tina Turner resurfaced better and stronger than she ever had before. I bought this compilation at a local supermarket for $7.00 believe it or not. When I bought it, I found out it was two disks. I felt like they were being ripped off because I got two for the price of one. Tina Turner is one of America's foremost songstresses. I love her music especially the song, The Best. There are others like Private Dancer, You Better Be Good to Me, I'll Be Thunder, What's Love Got to Do With It, Let's Stay Together, Proud Mary, 1984, and so many others. Tina, we love you and it showed last year when she was given our country's highest honor of being inducted into the Kennedy Center Honors for her services and commitment to music....more info
  • Truly All The Best
    This compilation is a must have for any Tina fan! It's a compilation of all of her greatest songs spanning an unbelievable career. It includes all of the greats like "Better Be Good To Me", "Let's Stay Together", and "The Best", as well as an awesome collection of her early hits with Ike.

    On this compilation of her greatest songs, "A Fool In Love", "It's Gonna Work Fine", "Sexy Ida (Part 1)", "I Want To Take You Higher", "Shake A Tailfeather", and "The Acid Queen" (as well as her covers of "In The Midnight Hour", "Addicted To Love", and "I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)") are nowhere to be found. Those are some of her signature songs. They are ones that show her at various stages of her life and career. Also, it lists "River Deep, Mountaint High" was listed as originally recorded by Ike and Tina Turner. Any die-hard fan of Tina will know that it was HER first single (although it was later released on a few of Ike and Tina's later albums).

    It includes some of her lesser known duets with David Bowie, Bryan Adams, and Eros Rammazzotti, which are great songs. It leaves me rockin and rollin, however wondering, "What about 'It Takes Two' and 'The Bitch Is Back (from "Divas Live 99")'?"

    All in all, it's a great compilation that could have easily been a 5 disc boxed set. She shows, through every track, just the highest caliber of DIVA that Miss Tina truly is...and that's what is important! She shows again just how much potential she still has at age 65!:) (Tina: YOU GO GIRL! I LOVE YOU!:) ).

    I would DEFINITELY recommend it!:)...more info
  • Nadie detiene a Tina.
    Que buen disco, hacia falta una recopilacion como esta, esta buenisima (la cancion que en verdad hecho de menos es One of the living de su pelicula Mad Max 3). Yo tengo todos los discos de Tina (Acid queen, Rough, Love explosion, Private Dancer, Break every rule, Live, Foreign affair (mi preferido), Simply the best, What's love, Wildest dreams (tengo la version europea y la americana pero mejor es la americana), Twenty four seven y All the best.
    Las canciones en All the best estan muy bien mezcladas y el sonido es optimo. Este disco ha sido un gran exito en Espa?a ya que se convirtio en Platino al muy poco tiempo de salir al mercado (aqui en Espa?a salio en noviembre) y sigue vendiendose muy bien. Sus singles Open arms y Complicated disaster tambien estan sonando mucho.
    Realmente les recomiendo este disco esta muy, muy bueno. Me trae muchos recuerdos de cuando era mas joven ya que Tina ha sonado muchisimo en los 80's y 90's, aqui en Espa?a.
    Tina nunca dejes de cantar, eres unica shiquilla, un ole muy fuerte para ti!!!!.
  • This cd is the BEST one!!
    This cd is the best one than the other one known as All The Best: The Hits because this cd has 2 sets of cd's and it has more than 25 songs in it!! the other one as All The Best: The Hits only has 18 songs in it!! Honestly this cd would be for 5 stars!!...more info
  • A True Talent!
    JLo, Britney, Jessica, Ashlee...take note!

    Tina is a real woman and an incredible artist! You wish you were an 1/8th as good!
    ...more info
  • Tina's hits
    Contains my favorite two: Private Dancer and What's love got to do with it. I did not like the other songs....more info
  • Miss Tina is bringing the house down!
    I love me some Tina! Miss Thing has been around for so long, and when I saw her on Oprah, I just had to get her disc. When I get to be her age, I hope I'll still look fabulous like her. Even though she basically stopped dating black men after Ike beat her down, I still think she's the hotness. I love you, Miss Tina!...more info
  • Tina is the best.
    What can one say about a great artist. She does not seem to age. Saw her in a concert here in California....almost 2 hours of non-stop excitement. This album brings it all back to me.....great lady!...more info
  • Don't let her age fool you- she's got some pipes on her!
    I bought this cd because there were three songs in particular that I love "I don't wanna fight, when the heartache is over, and private dancer". However, upon giving both disks a good listenening to all the way through completed undisturbed I can honestly say WOW- I am amazed.

    First off, there are so many more fabulous songs to her repertoire than I initially thought. I was happy to discover that there are some tracks "from back in the day" that were as much of a joy to listen to then as they are now.

    Her music is upbeat, her voice is stellar and I am ever so grateful that I threw caution to the wind and purchased this cd.

    Time has taken a toll on my memory, but getting reacquainted with the music of such a talented artist brings it all back. I highly recomment this cd to anyone who's looking for real feel-good music with soul and grit. There's no doubt about it- Ms. Turner delivers the goods. This cd is on constant replay....more info
  • Smoldering!!!
    Absolutely incredible, hot and sexy!!! This is Tina Turner AT HER BEST, the new songs knocked me out!!! ...more info
  • All The Best by Tina Turner
    This is truly Tina Turner at her best-earthy, soulful and captivating...more info
  • GREAT!!
    I play this CD all the time. Tina is GREAT GREAT!!!! oh did i say GREAT LOL...more info