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Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate, 24"L x 18"W x 21"H
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $26.99

You Save: $53.00 (66%)


Product Description

24" x 18" x 21", Life Stages Series Home Training Crate, Black Electro-Coated Finish, Easily Sets Up & Folds Down To Portable Size, Includes Divider Panel That Allows The Length Of The Living Area To Be Adjusted As The Pet Grows.

  • Cuts House Breaking time in Half!
  • Fold and Carry (Suit Case Style)
  • Durable Satin Black E-Coat Finish
  • Easy to Clean ABS plastic pan
  • Free Divider panel which allows you to adjust the crate/Cage living area as your puppy grows.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Cage
    Great cage for my Lab. He is a year old and it fits him perfect, even got some room to grow in to! Would recommend to anyone interested in a Dog Cage!!...more info
  • Great Dog Crate
    This dog crate is wonderful for my 90 pound pit bull terrier. It is very sturdy and large enough for him to fit in comfortably. I would definitely recommend this crate to any large breed dog owners. ...more info
  • affordable but large dog crate
    I love this crate, but was a little concerned with how big it is. I was told to buy this size crate for a Beagle but it is for a much larger breed of dog. The crate itself is safe and I am happy with it overall....more info
  • Muut mart dog crate
    Great for the money, nice size, good quality. It was delivered even beofre expected date and easy and fast to put together. I like the divider for puppy training....more info
  • Good size crate
    I thought the crates at Petsmart and Petco were overpriced so I looked on Amazon. We have a border collie so we wanted an intermediate size crate. The 36" long crate is a good size. I like that the crate is tall so she has room to move around. The crate is also easy to put together and sturdy....more info
  • 42 inch dog crate
    This crate was bent somewhat under the door. It still works, but is a little stiff to put up and take down. For the price, however, I would still buy it again. It works fine for a 100 lb. golden retriever who is quite a handful!!...more info
  • Good crate, but pictures are deceiving...
    This rating is more about Amazon's advertisment, then the crate itself. This is a good crate. It's solid, sturdy, and very easy to put together! It's a great size for small/medium dogs. I realize that dimensions are given in the description, however the pictures listed are a bit deceiving. In the "alternative view" pictures, they show a full grown Golden Retriever comfortably standing up inside of this crate. No way. This crate is NOT big enough for a dog of that size to stand fully upright in. ...more info
  • great product
    I'm really happy with my purchase of the Midwest 24x18 dog crate. It is plenty big for my small mini schnauzer. She seems to really like it as well. I would definitely purchase again along with the 24x18 fleece mat by Midwest....more info
  • Great crate
    This is a very good crate. It is very easy to assemble. It is very sturdy. This crate is by far the best one for the money. The tray/pan is easily removed for cleaning....more info
  • Love it!
    This product is easy to assemble, easy to use, and has saved me so much money on cleaning products. I used the crate to housebreak my puppy. Our relationship is so much better now. She actually considers this her little home now. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    This crate is great.. it is made of quality materials and is easy to set up and take down. What I really like the best is that the divider on the inside leaves just enough space on the bottom for a full size pad so you only have to purchase one. I have a lab puppy that will go from small to large relatively quickly and this crate is perfect for him. I can use it for a long time to come. ...more info
  • Great product you should most definitely buy!
    If you are bringing home a new puppy this is a must have. It will keep him contained when you are not able to be with him. It is very easy to clean and manipulate. I like how it also comes included with a divider. The only problem I had was getting the divider in, but you don't have to use it if you dont want to. Assembly all together was pretty simple. I shopped around for different crates and this one is the best by far. It is inexpensive and works great!...more info
  • Excellent Crate for Puppy with a divider included
    Nice construction, sturdy crate that includes a divider. The divider made it nice for a 4 pound puppy. We were able to adjust it to a smaller size for him and then as he grows we can allow more space by moving the divider back or removing it completely when he becomes full grown. It is just perfect for him. It allows you to use just as much space as needed for your pet. Our puppy slept sound and just prefers a balled up bed sheet in it. It was easy to assemble. The shipping was fast and it was nicely boxed and packaged. I highly recommend this crate for the life of the pup.It is like having an indoor doggie house and our pup goes in and out as pleases during the day. At night, for safety, you don't want a pup going unsupervised, the latch is closed. It has two latches that close quietly too. Thumbs up! Thanks for a Great affordable product!

    UPDATE: Our pup is now 6 months old and weighs 13 lbs.. He still uses his crate but the door is unlatched at all times. The divider has been removed and hangs nicely on the outside edge of the crate, so we won't lose it for future use. This really has been a wonderful crate and he was potty trained quickly because dogs don't normally do messes in their own space. All pups need schedules and supervision and a place to call home, their own safe spot. It is like having an indoor doghouse. I never felt he was caged because he always went to the bedroom to nap and used it on his own. We did use the divider to just give him enough room to be comfortable as he was growing. My pup never wanted anything cushion-like or padded over the floor tray other than a regular cotton sheet that I could wash and dry weekly. Hubby thought he needed more padding than a sheet, but the pup just piled them up or dragged them out of his way. This crate worked great for our needs! Now, we are moving on to the Doggie beds/loungers! Great product for our pet and great for training and safety....more info
  • Dog kennel - too easy
    This is my first doggie kennel for my first puppy. It was so easy to put together, no tools. You can even put it together without instructions. I like the optional divider wall. At first I tried it without the divider and it was too big for my puppy, but with the divider, it's perfect. She will grow into the kennel.
    I also tend to move a lot as well as travel. The kennel folds down and can easily be stored or put in a car for travel.
    Overall, great product, easy to use, strong, and flexible for you and your dog's life....more info
  • Dog Crate
    Very happy with this dog crate. This arrived earlier than expected. It was very easy to put together and it gives my dog alot of room to move around....more info
  • Midwest 1648 Life-Stages Folding Single-Door Metal Dog Crate
    I am so pleased with the dog crate. It was everything you described and much nicer than I expected. Since we have a Newfoundland puppy, we will need all of the extra space this crate provides. Set up was easy and it is very sturdy. Thanks so much again for offering this product.

    JoAnne...more info
  • Well worth the money spent
    I have had other dog crates in the past but this one is far from the normal. The plastic tray is not cheap it is a sturdy durable tray that slides out easy and is easy to clean. The crate folds up and assembles easier then other crates that I have had and the door is fitted and closes and latches perfectly. Once the crate is folded it has another set of latches to keep it closed to make moving and storage of the crate easy. No matter what size you get do yourself a favor and purchase this brand. For the money there isn't anything on the market any better..
    ...more info
  • Happy with Crate- Not so happy with UPS
    I'm getting a sheltie pup soon and ordered this crate for her because it looked like a good deal with the divider and double doors, which were on my crate wish-list.. I was happy to pay no shipping charges..

    The crate looks pretty good.. I think it will do the job nicely. And I was thrilled at how quickly sent it out, despite my choosing the free "super-saver" shipping.. I received it within days.

    Well, I'm jumping the gun here by reviewing the product before I even get my puppy and see how she likes it, but I imagine things will go just fine.

    However, I do have a complaint about UPS and I hope reads this and either re-considers their use of UPS or works with them to improve handling.

    The crate came in the box which was all smashed up and torn. I LITERALLY did not have to open the box.. the long side was allready torn open.. I was thankful that all pieces were there, nothing had fallen out or was destroyed.

    The rough handling and smashing caused the crate itself to be slightly warped. The crate comes folded together, and what should have been a super-easy set up was extremely difficult due to the way the crate was smashed together.. I had to pry it apart in a couple places, so to speak, so it would "pop up" like it was supposed to.. hard to describe. I'm not saying anything was bent or smashed beyond usability and it looks fine.. Possibly slightly warped.. but it will do.. But I was not happy at ALL with the condition in which I recieved. No major dents.. just slight "warping." I don't want to go through the hassle of return and replacement, but I wasn't happy.

    Now that the crate is all set up, as I said, it looks fine and sturdy enough.. but it would have certainly been much easier to set up if UPS had handled it better. And I'm sure some of the pieces would "fit" together a bit nicer (less "gaps") if it had been in better condition when It arrived.

    So.. I give Amazon and the company making this crate 4 stars out of 5 for what seems to be a very decent product. I give UPS 4 stars for rapid delivery, but only 1 star for handling.. ...more info
  • Grows with puppy
    Great product for our new Boston Terrier.Crate has adjustable partition that allows you to enlarge area for your pup as it grows. Nice heavy plastic tray allows for easy clean up after an accident. ...more info
  • Only Crate I'll own
    I just rescued another pitbull so I needed another crate. I HAD to get this one! Strong, easy to put together and take apart. It's GREAT!...more info
  • Great create
    I bought this create for 11 weeks old puppy. Works great, not too heavy, divider helps a lot. My dog never tried to escape the create. She doesn't jump in it either. She just sits quietly or sleeps.
    I am not sure if that create will work if you are create training an older dog that is much stronger and doesn't want to be in it.
    My dog loves this create so do I. ...more info
  • Good value. Fast delivery.
    I purchased this crate for my new Doberman. He is a rescue from Mississippi and must have spent a lot of time in a crate. He loves the crate and has built quite a nest in there. The crate is well made and works well for crate trained dogs that do not try to get out. I would not recommend this type of crate (folding) for dogs that bounce around or try to get out as they could get the sides undone.
    The only drawback is that when I opened the box the pan had a big chunk out of it. I am working to resolve this issue. Since the crate is so big and we had limited space to open it the box had to be cut apart so returning it is not an option.
    I ordered it on a Sunday and it was on my doorstep Tuesday. ...more info
  • great cratefor puppy
    i bought this crate for my puppy but returned it because i wanted room for him to grow. it is a bargain price on amazon and assembles and disassembles in about a minute. its all in one piece too so theres no fear of losing parts. the bottom slides out for cleaning and also it has a divider panel for smaller dogs to be crate trained....more info
  • great product and service
    It was want I was looking for and was a quality item at a great price! Delivered promptly also. Thank you....more info
  • Great Product and Service!
    I was very pleased with my purchase. We had several problems with our dog chewing out of soft sided crates and decided to try this one. This crate is very large, but folds down easily for quick storage. We have not had a problem with our dog getting out and she seems to be satisfied. I would recommend this crate for anyone needing a large crate for a dog. And Mutt Mart provided fast service....more info
  • A Great Crate!
    First, this crate is a really great price. I bought a dog bed to fit inside, and then started to worry if the divider wouldn't fit as a result. But, no worries! It fits great, since the divider isn't flush with the pan.

    Secondly, this crate arrived super fast! It was really easy to unfold and set up. It's just as easy to take apart and store under a couch or bed when not in use.

    I didn't want a plastic crate for two reasons. The first being that I hate the smell of plastic and didn't want the pup inhaling all those chemicals. The other reason I didn't want a plastic crate is that they typically have only a few holes so you can't see what's happening in the crate unless you are looking in from the door. This crate can be covered with a blanket when you want to give the dog some shade, but otherwise it's great to be able to monitor your puppy from any angle.

    Lastly, the overall construction is superb. The doors latch on the top and bottom and are easy to open. There are no springs to get pinched on.

    A great crate!...more info
  • nice dog cage for the money
    I am very pleased with this dog cage. It fits both my pug and little chihuahua with ample room and seems to be very sturdy. very easy to keep clean and my dogs love it! amazon had wonderful shipping in 2 days to me! would reccomend highly....more info