LG LVC-CS100NE Indoor Motion Sensing Camera w/2-Way Audio (Black & White)
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Product Description

LG Electronics LVC-CS100NE Black & White 2-Way Audio Motion Sensing Indoor Camera
Sleek and appealing design, with working motion detector, so your guests or customers do not feel like they are being watched.
* 2-way audio: Talk to visitors while safely indoors or to other areas of your home from your CCTV system.
* Adjustable view: Manuallyadjust camera 15 degrees up or down for
* Compatibility: Seamless integrationwith existing security system. Once
connected to the alarm, it works even when the monitor is off.
* Clarity and sharpness: High-quality CCD Technology allows for advanced picture clarity.

  • High-quality CCD provides advanced picture clarity
  • Designed for use with the LG Observation Monitors
  • Motion-sensing feature tracks movement wherever motion is sensed, triggers full screen viewing on monitor and can activate recording
  • 2-way audio allows communication in safety