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World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-Paid Time Card
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $25.00

You Save: $4.99 (17%)


Product Description

The World Of Warcraft 60 Day Time Card lets gamers enter the world of Azeroth for 60 days of real-time combat in an incredible fantasy setting.

  • Box contains Game Card only.

Customer Reviews:

  • cheaper by the card
    It seems odd to me, considering the overhead costs, but the prepaid World of WarCraft card is less per month than to send in the money directly. ...more info
  • Prepaid Time Card
    I bought this prepaid time card for WOW on from a seller that could e-mail me the prepaid # so I wouldn't have to wait for the card to come in the mail.

    I always use Amazon for everything I like amazon a lot, I will continue using Amazon in the future as well....more info
  • It's a pre-paid time card...
    ... but if you love the game, it's a perfect gift for yourself or someone else....more info
  • good card, saves money
    just be careful with the card, I scraped the silver lining off of the back of the card with a penny and it scratched the back so much that I almost couldn't read the numbers.....more info
  • WoW! Gamecard!
    Pretty good, especially the price. This item was a gift for a friend and he also believes the game is good. The only reason I rated this game a 4 overall is because some of the features Blizzard implemented in the game irks me. But all in all, WoW is a good, basic game for those who want to explore the MMORPG world. If you can get the hang of this game within a few days, then you probably found a new gift. This may be a gamecard, but it brought my friend a lot of happiness due to his budget situation. I just wished it would last longer so he could play along with me more, but hey, that's life....more info
  • Cheaper than paying monthly on website
    Got this for $29.95 here at Amazon. As of this writing game costs $14.99 a month via the game website. But game website charges sales tax so bring monthly bill to around $16.50 so thats $33 for 60 days. With Amazons free shipping and no tax charged in NYC area I get it for $30. so a savings of $18 a year. Some say why not use the 6 month or 12 month plan on website to save money. Well cause I have to lay out that money up front. So that 12 months up front could be in bank getting 5% interest. Only have to lay out for 2 months at a time.
    Better deal as far as I am concerned....more info
  • Effective but a little more costly way of protecting your credit card info
    Nice way not to share quite as much with yet another game that wants your credit card information. Though at the time of writing this it was still cheaper to buy game time on the website with a credit card after shipping and handling or sales tax. very nice way to limit game time with children and make it not quite so automatic for a company to directly charge new funds....more info
  • Can anything beat World of Warcraft in the next 5 years
    I remember 2 years ago when there was all this hype over the MMO battle between Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft. Everquest had the experience, but the creators of Warcraft had only produced award winning games. Not a loser in the bunch.

    Then the fateful day came, and it wasn't even close. Most people went straight to Warcraft, and those who bought Everquest defected.

    At the time of this writing there are 9 million people who are playing online Warcraft. I quit 2 times, but came back because it appears that no company is in a position to overtake them.

    If you like online fantasy games, World of Warcraft is top of the line, very addictive. Not recommended if you already have a solid marriage and children. This game takes up a lot of free time....more info
  • Yep, it gave me more time!
    It most certainly did add 60 more days of game time. Can't complain about that, I guess. :)...more info
  • save your cc
    only good if you dont want blizz to have your cc info or have to regulate the time spent for the kiddies but easy to use and gets your account back online. ...more info
  • The perfect gift for gamers
    We purchased this game card for our 16-year-old nephew and, surprise surprise, HE LOVED IT! If you have a favorite PC gamer in your life, you can't go wrong with this gift!...more info
  • WoW Game Card
    Well, I already own the game so I just purchased a game card. The card serial worked so there's really nothing else to review....more info
  • World of Warcraft
    One of the most anticipated expansion in recent years this game was definitely worth the wait! If you need any further proof check out the in game currency prices ( Before the expansion came out prices were pretty stable. Once the game came out everybody had to have it. Most thought it would hurt the economy in game but so far that has proven not only false, but exactly the opposite. Way to go Blizzard! Job well done....more info
  • Convenient
    Using the card is convenient, especially if you dont want to make a monthly payment....more info
  • Great game, but overpackaged game card
    I love the game, World of Warcraft, and the fact that I can but gift cards for my friends, but come on... Who needs all of that packaging? It's completely useless! Why not just give someone a code that would work instantly, instead of pasting the plastic card onto a piece of paperboard, then putting it into a box, sealing it with stickers, then sealing that onto a piece of cardboard with plastic, wrapping it in another cardboard box, and shipping it all off to someone??? So much waste, when all it does is give someone the code on the back of the card. Completely useless, unless you are of the mind that packaging makes a good gift. I, however, am not. I prefer less trash and more fun. The code is all I need....more info
  • Fast and efficent
    Ordered this for my partner for Christmas. Was easy to use, and a great gift. He had set up to charge his credit card every month. This game card is great cause you enter it, and then it bypasses the Credit Card for two months. Worth the price, would definitely purchase again....more info
  • WoW expansion
    This is a add-on for the original World of Warcraft. I recommend this is your a fan. Includes new races and higher lvls. Awesome......more info
  • Safe way to pay for online account
    This card is worthwhile mainly if you do not wish to use your credit card on the NET and have one less location storing your financial information. I purchase this when Amazon has it on sale or at least at a price that would be less than the 3-month recurring charge you can purchase direct. And now that you can purchase the card and receive free shipping it usually is able to meet my criteria.

    This prepaid card at the current price allows you to play the game cheaper than if you pay month-to-month or using the three months recurring plan by using a credit card with Blizzard. For me the added security of not having to give your credit card info for your subscription is a great bonus and this is perfect for anyone who wants to purchase a gift of playing time for anyone they know that plays the game.
    ...more info
    YUp I had it in my cart for the deal price of $25.00 and right at checkout, poof the price was $30.00 So pay in advance 6 months tis cheapest...more info
  • very helpful in time of need
    The game is addicting! I love it. The pre-paid card got me out of a bind until i staightened out my credit card problem. As for getting it within a reasonable amount of time, from the day I purchased it to the time I got it in my hands, took too long. I have had heavier products that got to my house faster than this product. It took less than a month but more than 3 weeks....more info