Sherpa Pet Delta Air Lines Deluxe Pet Carrier
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Product Description

Sherpa Deluxe Dog Carrier - Delta Airline Approved Dog Carrier from The safe and comfortable way to travel with your pets! Luggage quality, deluxe dog carrier for small pets is airline approved for underseat use. Stylish, lightweight design conforms with commercial airline carry-on specifications. Features front and top entry for easy access to your pet. Large mesh panels for optimal ventilation for your pet. Convenient zippered side pocket is ideal for travel essentials. Zippers lock for additional security. Sherpa Dog Carrier has roll-up/roll-down shades for privacy. Simply remove the washable lining and fold the carrier flat for storage after your trip, it's that easy. Dog carrier has an inside leash ring and a safety strap for wheelies or roll-aboard luggage. This Airline Approved Dog Carrier is jam packed with amazing features such as the detachable shoulder strap that doubles as a leash. Although ideal for air travel the dog carrier is also great for car travel complete with a seatbelt strap for car safety. Our Sherpa Deluxe Delta Airline Approved Dog Carrier is the must have travel accessory packed with fabulous features and extremely comfortable for your pet.

  • Luggage quality, deluxe Sherpa dog carrier for small pets
  • Airline Approved Dog Carrier for underseat use
  • Stylish, lightweight design conforms with commercial airline carry-on specifications

Customer Reviews:

  • Airline travel with Sherpa carrier
    I purchased the Sherpa travel carrier last year for a trip over Christmas with my 15 lb. Shih Tzu. For a few weeks I left it on the living room floor and put a dog biscuit it when playing games with her. I also would carry her around the house in it for a few minutes every day. On the day of the trip she didn't mind being in it as long as I was always with her. The 4 hour flight went off perfect. The carrier fit under the seat of the American Airlines plane easily but I had to push it down a little. Carrying her in it in the airport on my shoulder was tiring but otherwise it was a great trip. I would recommend it....more info
  • A Good Deal for yearly trips to the Vet
    We bought this product about a month ago and we were looking for an inexpensive way to escort our cat for his yearly trip to the vet. We were in the market for something that was funcitonal, inexpensive, airline approved and wasn't too cutesy. This Delta travel bag filled each of those requirements. It works great in general, but I would have been happier if it had a plusher "sherpa" lining, and better windows. There are screens open/close over the windows, but when they are rolled up they still cover half the open window. I think this is pretty poor design, but again for our purposes - limited travel, it works just fine. I want to praise Amazon for its quick and free delivery and very compeitive price. Hope this helps....more info
  • Great pet carrier!
    This pet carrier is incredible. I know there are cheaper ones out there, but it's worth the money to ensure that the carrier is airline approved (like this one) and that it's good quality. I like that it opens from both the top and the side, a definite bonus. The best part of all is that it's so inconspicuous -- no one ever realizes I have a dog in there!...more info
  • Great in Theory, Trama for me and Pup.
    My 8 lb. maltese clawed/chewed through/got out of mesh webbing in 5 mins.-bleeding and all-back floor of car. My pup crying and tramatized, I cannot use this product. Unless animal is sedated or used to crating, forget about it. Believe me, don't waste your money and time. I cannot imagine shoving this product w/ your pet under an airline seat. p.s. I read these kind of reviews about this product before, but hoped it would not happen to me. Returning to PETCO store wonderful customer support but complicated because I purchased on-line....more info
  • Meets Airline Standards
    I had my doubts about this product, because the size dimensions seemed to be too large to meet standard airline carry-on requirements.

    I bought two for my two cats to move across the country. I was very paranoid that I'd show up the morning of my 7 am flight only to be told the bags were too big to fit under the seats. So I made a special trip to the airport to check with the United attendants. She saw the bag and immediately said, "Oh yes, those are the good ones." I asked specifically about the size, and she said yes, the size is good.

    Turns out, the dimensions airlines give for carry-ons are meant for hard-sided containers only. Soft-sided ones - like this bag - can be squished slightly to fit. My two cats were perfect on both legs of the flight and we all made it to our new home safely.

    I had read some of the reviews that said their cats were able to get out of the bag by unworking the zipper, so I bought inexpensive luggage locks (zip ties would also work) to put on the zippers to ensure the cats could not get out.

    My only issue with this bag is the mesh panel as other reviewers have also said. My cats did not get through it while on the plane, but one corner has since become ripped. It would be nice if the mesh could be stronger or more kitty proof.

    Otherwise, a great bag - met our needs for a stressful cross country trip and yes, they WILL fit under the seat in front of you....more info
  • Great pet carrier!
    I just recently purchased this bag to transport my cat in an international flight. The bag is perfect if you want to keep a low profile during the trip. Only a few people noticed that I was carrying a cat with me! (kids most of the time). Anyway I think this bag is perfect to carry your pet in air flights but training your pet to become used to it is very important as well.

    The bag fits perfectly under a plane seat. I would've liked a set of wheels in the base of the bag to drag it around since my cat is really heavy (about 12 lbs) but other than that I have no complaints from this bag. The materials are very resistant and high quality.

    Definitely a must buy if you intend to take your pet with you in the plane. Highly recommend!....more info