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Bose? Companion? 2 Multimedia Speaker System
List Price: $99.00

Our Price: $74.68

You Save: $24.32 (25%)


Product Description

The Bose Companion 2 speakers give new voice to your computer desktop. Odds are, your computer is a primary source of entertainment. So why rely on standard computer speakers with so much rich content at your fingertips? Step up to Companion 2 speakers and unleash your computer's true potential with powerful, full-range sound for CDs, DVDs, MP3s, streaming videos, games and more. These deliver both the subtleties in your music and the rousing resonance of movie and game sound effects. Think of them as giving new voice to your computer. And with Bose TrueSpace stereo signal processing, that voice really has some reach. Experience a spacious, dramatic soundstage that seems to extend beyond the desktop speakers?whether you've set them next to your monitor or placed them farther apart. You'll also appreciate the clear, robust response for those challenging low musical notes and sound effects. Dual inputs enable the speakers to be used with your computer as well as a second audio source, such as a portable MP3 or CD player. They are magnetically shielded to prevent interference with your monitor. Bose 1-Year Limited Warranty

  • TrueSpace stereo processing add a sense of spaciousness to music, movies and computer game soundtracks
  • Dual inputs allow speakers to be connected to a secondary media source, like a CD or MP3 player
  • Volume control, headphone jack and second source input all conveniently located on one speaker, for easy access
  • Magnetically-shielded speakers prevent interference and damage to magnetic media
  • Unit Size - 3-1/2W x 7-1/2H x 7-5/8D each speaker

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent for their purpose
    These speakers are a good introduction to the Bose sound, excellent as computer speakers. Excellent highs and separation. For casual listening they're perfect. I listen to these speakers a lot more than a more powerful full-range home audio system. If it werent for price, they would have earned five stars....more info
  • Good quality speakers - serves its purpose
    Can't complain too much about Bose Companion 2 multimedia speakers. Overall, I am satisfied. My primary purpose for buying the portable speakers was to use it with my iPod. Secondary purpose was to use it with my laptop. I tested all the portable iPod speaker systems (where you can dock your iPod into a portable speaker and can listen to it while the iPod recharges)from $30 to $300 range. Believe me, they suck. I went to Best Buy and blasted my iPod in like a dozen docking systems (e.g. Logitech mm22, Altech Lansing IM3, JBL, Bose SoundDock, etc) and the sound quality sucked. Regarding the ones in the $100 to $150 range, bass was weak and at a volume high enough to fill your living room, sound became distorted. The SoundDock ($300) which had comparable sound quality to the Bose Companion 2 wasn't that portable. It was heavy and required a ridiculous amount of batteries. Just get the portable speakers. Even one of the Bose Companion 2 is better than the iPod specific speakers. Thus it's just as portable. Who needs batteries? Unless you plan to use it outdoors, you can always find an electric socket. Okay, back to Bose Companion 2 specifically: Sound quality is a plus - has decent bass and treble and stays crisp even at high volume. Versatility is a plus - can plug an iPod or laptop directly to the speakers. Light weight and portable size are a plus. The downside is that it doesn't have a bass/treble control knob. But you could control it on the laptop or use the equalizer on the iPod so it wasn't a big deal for me. I initially bought a Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 PC Speaker System for the same price, but exchanged them for these because the AC adapter connection on the Klipsch was flimsy. The connection hole wasn't deep enough so the power disconnected at the slightest movement of the speakers. But the connection on the Bose is solid. I've had the Bose for a week and so far I am satified. I gave it four stars instead of five because they should lower the price. I suppose we're paying a little more for the reputation of the company. ...more info
  • A good product, a bit overpriced
    I now have 3 sets of these speakers and am about 100% pleased with them. They are still computer-based speakers, not meant to fill a large room, but they are very, very good when you're sitting just a couple of feet in front of them. At this distance they deliver rich, clear sound. At about $90 a pair they are a bit expensive, but I think they are worth it....more info
    My old speakers that came with my computer were better!! They were Altec Lansing and they had a better boom boom beat than these Bose speakers. Also, my Altec speakers had bass and treble controls, and the Bose does not have any of these controls. The Altec had a power light on it, too. The Bose one did not have any power light. The Bose one is very generic. Kind of disappointed. ...more info
  • Excellent Computer Speakers
    If you use these speakers for listening to music, blasting it up in computer games, or even if your a digital vidio/audio editor, these will be your favorite speakers you've tried. The front of one of the speakers comes wtih a headphone jack so you can plug that in if you dont want to wake your parents/kids/family members up. or you can use that to make recording music easier like I do (complicated to explain). Although these cant make any insane 120 decibal bass ratings or anything like that, you shouldnt expect that from speakers this small. It probly has the best bass rating of any set of speakers around that are this small, especially anything under 100 bucks. At the moment im listening to Jimi Hendrix' Electric Ladyland, and I have to admit this sounds awesome on high volume. I'm... basicly in awe. I've had these speakers for a few months now, and ive never been happier. Their better then the last two sets i had by far....more info
  • Another nice Bose product
    I bought these speakers to replace the factory speakers on a lcd television I bought. I needed something small that would fit into the bookcase next to the tv. I am very pleased with these speakers. They provide a very nice sound from a compact package. With no subwoofer, they don't really provide much bass but they do a good job for their size. I also own a Bose 321 and a Wave Radio/CD and while I know that Bose has it's detractors, I have always been happy with their products....more info
  • Has its Perks, but Not Worth the Price
    I received this speaker as a gift, and have used it for about a week. It is a nice little speaker that delivers decent sound. The advantages of this speaker include:

    (1) Small size - it will occupy a minimum space on your valuable desktop.
    (2) Relatively attractive, clean design - I don't like the space-age designs of some computer speakers. This speaker has a clean, streamlined look, which will go well with most systems.
    (3) It also packs quite a punch for a small speaker.

    Unfortunately, these merits quickly become insignificant when you consider the downsides. This speaker has several unfortunate characteristics:

    (1) In order to pack relatively strong bass, Bose sacrificed the sound clarity in the middle and high range. As you increase the volume, the sound gets mushy and muddy. If you mostly raps and hip-hops, this may not become an issue, but if you listen to classic or vocals, it *will* negatively influence your listening experience. At or above half the volume, this speaker becomes quite *un-listenable*.
    (2) Please don't get me wrong. This is still not a bad speaker at all. For normal computer use (but not listening to music), this will serve most people very well. But, if you want to have a set of speaker that could deliver high-quality sound, and you thought the well-known name (=Bose) would deliver that to you, you might be proven incorrect.
    (3) Basically, this speaker--like most other Bose products--is gravely over-priced product. If this speaker is priced at or below $30-40, it may qualify as a great product. However, at $100 (quite hefty for a pair of computer speakers), this simply does not provide the value you should get for your hard-earned money. With $100, you can get much better speakers. For example, M-Audio's Professional monitor speakers can be bought at $60-120, and will deliver five times better sounds than this speaker (and M-Audio's speakers are made of Wood not plastics like this one). Swan also makes great speakers at this price range.

    Again, Bose don't make terrible products as some of the reviewers here criticized. However, it is absolutely true that their products are very much over-priced. Because of the heavy advertising costs and the costs of operating retail stores, Bose has to charge a higher price for their products.

    The bottom line is: If you like how this speaker looks, and like the brand name, and do not mind paying a premium (a lot of premium, it is), this may be the speaker for you. For most others who want to get the best product for their hard-earned money, you will be better off looking somewhere else. ...more info
  • Not bad for small 2.0 speakers

    Found these for $69.00, and they sounded good in the store.

    The Good: Compact, heavy enough to not be easily knocked down, crisp highs, acceptable midrange, clean bass even at high volume.

    The Bad: Expensive for what they are, no on/off switch or bass control, lowest bass doesn't have enough volume for classical music or living room TV.

    Other thoughts: Acceptable as compact computer desk speakers, or bedroom TV speakers. If the amp had 1 or 2w more power, they would be remarkable and worth the price....more info
  • Absolutely Great Small Ones!
    I bought my Bose Companion 2 speakers mid-2005 in Tokyo, Japan, while I was there on an official business trip. I was starting to get bored in my hotel room and was hungry for music. I've had a pair of 901's at home so I decided to go again with Bose.

    At 10,000 yen, approx US$90 at the time, I couldn't be happier with this pair of jewels. Truly flying colours! I believed my money was well spent, and for that I just can't believe it when these seemingly satisfied people say these speakers are too expensive. What do they expect, $5 for this quality? Be reasonable guys, please.

    I recommend this line of Bose products for laptop and notebook users on the move. The speakers are quite portable and offer sterling sound for the size and price.

    Unfortunately, I had to sell the companion 2 for the bigger brothers, companion 3, to one of my friends who has since been impressed with his purchase at a much reduced price - AU$65.

    Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Pretty Good Two-Speaker Solution from Bose
    The Bose Companion line of speakers currently features the Companion 2 and the Companion 3. The Companion 2 features two medium-sized speakers and the Companion 3 features two small speakers, a subwoofer, and a "puck" for inputs and volume control. I chose the Companion 2 because I did not have room for a bass box. I do not regret this decision.

    I recommend the Companion 2 if you are looking for a good quality two-speaker solution for your computer or multimedia device. Here is my list of pros and cons...

    + Small, good design.
    + Good range in sound. Impressive for a small package.
    + Bass can be controlled by moving the speakers toward and away from a wall.

    - You cannot turn them off (unless you unplug the AC adapter).
    - No bass/treble controls (however bass can be controlled--see PROS).
    - Expensive.

    Overall, $99 was a bit much for these speakers. I also expected the ability to turn them off! But, for a two-speaker solution these are not bad.

    If customer service and the compact design are not important to you, then look at the following computer speakers from Logitech:
    Logitech X-530 5.1 Speakers ($54.99 on Newegg, $47.94 on Amazon)
    Logitech Z-5500 505 Watts 5.1 Speaker ($238.99 on Newegg, $257.99 on Amazon)
    Logitech Z-2300 200 watts RMS 2.1 Speaker ($83.99 on Newegg, $96.99 on Amazon)...more info
  • Since I have own this speaker, almost other speakers are deaf
    I bought this speaker 5 months ago, not from Amazon but from an auction on Ebay. I don't think it was new but I have been using it almost all day everyday and it still works very well.

    The sound is great. Since I owned this speaker, all other speakers that I hear from offices, cars, shops... hurt my ears, maybe because I am an audiophile... It is great for music, movie and even game. Every sound is accurate, bass is solid and you don't need an equalizer in you computer.

    However, the sound becomes unclear and distorted when you turn it loud. You will not expect to hear good quality music from another room in your house with this speaker.

    In conclusion, if your room is relatively small, you need only low or moderate level of volume, and don't want to disturb the others, I would guarantee this is one of the best one....more info
  • Greate speakers for computer
    This speakers were created to be with used within the computer. I tried to use them outdoors, but it didn't work as expected. This is written in the manual anyway. If you use them in a room they play sound just great. Good price, excelent quality....more info