Summer Infant Sure And Secure Extra Tall Top Of The Stairs Gate With Alarm
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Hardware mounted metal gateSimple one-handed operationDoor swings closed and locks automaticallyFits doorways 28 to 54 (71 cm to 137 cm)36 (91 cm) tall when installedAlarm sounds if gate is tampered with or not completely closedAlarm can be de-activated by an adultGreat room barrier for pets

  • Hardware mounted metal gate
  • Audible alarm sounds if gate is opened bay a child or if the gate is not completely closed;includes parent override button for easy passage without activating the alarm
  • Swings open in one direction for stairway installation and both ways for other installations. Door swings closed and locks automatically

Customer Reviews:

  • Get something else
    First, the templates did nothing for us- when put together as directed, it was completely misaligned.

    Second, my toddler was standing on it (briefly) and the plastic pieces completely broke in half with the screws still attached to the wall! It bounces and if you have a child that will stand on it, this gate is not for you....more info
  • hard to install and bad design
    This is the first time I have ever written a review for anything, but this gate was so terrible I had to warn others. I bought it because it's tall and has an alarm, and only opens one way, which I thought was important at the top of the stairs. Unfortunately, after hours of trying to install this properly, I gave up when I finally figured out how the stupid thing is supposed to work. You are supposed to move the latch, then pull up on the whole gate (which makes a terrible sound and you're basically pulling against the hardware you just installed) so that it can break free of the latch. It's just stupid! Something much simpler would probably work better. And all of the hardward is plastic. I screwed one of the pieces in, and when I pulled up on the gate to release it from the latch, the piece pulled right off (the screw stayed in, but the plastic gave and came off right over the screw). Bad design, cheap plastic, and a struggle to install. We'll be looking for something else entirely....more info
  • Save yourself a HUGE headache and don't buy this item
    We purchased this safety gate for the top of our staircase last week and should have returned it the moment we opened the box. The directions were horrible, items pictured did not match what was in the box and we actually had to take apart the top latch to install it. We finally got this gate installed and 2 days later the latch broke - I couldn't even shut off the alarm! So now we're left with holes in the wall and a lot of time wasted on a product that should not be trusted to help keep your kids safe....more info
  • Don't buy this gate!
    We bought this gate to put at the top of our stairs. It is HORRIBLE! It took us 2 hours to install, after having to put 3 different sets of holes in our wood banisters since the templates are not correct. FINALLY after getting it installed, we realize that you absolutely cannot leave the gate open without the alarm going off (unless you take the batteries out, or suffer for 3 minutes while the alarm goes off). We wanted to be able to leave it open most of the time, and only close it when the baby is playing upstairs. We have a 3 year old who sleeps upstairs, and we would like him to be able to have it open at night, since there is no way he can open it himself. It takes two hands to pry the thing open, and two hands to shove it closed. If the gate is left open, there are 2 huge screws sticking out that my 3 year old can run right into and poke his eye out! Now that it is up, it feels fairly secure...we are going to try it out and make sure it is safe (seeing as how we have over 15 holes in our wood banisters, we would like to not have to have ruined it for nothing!).
    Don't buy this gate! If we end up taking this back, we are going to be looking at purchasing the Evenflo Top of Stairs Gate, which has much better reviews! Look at that one, and don't even consider buying this's not worth your time or effort, and is a huge pain once it's in!...more info
  • I would NEVER put this gate near stairs!!!!!
    I thought this gate was the perfect solution for our new house. We wanted it to block kids/dogs from the office. The dog (lab) figured out how to open it within days. The latch on the alarm broke within months of installation which not only allows for easy opening, the alarm had to be disconnected without the latch! I am very glad we just needed it for a doorway and not the top of the stairs. My recommendation, buy a different gate!...more info
    This is absolutely the WORST gate I have ever bought and wish I had never laid eyes on it! The thing falls off the wall because it is METAL and far too heavy for the PLASTIC parts used to "secure" it to the wall, it does not close and latch properly, is easily pushed or pulled open even by my little 15-month-old, and the "lock" (also plastic) snapped off after only 1 week of use, so it will not even stay locked now. The hinges used to hold it onto the wall do not stay clamped together and when you lift it to swing it open, it pops right off and the springs go flying and the gate falls to the floor. I agree, if this could be given negative ratings, I sure would do it!!!...more info
  • Horrible poorly designed garbage
    I normally shop online so I can check the reviews first before buying something, but I thought a gate sold at Babies R Us would at least work!

    I consider myself extremely handy, and have never had problems installing or building any product in my life. Bob Villa couldn't even install this gate properly. It's designed so badly, even if it were perfectly installed, it could never operate as advertised. The included screws were garbage also, they came right out of the wall after hanging the gate.

    Never buy a product from Summer. They obviously prey on people too lazy to return stuff. ...more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!!!!
    bought the Sure and Secure Extra Tall Top of Stairs Gate with Alarm to prevent my son from falling down the stairs and to keep my 2 dogs downstairs. Needless to say the ALARM BUTTON POPPED OFF WITHIN 10 MINUTES of installing the gate and the only way to shut the alarm off was to remove the batteries. So no more alarm which was one of the reasons for buying this product.
    A few weeks later the "stopper" at the top of the gate to prevent the gate from opening towards the stairs COMPLETELY BROKE OFF!!!
    My dogs are also able to open the gate from on the steps.
    I have emailed customer service and am waiting for a response....more info
  • Alarm can be annoying
    We recently installed this gate at the top of our stairs in our home. I thought the alarm seemed like a good idea but the sound is VERY annoying. There is a 10 second delay button and the alarm will eventually shut off after 3 minutes - nice to keep in mind if you have to lug groceries upstairs in from the garage. Also, we have a dog that likes to wander throughout the house and having a gate with an alarm freaks him out a bit. Otherwise, easy to install and very sturdy. ...more info
  • Step Away from the Gate
    This gate is simply worthless. After wasting two hours of my Labor Day, I finally have it attached to the wall. Using the templates was worthless, as they didn't match up correctly. After drilling countless holes in the wall, I finally found a semi-straight alignment. Now the gate doesn't close without using significant pressure, and it takes two hands and a foot for my wife to get it open.

    This gate was designed by a very cruel individual who likes to make parents suffer.

    Stay far away from this gate.
    ...more info
  • Cheaply constructed
    Bought the gate without the alarm (but as I see it's no longer available, I'm writing about this version) with high expectations. The gate had decent reviews and it had 'free shipping!' First warning should have been the obvious 'made in China' label on the top of the gate (with all the product problems from China I'm seriously wondering if I have a product with lead paint). It went downhill from there. The instructions were difficult to follow (I've put together lots of things for my kids and these weren't very clear). The hardware to fasten it to the walls was flimsy. Screws were short and the drywall hardware pulled right out while just opening/closing it. Speaking of which, the open/close isn't that easy to do, even for an adult. I'm not bothering to return it (wouldn't be cost effective with shipping and their 50% max value return policy) and may donate it to someone with a pet -- with the warning that if they put the gate up in a high traffic area it'll be a pain to use. ...more info
  • DONT BUY IT!!!!
    I hate this gate!! I Just bought it from Babies R us in store and i just finished taking it down!!!! I only took about 45mins to put up and I measured everything and taped the guides up and did every thing right and it wouldnt latch! With the gate properly installed my dog could lay against it and push it open!! I couldnt figure out how to turn the alarm off so I too finally just took the batteries out!! The directions are HORRIBLE!!!! They still have not updated them like some one else had mentioned! I am returning this gate tonight!! Hopefully I have better luck w/ the Extra tall Swing open gate from the same company (unfortunatly the only other one in the height and with I need) !!...more info
  • Beware of this gate
    I purchased 2 of these gates and not only found them very difficult to install (kind of a one size fits no one), but the craftsmanship was awful.

    First, both of the gates I purchased were warped and would not bolt together correctly (not all of the holes would line up and the hinge bolts would not screw in all of the way).

    Second, the hardware (hinges and door latches) were of extremely low quality.

    After about an hour of messing with this kit and drilling holes into my staircase walls, I realized this company doesn't take my children as serious as I do.

    Do yourself a favor and look at the Kidco gates.

    I do not recommend...more info
  • Works, but has it's problems
    The instructions are not good. One of the hinges was upgraded to metal and the picture still shows the old plastic. THROW THE WOOD SCREWS AWAY!!! Go to the hardware and buy the same size wood screws. They will be better quality and not break off (I have one broken off flush in the stairway support) Drill the correct size hole and put wax or soap on the screws if going into solid wood. The alarm is OK, but might want to consider leaving the batteries out. Needs a switch to disable the alarm. Once aligned (the template worked fine for us), it works fine. For the width we needed (47.5 inches), I did not see a better option at the store....more info
  • Life saver
    My mom had to come and live with me do to surgery and brought her long haired doxie that pees on carpet.

    This gate has saved that little dust mops life. I have new carpet and prior to the gate the dog peed 10 times on my new carpet. ugh.

    I did alter the latch though and bought a regular gate latch from the hardware store. Works like a charm.

    Pam...more info
  • Cannot get Replacement Hardware
    The gate works well, escpecially for pets. Summer Infant does not carry the replacement partsd for this gate anymore and you would definatley need those about every 6 months or so....more info
    I don't know what's wrong with the other people! This gate is absolutely awesome. WE have been using it for over 1.5 years. And we moved it from our last house to our new house. Works great. Our kids stand on it, hit it, slam it closed etc. And it's still going strong. We don't use the alarm. I dont' even know what it sounds like. My husband installed it and said it was quite simple. He said it was a little challenging reinstalling it again with out the templates, but he figured it out. And has lowered it since to keep the dog out. This gate is awesome....more info
  • Not good for smaller openings
    Do not buy this product unless you have a large opening. It consists of two pieces and you cannot use the 2nd piece in a small area, and the 2nd piece is how it all comes together. My friend has it on the top of her stairs and she loves it. That is why I bought it. The alarm does not work properly either. When my friend installed hers and I installed mine the same thing happened. The alarm kept going off and would not stop, so we had to unscrew it from the product and throw it away. Have someone install it who really knows what they are doing. It is a huge pain to install. Took both of us over 4 hours to install!!! ...more info
  • Solid, sturdy, metal gate...
    I'm amazed at the extremely low reviews these Summer Infant gates are getting. These gates are absolutely wonderful. They are very sturdy, smooth in motion and they latch with a nice, solid feel. They look great and can easily be painted to match your decor. I didn't want hideous plastic gates uglifying my nice house.

    I played with all kinds of gates, from plastic ones to wood ones to wire ones. I have 2 of these. I bought them because they are strong metal gates with reliable locking mechanisms and are extremely adjustable to varying-sized openings. I have one opening that is 5 feet wide and another that is 3 feet wide. My dogs and my son all beat on these gates and they're both doing great after 2 years.

    Just like with any semi-permanent gate structure, installation is VERY important. Don't let someone with no mechanical ability install this(OR ANY) gate. You need to know where the wall-studs are and you need to properly install gates plumb and level to be happy with the functionality. If you don't know what you're doing, find your neighborhood handyman and pay him(or her) with the beverage of their choice. :) You know your abilities/shortcomings....more info
    This gate is the worst baby product we have EVER bought! It took my husband around two hours to properly install it and the next day the hardware came out the wall.. he fixed it again, this time putting anchors in the walls. A few hours after that my 13 month old figured out how to open it. About a week after buying and installing it, it completely fell on our brand new hardwood floors and gashed them badly! Now we have floors that need to be reapired and holes in our walls that don't line up with other gates....more info
  • poor quality!
    Never used the alarm, that would be annoying! I did not buy the gate for that feature. This gate is loud enough when opening and closing on it's own, no need for an alarm. But that is not my gripe. The bottom hinge of this gate, which is plastic, broke after about 6 months of use. The button by the handle broke off before I finished installing it. It was pointless anyway so we didn't need it. I bought it for the extra tall feature and had to reconstruct my halfwall at the top of the stairs to do this! I'm proud of my construction but disappointed in the gate. Should have gone with the safety 1st. ...more info
  • Keep Looking
    Took handy husband & I over 1 hour to install, so beware if you you aren't adept with a drill. Would have taken less time, but we tried to readjust panel width to no avail, which involves completely dismantling gate from wall. Very disappointed with the locking mechanism. I can live with an unsightly, noisy gate that does the job, but I find the lock difficult to operate. It is literally a screw that sticks out and drops into a spring-like groove. Spacers for extra panel are set too far apart, as a result, our screw (AKA lock) sticks out nearly two inches (same on other side) and looks terrible. I also worry about the long screws (top & bottom) getting caught on something as I walk through or possibly tripping me. What an idiotic piece of engineering! Lifting the gate to push it open is no easy task for a petite woman with one arm full. But I also found that I could pull the gate open (forcing down spring-like stoppers on either side) without much effort from atop the stairs, which makes me nervous. Luckily a lower guard prevents the gate opening toward the stairs. Disconnected the annoying alarm since baby isn't here yet. Gee, I hate the gate, but now that we have eight holes in our dry wall/bannister, I really don't want to take it back for another hardware mounted gate. As long as it works. What a rip!...more info
  • We LOVE this gate!! Why so many bad reviews?
    I don't understand why this gate has had so many bad reviews. We have several, for our many stairways, and absolutely love them. The installation does take a little while but that's the case with pretty much any hardware mounted gate. One thing I've noticed is that you MUST tighten the bolts with a wrench. If you try to do it by hand, they WILL come loose and that will compromise the function of the gate. It is also very important to use the lock on top. This prevents the gate from being "forced" open. The other thing I love is the alarm feature! It gives peace of mind, just in case somebody forgets to lock the top and a little one does get it open. To my knowledge, there is no other gate out there with an alarm. Just use the gate as the instructions say and it is wonderful!!...more info
  • This gate is terrible
    It was very hard to install. The alarm is annoying, especially when trying to install the gate. The attachements are flimsy. When the gate is open you have two very long metal bolts sticking out. We had company over and as he was walking past the gate the bottom bolt latch scratched his leg bad. Sometimes we like to leave the gate open but it is too dangerous with the two bolt latches sticking out. Very bad design! We have had to redo the the attachements to the walls several times because they keep coming loose. I think the gate is too heavy for them. I hate this gate and it is coming down today. I am going to try the All clear swing gate. ...more info
  • POS!!
    We've had this gate for a few months now. It started out great but now the latches mounted on the wall are coming apart. the gate regularly falls off it's hinges, yesterday it landed on my 6 yr ols bare toes!!! My year old can now tug it open even when in a locked position.

    So not worth the $$$. Keep looking if you want a gate that will last and be safe....more info
  • Excellent Gate - Wouldn't Buy any other Brand
    We love this gate so much I just bought our third one. We do not need the alarm option, but we have one at the marble entryway, one going into our kitchen, and now one at the top of our stairs. I will admit that the plastic mechanism did break on one of our gates. But, after a quick call to the manufacturer, they sent us the replacement, newly designed metal ones free of charge. They sent us enough for all of our gates. Each gate took about 30 minutes to install and the templates worked perfect. I don't know what was wrong with all of you out there that say your templates didn't work. We've used the same template on all three and it worked perfect the first time. I would refer all of my new Mom's and Dad's to purchase this gate without hesitation....more info
  • Use Different Hardware
    This gate is very sturdy and is next to impossible for a toddler to open. My only problem was the plastic anchors the gate comes with. I would suggest using metal zipits and then you won't have any trouble. The gate is just too heavy for the hardware it came with. ...more info
  • Terrible Do Not Purchase! Dangerous
    Hi My wife and I have had this for 2 weeks now and my son fell through it. I followed the instructions perfectly. The cheap plastic mounting brackets that come with this gate broke.

    Do Not buy....more info
  • Don't bother even trying to put this gate up!
    We purchased this gate after the simple and secure gate by the first years broke. (the locking mechanism snapped)The templates were off...therefore it took my husband about 3 hours to get it up....and it still wasn't right. I was so sick of drilling holes into our banister that I told him to put it in the box. I returned it and purchased the hands free gate. We are using it downstairs and so far I am very pleased with it! ...more info
  • very poor quality
    First, I fully agree with the negative reviews I have seen here so far. I am writing this note still full of rage and frustration after painfully attempting to install this overpriced piece of garbage. I am trying to imagine how I am going to extract the cheap quality stripped screws from the wall and how I will pack the thing up to bring back to Toys 'R Us. Following the templates, the alignment was off. The gate is quite heavy considering the flimsy plastic hinges that are supposed to hold it up. Do not let your children, pets, wife or your feet get to close to it while you attempt to install it. Even if I did successfully install it, it is ugly, with big metal bolts used to latch it shut, and it seems to be as much a danger to children as the stairs it is supposed to block. I have installed two gates previously, two very cheap safety 1st pressure gates. I installed them with the permanent hinges and, while they are a bit hard to latch shut, the installation was smooth and uneventful. I got those gates for $20 each. These heavy metal menaces cost me around $60 a piece. Please, Summer, improve the quality of your products. I called you once for a replacement part for a video monitor and you were nice enough to send it right away, no questions asked. You seem to be good people. You can do better with these gates. This one should be recalled....more info