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Automatic and Rechargeable No-Bark Collars
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A barking dog can be a welcome sound when warning intruders but it can also be annoying at times. These replaceable/rechargeable battery self training collars help your dog learn when barking is unwanted and produce a better, happier pet. System includes a lightweight, water-resistant/waterproof collar unit, batteries/recharger, easy-to-adjust nylon buckle collar, short and long probes for varying coat lengths, complete operating instructions and a training DVD. The automatic No-Bark Collar comes with replaceable battery and the rechargeable No-Bark Collar comes with rechargeable NiMH batteries (each collar sold separately).

  • Rechargeable or replaceable battery-operated units
  • Nylon buckle collar
  • Water-resistant or waterproof collar unit
  • Long- and short-hair probes
  • Training DVD

Customer Reviews:

  • Big disappointment
    Item was shipped with sparse instructions. I thought the battery was dead because I couldn't make it work. After buying replacement batteries, I finally got the collar to operate, and it made my dog cry out, or yelp, making convoluted turnovers on the floor. He didn't stop barking, and was making such a fuss I couldn't take it - it was like he was being tortured. Item description at led me to believe features not included were included. Anybody need a used item with 3 extra batteries?
    ...more info
  • Works well for the price
    I have this collar on both my dogs. It works fairly well as long as it keeps contact. The only problem I've found is that it has to be put on very tight, has a tendency to work around the neck (so it's not in the right place), and doesn't work as well on dogs with thicker/longer hair. However, I suspect these problems occur with most collars....more info
  • Missing Battery
    I thought this collar wasn't working and was disappointed. However, I figured I'd check the battery thinking maybe it had been sitting on a shelf too long or something. It turns out THERE WASN'T A BATTERY IN IT!! I re-read the product description and it was supposed to come with a battery (or at least that's how I read it). Now I have to order (and pay shipping on) the battery. That just doesn't seem right. I can't even rate this because I have no idea if it works. Just thought I'd warn people about the missing battery - maybe it was a fluke....more info
  • innotek no bark collar
    this is the first time i have ever used one of these collars and i was kind of unsure if they really worked or not. i have a german sheppard and when he barks it's very deep and loud. i had to move from the country closer into town and he wasn't used to so much noise and people so he was constantly barking exspecially late at night. so i bought this collar and put it on him and within minutes it stopped him from barking. it took about two weeks taking the collar on and off before he stopped barking at every one. now i just have to use it occasionally. the collar is very effective....more info
  • It works...
    We bought this collar for our animal shelter rescued American Eskimo who barked ALL THE TIME. By barked all the time, I mean he barked and kept barking for 10 minutes or more. He barked at us, he barked at the other dogs, he barked at the cats, he barked at any noises inside or outside, he barked whenever someone walked in the door, he barked while he played and he barked in his kennel. The worst part was when he would start barking at 4 in the morning and not stop till we let him out at 8. For two months we tried everything we could think of, and everything a certified trainer could think of... with absolutely no luck.

    The day I got it I rubbed in against a hard surface and touched the tips. I did that several times (to get it to go up as high as I could). It startles you a lot; it really doesn't hurt, even all the way up. If you do that yourself, remember to take out the battery so that it will reset down to the lowest shock level. It takes a couple of hours to reset itself back down, and taking the battery out and then putting it back in will restart it.

    The first day I put it on my dog he barked up to the 3rd or 4th setting before he gave a yelp and stopped barking. It was the kind of yelp he does when he is rough housing with the other dogs; the yelp that says "okay, you win, I give up" NOT "I'm in pain". We used it every evening after work and through the night... for about 2 weeks. Now we might have to put it on him once a week for a couple of hours, just as a reminder. He almost never barks in the house anymore, and when he does it is just one bark and he is done. Periodically throughout the week when he is quiet (like when we walk in the door and he doesn't bark at us) we walk over and give him a treat, to reinforce the good behavior.

    I think the product is great. I don't usually like products like this, but there are some dogs that just won't learn any other way. We rescued our dog from the animal shelter and his bad barking habit was already drilled into him... this was all we could do to fix it. Once your dog learns what happens it shouldn't take very long for him to realize that barking is not good... then just reinforce the good behavior when it happens. Hope this helps....more info
  • amazing... im astonished
    I was so suprised to see how well this thing actually worked. i tried it on myself first, and it really isnt so bad. its like one of those hand buzzers, only actually more suddle, i think. but it is suprising. i didnt think my six year old cocker spaniel would actually stop, because he is one DETERMINED barker. but hes really turned it down a notch, (and its only been a day!) and i love that the collar doesnt make him stop his cute little talks, just the loud unessecary barks. its great! its not inhumane, its just a surpirse that catches them off gaurd. worth the money! and a great training tool!...more info
  • Really good product for the price
    We got this collar for a large dog (23 inch neck) and thought the collar might be too small. It turns out that the collar would fit a much larger dog. We tested the collar first by shocking ourselves on the arm. It gives a good, but not overwhelming shock after a few tries. The collar is definitely effective.

    BEWARE: Amazon recommends the following batteries: Petsafe RFA-67D 6-Volt Lithium Battery, Set of 2. These are the wrong batteries for collar. It uses a regular 'camera' style battery.

    ...more info
  • Does the Job!
    Works great! I like that it senses vibrations from your dog rather than sound - His old collar would shock him when his sister would bark - no fair. ...more info
  • Works Wonderfully
    My dogs have been terrible barkers for a long time but we have lived rurally so they did not bother anyone. Recently we moved to a more suburban setting and got the collars so that we would not disturb the neighbors. This collar really work for us. We have a 25 lb and a 50 lb dog and it worked on both of them. After the first set of shocks the dogs have never barked when the collar is on. We had to trim the hair on their necks to get a good contact initially and have continued to keep it trimmed. They do bark if the collar is off and the directions say not to leave the collar on overnight. They do not bark at night but we have to put it on them before we let them out in the morning. I am very pleased with this and would buy it again....more info
  • Battery Dead
    While this product may or may not work great I received it with a dead battery so I have been unable to try it out yet. In addition it uses its own proprietary batteries so you have to order them online....more info
  • innotek no bark collat
    We returned this item, only because my husband was reluctant to use it with our dog, who he adores. A friend has one and found it to be very helpful. We are hopeful out dog will just outgrow his barking - which he directs mostly to birds and squirrels in the yard....more info
  • Old Dog Nixed Trick
    Great collar. I have a 60 pound Border collie mix who has barked for years. He's a giant chicken! After my 2nd child I had to do something. He would bark at any noise or motion outside and then sit and bark incessantly at the back door. If people came over he would bark uncontrollably until he could get a good sniff of them and accept them - even neighbors that come over EVERY DAY! This collar has not completely stopped him from barking but it has helping SO MUCH. He no longer just sits and barks if we have to put him outside (like when we had remodeling done in the house). It has forever changed me and him. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with issues like me....more info
  • Not Rechargeable
    Despite what the information says the collar I got was not a rechargeable one.

    So I will be stuck buying batteries for the collar....more info
  • looks mean, but it isn't
    I have a ten pound dog that barks like a maniac, and after reading the product specs and reviews, I gave this a try. I was a little worried because he's so little, but after giving it some thought, I tried it on myself. Aside from feeling like a moron barking in my living room, it wasn't that bad. It took a while to get the right pitch to activate it, but when I did, it was more startling than anything, and my neck is super sensitive. (I can't even wear shirts with snug collars.) It resets itself to start from the lowest every time, but when he barks, the first correction is enough, even if we're walking past a yard full of barking dogs. It totally works....more info
  • Not all that effective for an avid barker
    My dog barks with little regard to the collar until it sets itself to the highest level at which times he barks in a higher pitch. He will stop briefly until the collar resets to a low level at which time the process starts over. It is too hard for my husband and children to endure therefore use of the colar has been suspended. I will be looking for another product because the barking is a big problem in our house....more info
  • mixed results
    The collar worked quite well on my smaller, sleeker dog, but less well on my big, furry one. I tried trimming his neck fur, and still did not get anywhere with him. Maybe if I trim it more I will have some success. In the one case I get tremendous results though....more info
  • Good results and humane
    My wife and I both tested this on ourselves before we used it to train our dogs.

    The level of stimuation is similar to the "hand buzzer" joke toys.

    Dogs like to be good. This stimulation is far more humane than all the accumulated "Bad Dogs!" they would have gotten while we tried to train them out of thier natural behaviour.

    It works pretty fast too. When the dogs were trained we removed the collar. When they reverted to barking we put it back on. Now we just have to show it to them and they quiet down....more info
  • Worked for us!
    Recently I took in a four-year-old beagle who was abandoned by her previous owner because of her nuisance barking. I was fostering her with the hope of adopting. However, I live in an apartment building with lots of neighbors and thin walls, and I work away from home all day, so the likelihood of this beagle working out for me was slim.

    When I first got her, I set up a webcam to spy on her during the day, and sure enough, she barked the ENTIRE nine hours I was gone. I tried leaving on the TV, giving her various toys and treats, etc. etc., but nothing worked. Reluctantly, I tried this collar.

    Seeing her squeal the first time she was shocked was hard for me to watch, but a moment later she was her regular self, so I'm convinced it just startles her and does no real damage. After a few shocks she seemed to have gotten the message. Two days later, she doesn't bark at all when the collar is on!

    ...more info
  • no-bark collar
    This product is amazing. My dog would cry and bark after I left for work. The neighbors (apartment) would leave notes to let me know she was doing this. This collar stopped it immediately. *A warning though - don't put a chain collar on with this one!!* When the chain collar hits the box on the no-bark collar, it will shock the dog as if she barked. My suggestion is to take the no-bark collar off or turn it off....more info
  • Nice.............
    I thought this product was awesome and the best deal I could find ANYWHERE! We have a weiner dog with a flare for all night long barking (at nothing) after the first night he wore this it was weeks before he started barking again and even then it took only one night to refresh his memory that barking is not allowed at night at our home...
    Thanks Rebekah and Jim Nelson
    Phoenix AZ....more info
  • Works
    I bought one for each of my 2 dogs, a dolberman & a grayhound. Within a couple of days of wear, there were no futher neighbor copmplaints about their barking...more info
  • Outstanding Product-it really works!
    I have to admit that I was skeptical of this product. My Golden Retriever loves to bark. It took just a couple of days for her to stop. I loaned it to my daughter to try on her Retriever..she has now bought one. Same for my son..he also bought one for his dog. I was also concerned about the training being painful for the dog, but the automatic, gradual increase in shock level seems to be very effective as a gentle reminder.
    ...more info
  • Micro No-Bark Collar by Innotek
    If you can't be there to train your dog, like while away at work this collar works well to teach your dog not to bark. For those with small dogs (IE 10 pounds) this is still a great product and is sized nicely and the collar fits well....more info
  • Poorly constructed, Not good with large breeds
    I purchased two of these collars. I have a couple of labradors each about a yr old, the collar stopped them from barking right away, however they were curious about the others collar and easily popped the top casing off of these with one bite. When I returned from a 15 min. trip to the store I found both devices were in pieces.
    What a waste of money............ I have an older rechargable collar from Inotek that was bulkier but very sturdy have used it for over 3 yrs wish I could find another one of those....more info
  • Innotek collar
    This product is inhumane to dogs no matter what the manufacturer tells you. It is more effective and more humane to work with a trainer who can teach you and your dog how to get barking and being quiet on command control. You also need to control your dog's access to windows and other sources of stimulation. It takes time and energy but is the only fix for these problems. Both shock and citronella are ineffective and really not kind. They're a quick fix that doesn't work. Remember that these behaviors have been going on for quite awhile so self-reinforcing before we owners actually make a plan to effectively change behavior so it will take a little while to see improvement. Be patient and do the work. Just like getting in shape as people, there are no shortcuts. I know it's not easy -- I had the same problem with my sheltie. Only training worked. She's fine now. I also don't let her by the picture window when I'm gone....more info
  • Sad :(
    Well this thing works, but it scared the crap out of my dog. I put it on him and he barked and then it went to a yelp (a cry for help.) I felt so bad for him. Now when he starts barking I just hold it up and he stops whatever he is doing and jumps in my lap, like, "PLEASE...oh... please don't put that thing on me." Then he just shivers like crazy, this must be a powerful shock. My poor baby!...more info