Sleepover (2004)
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Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) stars in this irresistible teen comedy about four best friends who embark on a zany, all-night scavenger hunt against their popular girl rivals! Bursting with hilarious hijinks, glorious girl-power and true-blue friendship, Sleepover is a high-spirited, high-stakes romp that's 'topped with sprinklings of Cinderella enchantment (The Seattle Times)!

Customer Reviews:

  • Sleepover
    The movie "sleepover" is about a girl named Julie [Alexa Vega] who has a sleepover and invites 3 other girls. They do the usual sleepover stuff: website vandalism, frozen bra, makeovers, and fried Twinkies. Then Julie's old Stacey friend who became popular comes over and tells the girls that her and her friends made up a scavenger hunt and they want them to do it too. Julie agrees but she will only do it if Stacey agrees to a little deal, first one with all the stuff on the list and to get to the high school first wins a seat at the fountain [the high school lunch spot]. So Stacey prints it out and leaves. Julie and her friends do all the stuff on the list but at the same time have to worry about not getting caught being out of the house. The girls do all the stuff and make it to the high school but Stacey gets there at the same time, so they make another deal. Whoever gets the crown at the dance wins. Watch the movie to find out who gets the crown at the end.

    I thought this was a great movie, one of Alexa's best. The best thing about this movie is that you can watch it over and over and it will never get boring. This was my favorite movie!

    If you like funny situations and out of the ordinary adventures, this movie is great for you. This movie is more for girls 10-16 years old, because they probably can relate to all the girls in the movie better than a boy could....more info
  • A fun 'Sleepover'.
    This is one of those fluffy movies that you just can't bring yourself to admit you enjoy. I thought the plot was on the cheesy side, but it was still interesting to watch how everything went all the way up until the end. I think Alexa Vega is a great actress, I've never seen her in anything before this. She's a fresh face....more info
  • Damaged dvd
    The "Sleepover" DVD arrived damaged and scratched. I returned it to Amazon. It was supposed to have been "brand new", and it obviously was not....more info
  • Great Sleep Over Movie
    This movie is pretty good. I mean, it is good for the girls at least. I think it is a great idea for girls to watch during your own sleep over. Anyway, the movie is basically about Julie, after graduating from junior high and is about to enter the world of high school, which, according to this movie, has different lunch spots, so the girls that's in the sleep over decided join in a scavenger hunt to win the 'fountain' lunch seats. The girls went through some obstacles in order to get what the 'list' needed them to get and of course, there's a happy ending. ...more info
    Directed by Joe Nussbaum, Sleepover revolves around one of the hallmarks of female friendship: the all-important slumber party. In hopes of shedding their not-so-cool reputations during the summer before their freshman year, best friends Julie (Alexa Vega), Hannah (Mika Boorem), Yancy (Kalli Flynn Childress), and Farrah (Scout Taylor-Compton) decide to host the sleepover of their lives. Far from a mere pillow-fight-laden girl talk-fest, this sleepover includes an intense scavenger hunt against the most simultaneously loathed and envied young women they know: the infamous "popular" clique. Along the way, the girls manage to hijack a car, sneak into clubs, engage in a first kiss, and learn more than a little bit about themselves and their capabilities - all while evading the watchful eyes of Julie's mother

    As to the easter egg, here is how to find it:
    highlight "Ready, Set, Action!" on the Special Features Menu and pressing left
    contains another 3-minute gag/highlight reel, as well as congratulations from Alexa Vega for finding the Easter Egg.
    This is not a big deal hidden easter egg as what is shown is the same stuff shown in some of the other special features
    BUT,the nice thing is as soon as you are taken to this hidden extra, Alexa does congradulate you for finding this, as I mentioned allready.

    ENJOY!...more info
  • "Sleepover" is "Mean Girls" for the 'tween crowd
    When I watched "Mean Girls" I could not help but think juniors in high school have nothing on girls in junior high. Surviving eighth grade is the hard part for teenage girls, but at that age you still have to be driven by somebody to the movie theater, so Hollywood continues to aim for older adolescents. "Sleepover" is about junior high girls, although on the final day of junior high, as they are about to become freshmen. But while we once again have the clash between the girls who rule the school and those who aspire to such lofty positions, this is a film that emphasizes "cute" over "cruel."

    Julie (Alexa Vega) is having a sleepover not only because it is the last day of school but also because her best friend Hannah (Mika Boorem) is moving away. Farrah (Scout Taylor-Compton) is coming as well, but Julie's former best friend Stacie (Sara Paxton), has moved on to be Queen Bee of the snooty girls and will not be attending. When Stacie and her pack of brats insult Yancy (Kallie Flynn Childress), Julie invites her to be the fourth. Stacie has a date to go to the high school dance with the second string quarterback in his sports car, but he is more interested in parking than in dancing, so Stacie decides it would be more worthwhile to crash Julie's sleepover and challenge the girls to a scavenger hunt. This will require Julie and her friends to break the rules laid down by her mom, Gabby (Jane Lynch), because they will have to leave the house. But at stake is the prime seating place for eating lunch in high school, and there is also a good-looking boy.

    Now, if the most high and mighty junior high girls on the face of the Earth think they are going to get to sit in the best place at lunch in high school, then they have a rude awakening in store for them. But the idea of a privileged place is certainly going to resonate with young viewers (although an outdoor lunchroom is not really a part of our culture) and "Sleepover" is clearly intended as an adolescent fantasy. How else do you explain the interest of high school boys in under-aged girls (who manage to get into dance clubs) or why there are kings and queens named at end of the school year dances (or why anyone other than a senior would get the crown).

    Ultimately, "Sleepover" is above Julie and her friends getting a boost of adolescent self-confidence that will allow them to survive the horrors of high school. Julie has an advantage in that Hannah is there to give her a push. Hannah has her act together in a way that Stacie and the others never will; you get the feeling Hannah could be Queen Bee but that the role never goes to anyone who would be a benevolent leader. Your tolerance for this film will have to do entirely with your ability to enjoy all the cuteness. But subtlety is often lost in such adolescent fare (and there is an unexpected "nude" scene), and if other films directed at the 'tween audience could follow in the wake of this one that would be a good thing. The problem of course is by the time a film like this gets made and ends up on DVD a leading girl like Vega is already beyond the 'tween stage and in danger of becoming another yet Lindsay Lohan or Hillary Duff and the vicious circle continues in terms of teenage movies. But hopefully the success of this film will engender more to follow, even if a new crop of young stars will need to be found for each one.

    My biggest complaint with "Sleepover" is actually about the end credits. This is where we get to see photographs of the cast with their names. We get Alex Vega (Julie), Mika Boorem (Hannah), Jane Lynch (Gabby), Sam Huntington (Ron), the trio of Sara Paxton (Staci), Brie Larson (Liz), and Scout Taylor-Compton (Farrah), the duo of Douglas Smith (Gregg) and Katija Pevec (Molly), with Steve (Sherman) and Jeff Garlin (Jay). Left out are Kalie Flynn Childress as Yancy, who had more to do than the Stacie or Liz characters, Russell (Evan Peters) who had way more to do that Gregg, and Sean Faris as Steve, the boy toy in the bottom of the box is even further down. Here is this above average juvenile cast in a nice ensemble effort and suddenly at the end what becomes important are what their agents negotiated for their clients rather than what actually happens in the film. At least on the DVD you have a commentary track with director Joe Nussbaum and Vega, Boorem, Taylor-Compton and Childress giggling their way through the film to get you back to thinking happy thoughts about the movie....more info
  • perfect
    I got exactly what I wanted. The disk plays perfectly and the disk and case are in good condition....more info
  • I wish I had a sleepover like this one!
    What is wrong with some of the reviewers? Sleepover is in my top 5 of 2004.

    1. Mean Girls

    2. Kill Bill vol. 2

    3. Sleepover

    4. Spiderman 2

    5. 13 going on 30

    3 out of is not bad considering the terrible movies I've seen....more info
  • Fun Movie! (4.5 STARS!)
    Alexa Vega is featured in Sleepover. She plays Julie. The story is basicly about girls on a sleepover. But then, this popular girl (Julie's ex Best friend) comes in Julie's house and gives them a scavenger hunt list. Whoever wins the scavenger hunt, they get the lunch place near the Drinking Fountain. The losers sit near the dumpsters. It's almost kinda like a Cinderella type movie! (not A Cinderella Story, the real Cinderella movie!) Alexa Vega has changed since the first Spy Kids movie. I'm apaulled! During the whole Sleepover, Julie's older brother helps her cover so her parents won't find out that she and her friends snuck out. Julies best friend is also moving out of town the day after the sleepover. All girls would enjoy this movie! It's great to see!...more info
  • 35 years old and I watched it 3 times in one week!!!!
    Last week I watched this movie because my friend's twelve-year-old daughter who I was watching wanted to see it. I thought I would "suffer" through. I LOVED IT!!!! I convinced my 42-year old husband to watch it and he thoroughly enjoyed it although I had to drive him crazy to get him to watch it. Then, last night, before I had to return it to the video store, I watched it with another 12-year old whose parents are close friends.

    Why I liked the movie:

    First of all, it's cute and it moves at a great pace. It pokes fun at the adults enough to be genuinely funny and not overdone. And the portrayal of the oblivious dad, the overprotective mother, and the big brother who comes through in the end is soooo accurate in my experience.

    Second, while the snot girls are mean, they aren't heartless and they get their coming-tos in the end. Also, the main one, Stacey, has enough character development...finding out what older guys CAN be about and being disappointed, etc. that she is not a completely unsympathetic character.

    My favorite two characters are Julie and Yancy. Julie because she's got spunk and Yancy because she is such an honest character. I also loved that Yancy's character is bolstered, let down and bolstered again. My favorite subplot has to be the celery vs. brownies theory...what a great point to be made for girls who are bigger or struggle with other physical self-esteem issues...find someone who is interested in you as you are, not as they might want you to be!

    Also, I loved the fact that the closest it came to swearing of any sort was "For the love of carbs!"...there wasn't even any euphemistic stuff like "freaking," etc. Now, I am not a prude, believe me...I am a recovering alcoholic and have been in therapy for seven years. I started "going around the block" at about Julie's age and so, yes, I have ISSUES :). However, it is sooooo refreshing to watch a movie that isn't violence, sex, and swearing and just makes you feel good for everyone in the end! (even the snotty least they still have each other...Hannah moves away).

    Another thing I was impressed with is the scene where Steve figures out from the yearbook who Julie is and says she grew up "nice"...instead of focusing on T & A...he lists her school activities...debate, basketball, and her hobbies...skate boarding, etc. In other words, it's not all about shallow stuff...he's attracted to her physically sure, but his real interest is piqued when he finds out a little about WHO she is not WHAT she is. His character does this again by the fountain when he compliments her not on her looks but on her laugh. These are great messages for both adolescent boys and girls!!!!

    Of course, Ren, the Patrol-Tec guy, and "Sponge-Bob" give the movie lots of extra hoots and interplay.

    This is just a great movie, period. I am probably going to buy it...for myself :). It goes on my list with 10 Things I Hate About You, Never Been Kissed, and Miss Congeniality as a keeper for cute movies that give you warm fuzzies and move at a pace that keeps it interesting!

    Compliments to the writer of this script, the actors who made it real and the director and producer who pulled it together seamlessly. Yes, I would give it an Oscar if they would make a category for well done youth films...books have awards for Children and Adolescent literature...maybe movies should too and we'd see some better quality in PG and PG-13 movies!! Just my humble opinion.

    OK, I am done now :).

    Heidi Rosin, 35
    Sioux City, IA...more info
  • Enjoyable
    This is a fun movie. It's not great, but it's above average for a tween movie. The best part is that it isnt ruined with some big star. The girls have fun on their scavenger hunt, and Sleepover is 90 mins of stupid fun. Carell could've been better, and isnt given enough to act upon....more info
  • Great for young teen girls!
    Sleepover is a great movie for young teen girls, especially if they are having a sleepover! I have 5 & 6 year old girls and they found it entertaining as well - tho they didn't understand a lot of it.

    This is a movie about Julie (Alex Vega), a Junior High student entering the summer before her Freshman year of High School. Julie is dealing with the reality that her best friend is moving away and she will face High School without her. A sleepover is planned at Julie's house for Julie, Hannah (Mika Boorem), Gabby (Jane Lynch) and Stacie (Sara Paxton), however Stacie is now part of the "in" crowd and cannot make it to the sleepover due to a dance she will be attending with her older boyfriend. As Stacie disses Yancy (Kalie Flynn Childress) in front of the rest of the girls, Julie hands Stacie's invitation to the slumber party to Yancy.

    Stacie ends up not attending the dance and decides it would be fun to plan a scavenger hunt. Stacie teams with a group of "popular" girls (and a driving permit) against Julie & the gang. Winner takes all! (The best seats for lunch next year at school! - the seats NOT next to the garbage dumpsters!) Without a permit or a vehicle it seems a cinch that Stacie and her friends will win, but wait! Yancy has a plan!

    This is a cute movie full of exciting twists & turns during the scavenger hunt - especially since the girls were not to leave the house! There is also a "first crush" love story here.

    Cute movie! I recommend it!...more info
  • Stereotypes & Iconoclasm
    This awesome movie shatters a few stereotypes e.g. about "fat" girls. But the villains are fairly stereotypical. If you're pretty, blond, popular & in high school, you automatically get cast as the villain....more info
  • Evan saved it!
    alright this movie sucked. but i gave it three stars cause Evan Peters is so fricken sexy in it. the plot was horrible ther acting was bad and the fat chick was so annoying!!!! i am 14 and i hate this damn movie! but russell is so hot!!!!!!!...more info