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Star Trek Voyager: Seasons 1-7
List Price: $489.86

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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/05/2008

Customer Reviews:

  • Love this series
    Okay I have been a star trek fan since I was about 6 years old and my friends dad would watch the next generation every single night. Since then I have been watching the next generation, the original, deep space nine, voyager and now enterprise. Let me tell you my favorite is and will always be Voyager!

    The first season was sort of lame however from 2 until 7 it is GREAT. When this season ended on tv I cried... I would seriously plan my nights around Star Trek... Now that I am nearly done with them on DVD I am about to cry again... even though I own them!!!!!

    There is such a great difference between Voyager and other star treks! Voyager is showing the determination of the crew to get home. The fact that Voyager just cant fly a day to earth and get repaired/doesn't have help with a push of a button unlike other star ships. Voyager has to fiend for itself and show the human emotions of being put on a ship together without a break. I truly love the tom and blanna relationship! Those two you always wonder what will happen to them... and harry kim was always my favorite! You wonder what will happen next... he always seems to get the bad end of the deal ever since season one! However, he is seen as the baby of the ship's crew and Janeway protects her "children" with an iron fist!

    I really wish this series would have made a few more season... just to explain things a little bit more and to show what happened directly after coming home (the following months)... what had happened to everyone...

    Oh well I guess... the series has ended... but if you want a good star trek series that both trekies and non trekies alike can enjoy this is your series... it has drama, action, romance, well to sum it up it has a little bit of EVERYTHING in it.......more info
    Hi All, I loved this series and I am a big one for getting dvd's of favorite shows, but I can not believe these prices!! Amazon has them for over $700, new and $370 second-hand...I am sorry, but as much as I would love these, I can't afford these prices...and ebay is not much better...what happen to getting a good deal for being a fan and wanting to buy the bloody show, just to watch and enjoy, instead of making a huge deal off them......I think I will be waiting a long time for these prices to go down, if ever......more info
  • May be overpriced, but....
    While $335 might be higher than a lot of other dvd sets of other shows, it's about half of what this set used to be. It'll get cheaper over time but it's already been available for years, and a lot of people have waited long enough. This price is $48/season, or less than $2 per episode. I actually bought the set on eBay paying $265, and I'm perfectly happy paying $1.57 to watch an episode of Star Trek Voyager. Throw in the dvd extras of behind the scenes footage, character developement, CGI information and other bonuses and I don't have any complaints. ...more info
    They have dropped the price of Voyager to $378 but is still over priced. Why is it the UK seasons are $26? That's $187 for all 7 seasons. Why does America get ripped and the UK get's the price of the season dropped so cheap .

    WAKE UP Paramount home video....more info
  • Excellent Series, Shame on the Manufacturers!
    5 Star Series, -4 stars for the packaging! Voyager is an excellent series which is why I invested in the entire collection. It will continue to entertain for years. However, the packaging is unbelievably cheap! It's extremely flimsy and will surely come apart by next week. There's a lot to be said for UPS for even getting it to my door intact! I'll be investing more money in a CD case to hold all the dvd's. Also, the episode titles on the discs are written in 2 pt font along the spindle making them ABSOLUTELY impossible to read. Paramount, shame on you! For this HUGE cost I think investing another $3.00 in the packaging and labels would have been well worth it!
    After a few months, I've come across several CD's with problems.... skipping, scratches, etc. Paramount refuses to call me back to discuss the issue. I also have the entire TNG collecton. The packaging for that is excellent and the episode titles are easy to read. I guess Voyager doesn't warrant a similar design despite being more than twice the cost...... Go ahead and buy this.. you can't go wrong, but order a CD case, too for the 47 discs. ...more info
    What can i say, i love the show... but gaaaad... should the packing be that bad.. its even worse than DS9 packing, or maybe the same.
    anyway, the show is great, its nice to have it....more info
  • A ridiculous price!!!
    Tell me this, why are 7 seasons of The Next Generation being sold for $300.00, while 7 seasons of Voyager are being sold for $600.00? This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen!...more info
  • Works surprisingly well for young girls
    My 10 year old daughter fell in love with this series an has watched *every* episode at least once. It has great female role models and situations that are mostly simple enough for her to understand, and yet ethically complex and positive enough to make great learning examples....more info
    While the price has finally come down on the official Voyager series and I will now finally buy it so I can see them all without commercials I must warn you of Bootlegs and Fake Bootleg Imports. All of the items listed in the customer photos in a single box, colored kind of blue grey with a number 3 or 4 on the front of the box are bootlegs. How do I know? A seller sold me one without telling me it was any different from the official paramount version. the company was Huoyue, the paramount info on the box was incorrect, there was no barcode, there were misspellings on the box and typos. I have heard that the ones with Chinese lettering on them are bootlegs as well but I can not confirm this but at those low prices it must be. Take my advise, if you want the real thing buy it from sellers saying it isn't a bootleg or buy it from amazon. If you want to support crime then buy the bootleg. Sure the real ones are overpriced, paramount does that and it is sad when you consider how much cheaper shows like Stargate SG1 are. ...more info
  • This is awsome!!!
    I love startrek voyager, but I think you should buy all the seasons seperatly rather then spend about 650 bucks on all the seasons together. My favorate season is season 7. But if you have never watched startrek voyager I think you should buy season 1 first. Then after you watch every episode in season 1 buy season 2 and so on....more info
  • a futuristic lost in space
    If you like Lost in Space from the 1960's then this set is for you. Here a starship goes on a mission but ends being lost in the middle of nowhere and is trying to get back home. Here you once again get taken for a ride as you meet aliens, unknown space hazzards, as well as visiting alien planets. My favorite alien along the way was Species 8472 which reminded me of H.R. Giger's creation of Alien but toned down in CGI. A good episode that I liked the best was "Future Tense" which took characters back to the 1990"s for a mission. Another episode "Bliss" which reminded me of the "The Immunity Syndrome" from the originals. Then along the way back to earth they meet the Borg as Seven of Nine joins the crew after Kess leaves. Here you learn even more about the Borg since you last saw them in "Star Trek The Next Generation".

    Luckly the show did hold up through its full seven seasons despite the bad networks. First of all the annoying "To be Contined" at the end of the season. I wish they get their act togthor and just simply end it with a regular simple stand-alone episode. Second in the middle of the fourth season FOX dropped the series as UPN took over which was dumb. I heard the most people could not see the rest of the series since UPN was not available in several cites unless you had cable, therefore causeing the ratings to drop. Well at least with DVD set you can see the whole episodes at once but beware the packageing is flimsy so be extra careful when opening and handling. One DVD came loose in my set but luckly is was OK. ...more info
  • voyager
    I enjoy the Voyager series however the transaction thru Amazon was not completed. It was cancelled & I purchaased the series from a different business....more info
  • Big Questios
    This very good Star-Trek-family series is interesting throughout and enjoyable for its relationship-centered plotlines. But... why would anyone bother to pay full price for the series set when buying each season in the series individually is actually about $100.00 cheaper?...more info
  • Star Trek Voyager: Seasons 1 - 7
    With the two recent orders I have placed I will now own every series of Star Trek, including all ten movies. Even though I gave this product five stars I feel my rating may be bias. I love Star Trek and there are not enough stars on this review for me to rate it my way. The word is given... warp speed....more info
  • The prices for Star Trek DVDs are ridiculous!!
    I LOVE this series and miss it dearly. I am not a "trekkie", but I am a Sci-Fi fan and I cannot fathom the reason for the prices on Star Trek DVDs. Making a simple comparison between the seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at $239 and the seven seasons of Voyager at $607 I can't see ANY reason for Voyager to cost so much. Both programs could be said to have the same demographic appeal and cult followings as well as comparable popularity during their broadcast runs. So why is the Star Trek franchise so overpriced? There isn't a scarcity of consumers willing to purchase these series for a fair price, rather there are a great number looking forward to purchasing these series (or bootlegs and pirated copies of these series) at reasonable prices.

    I enjoy the Voyager series and think it is the best series from the Star Trek Universe. It took the advancements and great storytelling of the Next Generation and fused it with the pioneer spirit and raw "do-or-die" drama (or melodrama) of the Original Star Trek. I had high hopes that after Nemisis they would start making Voyager movies, but then they came out with the new show with Scott Bakula which I personally found unwatchable (maybe it was Dr. Neelix or the Vulcan 7-of-9). It was less than interesting, plus the fact that established elements of the Star Trek reality were supposed to be regarded as new and amazing never really thrilled me. It just seemed like a retread, and a bad one at that. As for Deep Space Nine, despite a strong cast and interesting characters, that was a missed oppurtunity to tell some compelling stories and the finale isn't even worth mentioning.

    Anyway, the fact is that Voyager was the only crew that really saw changes and faced "real" threats and was forced to really think outside-of-the-box and make life and death decisions on the fly in everything they did. There was never a routine day for the Voyager crew because everyday was a never before seen part of space with new allies, conflicts and enemies. Hands down, the best Star Trek of them all! ...more info
  • Not all that visionary.
    "Voyager" was the second-best Trek series, after "Next Generation". But it becomes increasingly evident, with repeat viewings, that the fictional world created by Roddenberry and all the other producers and writers is not nearly futuristic enough. We are already on the verge of technological advances that go beyond the Trek universe. First and most obvious -- where are all the robots? I don't mean Data, the holographic Doc, etc. I mean machines to do all the manual stuff that gets done on the show. In one Voyager episode, a character asks how to get to a certain location on the ship. The captain asks a junior officer to go with him to show him! Couldn't the computer have told him to "go into the elevator, proceed to level 3, turn right..." etc.? We have car navigation systems that can do that now.
    How about the episode where Harry Kim has a security anklet attached to him. When he tampers with it, two Star Fleet security guys beam in to arrest him. He engages in a fight and flight and gets away. Why wasn't the device just designed to beam him into a cell when he tampered with it? And don't get me started on all the hand-phaser battles with people shooting and missing. Can't they come up with some kind of automatic targeting device? I could come up with dozens more flaws in the plot lines, as I'm sure you could as well.
    I can suspend disbelief and accept warp drives, transporters, etc., even if they're not really plausible. What I can't accept are all the ways in which the characters should have technological capabilities far beyond ours, but don't....more info
  • I miss Voyager
    I am one of those who wishes that Voyager never found its way back to the Alpha Quadrant. I loved this series (although there were a few episodes that I would have thought someone would have trashed). I can watch this series again and again.

    Drop Chakotay! He might be cute and desirable, but he always needs a stronger woman -- Seska, Janeway, Seven of Nine -- to make him look tough. Plus anyone of an indigenous American culture would probably pass on the electronic vision quest machines.

    But I must say, any TV show that makes me go out and buy books on astronomy and physics must be very imaginative and compelling....more info
    Anyone who loves Adventure, Drama, Action, and a little Heart Tugging will enjoy this series very much. You do not need to be a Star Trek Fan to love this series. It's got it all plus some romance to boot. The characters are very diverse and interesting. How the Captain keeps this crew of Voyager together on their long and deadly journey back home is very well played out. Perhaps the captain's title really should be Captain Mother Janeway. But, don't you ever believe that she isn't in command. Come join the Voyager crew as they struggle to survive on their mission homeward. So try to Live Long and Prosper because the odds are stacked against the Voyager, the crew, and YOU!

    Lastly, wanted to say something about the plastic containers that hold the DVD's. At least with my set, in Season 1, I found a circular deformity in the plastc sleeves that separate the DVD's. This was pressing up against the playing side of the DVD's. These could have easily scratched the playing sides and rendered them useless. You cannot remove the deformity. But, by turning the DVD's over so the back side of the DVD's rest against the deformity will solve the problem. If you buy the set I strongly recommend going thru and checking all the cases and reversing the DVD's where necessary. Otherwise, ENJOY THE ADVENTURE!!...more info
  • Star Trek Voyager is great but the Quality of my Dvds was poor!
    I never had the option of watching this series while it was on the air. So, when they dropped the price, no by much, I got excited and I got me a set to watch. Little did I know that 1 in 3 disc was so messed up that every d.v.d. player have won't read it, or it has such a bad skip that 20 minutes of good shows are unwatchable. The buyer beware~!...more info
  • Don't buy From Third Party Vendors!
    I absolutlly love this series! Although it gets a bit more action packed seasons 3-7. The first three seasons were great for character development. Kes evolved from a scared girl to a hot, female version of Professor X. Nelex, well he's Nelex. As far as the the First Female captain in a lead role, Janeway was great. The last four season with Jeri Ryan were awesome. Hottest Star Trek Babe ever! There are also a load of Borg episodes. They begin with a species from a different universe, a species the Borg called Species 8472 if i remember correctlly. As far as buying it, pay the extra money and buy it from amazon. Most if not ALL third party products are bootlegs. ...more info
  • VOYAGER: True to Roddenberry's Vision - AND avoid the Bootlegged Editions!
    Star Trek VOYAGER is one of the best series in the whole Star Trek series. I admit that at the time VOYAGER was premiering, I wrote it off as Star Trek meets Lost In Space. I judged it without ever having seen it. Now, having watched it, I have to say that it ranks with the best of Trek. ANY show has some clinker episodes. I loved Star Trek: The Next Generation and had to sit through more than a few poor episodes in the first two seasons. VOYAGER hits the ground running and returns to Gene Roddenberry's original vision of Star Trek which veered way off course in Deep Space Nine (I loved the DS9 characters, but any time that they have to start a major war to make a series interesting -- you know they've run out of ideas). VOYAGER begins with characters that are well written and engaging. The first season of VOYAGER starts at the same quality level as season 3 of The Next Generation (to be fair to STNG, in 1987 there hadn't been a Star Trek series on the air for almost 20 years -- so it isn't surprising that it took some time to find a voice). Kate Mulgrew brings both a tough edge, and a broad range of emotions to her role as Captain Janeway. Tim Russ is the finest Vulcan chartacter since Spock, and Robert Beltran plays Commander Chakotay as a multi-faceted First Officer. And VOYAGER only got better as it matured through the seven seasons. I'm sure there are those who disagree, but for me this is some of the best Trek EVER.

    BUYER BEWARE - Amazon Sellers are offering brand new, sealed, bootlegs of all the Star Trek Box Sets at a fraction of the US retail cost. Anytime you see phrases like "Import Edition" or "Asian Characters" - you are looking at a bootleg item. Yes, they may say "factory sealed" - but the factory was an illegal one somewhere in China. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is a bootleg. Ask if it is the "authorized US Paramount release" before you buy. ...more info
  • Finally a price break
    A 3 star review may not be fair becuase I haven't watched a single episode of Voyager, but have bought the first three seasons here at Amazon. Finally a price break down to $35.50 per season. I will get them all not and watch them.

    I had to collect all TNG and DS9 over a long time on eBay never paying more than $50/season (shipping incl.). It took forever to win them all that way. Now I can just buy TOS, VOY and ENT for $35/each with free shipping. This is as good as I can expect.

    Thank you Amazon for finally dropping the prices....more info
  • Prices, oh boy
    Since the reviewer before me talked about pricing, I will too.

    I love Star Trek. My favorite series was TNG (have the whole thing on DVD) but I still loved Voyager. As a result I have had this complete set on my Amazon Wish List for some time now, but, still being in school, haven't been able to afford the set due to constant college expenses.

    Anyway, when I first put the set on my list I recall Amazon had it listed at about $485, and I thought $69 a season was pretty good compared to the $100 I paid for each of my TNG ones. Then, a few months later, to my dismay, Amazon jumped the price up to $607. $86 a season. Fine, I'll still take it.

    But now, $809?! $115 a season? I find that funny, because it would only be $753.93 total if you were to buy the Seasons individually through Amazon. Complete sets like this one are supposed to save you money, like it was when it was $485. I have never been so disappointed over a purchase I was intending to make eventually and will wholeheartedly purchase from someplace else....more info
  • $700 for 7 Seasons ?!
    A hundred bucks a season. That's a bit steep I think. Why so much money for this series. I just bought the complete season to "FireflY" for 17 bucks at Target. $17 for Firefly or $100 for Voyager.

    Don't get me wrong I loved this series, but for that price I'll watch it via Netflix.

    ...more info
  • Here's The Thing..
    Several of the jewell cases were damaged. Season 4 was quite bad. None of the dvd's seemed affected. But my only option was to return the entire set, and hope to get a better one, or return the one I have for a refund. I made some repairs, used wd-40 to get some of the goo which was on several of the plastic boxes which held the jewell cases. The quality of the dvd's is quite good and uniform. Repetetive intros, but kind of neat, all the extras from the VHS's are on last disk for each season. But I beleive the seasons are peiced together(to be expected) from different production runs. There were different types of shrink-wrap and security bars, etc. All in all pretty good, I wanted them for a long time, and the price $250.00 was right. probably will be $200 in near future....more info