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Star Trek Voyager - The Complete Seventh Season
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Product Description

Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/05/2008

After seven long years trying to return home, it's no surprise that the seventh season of Voyager was emotional. It begins with the resolution to season 6's "Unimatrix Zero," in which Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), Torres (Roxann Biggs-Dawson), and Tuvok (Tim Russ) must find a way off the Borg Cube and Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) faces the loss of the precious bit of humanity she has just discovered. "Human Error" focuses on Seven's further attempts to explore her human side (a romance comes from out of the blue). And if Seven isn't the cast's most fascinating character, it's the other crew member struggling to find his not-quite-human identity, the Doctor (Robert Picardo). In "Body and Soul," the Doctor gets to experience physical life in the body of--who else?--Seven. He writes a novel in "Author, Author," and in the first of a pair of excellent two-parters, "Flesh and Blood," he explores what it means to be a hologram in the midst of a deadly situation involving the Hirogen. In the second two-parter, "Workforce," the crew is kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming ordinary laborers on a planet with a worker shortage, but Janeway is forced to question whether she wouldn't prefer this version of a normal, stable life.

The seventh season also saw the first Trek wedding since Dax-Worff, the return of the old Federation-Maquis conflict, the continuing efforts of Lt. Reginald Barclay (Dwight Schultz) to bring Voyager home, Kim (Garrett Wang) taking command twice (once with the help of the Emergency Command Hologram), the return of Q, and Neelix's discovery of a group of fellow Talaxians. The final episode, "Endgame," is less concerned with misty-eyed goodbyes than with a bending of conventional views of the space-time continuum that leads to an exciting showdown with the Borg queen (Alice Krige, repeating her role from Star Trek: First Contact but making her first appearance on Voyager). DVD bonus features include the usual season recap, a 12-minute featurette on the final episode, and a crew profile of the Doctor. --David Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Last One
    This was the last season I needed for this series and I am now excited that I have them all. Star Trek Voyager is a great series and I look forward to watching them for a long time. Purchasing from was easy and fast. I recieved the product only a few days after I put in the order and it arrived to me with no damage to the DVDs. I will defiantly continue to purchase items, like this and more from this site. ...more info
  • A poor ending to a great show
    While the first half of Season Seven had some great episodes there was a downward spiral that started mid-season. Too much focus was on Seven and the Doctor which is disappointing to those of us who also like the other characters.

    The finale was a major letdown. Borg? Been done before ad nauseum in other episodes. Time travel? Again, "Timeless", "Future's End" and "Year of Hell" did it better. The Chakotay/Seven "relationship"? What were they thinking? The only saving grace to the finale was Mulgrew's performance as both the older and younger Janeway.

    While I purchased all six of the other seasons I'm letting this one go. I may pick it up used down the line just to complete the collection but there's no hurry....more info
  • star treck fan
    I would buy every volum of each Star Treck they put out (Voyager, Deep Space 9 etc.) if only for the price tag.

    Come on, $100.00 for each season thats been in syndication for how many years? Totally not fair. Will buy when prices come down, a lot. Again I love all of them. They are all entertaining. But the price tag, way too heafty. ...more info
  • Ends on a High Note
    After a few seasons of letdowns, Voyager finished itself on a high. The finale, Endgame, is perhaps the greatest episode of the show's history and others such as Work Force really captured what Trek was all about. My only complaint would have to be the final scene...would have been nice to see Voyager getting home a bit earlier, but then again maybe it is best if we are left to use our imaginations. In any event, it was nice to see the REAL Borg Queen (Goddess Alice Krige) back in outstanding form!...more info
  • What moron designed the DVD case?
    If I wanted to judge the content of these DVDs I'd give it 5 stars, but I cannot tell you how angry I am that these wonderful discs had been packaged in that cheap, non functional, crappy looking piece of transparent plastic thingy no one would ever call a DVD case. I'm astonished that something this pricey would be packaged this way. All I can do is shake my head......more info
  • WOW
    A great story with a great cast. Would like to have seen them arrive on earth...but that leaves the door open for a follow up is the time to show the crew as they are in Starfleet...all these years later...what a great made for TV movie they could do...7 of 9 dealing with being human, Harry Kim being given a Starship...with Chakotae as Captain...but that is in the hands of those who lost faith in Trek......more info
  • It's the last season, but goes out with a 25 episode BANG!
    This is it. The final season of Star Trek: Voyager. With Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and The Next Generation, the later seasons suffered a little bit in the writing areas due to the writers moving to a new show. Voyager did not have this problem since "Enterprise" didn't premiere until the fall AFTER Voyager ended. The Seventh season employs some of the best writing and storytelling of the entire series. The finale is a great episode, but not perfect. There are two multi-part stories in this season that are absolutely superb. Voyager couldn't go out without bringing back the saboteur Seska for a final hurrah. Dwight Schultz reprises his role as Barclay again, and Marina Sirtis makes an appearance. The Doctor makes a controvertial holonovel. Harry Kim takes his first command and Q returns again. Another great season. Highly recommend it to Star Trek fans and others alike.

    Best Episodes:

    Unimatrix Zero: Part II, Imperfection, Drive, Repression, Critical Care, Inside Man, Nightingale, Flesh and Blood, Shattered, Workforce: Parts I and II, Human Error, Q2, Author Author, Homestead, Renaissance Man, Engame ...more info
  • All good things...
    The episodes and other details have been covered elsewhere. I would just like to point out a few things:

    I'm a huge fan of this series and the previous ones with the exception of DS9, which is plain boring. I love ST Voyager, the first 4 seasons were fantastic, but... enough is enough. I'm sick and tired of the producers' political correctness and pedantry. How many times do we need to hear about "humanity", "individuality", "holo-rights" etc etc etc? These issues have been explored extensively both in the first 4-5 seasons of the series and in Star Trek:The Next Generation. Even in the 6th season, Janeway sacrificed the crew's privileges and their opportunity to communicate with their loved-ones at home just to let the Doctor with the inferiority complex to prove himself worthy of his "holo-humanity" once again.

    Also, Janeway's exaggerated "compassion" would probably make Jesus to freak out.

    They also made the mistake of over-showing the Borg. One of the reasons why the Borg were so succesful is because they were kept in the dark, full of evil power and mystery. Now, the Borg have become more common than humanity itself. The Borg Queen has lost her fatal and dark power. She's just another petty alien, trying to survive. Alas, Janeway won't let her. In this respect, Janeway's arrogance is unprecedented! Alice Krige was great (and so was Kate Mulgrew), but that is not enough to save the day.

    What happened? Did the producers get bored with their own creation? Because that's what it feels like. Knowing when to begin and when to stop is wisdom.

    All good things... in moderation, please. And remember, we still love Star Trek.
    ...more info
  • Seven of fine.
    This product was everything I had wanted and more. It arrived sooner than I expected and was a delight to watch. Will more than likely order seasons 4, 5 and 6 very soon....more info
  • Over priced
    Star Trek Voyager - The Complete Seasons 1-7

    I am amazed at the price for the complete set against individual series box set. I have 3 already and wish to purchase the remaining 4. How can I do this when I am being charged $78 a piece. Bought 2 and 3 at a very good price and expected the remaining sets to be at the same value. Now they are not.

    You need to review your prices. Not a happy shopper!!...more info
  • My Review
    This is a good season to end voyager but it ends with to much on the time travel/time alteration theme in endgame. The last two epiosdes are good but there is just like an abrupt end to the struggle to get home. Janeway travels back in time to try to change things that caused the journey to take 23 years to complete..we have been through seven and then the show ends. It would have made more sense to re-install the tran warp drive thing and encounter the borg along the way and somehow destroy their trans warp network somehow in another fashion or if species 8472 would have come back wanting to destroy the Borg completely it would have made more sense. Otherwise, the season is better than season six was in my opinion. ...more info
  • Some of the Best "Trek" Ever!
    Voyager got of to a shaky start, but the seventh and final season bubbles over with the magic that makes Star Trek the phenomena that it is. The series finally, "End Game I & II" is, for me, the best Star Trek story ever. Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) breaks stereotypes by being a powerful female leader who does not sacrifice her femininity in the process. She can be as diplomatic as Picard or as ruthless as Kirk without missing a beat. Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) discovers her humanity and proves again that women can be both beautiful and powerful. The Doctor (Robert Picardo, a truly gifted actor), who's character is a hologram, adds both comic relief and expands the definition of life itself. Testing the limits of the human potential is what makes Star Trek great and this season of Voyager shows us just how powerful, alluring, and compassionate humanity can be....more info
  • simply buy it!!
    If yo are reading those reviews you most likely watched and did not missed the other ones. Maybe its not really the best one but this one ends the story so do not think simply get it, you will not regret....more info
  • Star Trek fans will appreciate the extra features
    If you're considering buying Season 7 of Voyager you're most likely a fan of the show, so I won't bore you with my opinions of the various episodes except to say that the overwhelming majority were well written with excellent performances by the cast. Speaking of the performances, I really appreciated the extra feautures (especially the commentary of Robert Picardo) as they give fans a brief inside look at the actors and their feelings about their performances and the show itself. The other features about various creation and production aspects of the show were also worth watching.

    Season 7 is my first DVD set from Voyager (I'm collecting DS9 and have the first three years). I skipped to season 7 of Voyager as I was overseas during its airing and missed many episodes. It was great to see some 'new' episodes. I enjoyed Voyager 7 so much that I'm putting my DS9 collection on hold am now working backwards on up Season 6. ...more info
  • Now we lay it down to sleep
    Watch for Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi from STTNG) in her HOT bathing suit! YUMMY!

    A lot of dull episodes this time around.

    Voyager makes it home...but with a price. What can be done to make things right?...more info
  • gooses review
    The first thing you see when you get this box set is how bad the box is especially compared with the packaging for the original series. If you only have enough money to get one season of voyager you would probably want to get season 3 instead. It has the most supporters and you can argue the most original ideas. The highlights of this season include the last episode called "endgame" because there are some good simulated space battles, "author, author" because it was more humorus and went back to the roots of making episodes haphazardly and at the whim of writers, "flesh and blood" also because there was a decent amount of fighting and combat, "the void" which seemed interesting because the captin although portrayed as trying to be the enlightned person who rises above the masses comes off more as a lunitic who has gone mad with power, and also barely making the list "imperfection" because the security chiefs acting is rather interesting in this episode. Most of the rest of the episodes dont cut it because instead of focusing on entertaining the audience or telling some kind of story they try to tell some kind of moral that everyone understands anyway....more info
  • Not the Strongest Season
    I've never been a fan of any Star Trek series finale episode. They just never live up to what you expect them to be, and this series' final episode was very weak. Overall, the seventh season was one of the weakest since seasons 2 and 3. They tried too hard to tie up loose ends and made a pathetic attempt at pushing two of the characters into a romantic relationship. They even managed to misuse one of the most interesting recent character creations, The Borg Queen. They did manage to get Alice Krige of "First Contact" to reprise her role, but she was sadly under-used. You have to watch this set to see how it all ends, but it's certainly nothing special....more info