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TurboTax Basic 2004 [Old Version]
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Product Description


  • Tax preparation software with step-by-step guidance and free electronic filing
  • Imports data from Quicken, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Money software
  • Puts answers on IRS-approved forms; double checks return for accuracy
  • Includes latest tax law changes; download and import W-2 and 1099 forms online
  • Assists calculating optimum withholding situation for personal needs

Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointed, Very
    I have been using Intuit products, Quicken and TurboTax, since 1992 and have been quite satisfied with the ease of installation, daily use capabilities and the extremely flexible data entry and reporting. This year I am appalled at the quality of their products and have, just now, been checking out the comparable Microsoft product reviews with an eye to switching horses. It doesn't sound like Microsoft is any better.
    I am about ready to go back to paper forms for the taxes and an Excel spreadsheet for my money tracking. I refused to purchase their state tax program, last year and this, and, instead, used the on-line fill-in version on the state tax website. It's free.
    I installed the TurboTax Basic 2004 and upgraded on-line and I still see little boxes with bright red X's instead of the appropriate icons on many pages. I went through the import last year's data and interview process, using the 'GUESS' system to interpret where the red X's were going to take me, then went to the individual forms and corrected information that the interview didn't bother to ask me about. I am assuming that the calculations for the data entered are correct but, you know what: this year, for the first time ever, I will check them with a calculator before I do my final printout to submit my taxes.
    I worked in the computer industry for over thirty years before I retired; both software design and development and hardware evaluation. My personal opinion is the lack of quality products and customer satisfaction focus is a direct result of the major company interest in stock market performance and outsourcing overseas to save money instead of developing and supporting quality employees. I am SO grateful that I could retire when I did!!! 'nough said....more info
  • Response from Intuit on reviews of TurboTax Basic
    To ensure you get accurate information about TurboTax Basic, I would like to respond to some postings:

    1. The posting that says TurboTax installs BonziBuddy software (spyware, botware or something like that) is simply not true. We thoroughly test the software for viruses and spybots before mastering. Additionally, there have been no such reports from the field to validate this erroneous claim.

    2. We strongly recommend using Interview to complete your return. Doing so ensures you have an opportunity to complete all relevent forms and fields. If you go directly to the forms to fill in the fields, you are certainly more likely to miss certain deductions or other information needed to complete your return. Note that TurboTax defaults to Interview mode.

    3. TurboTax is not like other Windows applications that provide backward compatibility. Because tax forms and calculations change year-to-year, a tax file created in 2001 will not be compatible with the forms and calculations included within the 2004 TurboTax software. As noted in one of the reviews, TurboTax does provide the ability to save your tax return in PDF so that you can view your return without regard to whether TurboTax is installed.

    I hope this information provides a balanced view to the reviews on this board. Also note that I have purposely rated this as a three (midpoint) because I don't have the ability to leave this field blank.

    Bob Meighan
    (TurboTax / Intuit)...more info
  • Version degradation
    I've happily used TTax Basic for four years - but this year the functionality is much narrower than in past years, forcing a Premier upgrade to get some of the stock and Schedule C options.
    2004 was my last year with TurboTax. Goodbye!...more info
  • Good basic functionality but...
    ...each year it gets a little more cluttered with advertising, & licensing garbage. Also, there are too many different products making it difficult to choose the right one each year -- wish they would just sell one product that did the job!! The software also seems a little less helpful each year....more info
  • Did the trick for me
    I have used both TurboTax and TaxCut over the years and I prefer TurboTax. TaxCut gets the job done, but TurboTax is a more polished product. I did my 2004 taxes with TurboTax Basic and it did everything I asked of it. Install went smoothly. While the Basic edition lacks some of the features of the the upmarket products, I still managed to do what I needed to do, which included several mutual fund sales this year.

    Unlike some of the other users who have had negative experiences, I have run into no examples of spyware and the program installed flawlessly. After an automatic update, I was able to quickly get going. TurboTax made my taxes as painless as they can be......more info
  • Why did I do this again???
    I had written a review on a previous version of TurboTax when that little program installed C-Dilla without my permission or knowledge. Never again, I told myself. I should have listened to myself!

    Imagine my surprise when after installing TurboTax I decided to run Webroot SpySweeper. machine was clean prior to the installation so what could this one little program have done?...Plenty! Right after the install, SpySweeper found 1 file and 26 instances of BonziBuddy splattered all over my system! Are you kidding me??

    When will this company learn? Actually, when will I learn to STOP TRUSTING INTUIT!...more info
  • TurboTax Spyware
    In response to questions regarding TurboTax & Spyware.
    Judge for yourself before buying this product by doing a search using "turbotax" and "C-Dilla".

    Look at the results from legitimate sites...

    I will not purchase any product from any company who uses or has used hidden spyware of this caliber in their products. PLEASE do the same. Money talks very loud. Again, please take 5 minutes & judge for yourself. I chose 2 stars due to the fact I must select something & this is close to the mean....more info
  • One of the most annoying application I've ever used
    Almost every single piece of software we have nowadays is backwards compatible. A Word document created with Office98 should and will work with Office 2003. Not so says Intuit. TurboTax can only open a 2003 Turbo Tax file through a process called "transfer", and it wont open up any .tax files beyond that!

    I bought this product after I realized that I need a copy of my tax forms for the year 2001. TurboTax 2001 did not have an option save a file in pdf format back then, but I still managed to find a copy of my records in .tax file. Since I have switched to a new computer from 3 years ago, I downloaded TurboTax2004 thinking that it would open up my tax records for 2001. I was wrong. When I called for support, I was able to talk to a nice Indian lady who at first directed me to a TurboTax site which had a vault feature saving previous tax records. Unfortunately, that website started to keep records only from 2003, so I still did not have the info which I want. So finally the support lady gave me an 1-800 number to call the IRS. From there I had to submit a form and pay $40 to get the info, which would take probably weeks to obtain.

    Featurewise TurboTax is pretty good. Unlike some cheaper products it has features such as error checking which can be important. However, I should warn that this software does have an annoying tendency to spam additional features as you go through the process. ...more info
  • Don't Let the Reviews Scare You, Turbotax is Still Great
    I was reluctant to buy Turbotax again this year because of all the negative reviews. I decided taking a chance with Turbotax was still more desirable than paying someone to do my taxes for me, though, so I bought it anyway. It worked perfectly. I had no problems loading or using the software. However, I do recommend downloading the updates; they must be there for a reason....more info
  • Don't do it!
    Don't do it! Most likely it won't install correctly. Many people this year, including me, simply cannot run Turbo Tax. I spent hours on tech support TWICE, tried the "fixes" on the message boards at their web site, and still nothing. It simply will NOT run.
    Intuit used to be a good company with good products and good customer service and tech support. But that was 10 years ago. Now? Lousy everything. I know more about their products than their tech support people. They seem to have been pulled off the street and given one hour of training.

    I may try Tax Cut but I'm bummed about the review below that says TT is better than Tax Cut. If that's true, TC must REALLY be lousy! But what else can I do? TT won't work on my computer.
    ...more info
  • Turbo Tax Basic? Not!
    When I purchased Turbo Tax software basic, I had tried Turbo Tax before in the previous of tax years. When I first started out, I could definitely tell the difference from doing the job by hand. I received more money back from my return than I would have done so by hand using my state's 1040EZ form. The program went well the first couple of years. Suddenly, this previous year, after a purchase from Wal-Mart I began to have problems:

    * Trying to install the software was a major hassle. The security code that came with the software purchase did not work and after weeks worth of e-mailings I finally got to install the software completely.

    * After the installation and performing all of the work and calculations, I STILL did not receive the kind of deducted refund expected from the bank (after paying bank charges and tax fees) which had taken over half of my refund.

    Turbo Tax Basic an excellent software...asta la vista, baby! I am going to Tax Cut this year!...more info
  • Not all tax programs are equal
    We used TurboTax for a couple of years then switched to TaxCut on the advice of friends. We were amazed at how much more money TaxCut saved us! TaxCut is more knowledgeable when it comes to making the most of ones deductions. We are sorry we didn't switch last year....more info
  • Features Stripped from Last Year's Product
    Fewer features than last year's version. Do not purchase this product if you sold stock from an employee stock purchase plan! Company offers to sell you Premier for $40 to get this feature....more info
  • Not worth the time invested and money wasted on e-filing
    After following the customized interview for Turbo Tax Deluxe Federal, and State, I was asked if I wanted to e-file (which I replied "yes"). It took all my bank and visa information, successfully sent my returns onto IRS for review (needed to wait 24-48 hours for acceptance/rejection notification), but when it printed out the forms no routing number and account information was on the returns!

    Then I was rejected and asked to send through the information again. I didn't have to input a was all there to begin with, just kept pressing the "continue" button. A promise was made that no charges would be incurred, but it also stated that there would be a charge of $14.95 for State e-filing. I opted to print and mail the returns.

    So, out $29.98 for e-filings that were rejected. We'll see if Intuit will be prompt in sending my rebates. They have you jump through many hoops, therefore lots of room for errors.

    Portland, OR

    ...more info
  • Still the best tax prep software
    This is my seventh year using Quicken TurboTax and it will be my fifth year using the state tax version. I can't imagine going back to pen and paper to do taxes. The program takes you step-by-step through the tax process by asking you questions about the various sections of the forms. It also prompts you to make you remember about things that may have slipped you mind, like other deductions. And, it makes suggestions for deductions that you may not have thought about. At the end of the process you can print out the forms for mailing in the traditional format or in a format that's easy for the IRS computers to read. In addition, you can opt to file electronicly. The help section IS very helpful. It actually makes sense of the rules and instructions for filing your taxes and explains the relevant sections of the tax code in easy to understand language. My one suggestion is that you have all your papers with you before you start the process. You can, of course, save your work and come back to finish or edit it, but it is a pain to be half way through and remember that your mortgage statement is two floors away.

    I tried Taxcut last year because of the product activation on TurboTax. I had problems with it right off. It stated on the box that you could import TurboTax files but when I tried it wouldn't let me. The Taxcut web site suggested that this was a common problem and that you had to edit your TurboTax file (with TurboTax) to bring it down to a certain size. Still, it didn't tell you what that size was ok or really give you any idea on what to cut out. (I thought all of the our tax info was important).

    I have to agree that the advertising included in the product (for more Intuit products) now borders on the ridiculous and the program (like all programs) needs more space and more resources each year but I still think that is better that the competition.

    My advice: TurboTax is still the best tax prep software. Don't do your taxes without it.
    ...more info
  • I should have filled out forms by hand.
    I guess TurboTax is a *little* bit better than filling out forms by hand. I've used TaxCut the last few years and found its interface fine, if not spectacular. I decided to try TurboTax this year because I got the Mac and PC version on one disc and I wasn't sure which computer I was going to do taxes on yet. While both programs cover a lot of the same ground in the same way, I keep running into extremely frustrating aspects of TurboTax. For example:

    * Several times, I have been asked to calculate amounts myself. Didn't I buy software so I wouldn't have to do that?

    * A few times I have been given cryptic choices on how I want my obligations computed. In TaxCut, these would always have a recommendation ("We recommend not claiming the dog as a dependent").

    * To get actual advice with TurboTax, it costs a minimum of $29.99 and you must sign up on their webpage. TaxCut provides enough answers to questions with the software that I've never had to call their (free) advice line.

    * Some things just aren't included with the program. For example, I donated a lot of furniture to charity this last year. I had to compute the resale value for everything myself. There's a utility for TurboTax which computes values for you. You can order it off the website for $20 (more than TurboTax costs).

    None of these are show stoppers, really. But they are significant slower-downers. I definitely haven't saved any time and money this year because of purchasing TurboTax and in the past four years, I've felt that I *did* save time and money by using TaxCut. And that's the bottom line. ...more info