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  • Real nice notebook case
    I really enjoy this notebook case. Has plenty of room and lots of storage space. A must when you are taking classes to keep up with all the necessary items you must have to keep up in class (college). Thanks......more info
  • GREAT! Very pleased with the purchase.
    Love the varied pockets and room for a larger computer. The price was right!...more info
  • Good case for 17" laptops
    I had looked for a case for my 17" Hp laptop and this case is perfect for the job.Lots of room and pockets for gear....more info
  • I'm sure now...
    I was looking for a quality laptop bag for my new MacbookPro and decided on this one. At first I thought it might be a little too small for all of my stuff, but it turned out to be perfect. Nice quality, plenty of pockets and storage and seems pretty durable. The strap is nice and comfortable and the padding inside seems more than adequate. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good bag at a great price....more info
  • Very nice surprise
    I use a 17" HP laptop and was looking for a decent well built case in which to transport it. Based on generally good reviews I ordered the TLE400 17 Deluxe Leather Notebook Case . I was literally astounded at the case when it arrived. It simply drips quality and luxury.

    The quality went well beyond anything I was expecting for the price .. or would have expected at twice the price. Metal rivets holding metal rings for the padded shoulder strap. Zippers that worked like silk. Leather sides that felt like glove leather. The case is well padded and has space ... well thought out useful space with dividers and holders for just about anything one might want to carry with a laptop.

    Alert. This is not a simple bag just for a laptop. It was designed for someone who wants to carry additional items, like "media", cell phones, note books, folders, mice, cables and the like. Not that you have to load the bag up, but part of the price must be for this additional capability .... and that capability is well designed and nice to have for when / if you ever need it.

    What gets me is that this bag is so well designed and built. I just didn't know they could do that for fifty dollars, the price I was lucky enough to pay when Amazon had it on sale. It is worth twice that if you can use the features or if you just like really nice stuff. ...more info
  • Perfect
    My husband bot a larger screen laptop notebook & when pricing bags in the local business supply stores was amazed at their too-high prices for a bag like he needed...No, it is not top grade leather, but it serves his needs perfectly....more info
  • Worth every penny
    Excellent quality as you would expect from the Targus brand. Our 17" laptop fits beautifully. Plenty of other storage space. ...more info
  • very good
    Everything was as it was said, and the product is working very well. No complaints....more info
  • A Solid Choice For The Money
    I recently bought a 17" HP Pavilion laptop and had more trouble than I would have thought finding a carrying case to fit it. I ended up ordering, then returning two different cases to HP because they just were too cramped for a 17" laptop

    This case is a solid choice: a 17" laptop fits with A LOT of room to spare and there are many pockets for accessories

    Minor quibbles: the shoulder strap is too small and I would have liked the case to have had a bit more padding.

    Overall, though, a solid choice and an excellent carrying case for the price!...more info
  • Great fit!
    Large enough for my wide ASUS notebook. In fact the bag NewEgg tried to sell me wasn't wide enough. The only goofy thing about the bag is that the laptop compartment zippers do not go all the way down the side of the bag. Other than that, it's a nice quality heavy duty product....more info
  • I like it, but i expected all leather
    It has a very good design, a lot of compartments and looks elegantly. I use it not only to carry laptop, but all the time in my job. The only thing i complaint about it, is that the front and back pieces are leather, the rest is synthetic. This is why i give it 4 stars and not 5....more info
  • Good purchase
    I have been completely satisfied since purchasing my laptop bag. It has plenty of room for accessories, and my 15" Dell fits perfectly. The sleek style is a nice addition, and the handles and strap are sturdy. A good product for a good price....more info
  • Computer Case
    Very high quality laptop case. Lots of compartments to store stuff. Fast shipping and nice company to work with....more info
  • hardy bag
    Looks a little archaic, but hey it works as advertised! It's a safe case for my laptop. It's pseudo leather and pretty scratch resistant. Plenty of space....more info
  • Good quality case if you don't mind the size...
    Obviously a 17" notebook is big to begin with however this just makes it a lot bigger; it feels a bit too big. I always go with Targus because they make good cases with plenty of storage for accessories and this has plenty. The case looks professional and is of good quality however if you want something a bit more discrete, go with a backpack case that fits your notebook more snug and still has plenty of space for accessories. ...more info
  • A great case by any measure
    I really like this case. Sometime a slipcover for your notebook seems cool. I am disabled though and once in a while when walking from the car into a building, I fall down and have to make a choice about protecting what I am carrying or myself. My sister said drop the computer and do your best to save yourself. I find it hard to drop a MacBook Pro for any reason. That is why I bought this case. It is substantial enough to drop and feel your computer will survive, and at the same time is it smart looking, has lots of zipper pockets for your stuff. The price is reasonable. The case has no down side that I have found. It has my highest recommendation....more info
  • Excellent quality item
    PROs: - Lot of space to store your items
    - Excellent quality
    - Fits great to a 17 laptop screen

    CONs: - Its to heavy to carry on for long time. ...more info
  • Great Laptop leather case
    I have a 17" widescreen laptop and this case handle all the needs for input the necessary item on a daily basis....more info
  • Stylish, Well Made and Affordable
    Stylish, well made product offering loads of storage and features for a great price. Even fits the 17" laptops!! Highly recommend this product. Great Value!...more info
  • Targus TLE400 Deluxe Leather Case
    This case is perfect for my laptop. I have a 17 inch laptop and this case protects it well. Side pockets are adequate for carrying accessories such as power cords and external hard drives. Good price, I shopped around and this case gave the best bang for the buck....more info
  • Very cheap looking
    I really regret getting this bag. The quality of the material is very poor. Most of it is made of fake leather, the shoulder strap is uncomfortable and flimsy, and the zippers are also very poor quality....more info
  • Nice leather laptop bag
    This product is excellent. It is very roomy and I really enjoy the extra storage space. ...more info
  • This bag fits Sony Vaio AW 18.4" laptop
    Whoever has Sony Vaio AW series 18.4" screen, this bag will fit your laptop.
    I have the laptop and was looking for the bag and was very hard to find the bag to fit the laptop.
    I found one review from this bag that it fits the laptop so I bought and tried.
    It perfectly fits the laptop but you have to be careful little bit when you remove or put your laptop in and out so the zipper won't scratch your laptop. ...more info
  • Perfect solution!
    I purchased this product to carry my 16" widescreen laptop. There are very few (if any) cases that accomodate the 16" monitors becoming increasingly popular. I settled with a case made for a 17" laptop, and it works perfectly. Aside from the outstanding quality in workmanship, I can fit all of my accessories in this case as well as my important files or documents I am working on... it is perfect!...more info
  • targus
    I am very pleased with my Targus laptop case. It is exactly as advertised and even more versatile than I expected....more info