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Targus RG0322 Matrix Notebook Backpack
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  • Just arrived! Looks great!
    I got this pack on a popular on line auction site for $27 plus $15 shipping. I read the reviews here and checked out photos. This pack looks really good. Lots of room for my 15 in wide screen, plus room for my three county map book (thick!) Plenty of handy compartments too. I bought this for road trips, but it looks sharp enough to use for business setting. I haven't had it but for a day, but I can say that it fits the widescreen 15.4 just fine, and it looks good. Maybe in a few months I can update the review. I can't wait to use it on my next road trip! ...more info
  • good back pack
    started using it about 1 month ago...simply like it...its very spacious and good for students.......more info
  • Great laptop bag for an overnight trip
    I've had this bag for almost a year now and I couldn't be happier with it. I don't use it for college as it is a little too big for me for everyday use(but then, I'm about 5 feet tall). This is a great bag if you're planning on an overnight trip (or a week long trip) and don't want to be bothered with a lot of luggage. I like to take my laptop everywhere I go and this is the bag I take on my weekend trips. It keeps the laptop secure and there's plenty of room for a few sets clothes and other odds and ends. It does not have the plastic supporters that's shown in the picture. But it does have a small partition in the main compartment, which can hold a big book(you can push this partition back if don't want to use it). It takes the weight off your shoulders.

    Great design
    Holds just about anything
    Feels light on your shoulders
    Has a waist strap (if ever you want one)
    Can double up as a laptop-cum-overnight-bag

    This is the only things I can think of - it's a little too big for everyday college use (it might work if you're tall and like to carry all your books with you)

    Overall, I give it 5 stars because the only con that it has doesn't really bother me....more info
  • I found my backpack handy !
    This Targus RG0322 backpack is great. I get all the pockets I needed! Materials quality are just great. No problem at all! ...more info
  • Cool Bag!
    This backpack bag is very well made and has many interior compartments. It is ergonomic and thus, gives a feel of even distribution of weight. Overall, its a good buy....more info
  • Great bag, Lots of Storage
    Great bag with lots of storage space. I plan on using it as a carry on during a trip to South America, so my laptop, camera, MP3 and wallet etc will all fit in one bag. ...more info
  • Going on 6+ years and counting
    Like the title says, I've had this for 6-7 years and it's been through 3-4 countries (checked in, not carried on). Since it's old, I've been particularly abusive with it and it's still good as new. I'm amazed that it's lasted this long when other laptop backpacks have fallen apart within a year or two. As much as I'd like an excuse to get another laptop bag, this thing will not break. ...more info
  • Great backpack
    I am using this bag for school in which I need to carry 4 textbooks, a laptop (15.4 inch screen) and a couple of notebooks. The pack has plenty of room for these items and still a couple of empty front pockets for additional gear. With all that weight, the pack is still comfortable to wear and has yet to bother my back....more info
  • Very good notebook backpack!
    It's so light and comfortable.

    It's the best notebook backpack ever I known...more info
  • Excellent product
    I've owned this item for almost a full year and I am extremely pleased with it. It's so nice being able to carry around my laptop and my books in the same bag. The side pockets are kind of useless for them being so small, but I guess I'll be able to find a purpose for them. ...more info
  • great backpack
    This is a great backup there is lots of room for stuff, i think i fit a laptop, two notebooks, and some small things like folders and paper, it was heavy but it didn't rip.
    My back gets kinda warm wearing this backup.
    I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a laptop backpack, its even cheaper now then when i got it....more info
  • The perfect backpack/computer pack
    I spent a long time looking for a bag like this one. I am very happy with it. It holds my laptop, a few books for college, along with space for other odds and ends. I find the side pockets are perfect for my cords and power supply. Another important item is it will stay upright when you set it down either full to the max, or lightly loaded....more info
  • Targus Backpack
    this backpack has met my needs very well. Has great room and great pocket size for travel. different placement for pc would be nice but not necessary. would be nice to have a separate place for pc chord. Over all very pleased with this product...more info
  • Big Bag
    I go to school part time and I bought this to carry books and laptop when I go to school. This bag has a lot of room. So far it is holding the weight well. I only use it once a week. I use a different carrying case for daily use since I don't have to carry so much of stuff. This is a nice travel bag. I will not like to use it daily unless I have so much stuff to carry every day....more info
  • good deal for a notebook bag
    purchased my bag some 10 months back...
    - has a lot of room to keep my dell Inspiron 6000 laptop comfortably.
    - the shoulder straps really divide the load & prevent the straps from cutting in the shoulder.
    - the middle pocket can easily keep two large books in it.
    - many pockets to securly keep all your stuff.
    - the side pocket is good for keeping the laptop adapter

    - no water bottle holder.. the side pockets can only hold a small water bottle or can
    - the mesh pockets near the side pockets are not of much use.

    inspite of the cons, the bag is a good deal & i would recommend it for people who have two carry their notebook as well as a few other textbooks as well as their lunch with them....more info
  • Laptop Back Pack for Big Bellys
    So far so good. I use if for business travel, mostly overnight and back trips. The compartmentalization is well thought-out. I am able to pack an extra shirt and slacks as well as my personal items without difficulty. Really helps speed through the security lines.

    I like having the computer storage area in the inner most compartment (against my back) instead of in one of the outermost compartments like some of competitive products. Overall, it is a good product for the price.
    ...more info
  • Very Good
    Excellent product, exactly what I needed, not too big and not too short for 15' laptops....more info
  • a lot of space
    It is a very nice backpack there is a lot of space there; three(+) compartment, all your papers, your laptop and lunch can be there without touching each other. Two things that I do not like and do not make this backpak the perfect one for me. 1. I would prefer to have a water bottle holder instead of one of the pocket on the side(specially in Florida), using the backpack I saw that I needed it. 2. The front pocket is big enough to put anything in it but it is kind of separate from the backpack so it is always a problem to take it from the lockers because it always get stuck and you have to be very careful to no damage it.Overall this is a very nice backpack. ...more info
  • Pretty Nice Backpack
    This backpack has served all the purposes I've hoped for. It's large enough to carry all of my law books as well as my 15.4-inch computer. I'm a little worried about it's lack of waterproofing because of the rain, but otherwise, a great backpack....more info
  • Good work/school bag
    This review is for the Targus RG0322 15.4 Matrix pack, just so no one gets confused. I would recommend this pack to anyone who has to carry a laptop for any length of time. It is large enough to pack so much stuff into that it becomes difficult to carry. I can even fit in my gym outfit (including clothes, shoes, towel and water bottle). It is not for hiking as it lacks a chest strap and the side pockets are way to small for water bottles. They are just the right size for a lock for your gym locker, however. I like the cell phone pocket on the front and the additional D-ring for hanging other accessories. The headphone port is also nice, and the number of pockets is more than adequate. I don't have enough stuff to put in all the pockets! the handle is nice and sturdy and doesn't bite into your hand.

    The only complaint that I have about this pack is I think there should be a stronger partition in between the laptop pocket and the rest of the bag. It should be some kind of hard plastic rather than the padded cloth that is there now.

    Also, I like riding my motorcycle to work but the shoulder and girth straps are just a little bit too short. Which makes it a challenge to get it on over top my motorcycle jacket....more info
  • Targus RGS012 - Nice bag . (Amazon has confusing review interface)
    NOTE on the interface first: Amazon's review system is really weird in this case where the drop-down selection is for *different* back-packs (unlike the usual where it's only a color scheme change). Like me, you might end up reading a review for a particular back-pack which is not really the one you are looking to buy, just because the reviews for all five bags are mixed up together and not filtered as per the back-pack selected.

    This review is specific to the Targus RGS012 15.4 Slam Backpack. First off, the question in many prospective customers' minds are "will it take a 15.4" Wide Screen Notebook?" The answer is a resounding Yes. I got mine yesterday and I tried to fit in my Dell Inspiron E1505 15.4" WXGA Notebook. It fit like a glove - very snugly; neither too tight nor too loose. The velcro strap is also just right and is not too short as one other reviewer had mentioned. It's stretchable so I can't fathom what kind of a thick notebook would one be carrying nowadays that the strap can't easily accomodate. There's also room for a couple of magazines and/or file folders in the same compartment.

    Contrary to what a reviewer mentioned elsewhere, the side pockets *can* accomodate a water bottle each albeit of the 20oz kind - provided you don't store anything else in the side pockets. Any bigger a bottle and you have to store it elsewhere -- the main compartment or in another bag's side pocket.

    The middle compartment is spacious enough to fit in about 3 T-shirts and maybe up to two (max) trousers if you roll them up or fold them very neatly with some space to spare for your jockey shorts. In here too is a pocket for storing a 2-3 magazines (the thickness of Time, Newsweek or NatGeo).

    You can fit in a bathing and hand towel and essential toileteries (toothbrush, paste, soap, shampoo, shaving kit, and maybe a spray-on can) in the third compartment - that would be really stretching it but it can handle it just in case you *really* need to have them along. But you can always transfer a few knick-knacks to either or both the side pockets. Like the other two compartments, this too has a pocket for storing a few magazines.

    An aside: if you start using up ~all~ the pockets in the compartments for magazines AND fill it up with clothes / notebook etc it's gonna get very bulky for sure !!!

    The outermost and final pocket is good for a portable media player, cell phone and maybe a few CDs alongwith your thumb drive - just be very careful that you don't end up crushing them while travelling or maybe leaning against a wall. There's no padding available.

    The straps have some paddings on them but it may not be very comfortable if you're going full-load with the bag; personally I'd have prefered a slightly wider strap with thicker paddings.

    In conclusion, the finishing and worksmanship on this bag is pretty decent and I have nothing to complain about. This is a good back-pack.

    Recommended !...more info
  • This backpack didn't hold up
    It's really roomy.... ample room for my old brick of a computer Dell 15" inspiron 6800 and my tiny HP NC6230. Good sized for overnight.

    No compression straps when you have a smaller load to carry.
    I ended up ripping the nylon on the bag accidently as it got hooked on the side of a gym locker. not as good as ripstop nylon.
    The zipper "teeths" aren't secure/strong enough... the bag would separate at the zippers numerous times. Eventually, the zippers all broke loose in one night, even the separate zipper for the laptop.

    ...more info