SOLO K85-4 Expandable Attache Briefcase
List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $20.02

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Product Description

Handsome leather look expandable attache expands from 4-5" for heavy workloads. Classic pewter hardware and dual combination locks. Interior fan file and organizer. Black.

  • Expandable attach¨¦ allows for an additional 1-Inch of storage space.
  • Organizer containing business/credit card holders, pen loops, and accessory pockets.
  • File pocket with adjustable Velcro closure.
  • Dual combination locks.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent
    Product shipped in timely manner. Received undamaged. We are very happy with the product, very useful at an incredible value!...more info
  • Good quality
    very satisfied with product. Good quality with several separate handy compartments on the inside. completely satisfied with price - cheaper than any of them sold in stores. It also is not bulky easy to transport back and forth. Would definately recommend purchasing product....more info
  • Brief case
    For the price I got a lot more than I expected. I am well satisfied....more info
  • Weak Handle
    After only a few months of use, the handle to this briefcase broke completely off and is not able to be repaired. The faux leather has begun to peel away around the seams. I don't recommend this briefcase, even for the price, as you'll soon be buying something else anyway....more info
  • Works perfect for what I need.
    I use this briefcase for work, and it holds everything just right and looks very nice and for $25 + $5 shipping is a bargin on this. Please look at my uploaded images....more info
  • Its good for the price
    Great price but I decided to buy another and give this one to my assistant. Its made a little cheap but you get what u pay for. If you dont need a high end case this is the one for you. ...more info
  • Awesome
    Attache case is high quality and looks very stylish. It is Lightweight but sturdy. I am very happy with service, delivery and purchase. Excellent choice. ...more info
  • Terrible
    A piece of junk is what it is. Mine was broken when it arrived, and after looking it over I thought "no wonder". It's very cheaply made, with little light-weight plastic plugs holding the handle on the case. It wouldn't have lasted a month even if it had arrived in one piece! I strongly suggest you think again. ...more info
  • Great deal if it worked.
    This would be an awesome buy if it worked. If you don't need combo locks and don't ever plan on using them other than to keep them in the original factory position of 000, then this is an awesome deal for you. I opened it and it really is pretty nice for the price, but the dials felt really flimsy. I thought, that's okay as I won't hardly ever lock it anyway, but I changed the combos and one of them will no longer open. I'm returning this as fast as it arrived....more info
  • Great case for a great price.
    I meant "great" as in a low price!
    I've had this case for a little more than a month and I've been very happy with it. It is very roomy and can expand by another inch. The case is professional looking and has plenty of room inside. It looks like it should cost much more than it does.
    I followed the advice of the other reviews (I usualy don't), and I'm glad I did....more info
  • Great for the price
    This was bought for a work attache that can be brought to a construction site and keep all paper work organized. It has been a couple of months now and it is holding up great. The product is made well and has a combination for the latches for extra security if needed. ...more info
  • Great product
    I bought this briefcase for my step dad and he loved it. He likes how it expands and has a place for everything. There is one downside to it though....he likes to try and fit too much in it...I guess it doesn't expand enough? haha It was shipped very quickly as well....more info
    I had been looking for a Attache case. I unable to find what
    I was able to afford. All the cases that I had seen,
    were sooo expensive, no way.
    I was planning to give it to a Dear Friend, & wanted it to be
    just as I had pictured it. I was not going to give up.
    I needed to buy good quality.
    One day while on my computer, a THOUGHT came to me, go
    on AMAZON.COM & there it was, WOW!!!
    I could NOT believe the Price & the Quality, of the case.
    I did not wait I ordered it right way.
    It turned out to be just want I needed, & my friend was so surprised!
    The reason I only gave it 4 stars, is the lining on the inside,
    is a little uneven, all round the 4 sides, other then that it is "GREAT"
    Sincerely, FMA from Pa....more info
  • Good price, not good quality
    I bought this item in April 2008. I don't use it everyday, but only several times a month. Both of the locking hinges on the front of the case have now broken off (as of Nov. 13, 2008). Other than the hinges the case has been a very good item for the price I paid ($16.00). I now see the price has greatly increased. The mfg., Solo, has said they will repair/replace it, but is the time & cost of shippig worth the effort on a $16.00 briefcase? Maybe I'll just strike this up to you get what you pay for....more info