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Korn - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
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Media Type: CD
Artist: KORN
Street Release Date: 10/05/2004

Customer Reviews:

  • Not their greatest
    First of all, I'm a fan of the Korn songs that get your head bobbing. I haven't really liked their slower/experimental material, nor their poppy/catchy songs.

    When I saw that they had a Greatest Hits Album, I thought this would be a good purchase for an old school fan. I admit that I've been out of touch with their newer stuff, so when I played it for the first time - I did not recognize 80% of the songs!

    And by newer, I mean since 2002. Korn has been around since 1994! If you do the math - why would most of the album be from 2 years of work, out of the 10?

    I began thinking that the title was a joke - a clever way to package new songs. But, then came a few of their actual hits, and I thought to myself, "my God! This really is their greatest hits album."

    In my opinion, Korn's greatest hits should not have included any covers - if they deserve a greatest hits album (and they do) they should be able to fill it with their own material. Secondly, it should have started off with some bagpipe!

    The only reason Korn has survived until now is because they have continued touring, and their name is a multi-million dollar brand now.

    "Vol.1" is in the title as if to comfort fans that Korn is not going anywhere. This is because greatest hit albums usually don't come out until a band is over and done with, or on the verge of fading out.

    I'll stick to their older albums, and I hope Vol.2 has some of their actual hits on it.

    Like all reviews, take this with a handful of salt....more info
  • The absolute best compilation, BUT...
    When I bought this, I knew it would be excellent. It is the best 'Greatest Hits' CD that I own...from any band. I may be biased because I LOVE KORN, but if you are even a partial fan, you MUST get this. If you are worried that you won't like all the songs, worry no longer.

    Now onto the I said, this is the best 'Greatest Hits' collection that I've heard; however, it is not complete. What happened to 'Thoughtless'? What happened to 'Everything I've Known'? In my honest opinion, I wish they would've left off the Dante Ross mix of FOAL and put either one or both of these songs on. Seriously, the original version is on the CD...and it rocks. Even the remix is 'cool and catchy'. But, isn't the title of the CD 'Greatest Hits'? The remix doesn't belong with the others. Hopefully, Vol. II will include the above named songs that were unfortunately left off this one.
    Overall, the CD will rock you out of your seat! Great buy and great listen! I'm going to see these guys at Mohegan Sun Arena in CT next month...YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!...more info
  • We Get It; Your Dad Molested You! Get Over It!!!!
    Hey Jon, enjoy your millions but shut the hell up already. ...more info
  • The best from KoRn? Duh, Stupid!!!
    this cd is gotta be the best from KoRn because it has my favorite songs from all of the other albums. Including Right NOW! these songs are truly the best andfor 15 bucks, this is a bargain! these are the best from KoRn and buy it whenever u can.
    And do not get the EDITED version or you won't get the full expirence u KoRn fans deserve. If u like Green Day or any bands like that, then this isn't for u. and if u want the bonus DVD with KoRn at CBGD, this one has the cd only....more info
  • Leave you begging for more
    Like many, I knew Korn from their few radio singles alone, such as "Freak on a leash", "Blind", "Right now", "Did my time" and a handful of others. As my taste in music grew, I knew my music collection wouldn't be complete without these songs that I had grown up with and loved, as well as few other hits. Little did I know where this Album would take me.

    As I got the CD and gave it a go, my taste for Korn grew with each listen. And upon further examination, the "Greatest hits" were missing some of their other standout songs, one in particular being "Thoughtless" off of their "Untouchables" CD. So on and on, the "hits" weren't feeding my need, so I ended up purchasing every other studio album from Korn. Do I regret purchasing this album? Not at all. It's got two other songs previously unreleased. Plus, I find it a great CD to listen to when I have a desire to listen to a few of Korn's famous singles.

    All in all, anyone who has had a small taste of Korn and wants their hits should purchase this album. Even though some their best pieces of work are not found here, it's still a great buy. But be warned, this album gives you a great taste of Korn, but will leave you hanging and you'll want more. You just may end up doind what I did and purchase everything else from them. But for those who are more interested in Korn's new sound, you may just give this a try and see what life was like back when we had Brian "Head" Welch around. You may just like the old as well as the new, just like me.

    So whether you like Korn or not, you just can't ignore what they have done in the music world, and this is where you can listen to one fine hour from Korn.

    ...more info
  • It's just not as fresh anymore...
    Korn was one of the biggest Metal bands through the 90s. They dominated all other Metal bands with their music. Although it was similar to normal Metal, it featured a certain sound to it that captivated their fans.

    This album just doesn't hold up though. The songs get old really fast. Any Korn fan has already heard all these songs before and it's just not something you want to listen to over and over again. The addition of two new tracks, "Brick in the Wall" and "Word Up", are just average remakes of older songs. I will say that one thing that I enjoyed was the fact that the CD included a DVD with their free show from CBGBs was really fun to watch. Overall though I can't say that this was worth the purchase....more info
  • horrible
    korn sound like a train crash with a drum beat, they make me sick....more info
  • Makes Me Feel Old!!
    Well I only ever bought 2 Korn albums and weren't too fond of their early stuff. I do however think that this is a decent compilation and worth while if you've never purchased a Korn album or didn't get around to getting them all and want this for sentimental reasons. I'm very fond of "Word Up" and think its a very kewl track. 'Addidas' and 'Twist'? ROFL!! Quite silly actually! Korn made some good videos aswell, including the vids for Addidas, Make Me Bad, Freak On A Leash, Got The Life etc. So this compilation on DVD should be good! But the title begs to raise the question: Greatest Hits No1? Oh Please Don't Tell Me Theres More! ;) But honestly I don't see Korn lasting another 10 years to release a second volume....more info
  • Good God
    Wheres good god on this cd? The only good korn song is absent from a so called greatest hits cd that just boggles the mind...more info
  • Awesome
    This is a awesome album! I saw these guys live at the Projekt Revolution 2004. This album is sweet. My Favorite 2 songs on here are Y'all Want a Single and Right Now.



    p.s im not under 13, i just never signed up for amazon...more info
  • "Should Have Made A Better Greatest Hits Album !!!!"
    I myself have loved KoRn for a long time, and must say yes they have plenty of talent. I myself am not picky to what I listen to, whether from nu metal, to metalcore, and even to Death Metal with any kind of underground rock!!! True, KoRn and other nu metal is extremely over rated compared to really heavy bands like: Nile, Six Feet Under, Fear Factory, Machine Head, Trivium, Lamb of God, Atreyu, As I Lay Dying, Shadows Fall, and so on so forth. KoRn, is also nothing compared to legendary metal bands like Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Testament, Slayer, and Prong!!!

    How, many times do I have to say this..... you can't compare two different kinds of music!!! Nu metal is more of an alternative based.... rap like metal that at times can be just as heavy as some regular just look at Slipknot. Slipknot uses elements from KoRn and Slayer to make an awesome combination. Nu metal is still metal no matter what, no sometimes different or not as heavy as all the underground metal that shouldn't be underground. Nu Metal in fact saved rock from a grunge take over in the early 90's, and KoRn actually brought heavy music that scared the s*it out of people with their unique 7 string guitars and toned down bass. KoRn has made it's own unique sound and they took the risk of going outside of the box.

    Yet, Nu Metal posers like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, shouldn't be considered nu metal they should be called pop metal in my opinion not nu metal. Bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park deserved to be laughed at and mocked openly, but KoRn and Slipknot are both great nu metal bands that shouldn't be put down in my opinion. Anyways really for all the haters do you really think you are actually helping people by posting crappy reviews, putting down stuff, but hey you are just wasting your time and life!!! I myself am pissed off at MTV to, since they ruined music and favor pop and rap, but complaining about it won't do anything,... believe me I have it and I learned nobody cares.

    People also complain KoRn sold out and say that KoRn is bad because of that. I will admit there earlier stuff like "KoRn" and "Life Is Peachy" was there heaviest and my favorite stuff,.... And I also loved "Follow The Leader" there most complex album. "Issues" was probably the point they sold out,.....when they started playing lighter more radio friendly type music, yet in a way they matured and kept there unique sound. Early KoRn is not much different from metal in ways and even influenced bands like Slipknot. Yeah, where I come from we dislike sell outs, but KoRn still plays some killer music. Hey, Metallica one of the greatest bands of all time sold out and still released stuff like "The Black Album" and "Garage Inc." , yet selling out led to Metallica 's downfall just take a listen to the piece of crap called "St. Anger"!!! Even, underground bands sell out at point like "Machine Head", "In Flames", and "Hatebreed" all became popular with fellow metal heads like me and they still played great music. Selling out is either good or bad, but KoRn is handling it very well, there even planning on to release a new album called "See You On The Other Side" coming out around December 6, or so. No, I am no hardcore KoRn fan, but I still just happen to like there music.

    You don't have to like KoRn a lot of people don't, but going on and on about crap I don't care about isn't helping people buy a product. Anyways KoRn, fans if you really are thinking about buying this album, you should stop and think!!! Do you really need this.? If you already own all the albums, it's useless unless you are a KoRn fan. Yet, if you are perhaps a new KoRn fan be free to buy this album, so you can get a taste of KoRn 's music and be free to look at all types of music especially some underground metal!!! I have listened to The Greatest Hit's album and feel they only got half of there hits on the album. They missed songs like "Good God", "Thoughtless", "Divine", "Ball Tongue", "No Place To Hide", and I think that "Chi" went good with "Twist" so they missed quite a few songs that I liked with that metalish buzz, but the Greatest Hits album is till solid with some famous tracks like "Clown", "Blind", "Freak on a Leash", "A.D.I.A.S", "Falling Away From Me", "Got The Life", "Here to Stay", "Shoots and Ladders", and others like "Right Now"(dirty version) the (clean version) sounds 10 times as better though!!! The album also has "Alone I Break", the sadistic "Trash", "Twist" the classic 49 second intro, "Somebody Someone", and "Make Me Bad" !!!

    So The Greatest Hits album has a bunch of cool songs with some new songs like the rap based "Word Up!" originally by Camero and "Another Brick In The Wall Parts 1, 2, and 3" originally a song by the legendary Pink Floyd, and a brand new "Freak on a Leash" remix which was pretty nice twist(no pun intended)!!! "Word Up" was awesome, but the remake of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall parts 1, 2, and 3" was poorly done, but it was still okay. Yet, a majority of the songs are from there album "Issues" which was a pretty good album, but nothing like "KoRn", "Life is Peachy", or "Follow the Leader", they should have focused more on early KoRn or at least putting a more of a variety of there music on there. They do also have a bonus DVD performance of KoRn playing at CbGb's which was awesome, ... KoRn is awesome live!!!

    The CD though isn't needed unless you a hardcore fan wanting some more vintage KoRn, or a brand new fan checking them out. The Greatest Hits album only shows only a tenth of what KoRn as a bands has accomplished, just wait for there new album coming out in December!!!

    Overall, I will give the greatest hits albums a 3/5, ..... yes KoRn fans will love this, but it still lacks in my opinion. Also KoRn has been around for 11 years already gosh, since I was about 2, so that gave people plenty of time to get all of there previous albums.

    -Rogue Fox
    Music Critic

    ...more info
  • Well...
    This album is true to it's name, it is a list of their greatest hits. It is not, however, anywhere close to being a list of their greatest songs.

    If you are a casual/passive fan looking for a solid collection of good Korn tracks do yourself a favor. Go borrow the album "Issues" from a friend and listen to it. If you make it all the way to the end without gouging your eyes out and using them to plug your ears, then chances are you will like this album and will consider it a solid collection of good music.

    If you find yourself eyeless however, unplug your ears and go buy the self-titled album and/or "Life is Peachy", hell even "Follow the Leader". That's where Korn's good songs are all hiding.

    0 out of 367,887 people found this review helpful....more info
  • Ya'll Want a Single... Boom Boom Boom Boom
    I LOVE KoRn. I love the angst, the pure rage, the exhausted agony, pain, screams, frustrations and power or the entire band. My favorite album is Follow The Leader because it has a few really killer songs on it and the whole cd is kickass. But, there were many songs that I loved loved loved that I didn't end up buying the cd for.

    Along came Greatest Hits Vol 1. Woohoo! It has their best stuff off of each album, including some of their new songs that aren't really mainstream yet.

    "Word Up!", "Y'All Want a Single", etc. are some catchy songs with some sexyass bass riffs, but they are a bit mainstream for me, so I didn't buy their entire album when originally released.

    But, remember "A.D.I.D.A.S.?" [All Day I Dream About Sex] It gave whole new meaning to all those lame-o kids who came to school pretending to be stupid jocks all the time. (Yes, this may be "dating" me a bit, but I was in high school when the KoRn stuff really hit it big. "Life is Peachy" may have even been while I was in junior high!)

    "Make Me Bad" was so hott too, but the "Issues" album was a bit... meh. There wasn't much going on for the "Issues" album, except for very few songs that needed mentioning.

    "Twist"- the energy, the rambleshack junk, the bass, oh the bass, the drums... hott song. hot-t-t-t. I love it when he growls.

    "Alone I Break" is almost a ballad... off the "Untouchables" cd. A little soft, a little whiny, but still pretty good.

    "Shoots & Ladders" is one of my favorite songs- ever. It's really powerful and even includes some friggin bagpipes. How can you go wrong?

    And "Blind" is just yummy. It makes my blood boil.

    The remixes are okay. But, hey, you can always just not listen to the remixes.

    Overall, this album is really the best of KoRn. There are a few songs that are questionable, but it's still a rocking, raging, erratic, absolutely blinding compilation of songs that will drop you face first into the pavement. Listen....more info
  • Good, but could be better
    I'm a pretty big Korn fan, and I was impressed with this CD, but there should be some more songs on here. Some songs I think should be on the CD: Everything I've Known, Thoughtless, Beg For Me, Let's Get This Party Started, the cover of Metallica's (the greatest band ever, period) "One", and I could go on. The Pink Floyd cover well, sucked, and we could do without the The Freak on a Leash remix (it was good, but not greatest hits worthy). Good CD and worth the buy if you want to start to get into Korn, but I would have chosen other songs. ...more info
  • This band.....
    Is for posers. I feel sorry for you little boys that listen to this stuff. You are missing out bigtime on the underground, but hey, you guys love that radio!!!! This band doesn't have a shred of talent. ...more info
  • Excellent Compilation of Korn's Greatest Songs
    This is an excellent compilation of Korn's greatest songs (pre Untitled or See You on The Other Side). The sound quality of this album was good, but not stellar, but for new recordings it was great. Some of my favorite songs from this album were: Got the Life, Falling Away From Me, Freak on a Leash, A.D.I.D.A.S and Word Up. Korn is an excellent band, and I encourage anyone who is into nu-metal to go check them out....more info
  • Korn CD
    I am very happy with my purchase and will be ordering from more often....more info
  • is my hearing aid in right?
    what is this that am i hearing as i play this "geatest hits voulme 1" by a well known "nu-metal" band called korn because to me it's just bass-slapping playground's horrendous
    to say the less and i really thought i like korn when i heard their singles on keerang i was wrong this band sucks and why put out a greatest hits when clearing you're not breaking they've got a new album released soon which i will be first in line to buy and parade around the streets boasting that i have the new korn album..god i can't wait to see the looks on peoples faces when i smash it to tiny pieces and give korn my hard earned cash for ten seconds of pleasure oh well that's what music is about exploiting the fans with "greatest hits" when clearly they're breaking up to clearly get more money god these guys are leeches

    i hate em...god..about would cry ...more info
  • awesome collection
    Awesome record, although most songs are on the KoRn LP's, the two cover songs and remix at the end are awesome. Plus, the unconventional countdown from most recent to oldest song is fun and different. ...more info
  • Finally gave in...and I do like it!
    Korn is not a band I have any other music from, but I did like many of thier "hits" or songs on the radio back in the day (which is as it turns out, not so long ago). Something about the hip-hop hard rock sound, and that whatever you call it...clicking bass sound just got to me eventually, and I found myself cranking their songs.

    I am into bands like Corrosion Of Conformity, Helmet, Biohazard, Prong; plus I love the rap/rock that surfaced in the late 80's and seemed to flourish in the early 90's, from the aforementioned Biohazard, and Rage Against The Machine; and Korn seemed to draw some from those types of bands and blend it all together and it worked for the most part. Probably the worst thing that happened was getting that stupid "nu metal" tag, I hate that just about as much as the "hair metal" tag. C'mon, ya know?'s just hard rock music that has a certain sound or feel, why does it have to have a label on it all the time? Perhaps it's not Metal, but it deserves a better name than Nu Metal, that was just being lazy.

    Anyway, most of the songs on here I like. I can't help but repeat the "Ya'll Want A Single" chorus over and over, and of course all the hits that follow are very convenient for a casual fan like myself of the band and just wants to enjoy thier fine music. ...more info
  • Im glad their finished!
    These guys were nothing but a joke to metal since day 1, They gave metal a bad name and you would see people in highschool dressing up like freaks with black or red hair dye with monstrous 40 dollar baggy pants with long chain wallets wearing their 20 dollar korn or slipknot t-shirt and their back pack purses covered with all these tiny emo bands and spongebob buttons that costs 2 bucks at hot topics and thats how these little stores make a huge profit by luring in some stupid big spender HS kiddies who make a little money at burger king or mcdonalds and can't even save the little money they make, but the only things I ever got from hot topics is an iron maiden T-shirt and a debut album of children of bodom which was much worthy of buying instead of looking like a marilyn manson drag queen.

    Ok onto my review.

    I use to be a big fan of these guys back in highschool I didn't know my real taste in music I knew I loved metal and I use to think any band like korn who plays metal can be really talented but I was wrong I only followed up on what other people liked I even tried to dress up like them before and I will never go back to that again. These guys can't really play good I mean they are so horrible at everything they do and they don't even know the real thing about metal. Head and munky has got to be the most horrible untalented guitarist's I ever heard and I never heard anybody play that horrible like they do and they can't even play any tunes for gods sake. Fieldy is such a sloppy distorted bassist he just makes the noise worse for the band, their front man jonathan davis was flat out the most horrendous mediocre off key singer who whines about his childhood years of his daddy raping him and not to mention he and the guys butchered a great song by pink floyed with jonathans terrible vocals that would make your ears bleed and I don't even believe those guitar solos were actually them playing. The only great musician was their drummer david who has real talent and should have been playing with a real metal band or better yet start his own band.

    So there you have it these guys sucked since day 1 they are not even real metal and they never were and as a true metalhead im glad these guys are finished they were so awful and they gave metal a really bad name....more info
  • Good, but not Great!!
    If you are a korn fan, and you only like their hit songs then this is a CD for you.
    I am a korn fan and already have all of their CD's with these hit songs, and the the remake song from Pink Floyed and their new song word up don't make it a worthy purchase, however, this CD contains most of the best/heavy songs by korn.
    If you have all of the previous korn albums, then i do not recomend this CD.
    It is still a great album......more info