Universal Learning Bypass Module
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Product Description

BULLDOG SECURITY 791 Keyless Bypass Module Universal learning bypass module ; Works on all vehicles ;equipped with a factory ;anti-theft system ; Automatically learns ;resistance values without ;setting dipswitches or using a volt meter Keyless Bypass Module

  • Works on all vehicles equipped with a facotry anti-theft system
  • Automatically learns resistance values without setting dipswitches or using a volt meter
  • Required on most vehicles

Customer Reviews:

  • Product Damaged
    When I opened the module, the plastic housing clips that hold the device together broke off. It's made of cheap/flimsy plastic. After opening the device I noticed that the internal wiring was disconnected from the circuitry panel. I've tried contacting the manufactorer (JBS Tech) 3 times with no response. I have since ordered a similar product except the Bulldog Security brand instead of JBS Tech knock-off brand....more info
  • Didn't work
    I tried to install this on my 04 Honda Civic and couldn't get it to work. I recommend purchasing a bypasskit, it costs a little more but you get to keep your spare key, which could cost big $$$ to replace....more info
  • Terrible bypass module
    Not the greatest idea to leave a key inside the car. Easily to take key and drive off. I couldn't get the thing to work anyway. More of a hassle than anything. Spend the extra money and get one more vehicle specific. It will save you time and money in the log run. Trust me. Worthless product....more info
  • it works
    I used it on a 2000 Silverado with the BD Deluxe 500 and works flawlessly......more info
  • remote start
    would just like to say I was very pleased with the ease of the install,and only had 1 question with the learning procedure.called there help line and they answered my questions in minutes.Was very very pleased both with the product and there support staff. ...more info
  • Quickly, easily installed and works great.
    I installed this product quickly, easily and it worked just like it was suppose to. Bulldog has some great products and this is definitely one of them. This item was a must for the installation I performed. I just followed the directions included with this item and it was very easy to work with. I feel the price is definitely a bargain considering the purpose of this item....more info
  • Easy install the first time
    I have installed several remote start systems, but this was the first with a security bypass. It was much easier to do than I had imagined....more info
  • If you need it, you cannot go anywhere without it
    I found my module easy to install while I was in the process of installing my BullDog starter. It worked the first time I had it attached to the system. Car wouldn't start without it, so can't help but recommend it. I used it for a key with a chip (GM Product)....more info