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GE 51107 SmartHome Wireless Alarm System Kit
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $25.00

You Save: $4.99 (17%)


Product Description


  • 120-decibel alarm sounds when window or door is opened
  • Easy to install with no wiring necessary
  • Door alarm uses 4-digit keypad to set security code for arming/disarming
  • Alarm delay feature avoids false triggering
  • Three window alarms included

Customer Reviews:

  • OK, but not great
    The door alarm is pretty loud, but the screws to mount the sensors, which are mentioned in the instructions, aren't included. (double-sided tape is included.)

    Also, it would have been nice if there was a way to set the chime/alarm mode from the keypad (with the code) instead of having to open it (with a screwdriver).
    A 10-second warning beep before the alarm goes off would be nice too.

    The window alarms aren't very loud, and also, they turn off as soon as the window is closed.
    I put one on a sliding-glass door, and then discovered that... so, a burglar could open the door, come inside, and close the door, and the (not very loud) alarm would only go off for a few seconds.
    They really aren't loud enough to be heard by a neighbor, even in attached condos.

    I haven't checked to see how loud the door alarm is with the doors closed yet, but it is louder than the window alarms.

    Can't really complain for the price, but still, I was hoping it would have been a little better.
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  • does what it says
    The window units as others have said are kind of lame since you can just close the window and the alarm goes off and there is an on/off switch for it!
    The door unit works very well. I have a little trim around my door that puts a little gap between the magnet and the sensor and it still works. It's also very loud. Who knows whether this will actually stop someone breaking in but at the very least it'll startle him and even if he does take off with your plasma TV, his ears will be ringing for a while. ...more info
  • Not bad for the price
    Not a bad system, works as advertised. Unfortunately it didn't fit my front door, but the keypad is nice and the alarm is really loud.

    Definitely worth the price!

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  • Good System
    This is a good system for those who live in an apartment or who does not want to pay a fee every month to have a security system. Very very easy to set up. I suggest you purchase the home security sighs as well. It will complete the package. ...more info
  • ge home securty system
    the ge home securty system is a basic model. but it both made me feel more secure as it will alert me to an intruder or hopefully scare one away. i did want more and today just purchased a cellular wireless system that will call for help while im away from home. again through amazon. all of my purchases and gifts ive gotten have been good deals and the shipping is excellent. love amazon. my daughter showed it to me and im a return customer. with the state of our economy crime is increasing as a result. protect yourself and your home. ...more info
  • works as advertised.
    simple installation. just make sure you play with the window pieces first before actually sticking them on. the window units are actually simplistic - can be turned off or remove, crushed, or thrown away by the intruder. alarm is very loud but can be suffocated with a piece of cloth. so, it works as advertised but may not be effective against sophisticated intruder(s)....more info
  • Good product
    Easy to install and work quite well. We use it more like a child prove device since they tend to open doors and windows on their own....more info
  • Recommended & Worth the Price
    This isn't the best alarm system but it is inexpensive, easy to set up and really noisy. I would say that it would scare away an amateur thief and gives me some peace of mind when I'm away.. ...more info
  • Good deterrant

    I use the GE alarm system as a deterrant for any intruders. It surely does not have any fancy security features, but the loud noise will surely drive anyone trying to break in away! The alarms for the windwos however, could not be placed on my specific sliding doors and windows. Overall, this basic system serves its purpose of maiking a loud annoying noise to drive people away....more info
  • Simple, cheap, and handy security system
    I bought a GE SmartHome Wireless Alarm System Kit #51107. I already have a professional security system. This was an addition for the windows especially for nights. This system is very easy to install and dependable (at least so far ~ 1 month). The sound is large and sharp enough that one would hear in sleep and can be heard in other rooms (would vary depending upon the house). Would surely recommend this product. The delivery was quick and the product was securely packed....more info
  • Somewhat pleased
    The product seems easy to use, except for the big bulky one with the code. They don't seem to interact with each other at all. So the door/window alarms are great, but the big bulky thing, I couldn't get it to work, so 3 out 4 items work, so it's moderately okay....more info
  • Great product, great price!
    Got this 6 months ago and its been working perfectly. It was very easy to put together and made us feel safer. Perfect for an apt complex. ...more info
  • You will get what you pay for
    Well, it's true you get what you pay for I guess. I will say that I am impressed with how loud the door units are but thats about the only positive comment I can come up with, and thats being generous.

    The window units are cheesy. It's disappointing there is no way of permanently mounting the window units. Comes with 2 sided tape (pretty lame). Although, it's probably a good thing since the window units are more like toys than anything. If a thief did manage to hear the window unit alarm going off he might laugh so hard that he falls back out the window. So you can always bank on that happening anyways.

    The door units do not fit securely into the mounting bracket when placed on the door. There is a flaw in the bracket design that allows to much play where the alarm unit merges with the mounting bracket. It rattles around like the cheap junk that it is.

    There should be an indicator LED letting you know if the alarm is actually armed or not for the door units. The only way to tell if it is armed is by entering in your pass code and then seeing if it beeps once for (armed) or twice for (disarmed). Otherwise there is no way to tell if it's actually armed.

    The keypad on the door units if very annoying. When you press the buttons to arm or disarm the alarm they make an piercing loud beep. So loud in fact that I have to cover the alarm speaker area with my left hand while I arm it with my right hand or it will wake my wife at the other end of the house.

    You get what you pay for....more info
  • nice door alarm
    I like the door alarm, easy to set up and loud. The window ones are not loud enough and they can be easily turned off (no code, just a switch), so they are kind of useless IMO....more info
  • Very good system for the price.
    This is a good system if you're trying to look for a cheaper alternative to a real alarm system. It's very easy to install. The only thing I would like it to have is maybe some kind of indication that the alarm (in Home mode) is on. Sometimes I forget that I had set the alarm the night before and open my door and the alarm goes off! But the sound is very loud, considering it's a small unit. (Enough to scare any thief away and your immediate neighbor to hear.)

    Also, my husband actually suggests that I carry the smaller window alarm piece with me when I walk at night so when I need help I can trigger the alarm with the switch. :)

    Best of all is the price. You get a peace of mind for just $25!...more info
  • Extremely simple, effective, and VERY loud alarm system
    I live in an apartment and wanted to add an inexpensive alarm system that could serve as a deterrent to intruders. I know that this GE system cannot substitute for a centralized alarm system in which authorities/police are immediately notified, but I felt that the activation of a loud alarm could scare off an unsuspecting burglar and was far better than not having any alarm system. It could also serve to wake you up at night as soon as a window or door is opened, giving you precious seconds to call 911, freak out, pray, reach for your 9mm, etc. (I mean this jokingly, but nevertheless, it is better than waking up to an intruder by your bedside.)

    The main door unit is extremely easy to set up. You unscrew the back and install 3 AAA batteries and program a 4 digit code. You can also set the device to serve as a simple door chime, instead of an alarm if you desire. You mount the door device and its accompanying magnetic sensor to the door frame and to the door. The kit includes double-sided tape and the sensors have openings for you to use a woodscrew. I just chose to use some double-sided Velcro tape but obviously, it would be better to screw the sensors in directly.

    Once you activate the alarm, you have 45 seconds to leave your apt/home. When you want to enter your armed home, you open your door, and then are given 30 seconds to punch in your alarm before it is triggered. This alarm is very loud, and I believe will at least startle most unsuspecting burglars and also potentially wake up your neighbors.

    The kit also includes 3 very simple window alarm and sensor pairs. These are very easy to set up as they only have an on/off switch (besides the battery test switch). You simply attach the sensor pairs to the windows and flip the switch to on. If you want to open your window, you have to flip the switch to off, then open. These are really just deterrents, but I believe effective. In theory, an extremely relaxed, prepared burglar could just open your windows, study the device, and realize that he had to just flip the switch off. While the door alarm is very loud, the window alarms are not nearly that loud and perhaps just acceptable.

    Again, if you live in an apartment without any alarm system presently, this system is infinitely better than not having anything. The alarm is so shockingly loud, that I sleep better at night knowing that I would be notified the very first moment an intruder enters (minus the 30 second "grace period" for the alarm to trigger). This can be a part of a more comprehensive security plan, which could include stronger door/window locks, lighting, signs of alarm system, alarm, guard dogs, self-defense education, TASER, pepperspray, tactical flashlight, firearms, etc. You must tailor a security system to your own specific needs, budget, practical concerns, etc.

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