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Wacom Intuos3 9 x 12-Inch USB Tablet--Metallic Gray
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Product Description

The Intuos3 tablet is perfect for photographers, designers, artists, illustrators, digital camera owners, high school and higher-education students. The patented, pressure-sensitive pen and hassle-free ambidextrous mouse (with no ball or optical parts) are both cordless and battery-free. The included, valuable software bundle (worth about $200) makes Intuos3 an exceptional value.

  • Pen tablet with USB connection
  • 1024 levels of pressure-sensitivity
  • Customizable menu shortcut buttons
  • Thick, durable overlay
  • 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Indispensable Designer/Artist's Tool
    I have to say that after years and years of greedily drooling at the thought of getting a 9x12 Intuos tablet, I have finally purchased the 9x12 Intuos 3. And it's huge. Not HUGE like thick or heavy, just spacious. And so far I can't put it down. Really. I haven't cleared enough space on the desk. But then why would I want to? It doesn't get hot, it's the right size for a lap desk, and I can use it for most of what I do from 9 to 5. Except typing. Anyway here's my take on it:



    I'm moving up from the 4x5 Intuos 2 which will now live in my laptop bag. You may be just fine with a smaller tablet, and travel concerns may make this a little unwieldy. The full tablet is 3 additional inches on the left right and bottom sides around the 9x12" area, so it's a grand total of 17x13" in the bag. No big deal for anyone accustomed to carrying an art portfolio around. Stack two Intuos2/Graphire 4x5 tablets flat on top of each other, and that's about how thick it is. (If you're considering buying a 9x12 you probably have a few of these lying around)


    if you don't like the overabundance of space, you can always limit the tablet area in the Wacom control panel to ANY dimensions up to 9x12, mapped to any area of the pad. I feel sometimes that I am moving my arm way too far all over this space for most of my work, so it's good to know I can reduce the physical tablet area controlling the entire screen to a 3x5 box in the corner. This particular feature is very good for "tracing" a photo or small object placed on the tablet and still drawing to the entire screen.

    Likewise you can limit the amount of screen area the whole tablet can control. For VERY VERY precise control over a small screen area this is the best option. An alternative to zooming the image to work details. Also useful for avoiding accidental menu-clicks, and prevents the pointer from migrating into toolboxes or clicking scrollbars and other windows.

    All this space does provide a fantastic level of control. It's just different. You realize how little you move the mouse most of the time to work on a computer when you start using your entire arm to work. Usually it's all about the flick of the wrist.


    An added bonus I discovered (not on the smaller tablets to my knowledge) is the "Quickpoint" dual tablet feature. Two "virtual" tablets control the same screen. The lower left or right corner becomes a tiny 2x3 tablet, and the upper left/right opposite corner becomes a 7x9 tablet (approximately). The 2x3 gives you fast access to the whole screen with very little pointer movement, and the 7x9 gives you precision control. Two tablets in one!


    Happy to say it works very well with dual screens. You can span both screens using the full tablet, choose which screen to control exclusively, or reduce the functional tablet area to match the aspect ratio of spanned/dual monitors.

    As far as widescreen monitor support, this tablet can automatically adjust the active area to match the aspect ratio of any screen. So if you are considering the 6x11 widescreen Wacom, remember this tablet can double as a 7x12 widescreen. I used a grey Sharpie to draw faint lines on the tablet surface to map out different screen ratios.


    USB of course.. Nice 8 foot cord so you can move around a bit, excellent for putting the tablet in your lap. Has a pretty blue light.

    Thankfully the 1/2 "tracing overlay" is gone. Sorry to whoever was saying that was the primary feature for them.. In my experience it just gets dirt and coffee and whatever else you carelessly do to your tablet all stuck up in it. And if you accidentally crease it.. oh the pain...


    The grip pen is nice, bigger than the Intuos 2 pen and has a good weight, otherwise the same. The "6D" art pen actually has two tips inside the felt nib, but sometimes the tablet doesn't register both tips (critical to rotation data) unless you plunk the nib down FLAT on the tablet before you start your stroke. Without both tips active it just works like the grip pen.

    The nibs are interesting, I haven't discovered how the springloaded "Stroke Nib" is so much different from the standard white plastic nib. Says it's "amazing" on the website but really.. ehh. But the "Felt Nib" is definitely different. Kind of makes me think of a Flair Pen. It has considerable friction against the surface and squeaks on the tablet like a marker. This is good if your hand isn't surgeon-steady or if you want slower more precise strokes, but it is a bit grabby if you press too hard. Draw lines with a Sharpie marker on copier paper with a little extra pressure and it feels about the same. My previous trick with the Intuos 2 was to tape paper on top of the tablet to add friction.


    As for the 5D mouse, I think it's easier to use a regular mouse on the side. Although the extra surface area makes a mouse much more practical on this pad than it is on a 4x5.

    The mouse will jitter and is act strange IF you don't put the tablet in "mouse mode." The software *should* just do that automatically, but sometimes it doesn't catch on. Once the mouse is specifically set to mouse mode in the driver settings it should stay in mouse mode any time it's on the pad, and can be moved relative to wherever screen pointer is just like a regular mouse. Otherwise in pen mode the mouse directly tracks the tablet precisely where you place it, and the screen pointer jumps to that spot--just like the pens. If you WANT you can put the pens in mouse mode, but again, weird.


    I use the Wacom mice mostly to run unrestricted macros that Microsoft and Logitech don't seem to want to let you run with their "programmable" mice these days. Think "QuicKeys" on a mouse. You can program an unlimited string of keystrokes and menu commands, and link the macros globally or restrict them to specific applications.


    You can program the left and right sets independently. Again, you have complete control of any method of macro you'd like to assign to any of the buttons. There is a whole list of options for each button and both scroll bars. So you have eight buttons and two scrolls to program to your heart's desire on the pad. IN ADDITION to simple button macros there is a "pop up menu" you can assign to any of the buttons. Just like a Windows Right-Click menu, it appears wherever the pointer is--only you have complete control of the menu content.


    My only gripe goes to Adobe for disabling most of the stylus/pen features in Photoshop by default. It gets a little tiresome enabling size, opacity, tilt, and rotation for almost every brush..

    As for everything else the tablet was meant to do different from a mouse, pressure sensitivity, tilt, rotation, high resolution tracking, lack of jitter.. it works fantastically. I'm just going to have to adjust to the huge 9x12 stroke. So give your Aiptek to someone you hate this Christmas, and hook yourself up with a Wacom!

    Next up, Cintiq! Paycheck.. well, better job, paycheck, THEN Cintiq!



    Why do we have only one pointer (focus point) on the screen? Why not a dedicated pointer per-device now that USB makes the mouse addressable?

    A "Wacom Glove" would be great. If I could put on a special glove or just little thimble-nibs and have fingertip control on this tablet they'd have one helluva product. Kids could fingerpaint!

    In addition to that, is there any technical reason why given the right input device this thing couldn't function like one giant "touchpad" with surface area detection and everything? If the 6D can recognize two points simultaneously, what's the technical limit?


    ...more info
  • Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet
    This is an awesome tablet! It has great pressure sensitivity and the pen allows for fantastic freehand drawing in programs like illustrator, photoshop and painter. The pen is a more natural feeling tool to use in these applications than a mouse. The size of the tablet allows you to get into greater detail without having to zoom in all the time. ...more info
  • The perfect tablet!
    I've never used a graphics tablet in my life but i had always wanted to so i decided to buy wacom intuous after i had read so many favourable reviews. I thought that if you are going to buy a tablet and fork out money its better to go for the best immediately so i decided on this one. At first i was worried because i had read a reviewer state that its quite difficult to use it because you cant see what you draw on the tablet but on the screen - this however was totally untrue because i really felt at home at once drawing and sketching with it and combined with Painter IX its a dream to use. Perfect sensitivity, itslike actually drawing on canvas or paper -even better because it isnt messy! Combined with painter its a real dream - so many tools and brushes to use, so many effects one can do! The pen is comfortable to use and i can actually tilt the tablet while i draw so that I can feel as if im drawing on an easel. Painter IX came with it and Corel painter essentials. Very good value for money and the perfect buy if you are serious into art and graphic art! No other tablet can equal this for sure....more info
  • Simplicity meets technology
    Most of the reviews already given to this product are very accurate and can help you decide whether or not to buy this tablet. It's really meant for professional use. So casual artists; you may want to go with a smaller size, unless you really have the dough to spare.

    Let's just remember that it IS just a tool, much like Photoshop or Painter or any other artist's tool/medium. It won't magically make you an art master over-night. ...more info
  • Two Thumbs Up!!!
    After spending years stumbling around the Adobe Creative Suite with a mouse, I finally bought a Wacom tablet. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. I thought that there would be a big learning curve but there really wasn't any; I was up to speed in minutes of getting the device in the mail. That being said, I do keep discovering more things that can be done with the tablet using the included software as well as the countless options that Adobe writes into their programs for use with a pressure tablet.

    I am using the 9x12 model, which is perfect for my needs, however if you are using smaller size monitors, have limited desk space or prefer short brush stroke styling then you might want a smaller tablet. I have heard quite a few complaints about the included mouse, but I do not see much of a need to use the mouse anyway so I would not let that discourage you from purchasing this product. Highly recommended to anyone who spends a lot of time creating art and graphics on a computer....more info
  • Oh the pleasure!!!! Wish I bought it sooner!!!
    This is an excellent upgrade for me as a designer who worked on an old Wacom baby 4x5 pad for years. I don't retouch often, but now I have a big project to retouch, I thought I can justify the upgrade and went for it. I am SHOCKED by how much faster retouching with this monster board is!! The Express Keys that allowed me to customize, makes a WORLD of difference. I changed my customization a few times while I worked, until I felt "at one" with the Express Keys, both left and right. I put it on my lap to work, and voila, I am speeding through, moving around, zooming in and out, and changing my favorite tools in a heart beat without touching my keyboard! Productivity went up big time!! I suggest having System Preference out for Mac the first few times, just as you work, to go back and customize your setting more.

    Size wise: The 9x12 I initially worried might be too big, turns out to be the same width almost with the 6x11. I was debating hard between the two, budget is an issue, I thought screen ratio might be as well, but when I finally got to the store to compare, I was pleasantly surprised that I prefer the bigger 9x12 (I'm 5', and desk space is prime real estate). Go for the 9x12 if you're choosing between the two. I don't think I was "all over the place" using it, at all. I leaned it against my desk, even though I have space to lay it flat. I think it's more ergonomically correct that way and it really does feel natural as the company suggested. For about the same price, I was happy to have gone for the larger and know that I'm using larger motion. Oh, this tablet rocks!!! I am so happy with this I just want to share with everyone!...more info
  • Good tablet but still room for ergonomic improvement...
    Strengths: Performs well, comfortable pen, well designed pen holder, tablet buttons speeds up work and reduce need for keyboard keys

    Weaknesses: Shiny coated surface of tablet's non-drawing area, mouse doesn't slide easily, touch strips too narrow for fingers

    Summary: Shiny coated surface of tablet's non-drawing area causes too much friction with the your wrist's skin when drawing and moving your arm. Would have been better with a slightly textured surface to reduce surface contact with your skin so you can move with less resistance. The shiny coating is also made of a thick layer or clear glass-like plastic which optical mice have problems tracking on--which is another big problem for me.

    The Wacom non-optical mouse's felt fabric bottom causes too much friction with tablet, and therefore doesn't slide around as easily. Wireless mouse works only when moved on top of tablet.

    Touch strips are too narrow for your fingers and are recessed too deep for optimal comfort during use.

    Nice upgrade to Wacom's Intuos tablet series, but there's still room for ergonomic improvement....more info
  • Solid Construction / Beautiful Functionality.
    I'm not as qualified as the other reviewers when it comes to sweeping Wacom recommendations, but I can fully support the following points:

    I purchased my Intuos3 from Amazon on June 28, 2005. I've used the device thoroughly in the two years that have passed. I have no regrets regarding the purchase. Wacom is still the world leader in tablet technology; this is reflected in their unparalleled creative application integration (Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Flash, Corel Painter, etc) and spectacular usability. (I'm Joe-Consumer, not Wacom-PR-Spy-Man - for me to use these words when describing any product is extremely rare.)

    Even at 9x12 inches, this tablet is light enough to comfortably place on your lap.

    Intuos3 is *still* the cream of the crop in tablet sensitivity.

    The learning curve is 1-3 days, depending on your previous experience with digital art technology.

    Once you've used this tablet, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it....more info
  • Wacom
    Keeping it simple. This is a high quality graphic tablet. Essentially there is nothing one cannot artistically do with this tablet. The only thing that would limit you is your own mind. This one is for the serious or experienced artist though as it will take some time to learn just what all you may do with it---no limits....more info
  • Love it!
    I finally splurged on this pallet (well, at least I got my boss too!) and it's well worth it. I am still getting used to it and it will take some time, but it lets you do great things in Illustrator (well, in other programs too, but I am an Illustrator snob!). Artistically speaking, it will allow me to do illustration with more of a natural feel, rather than mechanical. Body mechanics wise, I'm hoping to split up the time with the tablet and my Kensington mouse to keep any reprtitive stress injuries away....more info
  • Wacom is a winner
    You can't go wrong with this drawing tablet. If you are retouching photos or creating art work from scratch this will make your life much easier. I had an old Wacom tablet from about 15 years ago and this new one is even better and easier to use. I have the 9x12" actual drawing size and I see no reason for anything larger. It fits my needs perfectly. You might get buy with a smaller size but I think most people would find the 9x12 easier to use. ...more info
  • Maybe a little smaller...
    This tablet is just great. The only problem is that it's a little to big. When i want the cursor to cross the screen i have to move my entire arm (not only my hand). Maybe 6x8 inches would be the best size....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I'm so happy with this tablet. It is so accurate and responsive. It makes graphics art design and photo editing so much easier. I don't know how I ever got along without it. It takes my work to the next level. I previously owned the graphire, and while it was fun, this one is fun AND a work horse. It's a must have for all serious designers!...more info
  • Very Impressive Tablet
    My 13 year old daughter, who is the artist of the family, wanted a digital tablet to enhance her artwork with. After researching the various tablets available I made the decision to purchase her the Wacom 9x12 Tablet. The size is perfect to fit on her computer desk and the drawing area is the right size for all her drawing needs. The larger Wacom tablets take up to much space on a desk, the smaller units don't have enough drawing area, so this size is perfect. The setup and use of this tablet is so easy that she did it by herself without any help from me. She now can create and draw her artwork directly into her computer, print it, and/or share it with her friends. The Wacom has taken her artwork to new levels and she is very happy with it.

    I recommend the Wacom 9x12 to anyone looking for a quality built and top performing digital tablet.
    ...more info
  • superb tablet, more than worth the $
    I dithered a long while about buying this tablet, and finally made the leap. I am so glad I did ... it has made a huge difference in my file editing, both in speed and in quality of edits (I am a photographer and work in Photoshop and Nikon Capture NX2). It has really freed up possibility and creativity in my work.

    The size is perfect, and would not advise a smaller size if you are doing this kind of work.

    I have found a few small snafus, but customer service is very helpful in addressing these. All in all, a highly recommended product....more info
  • Wacom wow
    When my son asked for this for his birthday/holiday gift, I was first a little shocked at the cost, so I did my homework and read all of the reviews and talked with others who had used this tablet. Since getting it we are truly amazed at the ease of use, and the cutting edge technology it adds to his artistic talent. Wow!

    This size is a little big though, so we are still looking for a carrying case for it....more info
  • Best Tablet ever - big space and unique sensitivity
    Best ever, I can tell...

    My choice for a 9X12 format was a decision taken based on my traditional arts background, since I make oil paintings and traditional line-art drawing for concept arts, I use very much wide strokes with a combination of "wrist and arm wide motion".
    So this tablet is well suited for this task and not too much exaggerated on size and not too small for the wide movements.

    A 6x8 Wacom Tablet Wacom ACAD INTUOS3 6X8 USB TABLET ( PTZ630AC ) would be more restricted to me, but for those who like small area usage for drawing and painting this 9x12 has a digital adjust so you can work with it as a 6x8, but remember to have space on your desk, it's not a 'mouse pad' definitively, get a 19" monitor screen - flat it down on the table, that's almost the same space you gonna need.
    By the way... for those thinking on something different from WACOM tablets... don't think! WACOM is the only you can trust 100%, no doubts, I've tried many...

    If you don't know which wacom suits best for you, I suggest you go to, they have a questionnaire there to help you out, but it is simple: if you are a pro... get this Intuos3 or better Intuos available, that's the hardcore professional choice, if you don't need much pressure sensitivity, and make 'lighter' work, go to the Graphire Wacom Graphire Bluetooth 6x8 Tablet or the new Bamboo Bamboo Fun (Medium) Black Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software , and if you are a pro and want something to work with milimetrical accuracy like architecture or technical design get a Cintiq Wacom Cintiq 20WSX 20.1" Interactive Pen Display(this one is the top expensive one). Cintiq is unique and draw right onto the screen with the same sensitivity you have with the Intuos, if you can afford it, go for it!

    Many applications will work perfect with this Wacom, like 3D software, I use XSI, Max, Maya, Zbrush(this one only with a WACOM please!), Modo and many other applications for composing and editing like Combustion and Premiere, it changes the way you work for a better productivity, believe-me.

    Pen tilt is great with "Painter" software Corel Painter X Win/Mac , what you'd (maybe) take a day to finish... with Wacom you make it in seconds literally, with a wrist sweep and tilting the pen you can create amazing effects in one second.

    Also the tablet will reduce the stress on your hand and arm caused by the mouse, it will improve your life quality by not harming you like a mouse does when you get to many hours on a computer. Besides it has programmable buttons on it and a smart scroll, so you may use your mouse only for games after that.

    Another important point - the USB cable is huge enough so you can work comfortably away from your monitor screen with the tablet on your lap if wish so.

    To finish: I love my 9x12 Wacom, if you buy it you will love it too, and give it the accessories so this babe will get happier *lol*
    A travel bag INTUOS3 9X12 Travel Bag , replacement tips (nibs) kit INTUOS3 Grip Pen Accessory Kit , and for sure if you can or need... buy other pen like the 6D art pen Wacom Cintiq 6D Art Pen - digitizer pen ( ZP-600 ) and the airbrush Wacom Intuos3 Airbrush - digital pen ( ZP400E ) so you will make extraordinary artworks.

    Need a nice instruction on Wacom and Painter software ? Go for the Painter WOW Book, I think this is the best. The Painter X Wow! Book

    Hope this helps on your choice. Best regards!
    Eduardo S. Janiszewski
    CG Artist and Animator...more info
  • Wacom Tablet
    Bought this for my husband for Christmas...he loves it and uses it all the time......more info
  • Best accessory for artists and designers
    I ordered my tablet on Amazon with a carrying bag last year, and I have never been unhappy with it. The customization on this tablet is an amazing time saver when working in photoshop and other programs. As a digital arts student, I am in need of the best technology for creating new work, and my Wacom tablet is definately my most often-used tool after my computer itself. I have never had any problems with any part of this item, and have since purchased the Wacom airbrush pen to go with it (another super buy). I would highly reccommend this product for anyone who is looking to excel in art or design, and if you are considering getting a tablet, this is the way to go....more info
  • Completely worth the money
    I had used a Wacom Graphire 4 X 5 tablet for quite a few years before I decided to upgrade to the Intuos 3 9 X 12. It was definitely the right decision; I've used the Intuos for almost 2 years now for digital painting and I love it. I've notices my strokes translate much nicer in photoshop (or whatever program I'm using) than with the Graphire. The larger area is very nice, as I don't feel so cramped as working in the 4 X 5 space.

    In the time that I've had the Intuos, I did scratch the surface and had to replace it which ran me around 20 or 25 US dollars, although that was due to not taking proper care of my nibs and neglecting to cleaning the surface now and then.

    My only gripe is that the pen nibs seem to wear down rather quick (for me, anyway). I never had to change the nib on the Graphire and I had it for 5 or so years, but in the 2 years I've had the Intuos, I've replaced the nibs 3 or 4 times now.

    Despite that, I would definitely recommend this tablet to anyone that's looking to upgrade from their current tablet and has the budget for it....more info
  • Very satisfied
    The Wacom is being used by my son, and he has taken to it immediately and very successfully. He probably isn't using it to its fullest, but is very satisfied with it....more info
  • Excellent Product -- Using for software sketching and diagraming
    I got this product not really knowing for sure if it was going to work for me. I suspect most users use it in a paint style tool for illustration and art work.

    On the other hand, I was going through reams of 11X17 paper, creating freehand drawings and notes regarding designs for software I write.

    These drawings and notes on paper were a pain because I'd lose track of them, it was difficult to erase big sections and "move them around" so they made more sense on the page, and to easily delete partial content that was no longer accurate.

    So I fished around for some software that looked like it would do what I want. I found NotateIt software, which is a deluxe whiteboard solution.. and I bought the 9 X 12 Wacom board, hoping like heck it would be useful.

    Well it has been just marvelous. It is a wonderfully engineered product and has worked flawlessly. I'm no longer generating reams of 11 x 17 paper with things crossed out and arrows pointing around old stuff to new stuff. Instead, I use the Wacom to make notes on the fly, do sketches on the fly, move parts of sketches around, and delete inaccurate notes very quickly.

    The feel of the tablet is great, the pen glides easily across the surface, and the front edge of the tablet is curved downward meaning you can rest your wrist on it and not be on a sharp edge.

    There are only two areas I struggle a bit with (and that word is probably too strong)

    1. Desk space - I use both the keyboard and the tablet, alternating between them, but on one surface there's not enough room for both without moving them back and forth or leaving one in front of the monitor and the other at a less than comfortable angle off to the side. I like the 9 X 12 size and don't think I would be happy with a smaller tablet, so that's not the solution. Perhaps a desk where I can put the tablet on the desk in front of me and have the keyboard in a drawer below?

    2. Handwriting - the tablet is pretty high resolution and detects every tiny nuance and wiggle in your handwriting and makes your handwriting look like you were 120 years old and had serious problems with the shakes. I don't know if they could do something in software to programmatically "lessen" the resolution to make it less "sensitive" when using certain apps (in which you might be doing free style handwriting). It is possible that a different pen tip might help, but I tried the ones included and can't say they helped much with this particular issue.

    I'm now using the tablet almost exclusively and my mouse is hardly getting and use at all. Once I got used to moving my whole arm to move the cursor across the screen (which took probably a week) I really love the tablet over the mouse - it's actually more intuitive to move your hand from left to right when you want to move the cursor from left to right, instead of lifting up and moving the mouse several times to get the cursor over there.

    Highly rated!
    ...more info
  • Fabulous and Fun
    Great product - love every minute I use it - smooth and accurate. The only thing to be aware of is that the software they include doesn't work. I had to call customer service (delightfully located in Washington, not India for a change). The agent was extremely helpful and told me that the included CD was a dud and I had to download it off the website. While it was somewhat frustrating, that fixed the problem immediately (my cursor was magnetized to the upper left hand corner of my screen). ...more info
  • A dream come true
    I have wanted a graphics tablet for years, this is my first. I researched my choice pretty extensively and almost bought the 6x11 size. However, I found the 9X12 for only $50 more and went for it.

    One of my concerns, never having owned a tablet, was that it would not be the smooth drawing experience I had hoped for. One reviewer stated that drawing too slowly or quickly produced angular lines and a lot of practice was required to achieve a smooth line. This is not my experience at all. I am a classically trained artist and I am able to "paint", draw and sketch quickly, smoothly and naturally. I am ecstatic with the results.

    The size of the tablet is perfect and I couldn't imagine using a smaller one. My next dream is for a Cintiq....more info
  • Perfect for the designer
    Whether or not you are a 2D or 3D artist, this tablet makes it all the more enjoyable. I had an Aiptek 12000U which died no less than 3 weeks from purchase date. This Wacom is so much better.

    I love the customisation of it. Its fantastic! Only one gripe with it, and it may be just me, but I would love it if you were able to customise the touch strip and buttons to each program - just as you can with the stylus.

    Throw your mouse away - this one's a keeper!...more info
  • Awesome tablet!
    My first tablet was a Graphire3 4x6 tablet and after getting accustomed to using a tablet, digital artwork became much more enjoyable for me and allowed me to do so many more things with digital art that I couldn't do with a mouse.

    I soon realized that, for me, I needed more workable area and so I upgraded to the Intuos3 9x12 and I'm glad I did! My only regret is that I don't draw more than I do because I have difficulty getting motivated to do so.

    The options you have in the software to allow you to set the screen size vs. tablet working area is great for anyone that draws with "smaller" strokes and even though the tablet footprint is huge, it does just fine for me in my lap.

    It's pricey but what can you expect? You are getting the top of the line tablet from Wacom and it's well worth it in my opinion. The added discount you get for Photoshop CS3 doubles the worth of investing in an awesome tool for digital artists. :}...more info
  • Wacom Intuos 9x12 USB Tablet
    I use the tablet for several Graphic projects,
    The Tablet Makes these projects so much easier.
    This is a fantastic Tablet.

    No Problems, just make sure you update the drivers for vista 64bit as
    I use....more info
  • Wacom 9X12
    Overall this product is worth the price.

    To begin the footprint of this particular tablet is 17 5/16 X 13 1/4
    so you have to have enough desk or table space to accomodate it.
    The overall finish and quality of the tablet had some issues; mainly some rough casting of the clear plastic on the top. Ergonomically it feels at home placed on the lap with the dimensions making it quite stable. The express keys feel solid though I don't use them as much as the quick keys.

    Though I am a relative tablet novice I have taken to the Intuos 3 better than I have with my sibling's Intuos 1. Pressure sensitivity can be adjusted to suit one's tastes making the tablet itself quite responsive.
    the pen is light but solid. I prefer the black felt tip stylus point rather than the standard plastic. I have laid a sheet of vellum (thick tracing paper) over the tablet in order to simulate the sensation of drawing on paper (i prefer some resistance.) The pen reacts the same as if the vellum weren't there. The 9x12 image area allows me to use my shoulder for more fluid movements when I draw and does not feel cumbersome at all. However i have not used the tablet mouse, it feels rather heavy and does not glide across the frosted plastic plate due to the layer of "felt" underneath the mouse. Installing the driver software is a snap and the customization menus are easy to understand. NOTE: the option to switch from portrait to landscape (9x12--12x9) is available in case you're wondering which I was.

    This tablet has made me more efficient and more productive.
    (software used: Photoshop)...more info
  • Arrived in great condition and quickly
    Product works wonderfully, I purchased as a gift, and it arrived in beautiful condition and on time. ...more info
  • No complains
    This is my first tablet, so I probably do not know what to look for (to "really" review it), but I am very pleased with it and have no complains. Just one little problem: the working area is so big, that when you use it to navigate your desktop you have to move not just hand but a whole arm around from one corner to another....more info
  • Wacom Intuos3 9 X 12 USB Tablet - Metallic Gray
    The tablet has been very helpful in my digital drawing classes and in my interior design business for quick sketching. It is user friendly, sturdily constructed and electronically dependable. I prefer the large screen format and this size is very adequate. If it should ever have to be replaced, I would purchase the same model. I highly recommend this particular tablet....more info
  • Great tablet
    I started with a Graphire tablet from wacom and then had to graduate to a bigger tablet.
    The Intuos works perfect, it has a series of buttons that can be programmed with all the actions that you take more often (undo, hand move, sample, zoom in/out)
    Excellent product worth the money.
    It works really well when you have a big monitor...more info