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Wacom Intuos3 6 x 8-Inch Pen Tablet
List Price: $329.99

Our Price: $299.95

You Save: $30.04 (9%)


Product Description

The Intuos3 tablet is perfect for photographers, designers, artists, illustrators, digital camera owners, high school and higher-education students. The patented, pressure-sensitive pen and hassle-free ambidextrous mouse (with no ball or optical parts) are both cordless and battery-free. The included, valuable software bundle (worth about $200) makes Intuos3 an exceptional value.

  • Pen tablet with USB connection
  • 1024 levels of pressure-sensitivity
  • Customizable menu shortcut buttons
  • Thick, durable overlay
  • 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • wacom Table Intros 3
    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Wacom Tablet. I orginally purchased this tablet to use with my Photoshop Elements software, which I found difficult to use all of the features correctly and knew that a tablet would solve most of my problems. I have had my Wacom Intuos 3 table for about three weeks now and I am so impressed with the features. For someone like me who sits on the bed with the laptop on my very small adjustable desk this is perfect. I have everything I need on the Wacom table (the keyboard, mouse, etc.) and I no longer need to reach for my laptop in uncomfortable positions and I no longer have to worry about getting muscle aches because my Wacom sits easily in my lap and allows me to do everything from this position. I have the 6x8, since this size is recommended for people using a laptop screen of average size or a desktop with an average screen. I was going to try to get the 12x12 because I like space, but that size is for someone using an LCD screen that is about 40 inches. Since I don't plan on using this Wacom with my television, this size is perfect for me.
    I also like the feature that allows me to handwrite on the tablet and it automatically transforms it into written text. This feature is good for note taking college students. Each day I find a new feature, so overall I am very pleased with this purchase and it provides hours of fun.
    Also I should note that it comes with Photoshop Elements 6.0, and two other applications that I have not had much time to use yet.
    When I first got this tablet, I went immediately to [...] to download the latest software for this tablet, as this was recommended by another reviewer who had problems. I am glad that I did go to the site, because it had the latest version of software that was last updated in October of 2008. I read on the site that this latest update solves some software problems. I have not had any problems since having my Wacom tablet....more info
  • Best tool I own.
    This product has been worth it's money more than nearly anything else I've bought for the price. I've had it for nearly four years, and it looks brand new. The buttons still feel like new, the tablet itself is still shiny and sleek, no scratches, stains or anything. The pen still works after all these years. I use it everyday in place of my mouse. I would not consider not having a pen tablet. The size is perfect for my 17" laptop. I might have even been fine with the smaller version. Great buy for any digital aficionado....more info
  • Something extra to think about....
    With this level of 5 star reviews this product obviously will change the way you approach graphic work for life.

    Rather than rehash all that has been said, I would like to add a little notice for those who haven't used this product before. In photoshop make sure you take advantage of the snapshot button in the history panel. Once you start brushing with the pen you will quickly exceed your max undo-ability, no matter how high you have it set. Not sure where it is? At the bottom of the history panel, there is a little camera, it will be next to a trash can icon; click on it and that state of your work will be forever saved....more info
  • Excellent product.
    Very enjoyable to draw on. I had bought the graphire4 4x5 when I was in college a few years ago to tinker with in photoshop. I decided to get into drawing more seriously recently, and so I purchased the Intuos 3 6x8 as it was reasonably priced, and on sale. I now know why it was on sale, the Intuos4 just came out! Luckily I bought the Intuos3 within 30 days of noticing that the Intuos4 was out, so I just returned it and am awaiting the arrival of the Intuos4 Large, as I decided that I did want a larger drawing surface as I draw mostly from the shoulder and elbow.

    Now on to the review: My first few strokes on the Intuos3 I noticed an immediate and vast improvement over the graphire4. I felt like I had been drawing on a cheap plastic toy in comparison to the smoothness and much more natural feeling Intuos3. Not only was the surface material superior, but its far more accurate. Line placement was keen and I could draw much more accurately then I could on the graphire4. It was almost uncanny how much more accurate, sometimes I felt like the tablet was drawing on its own, as when I would retrace lines I could actually retrace the same line instead of the frequent "almost the same" lines that I achieved on the graphire4. If line accuracy is important to you, the Intuos3 shines.

    There were two cons with the Intuos3 for me. First was the button's on the right side were never used, simply because they were on the right side and I didn't like pushing buttons with the pen in my drawing hand. Second, i felt that my strokes were not being picked up by the intuos3, and I had to apply more then normal pressure to even do a light stroke. That was the same with the graphire4, but I was surprised to find the case was the same with the Intuos3. I guess thats because the Intuos3 takes 10 grams of pressure before anything is registered. The intuos4 solves both of those problems for me with having all the buttons on one side (ambidextrous design, flip it for lefty's) and 1 gram of pressure before it registers, which is why I decided to get that instead....more info
  • ROCK ON!
    It's love at first mark-- great software, easy tutorial, hours of drawing pleasure. Buy one! ...more info
  • So Glad I Bought This!!!!
    This tablet is by far the coolest thing I have ever bought for drawing on the computer. As a web and graphic designer, it gives me the freedom to draw lines as if I were drawing on paper except when you're done, your drawing is fully editable within the drawing program you are using. It's so much better than drawing on paper and scanning it in.

    I use it mainly in Adobe Illustrator. I especially love how you can customize the buttons to what you are used to so you get a truly intuitive tool for drawing.

    I highly recommend it!
    =0)...more info
  • Everything they say it is
    I ordered this as my first pen/tablet combo. I have so far used it exclusively for Photoshop, but it is a dream. I have sometimes wrist pain with using the mouse too long, but not with the pen. It does take some getting used to, but once you do the interface is flawless. No complaints yet!...more info
  • It Makes Working In Photoshop Fun
    This was an excellent investment to have made. Up until now I was using only the mouse when working in Photoshop. That was tedious at best, but mostly it made selecting fine detail extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve. With the pen, I'm getting very nice results, and my hand/eye coordination improves with practice....more info
  • The perfect retouching tool
    I bought the Wacom mostly for Photoshop work. The natural feel of the pen makes working on MobiStories images much easier. What I didn't expect to be so wonderful was being able to use the mouse for "normal" use on the computer. When working on the details of large images the various settings make the work easy and of high quality. Anyone who does graphics work and doesn't use a tablet is missing out on the benefits of a better mousetrap. My productivity has increased as has the fun factor....more info
  • Outstanding!
    Wacom Intuos3 6 x 8-Inch Pen Tablet is a wonderful tool to use with photoshop editing. I use it every day and highly recommend it. A bit expensive but I really enjoy using it for editing my pictures....more info
  • How did I live without it
    I love this tablet. It works great and most graphics programs are configured to use it as soon as you plug it in. I've used it with Corel Painter, Adobe Flash, and Gimp2. Very easy to use, just like using a pen or pencil....more info
  • Perfect for anyone who draws!
    Great Item, great deal at $269.99. Perfect for drawing easy to setup and get started. Had no problems with Vista and the hot keys make using photoshop a lot easier.

    Only suggestion would be to order more pen tips ahead of time. They give you 3 of the regular ones, but there is a felt type pen tip that feels more like a real pencil. MAKE SURE TO ORDER DIRECTLY FROM WACOM, the pen tips are a lot cheaper.
    ...more info
  • Great! Wacom things of everything
    This is a great product well worth the price, and the 6 X 8 size works great for me! Once you go Wacom, you won't ever want anything else....more info
  • This tablet will spoil you
    I have owned my Intuos 3 since 2005, and I can't believe I have not written a review for it sooner. I am an artist and a scientist, and this tablet has helped me so much in both areas of my life. It is perfect for touching up figures for a paper with Photoshop, as well as doing serious artwork in a program like Painter. The pressure sensitivity makes it feel even more like you're really drawing/painting. Looking at your screen and not your tablet to draw takes some getting used to, but it's a short adjustment period. 6X8 might seem like a small area to work with, but I assure you it's more than enough, at least when using a 19 inch widescreen monitor. The only drawback I have encountered with this tablet is that even with the pressure sensitivity, doing stippling or hatching/crosshatching work (which are common ways to illustrate scientific figures) is difficult. I'm sure with patience and messing with the brushes in Photoshop/Painter I could get it to look more "realistic", but it's still nice to use my Rapidograph set every once in a while. Other cool features: the tablet can be set up in both portrait or landscape mode; touchpads on the left and right can be used to scroll/zoom in and out;I recently got two monitors for my computer-with the push of one of the side buttons on the tablet, the surface of the tablet can be set up to correspond to monitor 1, monitor 2, or stretched over them both! Bottom line, I will never attempt to draw or outline anything on the computer using a mouse again. If using your mouse to work in Photoshop or Painter didn't feel like trying to draw with a brick before, it will after you get this tablet. This is one of the most useful pieces of hardware I have ever purchased for my PC. If you spend a considerable amount of time using photo/drawing programs, this tablet is well worth the investment....more info
  • Great product
    I don't know how I used to design with a mouse. I was going to get a larger size tablet, because I used to have a 19inch tablet at my last job, but after reading people's reviews, I decided to go with the 6x8 size. It's perfect in size, easy to take with you and it doesn't take up too much space. Amazon is the cheapest place I've found, with no tax and no shipping & handling, can't beat this price....more info
  • Think about cost and useability
    The product is A+ in the production, design and efficiency departments.

    Since it's around $300 and you can get the 4x6 for $150 really think about it. First, will you be doing full-scale illustrations or just minor masking and adjustment layer touch-ups? Next, will you use the tablet every day or just once every couple of weeks or so?

    What I've found is I've only really used the tablet for touch-ups and am only using it semi-weekly. Right now I might should've gone with the 4x6 for my purposes.

    Finally, I personally feel the only benefit of a larger screen is if you are doing full-scale illustrations. Try to use one before you buy if you can, whether friend, job, or school - if only to show you what you can accomplish with little real estate.

    Hope this has helped - now go make a smart selection....more info
  • Wacom Tablet
    The Wacom Intuos Tablets are professional grade tablets, perfect for illustration and the desire to replicate the human stroke. I use my tablet for digital art, illustration, and avoiding having to scan sketches. No other tablet for this money has specs that are even close. I recommend the 6 x 8 inch for a single widescreen monitor. It is plenty big....more info
  • perfection in action
    this is the real deal... simply... don't go cheap, cuz you'll end up getting this anyway......more info
  • A Must for Photoshop Pros
    The Wacom Intuos3 6x8 tablet is nothing less than amazing. It takes some getting use to though, if you're an artist like me who usually draws on paper. However, it doesn't take long to get into the swing of drawing on this tablet. The precision is awesome, a hundred times better than any mouse I've used. The tablet is also extremely light and neither the pen or mouse need batteries, which is a plus. The only complaint I have is that the mouse included only works while on the drawing area of the tablet and the mouse feels a bit "cheep." Other than that this product is a must buy for anyone who loves to draw in Photoshop!...more info
  • wacom pen tablet
    I'm hapy with this tablet is more realiable and control responded than those other brand .very lick design and feel like pro when I using the table a little expense thothg but is worth it.still learning to used and what surprice me more is that work exellent on corel suite 11 and 12 and and old photoshop program. recomended if you can affor it .
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Product!
    The Wacom Intuos3 6x8 Pen Tablet is worth every penny. It is extremely easy to use. The long USB cord allows you to kick back in your office chair and draw while in a comfortable position. No more arm strain. It comes with Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 software and Corel Painter Essentials 4.0. These programs are loads of fun. I highly recommend this pen tablet for both sketching and photo editing. I have an old version of Corel Draw and it works well with it also....more info
  • Excellent Intuos3
    I would agree with all the other positives mentioned here.The mouse and pen and pad are well designed and constructed.The response and lightness for the pen is superb. The difference is so substantial that it may take a couple of hours of just practice exploring before one has grasped the Pen or mouse techniques which the smooth pad presents.Plug the pad's usb into the computer motherboard port in the back of the computer as informed by Wacom tech support, (to handle the complex math codes) which answered the call within seconds of dialing with a friendly tech support response. Just superb cursor experience with the Intuos3 installed.Can even type with the pen tool in one hand, try that with a mouse! A definite enhanced creative experience for designers, illustrators, production artists, et al who would appreciate an enhanced interface.Consider this an investment in one's graphic design work and physical health and well being as well:>...more info
  • So far so good
    I have just recently purchased this product and so far things have been going well. It is everything they said it was....more info
  • I love this!
    I've waited several years to treat myself to this. It is well worth the wait....more info
  • Great tablet!
    I've had my tablet for a few weeks now and it's great! I do have to say it's my first I've ever had but I heard so many good things about it I decided to buy it. Worth the money if you do a lot of computer art and design :)...more info
  • Can't Go Wrong
    It takes time to get used to but overall I have no complaints for this particular tablet by Wacom. Great buy....more info
  • Outpouring of Creativity Restored!
    I absolutely LOVE my Wacom tablet!!! It's gotten me creating again like mad and was so fast to get accustomed to. The size is perfect. I love the sensitivity of the pen and the ease of use. I think the only thing I'd change is the button on the pen is placed right where I hold it to draw and often I accidentally hit it while I'm working. But then, I don't ever use that button so for those that do, I'm sure it's placed perfectly. Maybe there's a way to deactivate it, I'll have to look. But I highly recommend this product to all artists and designers! I waited way too long to get one and the reviews here and elsewhere helped me make my decision to choose this particular model, which was an ideal choice for my needs....more info
  • Very Cool!!!
    Wacom Intuos3 6 x 8-Inch Pen Tablet
    This is my first pen tablet. I wanted to get my son and I the best I could afford and this didn't disappoint. The fact that professionals use this very tablet and it's reputation in the graphics industry helped sell me on it. I have used it and I am very impressed. It takes a bit of getting used to because it is so sensitive. You can tweak it down a bit if you want but I left it default because I wanted it to be sensitive when I do get used to it.
    The software included, Photoshop Elements and Corel Basic(or whatever) are pretty good pieces of software. The average guy can do anything he wants with this. I also tried it out in CS4 and it is superb. My son actually prefers Elements.
    I spent a little time playing with the writing recognition. This took a few hours for me since my writing is so bad. But after you get all the kinks worked out you can go into Microsoft word and write by hand. This good for me since I can only peck when I type. My son types about 150 words a minute so he didn't need it. :)
    All in all, this is a fine piece of technology. Couldn't be more satisfied....more info
  • Wacom Tablet
    Very nice product for designers, perfect for photoshop and painter the buttons on the board is very nice. If you travel a lot, and work on your laptop, it is perfect for portability, if you have a widescreen monitor, make sure you change the aspect ratio...more info
  • What's with the worthless mouse? Toggle to touchpad instead?
    I had previously bought the 6x11 from Amazon, and then exchanged it for this 6x8. 6x11 was too big to be practical because the whole tablet itself extends far beyond the 6x11 workable space: (1) it will not fit most laptop bags (I have a 15" WIDESCREEN notebook), (2) I think most good artists use fine finger movements and do not need more space than 6x8. 6x8 is perfect for my use; this is a great tablet. However, I don't know why they keep including the worthless mouse. If the tablet is turned even slightly, the mouse starts moving in unexpected directions. Even if you keep the tablet perfectly straight against you, the cursor often travels in weird directions since it's very awkward to keep the mouse moving perfectly aligned to the 6x8 box! This is very different from using a typical mouse. Don't plan on throwing away your old mouse or trackball. It would be nice if there was a switch to toggle this thing to a touchpad; then I can throw away the mouse/trackball. ...more info
  • Excelent Tool
    My daughter is using it for design programs, she said is an excellent tool, an she is only 11 yo....more info
  • It's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm from Colombia (south america), and i'm a professional illustrator. I recomend you to buy this product. It's excellent and is not very expensive. Great deal!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info