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Risk 2210 (Revised)
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Product Description

The world is at war. As the leader of one of the warring factions, you control the destiny of your people. On and above earth you must marshall your forces, send forth your troops, hit the right commanders and crush your enemies. Build alliances if you dare, but also be wary of those who you call your friend. Spend your energy wisely. Enlist the right commanders with the right commands and you can gain the power you need to conquer the world and beyond.

This advanced version of RISK from Avalon Hill contains more strategic play, extending the game theme 200 years into the future when the world's countries are at war. The game contains over 450 military pieces, plus five decks of Command Cards for tactical purposes. For 2-5 players.

  • An advanced version of risk with more strategic play
  • Propels the game 200 years into the future when the world's countries are at war
  • More than 450 military pieces and 5 decks of Command Cards for tactical purposes
  • For 2 to 5 players
  • For children above 10 years

Customer Reviews:

  • A wonderful variant to a classicl game
    I was recently re-introduced to the classic Risk by my Statistics teacher (he has a stash of board games in his room, and for a week in his class, all we did was play Risk to "learn about probability"), and I and the four people I played it with had an awesome time. We couldn't wait to get to seventh period all week. We, unfortunately, never made it to complete global domination as our time was cut short and we needed to move on in the text book, but we all wanted to play more. I came home one of those days and found a copy of that exact version in a cupboard. Now I really wanted to play.

    After a couple out-of-school games of classic Risk with some friends, I really wanted to see what else was out there, and I came across this and Risk Godstorm. Despite their complexity and brevity (five years/epochs just seems so short sometimes; like you're cutting short some major turnaround that would make the game really interesting later-on) the games are both tons of fun, and they actually make you think. Some say it relies to heavily on dice rolls, but between placing armies, buying and placing commanders, considering the three different types of battlegrounds, buying command cards, and deciding when to defend and when to keep going, there's much more to it than dice rolls. And even the dice rolls have to be factored into your strategy - D8s vs. D6s, two dice vs. two dice, two dice vs. one dice, three dice vs. two, and so-on.

    Maybe not all that educational, but it's much more involved and fun than a game of simple Monopoly, Sorry, or Candyland. The lack of holders for all of the pieces is annoying too, but small sandwich bags aren't expensive. Overall, a blast for three or more friends, on a rainy day, or simply on a day set aside specifically for play....more info
  • Risk Rules
    Risk 2210 totaly blows away original risk, and anyother board game for that matter. It the most strategic, chancy, fun game I've ever played. New commanders and command cards add a new depth of realism to the game. New areas include moon and marine base. Its gets better more players you get....more info
  • Risk 2210
    I thought this game was very fun. If you like a great strategy game you will love this game. If you are familiar with Risk* than you learn this game quickly. I have played games like Axis and Allies and Risk also strategy games and this is one of the best. It is a huge improvement from risk and a fun game. I think it is really cool....more info
  • Jake Goldin's Risk 2210 A.D. Review
    This game is for everybody. It shows all aspects of war life: strategy, elements, such as surprise, and more. Even if you are not "strategically coordinated" this game is top in board games. Not really a thinker? Form an alliance with someone who is, and fight to conquer the Earth, Moon, and stars with Risk 2210 AD....more info
  • Better than the original
    I always thought that the original risk was a little on the boring side, but when I played this I was Surprised. This new version has many new additions that keep the game play from getting old and tired, such as tactical generals each with their own Specialized command cards (which can Turn the tides of battle) . Their are also different places to fight over, like moon and water territories. The only bad thing about this is that it does get old if you play with 2 people a lot. On the other hand, if you play with 3 or more people the fun never ends. If you enjoyed Risk YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY THIS!!!...more info
  • Great evolution of a classic
    I have played the original risk countless of times and loved it as a kid and adult. Risk 2210 takes the elements of the old risk and enhances them, coming out with somthing new and fun. The new terititories are great, as are the pieces. i think the best addition to the game is the time limit imposed. The original risk could drag on for quite a while. There is more of a sense of urgency in this game, and the time limit also elliviates the boredome a player may experience who has already surely lost. All in all a great game i highly reccomend....more info
  • Better than the original
    This game, though more confusing, exceeds the original risk in every way.
    In this version set in the future you lead robot armies to victory, by capturing land territories, water colonies, and moon territories.
    The game is best when played with more than two people and can take up to 4 hours to play. But it is worth the time....more info
  • The Most Fun I've Ever Had With a Strategy Board Game
    Risk is huge. People all over the world have enjoyed it for years, and it has long been the game of choice for those who enjoy a good game of strategy. It's easy enough for beginners to learn, yet complex and long enough to satisfy serious strategy gamers. And now, we an updated version for the new millenium...

    Risk 2010 takes the gameplay of the original Risk and greatly enhances it. While the original Risk was a great game, it had a flaw. Dice rolls. Sometimes the dice were just not going your way, and you were losing ground fast, and...what do you do? In the original Risk dice rolls made you and broke you. Of course you still had to decide where and when to strike, and when to back off, but most of the game came down to dice rolls.

    In this update, you have WAY more tactical control. Why? Commanders and cards. Commanders are the big guns, expensive, but VERY powerful. And the cards...they are amazing. They have the power to make or brake you in a split second. Knowing when to play your cards makes the game SO much more fun. Do you buy all of one kind of card, or spend your credits on a bunch of different cards? If you lose the commander to the card type, the cards are useless, so you must be careful. You have a card that could hurt or enemies OR hurt you. Do you play it in desperation? And then there is the whole bidding-on-turns aspect of the game (going first or last can make all the difference in the world).

    So far I've described the excellent gameplay. But this game is more than just that. The board is DARN COOL. The redesigned countries all have awesome names (the Saharan Empire, Neo Tokyo, Exiled States of America) and the addition of water territories and the Naval commander (not to mention the space commander) make it possible to play by land, sea, and air.

    With the added ability to play classic Risk with the same board, the tweaked gameplay which is now more balanced, and beautiful board, and just plain coolness of the units, commanders, and cards (not to mention the ability to design your own cards!) this game is the one to beat when it comes to a strategy game anyone can play. Simply awesome....more info

  • Awesome Board Game
    This is an awesome game... I think that the adding to the normal RISK was a great idea. this game is totally worth the price....more info
  • Awesome Game!!!
    This game is LOADS of fun. A few friends and I have a Risk Night every Friday night and play also almost every Saturday. We started off playing the basic classic Risk on the original board, and moved to playing classic Risk on this 2210 board, with the new sturdy plastic pieces. After playing the new, more advanced and complicated Risk, we got the hang of it, and it's now what we play more often. Buy this, it's worth every penny for anyone and everyone who's ever had interest in Risk or a strategic game of Global Domination

    P.S.: Only thing is, you're bound to make a bunch of "house rules" (your own rules/ways of playing) (ie. not only a few rounds, not starting off with all water and moon, and dealing out the cards when you DO use the water and moon territories), etc... ...more info
  • overall a great game
    i think this version of risk is great! it is so much fun. my friends and i get together all the time and play it. i gave it 5 stars for educational value because you need to use many skills in order to win. the game is all about strategy. i gave it 5 stars for durablity because i have a dog and a little sister and it holds up very well. i think that it should be for 12 and older because i also have a 10 year old sister and there is no way she could understand it. overall this is a great game for those who like to have a challenge and like to stratigize....more info
  • Definitely NOT a two player game, but fun
    My wife and I enjoy RISK, and after looking around thought that this would be fun as well. We played it and did enjoy ourselves, but it got tedious fighting every battle against the same person. That to one side, the gameboard is large and well designed, the pieces are neat-looking, but very small and likely to get lost in a family with younger kids. The gameplay is much more complex than original RISK, and in some ways much more fun. I enjoyed the commanders and the commander cards, and the underwater and lunar colonies make the game much more interesting as well. I would reccommend this game to people living in college apartments, with lots of people to play with and lots of time to play....more info