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This camera incorporates a 1/3" B&W CCD camera with a PIR motion sensor and is housed in a motion sensor body. The camera uses a 3.6mm lens that has 400 lines of resolution and a minimum illumination of 0.1 lux. A lead is supplied that plugs into the board for power and video. It can be used as an accessory to an alarm system or a stand alone monitoring device. The PIR pattern is 110 with coverage up to 45 ft. VCR, Alarm and lamp control terminals provided via screw-down connections. Lamp control relay output is capable to switch a lamp up to 500W/2.5A. Three terminals for alarm output, COM, NC, and NO are provided for full user choice of wiring configuration. Alarm output voltage is 30V/0.2A. Video can be set for ON at all times or OFF for auto turn-on when motion is detected and output to a VCR for recording activity. Video connection is BNC and power supply connection is A DC power jack. Use power supply #120-390.