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Culled from the band's ten year, six album career, Lest we Forget: The Best of Marilyn Manson features some of the greatest rock anthems of the last decade. Opening with "The Love Song" from Holy Wood, it proceeds to the first of a handful of cover songs which have made it as singles. The decadent, beefed up version of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" may not vary much from the original but the band do it the appropriate Goth justice; "Tainted Love" adds a menacing, industrial-glam to the electric northern soul of Soft Cell's version; and the one that broke them into the UK mainstream, "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics sounds as good as ever. So, they do a good cover but it's really the fists in the air crowd-pleasing anthems that back up the band's iconic imagery. The high-energy signature tune, "Beautiful People" and tracks like "Disposable Teens" or "The Fight Song" typify the band's intelligent approach to rock'n'roll posturing. While many may have all the albums already, Lest We Forget is the perfect addition for anyone who likes the odd song but was too fearful to delve any further in the world of Marilyn Manson. --Georgina Collins

Customer Reviews:

  • yawn

    MM is the love-child of Alice Cooper and Joseph Goebbels. This hack is so derivative he can't even come up with an original name. Arena horror-rock died in '79. At least Gene Simmons doesn't take himself so seriously.

    ...more info
  • A guilty pleasure
    Marilyn Manson is one of the few modern metal bands in music today who has managed to survive the ever changing trends in music unlike their metal brethren Korn and Limp Bizkit whose popularity has waned over the past couple of years. Then again bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit don't scare the heck out of the religious right who is constantly attacking Marilyn Manson out of fear and ignorance. Apparently irony and sarcasm falls deaf on those who criticizes Manson since his lyrics are basically filled with irony and sarcasm. I honestly can't say I am a big fan of shock rocker Marilyn Manson since I don't like the fact that people associate him with goth culture (a grossly misunderstood culture no thanks to the Columbine and now Red Lake school shootings) which he has said publicly that his music is not goth. I do think that he and his band has put out some really solid industrial-influenced heavy metal songs over the years which is why I bought this compilation (to hear some of my favorite MM songs).

    I have always loved "The Beautiful People" since the late '90s. It has always been my favorite Marilyn Manson song. For a heavy metal song, it strangely had a good beat to dance to (used to hear it in my favorite nightclub in college). Marilyn Manson's interpetations of a few new wave classics "Personal Jesus", "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", and "Tainted Love" is interesting to say the very least. I especially enjoyed "Personal Jesus" since it actually stays faithful to Depeche Mode's version . I like "Sweet Dreams" and "Tainted Love" but the nothing beats the original versions hands down. I am not really big on "Get Your Gunn" or "The Love Song" but I totally dug "This is the New S**t" and "Disposable Teens". I love the sheer aggression of those songs. "mOBSCENE" definitely ranks right up there with "The Beautiful People" as one of my favorite MM song of all time. I love the cheerleader chorus.

    As a casual listener, I felt that "Lest We Forget" was a good compilation of Marilyn Manson's music. It has all the songs that I love and songs that I never heard until now and grew to love. The irony in 'The Beautiful People" and "Rock is Dead" remains as potent as ever today as when they first came out. Music needs to be kicked in the arse hard by the likes of Marilyn Manson when it is filled with too many shallow, talent-challenged pop stars....more info
  • Gonna get this one today(17/12/05)
    All these songs except like 3 of them i kno already and im picking this one up just to add to the collection and to hear the songs that i havent heard yet and to think this is my cohice for the free cd i get for buying 10 in my local store i love it .............................my collection grows stronger..............................Long live marilyn manson the legend...more info
  • Manson's Trick or Treat Bag
    Marilyn Manson has been one of the most talked about artists of our time, but how much of those discussions have been about the actual music? Like such controversial artists as Madonna or Alice Cooper, Manson's stage performances and overall appearance has sparked more debate than the records. When the band first emerged on the scene in 1994, they were seen as all shock, but with a few good rock songs to scare parents and draw teens in. While they didn't quite take on MTV, they found other ways to infiltrate the media consciousness with their controversial stage shows and even an odd appearance on the Phil Donahue Show (the episode was about the dangers of rock and moshing at concerts). While they celebrated a twisted cartoon/talk show way of life, their music wasn't getting too much attention, that is until their cover of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This" was released. It's a creepy crawling spine tingler that still holds up to day and paved the way for the band's most important release, 1996's Antichrist Superstar and two years later, Mechanical Animals. During that period, Manson was a mad scientist, an even more warped Willy Wonka and the world, as it seemed to him, was his chocolate factory. He practically stayed in the headlines and he was Ameican culture's public enemy number one during the Columbine Massacre. These days, he doesn't quite make the impact he once did. Has the Manson ship sailed? In a word, yes. His latest stuff isn't nearly as horribly intriguing as such anthems as "The Beautiful People" or "Disposable Teens". His best is of course, "Sweet Dreams". Other gems on this best of collection include the buzzing obsessive ballad "Tourniquet", the excellent commercial-but-still-Manson 1998 track "The Dope Show", the chunky electro stomper "Rock is Dead" and the Spawn Sountrack song "Long Hard Road Out of Hell". Aside from "Sweet Dreams" there are the other '80s cover songs, making it a few too many. "Personal Jesus" seems fitting for Manson, but "Tainted Love" seems a little contrived and forced. Newer songs (for that time)such as "mOBSCENE" are way beneath Manson and pale in comparison to the excellent work from Antichrist Superstar, such as one of the best songs from that record, "The Reflecting God". Good early songs from Portrait of an American Family are the singles "Lunchbox" and "Get Your Gunn", although "Get Your Gunn" was always a bit much for me. Best of collections usually get a few complaints, so quickly I have to mention the absence of such songs as "Coma White" and "I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)", two awesome singles that really showcase Manson's songwriting and often over the top edginess. Overall, a good collection aside from some hit or miss melodrama and steadily declining substance. We don't want chanting goth cheerleaders, just Manson being himself. Whether or not the star has fallen, you have to hand it to him for the great stuff he's given us....more info
  • Hard Rock Lives !
    In the sorry state of music today with awful groups getting all the airplay and great ones getting none its no wonder I cant find good music. Luckily I found an online video of Manson and was immediately transported back to 1976. Some good old fashioned angry hard rock. Reminds me of Aerosmith before they got clipped. But harder, nastier and edgier. This Hits collection hits hard from end to end. Now i need to explore more of the guys work. While many "hits" albums struggle to surround their 3 or 4 hits with the right "filler" , Manson cruises in easily with ten years worth of great stuff and the very rare album FULL of great songs. ...more info
  • Typical sell out garbage for brainwashed teens
    This CD pulls together all the reasons why shock rockers like Manson are nothing but sell out poseurs. His image overshadows the music and his image is a manufactured rip off of TRUE artists like Alice Cooper and David Bowie. Only dumb teens mad at mommie and daddy for taking their xbox away could relate to this mish- mash of "Satanic" posing and posturing.
    No reason to go over the songs since everyone has probably heard them already and either loves them or hates them. I hated this crap. Give me Cooper, Bowie, or The Vampire Lucan Wolf anyday.
    ...more info
  • A fairly good compilation
    As allready stated, ignore the Satan stuff. Marilyn Manson (the person) is a very intelligent person and says what others want to say but are too afraid to do so. I too hate the Satan stuff, as I am a Christian, but I am able to look past that an enjoy his great music and amazing lyrics.

    Out of the 17 tracks on this disc, I really only like "Personal Jesus", "The Fight Song", "Tainted Love", "The Dope Show", "Disposable Teens", "Sweet Dreams" and the classic "The Beatiful People". That's not even half the disc. But, while your skip button might wear out while listen to this CD, there are those enjoyable tracks, which I listed, that makes this CD worthwhile.

    So ignore the Satan stuff, listen to the tracks I listed, have your finger ready on the skip button, and you'll enjoy this CD, as I did. ...more info
    This is a very good album. It is not my favorite but is still worth buying. My parents hate MM, and won't buy his albums. If I want a MM album i have to buy with my own money. MM is a talented person. He is very peculiar but talented. People that say he is evil don't know what there talking about. They don't know the facts. I think MM sees both ways, and when I say both ways I mean good and evil. I recomend this album and all other MM products....more info
  • Manson always gets a bad rap
    Clearly, there are a lot of reviewers who don't like Marilyn Manson, so why they chose to review a collection they probably never even listened to is beyond me. It seems like they need to have less time on their hands; perhaps more time at church, or more time watching the 700 Club is warranted.
    If you are a Manson fan, this is a terrific collection. The sequence is perfect and it gets the blood flowing in the morning when you are on your way to work. Everything is there: The old, the new, and the terrific remakes of The Eurythmics, Depeche Mode and Soft Cell that really round out the collection.
    Manson ALWAYS seems to get a bad rap, but the truth is, if you cannot see past the stage persona, you are probably someone who reads the Enquirer and believes everything in it. There is a difference between real life and the stage. Does anyone remember David Bowie...Alice Cooper? Hello! These are all people who are brave enough to be outrageous. It doesn't mean they are crazy or satanic, only that they are good actors. Only the truly ignorant choose to scapegoat performers like Manson for all that's bad in the world. It's just an album and the overwhelming majority of listeners are smart enough to distinguish fantasy from reality. If one does not know the difference, you can bet there is a parenting issue at the root of the problem.
    Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner) is a wonderfully intelligent and well-spoken man (if one does some research and stops assuming like a jackass) and as far as I am concerned, while the music might not be up for a grammy anytime soon, it's FUN.....people who take it too seriously should not have the privilege of listening to music of any kind.
    The album rocks, end of story....more info
  • Lest we judge a book by it's cover.
    Being that the reputation proceeds the artist, when this CD is played, and the name not revealed,the people around me find themselves loving the remakes. When the original songs come about, they find themselves singing along with the chorus.

    Considering I was "Goth" when it was still "New Wave/Punk", and I'm a 40 year old Corporate Minion with more of a Conservative leaning. People ask, "Why do you like Marilyn Manson?!" with the disdain as if I were enjoying the flesh of tender babies baked with garlic, and butter.

    What they fail to realize, Marilyn Manson is following a long tradition of "Shock Rock", except he's actually talented, and very clever with his versions of songs, and remixes. One must take into account, that he is a SUCCESSFUL artist not because he "scares" people. More to the fact, he's underestimated, and thereby free to reinvent his sound, and choices. "Lest We Forget" gives a wonderful buffet of all the variations the band chose to take.

    I rate this CD very highly simply because it includes all the favorites on the CD's I already own, and quite a few new songs to me. "Lest We Forget", is the soundtrack to my weekends, and why I still dress in all black on occasion to remember to view the world through a cynic's eye. Top notch collaboration of styles, and a good time was had by all.
    ...more info
  • so in other words, his career is over
    If he was at all smart, he'd be giving trent a call back...more info
  • Ignore the satan part
    I think his church of satan thing is a publicty stunt. I just ignore the fact hes supposedly worships satan and listen to his music instead. I'm not a satanist and I don't think Christians should think that they can't listen to the music. I don't think religion belongs in the music industry at all because religion is meant to be the person's own belief, not to be exploited to sell an album. ...more info
  • Marilyn Manson!...
    ROCK IS DEFINITELY NOT DEAD PEOPLE! Not as long as I'm still alive! A awesome collection of all his HITS! I don't have a favorite! But it's well worth the money to spend on!......more info
  • Awesome compilation from one of the greatest bands ever
    With ten years of music behind him, Marilyn Manson decides to sum up everything he's ever done with a "Best Of" package, and a damn good one at that. This album contains all the radio hits that made him famous, and even a few songs that weren't singles, such as "The Love Song" and "The Reflecting God". To be honest, I would have really loved to see "Great Big White World" here and was pretty surprised when I found out it wasn't, but the rest of the great songs make up for it. Also included is his cover of "Personal Jesus", which is a cool ass song. The best of the best are "The Beautiful People", "The Fight Song, "Rock Is Dead", and "Disposable Teens". A great complication for long-time fans, or people just getting into the band....more info
  • Truly His Greatest Hits
    This CD includes all of Manson's best songs. From "Get Your Gunn" to "(s)AINT", all of his classics are here. I was rather disappointed that it featured only two tracks from his debut album Portrait of An American Family ("Get Your Gunn" and "Lunchbox"), and I was a bit alarmed that "I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)" was not featured on this CD. But, all in all, this CD is a must own for any Manson fan. It is also good for those who only like certain Manson songs, and not others. The booklet the CD comes with feature a wide assortment of photos of Mansonator himself (and his band). ...more info
  • You have to focus on the Practicality of the issue
    I think my thoughts echoed a lot of other's when I heard that Manson was releasing a best of album: "Best of? Very few of his stuff is any good!" I, like many others, chose to ignore it and move on.

    What I didn't think about was the practicality of the issue. Manson has very few songs that are any good... ALL of them, though, are on here.

    So instead of going and buying a bunch of CDs to try to get those three or four or maybe more if you're more open-minded songs of Manson's that actually show some amount of musical talent, just buy this one and you never have to worry about going to the MM section of your local record store again! Everyone wins!

    --PolarisDiB...more info
  • Abolition World
    "Marilyn Manson, the reptilian=HUB_modem of a drug fetus=cardiac covered that mass of flesh-module abolition world in hunting for the grotesque WEB=jointed and the living body junk feeling replicant who turned on the ill-treatment of a chemical=anthropoid guerrilla." - Kenji Siratori, author of Blood Electric...more info
  • Good god...
    really don't get this type of music. This little albino goth is just screaming into a microphone. His music videos are just distirbing. I really dont like this.

    REAL rock music is seventies rock. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Hendrix all saw the true meaning to music. And Plus they all knew how to use thier instruments. I KNOW that all you gothic manson lovers are reading and thinking you want to kill me. Well I dont care. I don't see how you like this. And I garuntee you it will be dead soon, and you will wonder why you even liked (...).

    Peace and Love Goths.
    ...more info
  • Lest we forget that Manson rocks!
    Awesome collection of Manson tunes!
    There are a few songs that I would have liked to have on this CD that weren't there but everything that is there is great.
    Good choice if you like Marilyn Manson....more info
  • Lest We Forget: The Best of Marilyn Manson by Marilyn Manson
    In a world full of fakes, pop trends, and conformity Marilyn Manson was a ray of light for those hoping to break free in the society of clones. Being THE poster child for shock rock, Marilyn Manson broke boundaries with his lyrics of truth, and stunts on stage that would make porn stars blush. One could call Manson a real nightmare for the parents of the children picking up the his albums, and yet he's still here, and for many reasons.

    I guess what really drew me to Manson in the begining is his voice. Oddly enough, I think he has one of the coolest voices ever, being raspy and just perfect to compliment my other reason for liking him: his lyrics. Songs like "The Dope Show", "Disposable Teens", and "The Beautiful People" are just examples of crafting intelligence, wit, and childishness all in one. Marilyn Manson was also able to make songs catchy, especially with songs like "mOBSCENE", "The Fight Songs", and "This Is The New Sh**".

    However, the true greatness is his cover songs. While there are only three, they are probably some of his best work. The cover of Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" takes lead as the best single released by him to date in my opinion, a true opus in his collection of many songs. "Sweet Dreans (Are Made of This)" and "Personal Jesus" are also fantastic songs as well.

    Marilyn Manson stands for intelligence, rebellion, and all that's good in true rock and roll. Manson is clever, witty, and everything that an idol should be. Flawless? No, but do you think he gives a sh**? Nope. And that is what makes him Marilyn Manson....more info
    this Cd is reeeeeally good i do not own it yet but i have all the songs on a music player... and i was wondering just so i can re insure my mom if someone could say that it wasnt bad or anything...
    but anyways every sing on here is sweeet!!...more info
  • If you own just one MM album, make it this one!
    Very few 'Best Of' albums hit it just right. This is one of the few for it's damn near perfect! I do want to add that the progression of the tracks is great for it truly feels like a mix album, jumping from new to old to in between without following a patern is pure genious. Everytrack here is a hit, a few missing though (Coma White for one) but you can't fit everything on one CD, especially when you have more hits than most. The covers are great (Tainted Love is brilliant, one of the best songs he's ever done, and Sweet Dreams and the new Personal Jesus are great as well, but Lollipop Lust Kills version on the later was better) and the song selection from his previous albums is steller. Some standouts are 'The Love Song' 'Tainted Love' 'The Dope Show' 'This is the New $hit' 'The Nobodies' 'Beautiful People' and 'Long Hard Road out of Hell' featuring the Sneaker Pimps which was the best track off the 'Spawn' soundtrack. Awesome introduction to the world of Manson and will make you want more, promise you that!...more info
  • Too Much NEW $#!% To Be A True BEST OF - but a worthy collection . . .
    . . . especially since it's an easy way to pick up some cool non-album Manson singles. (Note - this is a review of the standard CD content)

    I gotta type that for me, Manson (the man, the band) is a guilty pleasure. Manson is a top-tier rip-off artist, although not nearly on the same level as one of his biggest influences, David Bowie. I completely relate to the fans who pine for the early days of PORTRAIT OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY, although I think Manson's peak is clearly ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR (I would've definitely included "1996" on this collection). After that he made a brilliant left turn, taking Bowie's glam rock to a morbid extreme with MECHANICAL ANIMALS ("I Don't Like the Drugs (but the drugs like me)" changes Bowie's "Fame" just enough to avoid being a note-for-note rip-off).

    From there he just seemed to go off the rip-off deep end (clearly the departure of bassist/guitarist/songwriter Twiggy Ramirez had a big effect on the band). The songs featured on LEST WE FORGET from the latter part of MM's career are replete with thievery. "mOBSCENE" steals from Faith No More's "Be Aggressive," virtually copying the chorus sung by a choir of little girls. "The Fight Song" is obviously "inspired" by "Song 2," written by Blur. And I don't know if this one really matters, but I've heard the drum beat from "The Love Song" on an old Van Halen track.

    Despite being aware of all this, I still think Marilyn Manson rocks - truly a guilty pleasure in my book. I think rock 'n roll is just a means to an end for Manson, anyway. What really elevates this music is the intelligence behind it. It's good to stare the darker side of life straight in the face from time to time, and Manson does so unflinchingly and insightfully. He has some things to say about this world that a lot of people would prefer not to hear. Undeniably, some of his best stuff is on this disk - "Lunchbox," "The Beautiful People," "The Reflecting God" - and "Tourniquet" is possibly my own personal favorite. Plus, the photo gallery featuring Marilyn in all kinds of bizarre poses is pretty freakin' wild.

    Non-album singles included: "Personal Jesus," "Tainted Love" and "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell." "Sweet Dreams (are made of this)" appears on SMELLS LIKE CHILDREN which is kind of like a mini-album (see my review, if you so choose). I tend to like covers more than a lot of people on this forum, so I think "Sweet Dreams (are made of this)" (by The Eurythmics), "Tainted Love" (Soft Cell) and "Personal Jesus" (Depeche Mode) are way cool and appropriately Manson-ized if not particularly radical or innovative. ...more info
  • Greatest hits, volume 1.
    Despite what many people may think Marilyn Manson does write the majority of his own material. You'll notice that there are only three cover songs on this CD...anyways, of course there will be another 2 cd Greatest hits album sometime in the future. Manson isn't finished making music just yet. All good songs, neat pics, good production. ...more info
  • My Words Cant Explain It, Possiably Introduction To Manson
    "Lest We Forget is the perfect addition for anyone who likes the odd song but was too fearful to delve any further in the world of Marilyn Manson." After listing to this album and watching the dvd it took a while but i now respect manson as one of the most creative artists ive ever seen and as my favorite rock band. Being a fan of mostly rap i do explore all other music categories and if you buy this album your exploration into mansons world will go even deeper and deeper. I have watched the dvd over 10 times and the album ive bumped equellly as much if not more. A good introduction to manson featuring some of the bands best songs but is in no way the best of manson, some people have complaints with all the cover songs he does saying things like if he had better songs wouldent need covers ect. Indeed sweet dreams as done by the Eurthemicts would still be discovered today and is equel with mansons cover but in all honesty that band was like a 2 hit wonder with sweet dreams and here comes the rain, for manson to do a favor to them by covering there song is great. He truely respects musics past by covering all these artists songs he gives teenagers like myself a way to go rediscover bands like depeche mode, all the songs he covred he does an awsome job with, keeping true to the spirit of the song and also not outshining the orginal i cannot choose between the orginals or his covers in all honesty.

    Manson stole from alice cooper boo hoo hoo no musican today has not stolent a style a gimmick a riff a choures or some artwork from another musican an impossiblity. Alice Cooper is hands down one of the greatest rockers of all time, but so is manson what cooper did manson took it farther then cooper would of dare i say ever dreamed of. after listing to this album i wanted and needed more manson music many famous artists throughout history have been considered weird or satanic, do your research read manson qoutes and learn why he questions faith and traditonal morals.

    Oh and any die hard christians who hate manson for being satanic ect ect whatever your reason is in the bible it says that the antichrist will not publically declare himself so but say he is a teacher a prophet of god. Hmm obviously contradicts with the album Antichrist Superstar, God gave us this life as a gift every moment is a gift will you live in fear or will you live? i love and respect god accept jesus as my personal savior and accept he died for my sins, i am open to all religions because chrstianity is notorious for you know killing indians and burning so called heretics, be yourself open up your mind a little wider and learn what people like manson are trying to say be yourself even if people hate you because honestly you cant be liked by everyone dont try. Woo sorry for the long review anyone who finished it in its whole you earned a cookie.

    ...more info
  • Lest we forgotten some great hits?
    Marilyn Manson has finally come out with a greatest hits CD. The set comes with an audio disc with 17 tracks and a bonus DVD containing all the music videos. The audio disc has various selected songs, some are hits some are not. Not etirely the best selection of tracks. It starts with "The Love Song" from the Holy Wood record. Then it jumps ahead in time with the new single, "Personal Jesus" (cover). The hits CD had forgotten the peak of Manson's finest work, lyrically and musically. Tracks such as "Dope Hat", "Cake & Sodomy", "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" are all part of the element containing Manson's debut of his successful career. There was very little selection from Mansons gruelling and shocking record, "Antichrist Superstar". Mansons new material had somehow consumed more than just his glam and style, but also attracted more fans who never experienced his older material. The bonus DVD is very impressive. Containing all the music videos up into The Golden Age Of Grotesque. Every era has a special background and the arrangement is very unique and captures the essence of the changing eras Manson had gone through. There are also secret bonus material containing un-realeased videos....more info
  • A Guilty Pleasure
    Sure, he shocked and offended. But the difference between Marilyn Manson and whole bunch of forgettable bands who tried to do the same things was that Marilyn had a lot of style and was a pretty clever songsmith.

    Look no further than the cheerleader chorus on Mobscene as an example. Manson also takes the wimpy 80's song Tainted Love and turns it into something far superior. And his versions of Personal Jesus and Sweet Dreams, great songs in their own right, stand up to the originals.

    There's a fine line separating provocative, powerful, and decadent from strident, loud, and vapid and Marilyn Manson is on the right side of that line...well, most of the time
    ...more info
  • Manson Still Rocks!!!
    I finally got this in the mail today, and I listened to it as soon as possible! I could listen to my favorite songs for hours! My favorite songs are mOBSCENE, Tainted Love, Disposable Teens, and Sweet Dreams (are made of this) I first heard Disposable Teens from Blair Witch 2, and I liked Sweet Dreams from House on Haunted Hill, but I never knew they were both done by Marilyn Manson. I just found that out recently. It seemed like I waited a month for this, and the wait was worth it, because it made my day. To make my day even better, I found out that there is finally going to be an American release of Howard the Duck on DVD. If you love the sounds of Marilyn Manson, I highly suggest LEST WE FORGET: THE BEST OF MARILYN MANSON!!! ...more info
  • Interesting...
    I've recently hopped onto the Manson fan train. I bought this album online because I wanted the music NOW and didn't want to depend on the USPS. Anyways, each song keeps my interest and sounds awesome! Not one song have I listened to and then went to the next right in between listening to it. Can't go wrong with this!...more info
  • must buy
    best album hes made. in my opinion if you have this album you dont really need the others unless you are a really big fan of him. this is the only cd that i have and i downloaded some of his other tracks but didnt really like them but this is a very good album....more info