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Snap-E Mouse Trap
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Product Description

Escape-proof and you never touch another mouse. The mechanism is smart, the materials are rugged. Snap-E Mousetraps are easy to use and made to last. Use them year after year. They're safe, simple and sanitary. Steel and durable polystyrene materials make them tough. Smart engineering - including a larger trip paddle and strike bar - makes them work every time. Easy to bait. Easy to set. Easy to release. Easy to outsmart pesky pests.

  • Snap-E Mouse Trap is escape-proof and you never have to touch another mouse.
  • Snap-E Mousetraps are easy to use and made to last. Use them year after year.
  • They're safe, simple and sanitary. Steel and durable polystyrene materials make them tough.
  • Smart engineering - including a larger trip paddle and strike bar - makes them work every time.

Customer Reviews:

    Ok, these traps are fantastic but I have watched certain little baby mice (who are not heavy enough to trigger the trap) eat all of the peanut butter and walk away and then come back for seconds like our porch was Hometown Buffet or something. Well, years ago I came up with the perfect plan to solve that problem. I purchased some Contrac rodenticide poison pellet bags and a six pack of these Snap-E traps for a decent price on Ebay (I couldn't find the six pack here) and I caught 9 mice in three days. I opened the pellet bags and mixed a few of them in with the peanut butter and baited the traps with the mixture. So, even when the baby mice fill up on second and third helpings and then walk away happy.....they won't be walking for long. For people who don't want to get too close when disposing of the remains, just open a wire hanger to the desired length, hook the trap and hold over the trash can/bag and with the free hand squeeze the silver bar and release the mouse. It is so easy!! The traps did catch one little guy but only caught its leg and didn't kill him so after much debate on what to do we decided to take him for a ride out to a field and set him free. Look, I know he probably doesn't "stand" a chance out there and if they would all jump in my car I would gladly give them a ride to any other place but mine but that's not how life works and they need to go. So, again, these traps work...PERIOD!! It's not the trap's fault that some mice are light on their feet....more info
  • Mouse trap
    Best mouse trap on the Market, I have a home in the country these suprise me every once in a while with a visiter. Easy set up and removal....more info
  • works perfectly
    Simply put, I tried the old fashion wooden traps and the new plastic ones from the local home improvement store but none of them worked. Traps were picked clean every night but no mouse. The first night I tried the Snap E, all the traps had mice. These things are golden!! ...more info
  • I think the cover is worth $1.29
    So just FYI, this is the same mechanism as in the D-CON covered mousetrap (sometimes called the "ultra set"). The D-CON version just has a plastic cover with an entryway. The setting pull bar goes outside the cover. For the cover you may be charged an additional $1.29 or so.

    This makes it more expensive, but it might well be worth it. Certainly if you have pets, you would want the cover. A dog's sniffer won't set off the covered version. There are also advantages if you need to set some traps in a chaotic location like a kitchen where things might fall over and set off the uncovered version. Courtland J. Carpenter suggests using chocolate as bait (see his review) but this seems overly ghoulish to me, I'm not sure why. Let's try to keep chocolate, pest infestations and death all separate, okay Courtland?

    Anyway, the main reason for the cover is for the squeamish--you don't see much of the dead mouse until you drop it in the trash. I got the covered version because my lady friend was on the less murderous side of personality types, and I didn't think she could deal with an uncovered trap. But guess what? She still needed me to do it. So that $1.29 didn't get me out of "bring out your dead" duty.

    At first, I was pretty happy to do it--I felt like a hero, like St. George, slaying the dragon. But one day, emptying the trap by pulling up on the cover, I had a fellow-feeling with the mouse. Something about the cover on the D-CON version makes you feel like it's HIS house, like a dog-house. And it seemed that actually domesticity was the real trap, and I couldn't figure out why we were enemies. So if you don't have pets, you might find this uncovered version more conducive to your peace of mind. [37]...more info
  • better than the other traps
    This trap does work however, the bait was stolen a few times. Catch rate is about 85%, but it's well worth the price. It works best with peanut butter, and there is no mess to clean up.
    Oh. and its not as harmful to humans as the wooden ones. Buy it!...more info
  • I have never rated any other product before....
    ...but the quality of these traps forced me to comment.

    I had tried everything. Humane traps. Regular traps. Sticky traps. My girlfriend and I had even caught the little buggers ourselves. We would corral them into a sack that she was holding. Nothing worked to get rid of the mice in my apartment.

    Then I found "ole" Snap-E.

    The results? The very first time I used the trap, I caught two (count 'em, 2) mice in the trap. AT THE SAME TIME! The next night, guess what? 2 more mice, same trap. Later that day, you guessed it, 2 more. I'm not making it up. 3 days, 6 mice.

    My trapping success continues to this day.

    The design makes it so they can't steal the bait (which happened with every other snap trap I used). The bar is easily reset, allowing for easy disposal of your victims and easy resetting of the trap. Plus the trigger is extra sensitive, making more hits possible.

    Don't waste your money on other inferior products. Use Snap-E.
    ...more info
  • mouce trap
    Product was good. Info was not enough. It ended up that product I purchased was too small. In the image on line, there no measurements, kind of tricky. Other then that every thing was OK....more info
  • Bestest trap ever
    The mouse under my sink doesn't like peanut butter and did not come near the trap on the first day. Needless to say, I was disappointed. The next day I used salted peanuts and WHAM!!!!, the mouse is dead. I am happy. I am buying more of this for sure. Thank you Snap-E Mouse Trap....more info
  • Snap-E Mouse Traps ROCK
    Even my four year old can set these babies. And when she barely touched the paddle with a chopstick, KABAM! Broke it in two and sent my 7 year old into a hysteric sobbing fit. Awesome. I've had 8 Tom Cat brand traps set in the kitchen (have you seen the movie Mouse Hunt?) for a week, and every morning the peanut butter from the paddle of each trap has been meticulously licked clean, and the mouse is back in his little hole dreaming of the peanut butter he'll be eating the next night. This morning felt different, however. My 4 year old and I set one of the Snap-E Mouse Traps last night, with a dab of peanut butter and a piece of animal cookie (unfrosted) on top. It was like Christmas morning when she and I checked it this morning and found the stiff corpse. "Yes!" I heard her whisper. And when my 10 year old nearly threw up when I showed it to him, my 12 year old rolled her eyes when I told her I'd made mouse sandwiches for their school lunches, and my wife responded, "Gross!" when I suggested we wash the bloody trap in the dishwasher, I knew I had achieved ultimate success. ...more info
  • Mouse Trap Review
    Excellent product and very fast delivery. I would order from this source again in the future....more info
  • the Perfect mousetrap
    I've lived for thirteen years next to miles of open fields in Colorado. I have to catch lots of mice. I've been using this trap for the past two years. It's perfect. It always kills instantly, never maims. It has never misfired. It's easy to set, and doesn't go off in my hand as I'm putting it in place. It's reusable. I've caught over 30 mice with just a few traps. Every one has been an instant, clean kill.

    I once caught a mouse in a "humane" trap in the garage, and forgot it. The caged mouse died of thirst. No more of that for me. My old style wooden traps often caught the mouse by the paw, so I had to kill him myself. I don't enjoy that either. This SnapE trap is indeed the best way to deal with mice....more info
  • Truly superior
    I bought four of these based on the positive reviews read here... In the first week I've caught 6 mice - this after months of varying frustration with other traps. It seems our mice are too dainty to set off many of the traps, carefully removing the bait without getting snapped!

    The key with these traps is the bait well, which requires the mouse to climb on the trigger to get the tasty tidbit...

    Great design!...more info