SVAT ISC100 Indoor Imitation Security Camera w/Motion Detection and Blinking LED
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Product Description

This realistic security camera decoy can be used indoors and outdoors for your own comfort. The motorized motion detector camera swivels side to side when it detects motion and the activation LED light comes on and flashes. The motion of the camera makes it appear to work as an actual panning security camera. The added flashing LED and wire make it seem very realistic. Neighbors and visitors will think that you have a complete video surveillance system. This unit can be easily mounted and aimed due to its adjustable bracket. No wiring or installation required . . . very easy to set up. Help prevent or deter suspicious activity by placing the security camera in a noticeable place. The flashing LED light is a real deterrent. It will make people think twice about stealing or doing damage to your property. Have fun watching how friends and family react when they think they are being video taped. This camera looks and functions like the real thing. No need to spend money on expensive cameras. This is a great visual deterrent to shoplifting, theft and vandalism. Perfect for any domestic or commercial use such as an office, retail space, business or home.

  • Realistic-looking security camera with wire
  • Motion detector triggers camera to pan left and right
  • Mounting bracket allow for full range of motion
  • Blinking LED
  • Battery operated (3 AA batteries not included)
Customer Reviews:
  • Performance issues
    The concept of fake security cameras with blinking leds and motion is a good idea. I had to return the first unit, because the motion detector would not work. Second unit doesn't always move when motion occurs. Wife did not like the look of the unit. On the second unit, one of the phillips screw's head was deformed and I could not use the screw. I may have to return the second unit. That's says it all. Try the more expensive fakes....more info
  • Not bad for an inexpensive fake
    I bought this for my friend's retail boutique to deter sticky fingers in the back room of the store. It's mounted high up on a 10' wall and it looks pretty good (not phony) from the floor and I'm pretty impressed with the motion detector light and movement. It's cool. Plus there is a wire on the mounting plate that really makes this thing look hard-wired into the wall. I'd definitely recommend this camera but maybe not if it's going to be in an 8' ceiling. Someone may be able to spot that it's fake that close up. Maybe not....more info
  • works but feels fake.
    this camera works as advertised. made of plastic, very flimsy so have to be careful with installation or you may break it. design and paint look fake to an inquisitive eye. thus, deterrent factor may be low....more info
  • Cheap look. Motion sensor is not sensible enough.
    It was like a children's toy.
    The look was very cheap, and you have to be within 2 feet or so to be detected....
    I recommend nicer model, SVAT ISC200.
    It looks real, and I liked always blinking red LED....more info
  • Nice camera for the price
    This is a good fake camera, for the price.
    Yes, looking close enough it looks fake, but if you install it in an upper place, it won't be easy to distingush from a real camera....more info