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The Bourne Supremacy
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Good enough to suggest long-term franchise potential, The Bourne Supremacy is a thriller fans will appreciate for its well-crafted suspense, and for its triumph of competence over logic (or lack thereof). Picking up where The Bourne Identity left off, the action begins when CIA assassin and partial amnesiac Jason Bourne (a role reprised with efficient intensity by Matt Damon) is framed for a murder in Berlin, setting off a chain reaction of pursuits involving CIA handlers (led by Joan Allen and the duplicitous Brian Cox, with Julia Stiles returning from the previous film) and a shadowy Russian oil magnate. The fast-paced action hurtles from India to Berlin, Moscow, and Italy, and as he did with the critically acclaimed Bloody Sunday, director Paul Greengrass puts you right in the thick of it with split-second editing (too much of it, actually) and a knack for well-sustained tension. It doesn't all make sense, and bears little resemblance to Robert Ludlum's novel, but with Damon proving to be an appealingly unconventional action hero, there's plenty to look forward to. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Greengrass's style for these kinds of movies is just perfect...
    Bourne is an intelligent guy... He's not Bond who relies on potential gadget...He has that cleverness to think on his feet, improvise, make up a plan, and execute it with unbelievable talent, using nothing but what's in front of him...

    Matt Damon has got all the Bourne elements--great actions, really cool ability, a great sense of immaculate timing and a little bit of understanding thrown in too... Demon's instincts are profound where the given character is actually very gloomy...

    Jason Bourne--an ex-CIA agent infused with violence, is a man who's killed people in cold blood...And yet you feel he's at war with himself... Jason, is above all, emotionally truthful...That's what director Paul Greengrass have done here...It's that feeling of realism, of truthfulness...

    The car chase is magnificent... It is about desperation... Jason has got to get to his young woman's apartment to say sorry... That was his only aim in that moment...

    Joan Allen brings that cool, cerebral intelligence to the part of Pamela Landy... She's a worthy opponent for Bourne...

    "The Bourne Supremacy" takes us to real places in Europe like Berlin where the East-West conflict was focused; to Moscow, a place of uncertainty and peril and good fortune and to Goa, India's most charming of state capitals...

    ...more info
  • The best!
    What shall I say? I love Jason Bourne and Matt Damon is a great actor....more info
  • 'the moment you entered her life she was dead'
    Certainly different from its predecessor, Supremacy puts its emphasis on political intrigue and espionage rather than personal matters... most of the time. The agency here is not entirely bad anymore.

    Treadstone is dismantled but its shadows still hanging heavily.

    This installment is not as even as the first one. There are a couple of really emotional scenes, showing loss, anger, and redemption and they rival anything from the first movie. Then there are suspiciously long stretches devoid of emotion. The action too gets a tad lower mark. The beginnings of mad cameraman are already evident, fast cuts, crazy angles, dark and noisy action... the style, which was further `perfected' in the third film.

    JB has no clear-cut friends here, acting alone, and more methodically than ever. The tale here is a bit grimmer, too.

    The score now has a central theme. Firstly introduced in Goa scenes, its slower version comes back from time to time. I liked it.
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  • Excellent movie Slowwww Shipping
    Had been looking to add this to my collection of movies. Search around at brick an mortar stores but none were available. Checked on Amazon, good price and ordered it. One month later I finally received it. I shipped from northern California to Southern California and took over 3 weeks. Not impressed with Amazons shipping methods and time....more info
  • The best!
    What shall I say? I love Jason Bourne and Matt Damon is a great actor....more info
  • Matt IS Bourne again!
    This film is really action packed as Jason again tries to find his identity.
    The subconscious skill level with which he protects himself and outsmarts those they created him is fascinating and portrays what a human can do with proper training. While I could personally do without the level of violence used in the film it certainly is nowhere near the amount or gratuitous violence one would experience with a Quentin Tarantino film. I would recommend this film if you liked the first one... great sequel!
    Peter Anderson...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A rather middling sequel to The Bourne Identity which suffers from the loss of Chris Cooper and Clive Owen (as villains) and Franka Potente (as love interest), the Bourne Supremacy is only supreme when it comes to mediocrity. ...more info
  • Quality shines through
    Credit to director Paul Greengrass, this film maintains the high standard set by the Bourne Identity. Matt Damon reprises his role as the ex-hitman with amnesia, this time framed for a CIA mission that goes wrong.

    The rest of the cast are good with the always reliable Brian Cox putting in another top class performance. Unlike say the Transporter movies there is an edge of realism that puts this movie in a different league from most Hollywood action films. That said most of us have no idea what is going on in the world of the CIA/MI6 etc, so whether this bares any relation to reality is I suppose irrelevent. However last year somebody was poisoned with a radioactive isotope in a London Hotel, so nothing seems that far fetched these days!

    This is a fast-paced and gripping film that will keep you well entertained for all of its 108mins.
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  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A rather middling sequel to The Bourne Identity which suffers from the loss of Chris Cooper and Clive Owen (as villains) and Franka Potente (as love interest), the Bourne Supremacy is only supreme when it comes to mediocrity. ...more info
  • Bourne Movies
    Hunka Hunka Burning Love movies of Bourne!! It was excellent movie! A lot of actions! I love this movie! Thanks....more info
  • Thoughtful, Well Crafted Thriller
    I've seen the third Bourne movie three times now and I'm very much looking forward to it's video release so I can add it to the first two movies. Both of which are so well crafted - though by two different directors - that (with the additional of the third) they will make one of the most enduring movie trilogies (or series if we're so lucky as to get a fourth movie) ever created.

    Matt Damon throughly inhabits the character. The casting is perfect down through the extra's. The director(s) use the locations to great advantage. The cutting moves the action along at a blistering pace, yet in repeat viewings there are plenty of delightful discoveries to make that reflect the care put into the production.

    My only quibble is the excessive reliance on "shaky cam" (combat video) film-technique. Thankfully the effects of which are minimized on the small screen. While I think it adds excitement and energy, the flurry of camera movements distracts from the choreography of the martial arts in the second and third movies. Yes, it's a minor disappointment, but the fight scenes are very well-thought out and as carefully crafted as everything else in the production.

    On days when my own life seems incoherent, I can always put one of the Bourne movies in the DVD and spend a couple of hours with someone who always knows what he should do next and has the resources to pull it off....more info
  • Good movie, not quite the original
    All in all, I quite liked this movie. Some reviewers seem to be complaining about the camera work. I honestly can't say it bothered me. I can see what they were going for: a documentary / "you're there" feel, which I think works. Alot of people seem to be pretty upset about it, but I get the feeling these people get upset about alot of little things (clicky pens for example?) :)

    Someone also said the plot was unnecessarily confusing. I have to disagree. If anything it's been dumb-downed a bit from the book, though you can only fit so much into a movie, as always.

    So I suppose there are two types of people who should avoid these movies: the irritable and the easily confused.

    If you can handle a little plot, and love action, I highly recommend this movie and the others in the series!...more info
  • Bourne Supremacy
    I bought the entire Bourne series for my dad, and own the series myself. With each subsequent movie in the series, the action gets more intense, and Matt Damon becomes my hero over and over again!...more info
  • Shaking Camera
    Except for the terrible shaking camera, this was a good movie with lots of action and a good story line. I had to look away on some scenes to keep from getting sick due to all the camera motion....more info
  • A Fantastic Bourne Sequel...
    Only rarely does a sequel equal its predecessor for entertainment value. Very loosely based on a Robert Ludlum novel, "The Bourne Supremacy" does that, with a breathless stream of action sequences featuring the amnesiac but lethal former CIA assassin Jason Bourne (again played with a pitch-perfect combination of restraint and intensity by Matt Damon).

    As the movie opens, Bourne is hiding in a seaside village in India with his girlfriend Marie (Franka Potente from the first movie). He suffers from flashbacks of which he can make no sense, but he and Marie have built a life together.

    Four thousand miles away in Berlin, a CIA black operation supervised by CIA Deputy Director Pam Landy (a cooly precise Joan Allen) goes sideways when a mysterious assassin intervenes. A fingerprint left behind leads Landy to Jason Bourne's identity. Landy will mount a major operation to hunt down Bourne, enlisting the aid of TREADSTONE veterans Ward Abbott (Brian Cox) and Nikki Parsons (Julia Stiles) from the first movie.

    In India, the mysterious assassin from Berlin materializes to hunt Jason Bourne. He narrowly misses Bourne but kills Marie. A stoic Bourne returns to Europe on a collision course with the CIA and a shady plot involving a Russian oil magnate and a corrupt CIA insider. The action will spin from India to Italy to Berlin and finally to Moscow, where a thrilling car chase will bring Bourne face to face with his Russian nemisis.

    The frantic, grainy, realistic cinematic style of the first movie is duplicated here, building suspense fasther than the viewer can worry about plot holes. The core of the movie is Bourne's relentless pursuit of his objective, slowed only by his struggle to make sense of flashbacks and the need to bandage the odd wound. The ending leaves plenty of room for additional sequels.

    This DVD version contains some interesting extra features about the making of the movie. "The Bourne Supremacy" is highly recommended as an very entertaining action movie. ...more info
  • #2
    A good second movie but just lacked the umph of the first movie. I always hate it when they kill off a MAIN character. If they hadn't gotten rid of her then might have given it one more star. THe excitement is still there and the story line is still good. ...more info
  • Great Spy Flick Gets a Solid Encore in Supremacy
    Better direction highlights THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, an all too rare case of a sequel actually outdoing a fine original.

    Jason Bourne is on the run again--and, just as in the original, the pursuers are assassins, the CIA, and his own past. It seems that settling down for the quiet life just isn't in the cards for our put-upon hero; indeed, as so much of the last movie built towards him finding peace with his new girlfriend, it's more than a little jarring to watch her get wasted mere minutes after the opening credits. Oh, well. It's the LETHAL WEAPON 2 syndrome all over again--you can't have a pesky relationship get in the way of all the intrigue, betrayals, butt-whuppin', and car chasin' that has to be squeezed into a two hour action flick.

    It could have been different. Bourne could have quietly disappeared, you see, if it weren't for those downright inconvenient CIA bigwigs framing him for knocking off government field agents. And, of course, it's not even that simple. Things get very complicated and clever in this second installment of the Bourne trilogy, and the disciplined hand of Paul Greengrass is an upgrade in the direction of the tale.

    I could tell you more, but then I'd have to ... oh, you get the idea ...

    (This review has been posted by Marcus Damanda, author of the vampire novel "Teeth: A Horror Fantasy.")...more info
  • Bourne Movies
    Hunka Hunka Burning Love movies of Bourne!! It was excellent movie! A lot of actions! I love this movie! Thanks....more info
  • Bourne to Be Mild
    Where last we left Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), he was living in a secluded location with his new girlfriend. The Bourne Supremacy picks up where the Bourne Identity left off: Jason Bourne is a professional killer, a member of the Treadstone Group, who no longer remembers his identity. It turns out that Bourne is a perfect scapegoat for another murder, and it's not long before an assassination is pinned on him.

    And that's the awkward thing about this installment in the Bourne series. Bourne's reason for involvement in the plot is basically summed up as "it seemed like a good idea at the time." Fortunately, Bourne slowly unearths information about his own past amidst the machinations of FBI, European assassins, and the Treadstone Group. Unfortunately, professional "bad guy" character actors play the bad guys. I guessed the twist upon his appearance. Hint: look for the slimy political type who has no reason to go along on the mission but gets told to do so anyway.

    There are other problems: one of my pet peeves, the blurry memory cam. Bourne's done some very bad things in his past missions, the missions he supposedly can't remember, and the director decided to tell us by having Bourne remember through echoing, blurry shots. They get old, fast.

    The trademark gritty fighting scenes are all here, including insane car chases (more like a series of car crashes), the clever turnabouts that you never see in other spy movies, and plenty of fisticuffs. Bourne Supremacy doesn't do everything right, but it has street-level action down perfectly.

    By the end of the film we learn Bourne's full name. But that's a cop out: the Supremacy is more about Bourne proving that in the past he was never a very nice guy. That's hardly news.

    Bourne Supremacy feels more like an episode in a series than a movie. Bourne fans won't be disappointed, but the rest of us will have to wait until the third installment comes out on DVD to see Bourne develop beyond an amnesiac killing machine.
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    The Bourne Supremacy

    The Borne Supremacy takes over where the Bourne Identity left off. Jason Borne played by Matt Damon is still searching for his true identity and why someone is out to kill him. One thing leads to another and Jason finds himself in Berlin. A truly good action adventure. I wonder if it was an accident that Robert Ludlum chose a name with the same initials as Fleming's James Bond?
    Highly recommended for Ludlum fans and for fans of high adventure.

    Gunner October, 2007

    ...more info
  • a great movie
    i bought this for my husband because he is a matt's fan.
    and he has the other movies of the trilogy except this one. ...more info
  • Bourne 2
    It's a good continuation. Has a few surprises. All in all a good Suspence,Action movie...more info
  • Excellent condition
    This item arrived in good time and was in excellent condition. I would buy from this person anytime in the future....more info
  • Surpasses where some would fail
    The first sequel to a successful movie is always iffy. So many have fallen by the wayside, and sequels don't hold much credibility these days, with CGI and gimmicky concepts, especially when Hollywood is churning them when they're not even necessary.

    But Bourne Identity needed a sequel, to carry on the story of Jason Bourne, to see if he recovers anymore of his memory. Two years after the first finished, Jason & Marie are in India, living off the grid, enjoying life and each other. Until something tragic happens, and Jason is once more on the run, running from himself, and discovering on the way, that he's been framed for two murders. He's still having recurring nightmares, and is still trying to piece together his former life.

    The action scenes are absolutely stunning, an amazing follow up to Identity, with an even better car chase than the original, in a taxi, which soon gets wrecked. Bourne even surpasses himself, when in Identity, he fought an enemy with a pen, he now fights an enemy with a rolled up newspaper!

    I'm still disappointed at Julia Stiles' screen time in this, a gripe which has carried on from Identity. While she has marginally more screen time than the first, it's still not enough for a great actress as she is, trying to spreak her wings past her teenage film roles. Brian Cox has a little bit more revealed about his character, and all is not what it seems with him!

    Supremacy is an excellent follow up to an already excellent original movie, and I look forward to seeing exactly what happens to Bourne in Ultimatium. I hope everything is resolved nicely. It's quite strange, because the end of Ultimatium is actually shown at the end of Supremacy, a strange tactic, but something that leaves the viewers wanting more....more info
  • A worthy sequel

    Crisply directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, this film offers almost constant high-speed action. As in The Bourne Identity, the young protagonist suffers from amnesia. His nightmares, hallucinations, and mini-epiphanies have yet to reveal all that he wants to know about himself and especially his past. He does know, however, that he was once involved as a highly-skilled assassin in a "black ops" project (code name Treadstone) sponsored by the C.I.A. As this sequel begins, Bourne and companion Maria Kreutz (Franka Potente) are happily settled in a seaside village in India, presumably out of harm's way. And then....

    Tony Gilroy's screenplay is based on the second of three novels written by Robert Ludlum which comprise "The Bourne Trilogy." The acting by members of the supporting cast (notably Joan Allen and Brian Cox) is consistently first-rate. Credit Oliver Wood and Dominic Watkins with the cinematography and production design which recreate violent, often deadly encounters in various locations through which Bourne flees or pursues his adversaries. He eventually establishes his "supremacy" but at a substantial cost as the film ends. I now await the adaptation of The Bourne Ultimatum, hopeful that it sustains the same high level of quality in terms of storytelling, acting, and production values. That said, I agree with others who have noted the lack of variety in the pace of plot in The Bourne Supremacy, and, the need for character development in greater depth. On balance, however, I think this is a highly entertaining film....more info
  • Why buy the HD DVD version?
    You all know this film. Why buy the HD DVD version? Good question. If you already own an upconverting DVD player, you probably won't notice much difference in the picture quality. Some of the Special Features on the HD DVD are pretty interesting, including features on the car chase in Moscow and the explosion at the house in Berlin. On the other hand, the director's commentary is absolutely awful. He does nothing but tell you what's going on in the movie and what he believes are the characters' motivations. He says virtually nothing about the actual making of the movie. I was extremely disappointed. Definitely not a model for other filmmakers....more info
  • hated the camera
    I hated this movie, loved the 1st but hated this one, why? you may ask, here's why: the camera. the camera jumped & jiggled so much during the fights you couldn't tell what was going on, & it's an action movie which you watch for the fighting, right? well if you aren't able to see what happened it's basically just an action movie without action. plus the final fight was a car chase, how stupid is that? I was hoping to see some premium assassin on assassin fighting but instead I get a car chase with horrible camera movement...more info