The Buddy System - Hands Free Leash - Regular Dog System - Black Regular
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Product Description

When your best friend is your biggest motivator! Ideal for running, walking, hiking or hunting -- won't impede your stride or get in the way! The Buddy System is a unique innovative hands-free leash system designed for the comfort, convenience and safety of you and your pet(s). This patented, award-winning system features a 1 in. wide, adjustable belt that attaches around your waist and has unique leash and collar attachments with quick-release mechanisms that allow you to easily release and reconnect with your pet. The leash is also adjustable and designed to move completely around the belt even over the buckles thus, preventing unnecessary tangling and confusion. The Collar attachment has a quick release mechanism and a swivel hook and will connect to any D-ring or O-ring on collars, harnesses, etc. A great indoor/outdoor training tool. Mutual attachment encourages stronger bonding with your new pet(s)! Regular Dog System is available in 3 sizes referring to the human's waist: Regular - Extends 22 in. to 40 in., Large - Extends 22 in. to 50 in., Extra Large extends 33 in. to 60 in.. Leash extends 22 in. to 40 in.. Small Dog System - for the Little Buddy (20 pounds or less). Belt is 3/4 in. wide and extends 27 in. to 50 in.. Leash is 3/4 in. wide and extends 33 in. to 60 in.. Accessories may be purchased separately: The Extra Buddy - includes everything but the belt. Extend-A-Buddy - Add an adjustable Extension of 18 in. to 36 in.. Lunge Buster - Designed to absorb the affects of a dog that pulls, stops a lot or likes to chase! Available in black or red.

  • Available in black or red.

Customer Reviews:

  • works great with a small child and service animal!
    We got oneo f these with our service dog, for my autistic son {he was 4 at the time} it works great used as an 'umbilical cord' stretching from the dog to the child. the only thing i would change - i would make it available with a different closure, specificlly with young children in mind.. my son is now able to unclip himself whenever he feels- which defeats the purpose of the service dog and he being tethered together... i like that the middle bit is adjustable also, making it very versatile!
    ...more info
  • Great Leash
    I got this a while ago,I'm still using it as my dogs primary leash.It is very well made,lasts forever....more info
  • Could not live without this system
    I have two 70 lb. pit bull mixes(think 140 lbs. of goofy muscle), and I can walk them with this system and drink a cup of coffee at the same time. Prior to the buddy system, one of my girls sprained my finger when she pulled the leash off my hand to investigate a cat. It is much more difficult for them to pull at my core strength than to pull my arm. With some training and this leash, they rarely pull at all anymore.
    It is excellent for running. With regular leashes, I found myself off balance as I was holding a leash with one hand and pumping my arm with the other...not a good way to run. I used to use it exclusively for running, but I found it to be such a good system that I no longer have any other leash.
    It is also great security; I never have to worry about one of them getting away from me. When I'm in the pet store, I can bring them in, browse, inspect products and pay for merchandise ... all with the completely free use of my hands.
    I highly recommend getting the extend-a-buddy with the system because the default leash is too short. If I want to reign them in to keep them closer, I can either take the extension out or adjust the leash.
    This isn't a passing fad for me...I've used this system for 8 years, and it would be very difficult for me to go without it. ...more info
  • I love this thing.
    It's great for handsfree walking of two dogs. I use the lunge buster also. Even added a connector for two dogs to keep them side by side so they don't pull me in half and it works great....more info
  • Complete Junk, but I found one that does work
    I wanted this to work so badly but it broke on the first walk of a 25 pound dog. Please! I was going to give up completely on this concept until I found a seller on Ebay who makes such a high quality hands free leash I can't stop gushing about it. Go on Ebay and look for TJ's Custom Made Pet Supplies in the store's section. I shop enough on Amazon for them to deal with this referral to Ebay. ...more info
  • My dog's dream come true.
    Before the Buddy System, I was reluctant to take my dog on walks because of the hassles of a regular leash. Now I just snap on the Buddy System and Kit and I head out the door to wherever. It is so much more enjoyable to take walks now. ...more info