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Lund 601016 Soft Pack Roof Top Bag
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Product Description

Weather resistant design is constructed of water repellent nylon and polyester. Easy to install with quick attach web straps. Folds neatly away for storage when not in use. Full length 2-way zippers allow for easy access and loading from sides and back. Lightweight large capacity design stores up to 13 cubic feet of cargo.

  • Bag size is 39" x 32" x 18"
  • Attaches to factory or aftermarket roof racks with quick attach web straps and requires no drilling for a quick and easy installation
  • Made of water repellent nylon and polyester with full length 2-way zippers allowing for easy access to cargo
  • Fold neatly away for storage when not in use
  • Lightweight, large capacity design stores up to 13 cubic feet for added cargo space

Customer Reviews:

  • Can't beat the value!
    This is great storage and the ease of installation is super! Bought & used for a camping trip and very impressed with how roomy it is. We have a Jeep and the dog takes up the back end - this carrier held all we needed with room to spare. We will be using this often. No noise problem that we noticed. We did not encounter rain on this trip but I did use a Rubbermaid container that I will keep exclusively for this carrier - and also have space for luggage. Great product and delivery was quick. This is also a great gift idea... ...more info
  • Did it's Job
    Good Material. Traveled from FL to NY at 80 - 90 mph. Easy to install. I kept cheching to see if it was moving while driving. After I passed GA I knew it was not going anywhere. Smooth sailing!...more info
  • Excellent value and performance!
    Have used this bag on 2 trips now without incident. Very easy to load and secure. Thought it would be noisy, but I could barely tell it was there. Highly recommended....more info
  • Good product for the price
    Took the advice of other reviewers and wrapped garbage bags around items placed in pack, which was a good idea, because it did let some water in. Don't have a roof rack or a rain gutter on our van, but we managed to hook it to the tops of the door jambs, so that the closed doors secured it in place (this did allow some rain to leak in the doors during hard rains). Made it 5000 miles on a roundtrip vacation to Yellowstone and back....more info
  • Did the Job
    Driving from New Jersey to South Carolina we packed beach chairs, boogie boards and beach umbrellas in the Lund. It was pretty easy to secure but we did purchase from a local autozone the heavy duty bungee cords (minimal cost) to secure from from front to back, just for extra security. For the cost it served us very well. The best part was we removed it when we arrived and back on when we left (many hotels have height restrictions for lots & the hard types do not fit). Storage is easy folded back into original box....more info
  • Soft pack roof top tag is excellent
    I bought this for a move from Wisconsin to Florida and it worked great. You can only fit so much into a Toyota Camry and this was perfect. It was very easy to put on and take off. I drove in 3 stages so in between I did take it off into the hotel or house I was staying at (without unpacking it) and had no problem. I packed my clothes into trash bags and threw them in the roof bag, I didn't pack it tight but I tightened the straps. I do not have a roof rack and it held great. I put the extra length of strap over the clip, otherwise it made weird noises and then closed the door on it. I never hit any rain but that's why I put clothes in plastic bags inside it. It never moved that I could see and although I could feel the weight it worked great. I highly recommend it. The price was great also. By the way the clips worked great that came with it I didn't have to do anything special ...more info
  • Great product, great price
    I went with this product after reading the reviews. I was a bit skeptical b/c it was so inexpensive, but it worked great on a winter road trip back and forth from Michigan to Philadelphia. The only potential issue I foresee is that the zippers look a little weak. But so far so good. Not a fancy brand name or design, but this bag is totally worth the money....more info