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Marineland PFES03 Eclipse Acrylic Aquarium System, 3-Gallon
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Product Description

A unique combination of beauty, precision three-stage filtration efficiency, the compact System Three is a fascinating showpiece for home or office. System Three puts filtration, lighting and maintenance at your fingertips. And it has Bio-Wheel--the undisputed leader in biological filtration. The Eclipse System Three is easy to install and easy to operate, and it adds a touch of beauty and excitement wherever you display it. There are no hoses or noisy air pumps. The hinged access panel lifts effortlessly for feeding, water changes, and general maintenance. And because all filtration media is inside the top mounted frame, rear space requirements are minimal. The injection-molded three-gallon acrylic aquarium provides a panoramic 360 degrees of prime viewing area for maximum enjoyment.

  • Perfect 3-gallon system for freshwater or marine fish
  • Top-mounted filter with easy, quick change cartridge
  • Minimal rear space requirements for against-the-wall placement
  • Has patented BIO-Wheel 3-stage filtration
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Customer Reviews:

  • Great system, easy to operate
    Overall a great lid kit. Good bright lights, strong filter pump, and quite operation. Sometimes late at night the filter sounds like it's raining outside, which is nice. After I've stirred up the debris by remodeling my freshwater community 30 gal tank, this filter will clear the water in a very short time...highly effective for removing fine and coarse debris. The intake is broad enough that none of my fish get stuck as they swim The plastic lid is a little flimsy, but if you take care of it, you won't break it.

    I also have to add that a few days or so after I got the tank set up, the light quite working...bad ballast. I was upset at the thought of all the hassle it would probably take to deal with getting it repaired/replaced by the manufacturer, but I was happily surprised that Marineland customer service was very nice, trusted me, didn't ask any questions, and just sent me a whole new component to replace the broken kit, and told me I could just keep the broken one...I got the replacement two days after I called. I'm a Marineland customer forever....more info
  • An excellent beginner aquarium.
    This aquarium is an excellent system for the beginner. Filtration and lighting are contained within the hood, filter cartridges are easy to replace, and the motor is completely silent. My only concern (regarding the 3-gallon tank, which I own) is that it is difficult to put food into the tank without lifting up the hood. This is not a significant problem, however, and I would definitely recommend these aquariums to a friend.

    One important fact regarding these aquariums is: the Bio-Wheel biological filtration device NEVER NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. In fact, the wheel becomes more effective with age, as bacteria builds up on it which then help to remove the toxic ammonia contained in fish waste. Over time, the wheel may begin to turn slowly or irregularly, but this is normal and not a problem; the only time the wheel needs maintenance is if it stops turning entirely. If you have hard water, sometimes mineral buildup will form around the axle of the wheel, preventing it from turning; if this happens, simply remove the buildup. ...more info
  • Marineland Eclipse system six aquarium
    I would not recommend this product. I didn't even want to give it a 1 star, but this reveiw wouldn't let me post unless I gave it something. About 5 months into using the aquarium the acrylic started to get hairline cracks at the bottom front seams. Nine months into using the product, one of the hairline cracks proceeded to grow a very large crack all the way up the front of the tank. Within two hours half the water was gone from the tank. We replaced the tank with a glass tank kit from Wal-Mart as Amazon doesn't offer the tank kit. Aquaculture: Starter Kit 10 Home Aquarium It was a little under $40. This kit came with everything but the rocks and the fish. ...more info
  • Reliable, Easy to care for (and goodlooking) Fishtank
    My 3 gallon eclipse is going on 6 years of age and still running strong. Not to mention, i'm still using all the original parts. It's great for use as a small tank - or a fish infirmary..or to keep as just a plant tank. I've used it mostly for bettas, shrimp and as a plant tank.

    It's very quiet
    Easy to change the filter

    the filter replacements that are made for it really skimp out on the
    I sometimes just make my own filters.

    I also own the eclipse filtration hood for the 10 gallon tank and it's run like a champ for five years.
    I've used penguin water filtration systems in the past and would not go back to that type of pump.

    The only filtration system I've owned that I like more than this one is the fluval system....more info
  • Excellent
    I think everything involving this
    transaction was excellent.
    Thank you very much.

    Malissia Want...more info
  • Marineland Eclipse 3 Filtration System
    Great system. Wish that the lights were a higher wattage (34 w combined) & that the replacement cartridges could be rinsed & refilled....more info
  • Great Three Gallon Aquarium!
    I bought this aquarium after I bought a Crown-Tail Betta, and wanted to upgrade from a one gallon bowl. =)

    1. VERY easy to set up, but really look at the illustrations on the instructions, because they don't tell you which direction to install some things in. But it still only took me about 30 mins. to set the whole thing up.
    2. Filter makes almost NO noise.
    3. The built in lights really bring out the colors in my Betta fish. (And the light bulb comes already installed/hooked up, so all you have to do is plug it in!)
    4. It's really compact for a three gallon tank.
    5. It's a lot less expensive than most three gallon aquariums.
    6. The filter works great.
    7. Easy to clean and un-assemble.
    8. It comes with sample Tetra water conditioner and Tetra Tropical Fish Flakes! =)
    9. My Betta loves hiding between the intake pipe and my heater.
    10. You actually don't really need a heater (although you should have one just in case) because the aquarium maintains a good temperature well. (Plus, the lights add heat.)

    1. The filter won't work and will make a strange gargling noise if the water level goes below a certain point (so if you're replacing some of the water in the tank, make sure to unplug the filter).
    2. For some fish, the current from the filter may be too strong. (Also, if you drop your fish's food right near the current, the food will go under and get sucked up into the intake pipe.)
    3. Smaller fish can get caught in the filter, so if you want to buy this aquarium, make sure you have a fish that's sized like a Betta or just a bit smaller.
    4. The light will heat up the water.
    5. The acrylic tank scratches easily.
    6. The hinged access panel that you open for feeding isn't great, because there isn't enough room to actually get food into the tank without dropping most of it into the filter. So I just lift the hood off to feed. (No biggie)

    1. Make sure to buy Rite-Size Z cartridges for Eclipse SYSTEM Three, not Eclipse Three. They're totally different cartridges, and I accidently ordered the Eclipse Three ones, so I had to change the order.
    2. The brochure/instruction manuel that comes with the aquarium shows the Eclipse System 3 being inhabited by ten large fish, which is misleading--DO NOT keep that many fish in just a three gallon tank!
    3. Since the lights heat up the water, make sure to check the temperature every so often if you want to leave the light on for a long period of time.

    Overall, I highly recommend this aquarium for someone who isn't REALLY serious about fish keeping but wants a good quality aquarium that will keep his or her fish happy and healthy! =D...more info
  • Filter Stopped Working After Only A Few Months
    I bought the Marineland Eclipse 12 aquarium unit a few months ago. I've kept fish for over 30 years, but thought it would be easier to set up a new tank with the hood and filter attached. Unfortunately, I've not been pleased with this tank. I will say that when I check my ammonia levels that they are generally good and so the biowheel and filter must be doing their job. However, working in the tank itself is VERY difficult because the filter apparatus is in the way. Also, my filter suddenly stopped working and so I guess the biowheel won't be doing its job now will it? I've only had this tank for a few months and the filter must not be very good if is stops working. I take good care of my tanks and so there was no reason for it to stop working unless the filter is of poor quality....more info
  • Dont Bother
    These systems are a piece of CRAP! Save your money and buy an aqueon if you have the space for a 10 gallon. I purchased this system for my daughter for her birthday and had it about 3 months before it just quit. I purchased about $50 dollars worth of replacement parts for it and got it to (sort-of) work but then needed a new motor. So I purchased the hood and then the new bio-wheels (I bought 3 of them) wouldnt work because they changed the design and they dont sit properly. Then the impeller needed replacing. After all of this, still nothing but a broken tank and $50 worth of replacement parts that I COULDNT USE. I finally just gave up and purchased the aqueon 10 gallon kit which is WAY more user friendly. I have had it set up for just over a month now and so far so good!...more info
  • A well made little tank
    I wrote this in response to someone's comment on this tank, and then decided to make it into a full review, since gosh darn it, I just like this tank!

    Here is a copy of what I wrote before:
    I've had this model in constant use for about six years now. The only change I made to the basic hardware was to add a mini heater. I do make use of a biological primer for the medium when I feel the need to do a complete re-do of the tank. The only problems I have had with mass fish die-offs occurred when I wasn't careful about segregating new fish from the rest of my "school". In addition, I tend not to be all that up on routine maintenance, which means I've had the water get too low, the impeller dry out, biological filter dry, etc. That being said, once I've dumped treated water into the tank to bring the levels up, everything runs as it should. I was even worried about the levels of ammonia and other nastiness that supposedly are rife in tiny tanks such as this. So I made a point of monitoring this for the better part of a year and never had any levels that were really out of range.

    In terms of long term durability, like I said before I've been using this tank for over 6 years. I just moved to a new state (and took the drained tank with me packed full of driftwood and rocks) and I still haven't had any cracks show up.

    I think that if you want to raise fussy or fragile fish, then this tank may not work well for you. But if your interests in aquaria run towards seeing what type of mutant guppy or molly colors you can breed, then this is a nice, and in my experience, virtually indestructible little tank!...more info
  • Love this tank. Couldn't have been easier. Love it, Love it!
    I got this tank as a gift about 7 or 8 years ago. It has been set up on my desk since I received it. I have had live plants and various fish. Sometimes a betta and a few corys. Right now I have 4 danios and 2 little suckers. I love that it is SILENT and soooo easy to maintain. Just change the filter and part of the water every month or so. Well, and feed the fish. I've never had a heater in it. It has kept a temp of upper 70's. I turn the light on when I'm at work and off when I leave. Must be the motor keeping it warm. Speaking of which... the filter motor died last week, and I had to replace it. I love, love, love this tank!...more info
  • wish they came without the biowheel tray!
    I use these tanks quite a bit...both in the 6 and 12 gallon size. However, since I typically use them as species/breeder tanks, I do not want to use the Biowheel which can suck babies into the filtration chamber. So, I end up removing the BioWheel tray and substituting a sponge filter instead. Remember that the acrylic scratches easily, so algae growth and it's removal requires specialized equipment or critters. I watch for sales on info